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Default Batch Review Thread v2.0 (2009-2018)

Hello people. This is the new batch review thread. All reviews from judges will be posted here, so please check frequently.
For judges: to reduce clutter, please send me a PM of your reviews and I'll add them to this post.

Previous Batch Review Thread

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

August 30, 2009

Judge Team 1


{Lazy Summer Days} [-]
I'm not feeling the 24ths here. This is supposed to be a simple 8th note jump pattern chart. The 24ths, while not actually hard in reality, add a giant difficulty spike. You also go back and forth what you place your jumps too. Gets really inconsistent and annoying. Honestly I don't see this chart getting much of anywhere. Even as an easy chart it is just so repetitive. Maybe try following the melody much more closely and stop worrying about the background percussion as much, and make this a really really easy file? That's about all the advice I can offer.

11ELEVEN [+.]
The burst around m31 is just a little too much I think, at least at that speed. The 32nds are -dealable-, but that's just a little overkill. Other than that, while I hate the song, I think this is okay.

Above [+.]
For slow files like this, PR is really noticeable, and I don't know it just feels really off when the PR isn't right. I'm not gonna make this a required fix, but I would like to see it fixed.
Get rid of that first minijack. The second note should be a down arrow, not an up arrow
Also that last note really isn't needed.
After that I have no problem with this.

Action Winter Journey [+.]
I want the pattern on that first 32nd burst changed to something similar to the second (or just take it out completely). After that, this file is fine.

Adcar [?]
I don't really agree with the jacks at all in file. It's just too fast.
I question the use of the polyrhythms at m38
Anything above the use of 32nds in this file (with the exception of the green notes you use for syncing purposes) need to go. It's too fast for freaking 48th bursts.
Even though I hate the song, fix these and I can accept. Will be good to have another retardedly hard file for people to whore.

All of Yours [+.]
What's with the jumps in m8? They don't go to anything that requires jumps.
Techincally the lyrics in the beginning aren't exactly going to 16th notes, but for the sake of the easy file, it works. You start getting into colored notes with the lyrics around m28. Probably shouldn't do that if the rest of your file implies the lyrics as 16ths.
I'd avoid the use of jumpjacks in this file. Just doesn't really warrant them.
You also have an extra note added to your file at the end.
Fix this up and I will accept. PS this song is WAY more interesting at 1.4x rate. Just saying B)

Arrrrr [+]
I'm not a big fan of files that are purposely underlayered for the sake of making them easy, but I guess this is overall okay.

Badinerie [+.]
I really really think this file should be layered more. While good and short, the file feels a bit bland. It's passable, but I would like to see this layered more.

Banjo Kazooie Theme [+.]
If you are going to underlayer a file to make it easier while keeping it interesting, this is how you do it. nice job.
The 24th section is a little awkward. You do a good job of patterns with the 32nds, but I'd like the 24ths to be fixed.

Battlefield [-]
Doesn't this fall below the song length standards? Pretty sure it does.

Bit Blue [+]
Personally I don't like the jumpspam sections, but I guess they work so I can't complain.

Black and White [+.]
The patterns on some of the bursts are awkward to hit. I'd like you to go back through and fix them up. Other than that I see nothing wrong with this file.

Blame it on Bad Luck [+]
Ugh this is what I dreaded. 400 minute long emo rock songs (while the song isn't actually THAT long, they seem to last for a painful eternity. File is simple and straightforward. If you are into this kind of song then I guess you will enjoy this file.

Bury the Hatchet [+]
Contratry to Patashu, I like that you didn't layer the lyrics. I feel like they would have ruined the file. With the exception of that pattern Patashu mentioned, I like this file.

Loituma [+]
Why the hell would basshunter remix this? This is why he is such a bad artist.
File at least keeps this song interesting. Props for that.

CJ Funk [+]
Simple and enjoyable. Bursts for the most part are easy to hit which is a plus.

Cette Anne [+]
One of the files I tooled around with while I was waiting to see what I specifically was supposed to judge. Excellent file. The YMCK trills are all simple to hit, and that makes me a happy otter.

Chase You Down [+]
I liked pretty much everything about this file. Also another song that is much more fun on 1.5x rate. Now I see what you mean about listening to mostly vocal ridden songs lmao. Song is actually p. tite tho.

Chopin - Op.10 No.9 [+.]
Jumpstream gets a little dull
Jacks are a giant freaking difficulty boost, but they aren't terrible.

Chopin - Valse Op.69 No.2 [+]
Simple and fun

Clockwork - [+]
Honestly I found this way more fun before the break beat crap came in, but it works.

Csikos Post - [+]
Dang I'm giving out a lot of pluses. Hope I'm not being too lenient =/
File is short and enjoyable though.

Darkshark AAA'd this [--]
He also AAA'd my heart but you don't see me making a file about it.

Dead Hooker Smoothie [+?]
You really should finish this. This is one of the few breakbeat-ish files I was actually enjoying. I really see nothing I blatantly disagree with for this file, so finish it up and it was definitely warrant an accept.

Death Match - [?]
Another file that is really short, but this one is at least a mildly play-able length.
Really should be layered more. The gaps in this file just feel way too empty. Also the last 3 notes should not have a jack. Doesn't need one. Layer this up a bit more and I will accept.

Death Moon [-]
Pretty much the file itself is wrong with the file. I'm definitely fixing up my chart and sending it in. Not to be narcissistic but it's going to take a fantastic file for this to be able to make it in, so it's gonna have to be done by a slightly more upper level file artist.


{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax) [-]
Technically correct but has quirky design choices, such as...
-24ths? Really? In an 8th themed chart? And 24ths out of jumps at that. Yeah these are going to be real fun for weaker players. I do hear what they're going to, but I think 16ths would be a better choice.
-The jump step pattern that you start off with 25 seconds in is correct but since you're going to be doing it for so long, why not build into it? Do just the x..x..xxx..x..x etc melody then the one with gaps in it, then layer them together.
Transition 48 seconds in is good, the patterns are notably different.
59 seconds in I'd appreciate a swap to the hi hat, since what you do swap to is a downgrade. After the roll (should be 16ths of course) it plays a ..xxx.xx..xxx.xx..xxx.xx etc pattern, which works well imo.
70 seconds in: 16ths instead please. It's so fast it doesn't sound like any particular note interval anyway.
And after that: I know you're trying to emphasize that the melody has gaps, but it just feels so -weird- with a combination of the music not having overall gaps there and of the jumps not highlighting the strongest pitches of the melody anyway. If you follow what I said earlier you can point out that there are gaps in this melody earlier, and then have something more continuous with jumps used to stress melody. And 24ths....... yeah
16th pattern 106 seconds in on is bad. It's not particularly exciting for any mode and it's murder on one handers. Make it repetitive, sure, but something less archetypical.
Fade out and cut after 116 seconds unless you can think of a completely different, interest grabbing way of stepping the chorus again.

11ELEVEN (0) [+]
Nothing to object to here, besides that climax being MURDER. Augh. I'm sure someone will AAA it anyway but still.

Above (Silvuh) [+.]
Some of the things you step to are hard to hear above keytaps, and you ought to throw in more to the drums you can hear instead.
~16 seconds should not be a minijack, for instance. Piano three note jacks like the one at 19 seconds are TECHNICALLY correct, but a new player is never going to notice them over keytaps (I didn't at first!) Add to the fact that they're quite abraisive at this level, and you have a case for taking out the middle note of each.
40 seconds on I'd prefer emphasis on the (snare?) than on the bass kick that you will never hear while playing the chart. x.x..x.xx.x..x.xx or x.x..x..x.x..x..
~76 seconds on: You can leave the minijacks in from here 'till the end if you like. They'll be easier to hear now.

Action Winter Journey (Xandertrax) [?]
Everything is technically correct, but...it's kind of boring. Song choice I guess.

Adcar (samurai7694) [?]
Everything appears to have technical basis and it's fitting for a song to be so absurdly over done, but the 12th jacks push it. I'm not the right judge for this - give it to halogen or dossar or rubix or something and ask 'Would you enjoy playing this if it was on ffr?'

All of Yours (Heavy) (Silvuh) [+]
It's a low energy, long version rock song, but it's not BAD unless you hate playing through those. Couple of suggestions:
At 48 seconds in, the 'say what we were thinking' was misrhythmed - listen closer. When it's said again later in the song it's misrhythmed again.
60-63 seconds is misrhythmed - there's some quiet piano going on here, so turn your speakers up all the way.
70-71 seconds, lyrics misdone again
90 on feels underjumped. My first thought was 'put jumps to where guitar and snare overlap' but given how slow it is you could get away with putting four jumps in a row every time the guitar plays for a while. Have a think about it
114 on is also underjumped. Jumps to...snare, some layered combination? emphasize stronger lyrics like you did for a bit in the intro? dunno
At 192 on the first two measures seem inconsistent with how you do the rest of this, in a 'why is it like this and not like that' way. And what's up with that 32nd?
216: 32nd should be into the jump, not a 16th earlier where you put it

Arrrrr (Vote4Nixon) [+]
It's a pity FFR has the 'one chart per song except when we feel like it' rule or we wouldn't need to designate songs for being dumbed down. Still, nothing to object to.

Badinerie (BluearrowII) [+]
**** yes I love this song.
It's short so it's not too big a deal but have you considered after the first slowdown swapping to what the left hand does, instead of the right?

Banjo Kazooie Theme (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
sure I guess
are the 24ths necessary?

Battle Field (cedolad) [-]
INCREDIBLY short and an uninspiring song.
Minijacks are used inconsistently. They should be added and removed to make parts feel stronger/weaker
Has SSH remixed the battle theme from Shin Megami Tensei 1? Because if so step that it'd be much cooler

Bit Blue (Xandertrax) [+]
I would have preferred to see an easy counterpart to the Big Blue that already exists, but it -is- easier anyway so nothing to object to I suppose

Black and White (Silvuh) [?]
I was liking this, but after second 79 it just got sloppy. What is that 433 thing (like at 80.58) meant to be going to? (Tip: That set in particular is inaccurate even though the one at 83.666 is a true minijack.) Why are there colours where there should not be colours? The jumps didn't feel like they were going to the right things, some of them went to no emphasis.
Everything else is fine, though. A little odd, but I can play it and like it.

Blame It on Bad Luck (bluguerrilla) [+.]
I'm not sure in particular why I didn't like this as much as the other 'slow long rock song omfg I have to play THIS to max out my AAA bar???' charts. Maybe it's the relative lack of lyrical relevance or well I don't know really. It tends to feel a bit samier because the lyrics vary more than the 'backings' that form the rest of the song, but it's solidly stepped if you ignore that.
One thing I would suggest: The transistion into the first chorus has a nice hitting of the open hi hat that I'd like to see done with constant jumps or a jack or something

Bury the Hatchet (samurai7694 + Coolboyrulez0) [+.]
It's good, but it bothers me that the lyrics aren't factored in at all. Lots of parts are quite noisy with the only things that stand out being the lyrics, after all.
Some oddities:
-Are those 8ths during the 12th part really right?
-Not enjoying that 1[12]22 pattern rofl
-171 seconds on isn't NEARLY dramatic enough. I mean come on it's climactic as hell, where are my jumpspams and epic background guitar solos

Loituma - Basshunter remix [championanwar] [+]
****ty song, good stepfile.
I'd like to see one-off changes in the drums being stepped, such as:
-12-15 second, the every third 8th sweeps you hear
-26 seconds: 16th before this measure starts
-55.5 seconds: How about a 16th drum sweep here? You're going to hear that part of the vocals later anyway
-69-70 seconds: doof doof pause doof doof
-72-73 seconds
-100-101 seconds: drum triplet kick

C7 Funk (Xandertrax) [+]
Some of the bursts seem suspect, but I'm not checking them for you hehu
File seems fine otherwise so

Cette Annee(who_cares973) [+]
better on solo hehu
couple of omissions I noticed:
around 81 seconds (and again around 140.2 seconds) there's some stream missing
the yellow jump at 90.265 seconds is missing

Chase You Down (Silvuh) [+]
The chorus needs more jumps, it's more energetic then that. Basically every emphasized vocal syllable should have one, plus the combinations of guitar and piano that hit blue near the end of every measure like at 77.759, 80.566...
People are probably going to hate playing this to have to get an AAA, which is a shame because it's great if all you want is something chill

Chopin - Op.10 No.9 (SKG_Scintill) [+]
The jacks at the end make me want to cry ;_; THEY'RE ONE NOTE TOO LONG OMFG CAN'T COMBO
Not as good as the other chopin simfile but I can't say no to a good classical simfile.
p.s. you missed one blue jump at 41.8 seconds

Chopin - Valse Op.69 No.2 (SKG_Scintill) [+]
Sync seems good but it wouldn't hurt to give it a sweep or two in ddream.

Clockwork (Xandertrax) [+.]
At 54.5 seconds in I would enjoy a transistion to something with more 8ths in it.
The extra 32nd notes before the big rolls are hell. EDIT: Nevermind, I can do them after a few tries.

Csikos Post (woker-X) [+]
It's simple but there's nothing to object to, so

Darkshark AAA'd This! (customstuff) [--]
no he didn't. -- for lieing

Dead Hooker Smoothie (Vote4Nixon) [?]
Oh man this feels awesome but it's so short. Couldn't you keep going? :'(
I can't accept because it's not long enough so keep stepping it. What you have so far has the right feel but could be tweaked to provide more information than noise, by using more minijacks, changing where the gaps are and so on to the instruments.
Basically just comb over it, and if you're not seeing anything to change have someone look at it
23 seconds in - should be a series of yellow jumps not that colour ****
27 seconds in: the triplet leading into this should be jump minijacked 16th jump imo
around 28.5 seconds: more minijacks and/or jumps to firm bass hits?
30 seconds in: a 16th before and after this jump
So please finish this~

Death Match (cedolad) [?]
It's an interesting idea, but the lack of variation in the minijack patterns gets to me. (I love that pattern, but I can't do it over and over without starting to crack.)
Also, the second half has lots of inaccuracies. The blue pink stuff leading into 24ths can't be right, and in the last quarter there are two noisy bits where you have gaps instead of some cool intense ****.
WAY too short.

Death Moon (Kasane Teto) [-]
that's no death moon. that's a space station


{Lazy Summer Days} (Xandertrax) [?]

With the way you have this song stepped right now the 24ths don't fit with the overall difficulty of the chart. You can go a couple ways with this, you can get rid of the 24ths and go with 16ths if you'd like this to be an easier chart or in my opinion this song can actually make for a pretty good lvl 8 or 9 chart.
- At measure 33 the song starts to build up, then at measure 41 there's a high hat and a clap that comes in. With proper layering you can easily bump the difficulty to where the 24ths wont seem so out of place.
- At measure 49 the song starts to have a real energy to it but the chart is just kind of boring here for how high the energy is. I would work on some layering/pattern choices here to give it that high energy feel.
-m65 to m73 nice little cool down section, but it's a bit repetitive. Don't be afraid to play around and vary up your patterns.
-For the most part I like the 16ths section but m75 to m77 the pattern your repeating feels a bit awkward to me.
-m81 we come back to the high energy again like with m49.
- For the ending I would just vary up your patterns a little bit to get rid of that repetitive feel.
-Also watch your pattern choices and the transitions into them. Some of the 24ths feel a bit awkward to transition into.
I really enjoy the song and the energy it has I'd love to see it fixed up.

11ELEVEN (0) [+.]

While I feel it's a bit overlayered in certain spots it keeps the overall difficulty up.
I'm not too fond of the burst at m31 but it's doable.
The patterns flow pretty nicely throughout and it makes for another good hard chart for the game.

Above (Silvuh) [+.]

I don't really have anything to add to what the other judges have already said. Overall just a pretty good easy file.

Action Winter Journey (Xandertrax) [+?]

The file is correct but it really is just kinda boring. I don't think it really has that replayability factor.

Adcar (samurai7694) [?]

Holy hard file lol. Well one thing I've come to really like about your files is the pattern choices. Somehow you seem to pick burst patterns that look awful yet they flow well.
There are a few burst patterns that seem hardly possible to do in this one though and the jacks I think are just a little too much overkill in this file. But for a hard chart for people like dossar and rubix it will be a challenge.
I'd say kill off those jacks and maybe go over a few of your burst patterns again.

All of Yours (Heavy)(Silvuh) [+?]

The other judges already mentioned the things I'd bring up when it comes to this file. I'd rather see some of those changes taken care of before the file is put into game but they aren't so horrible that I don't think the file can be accepted.

Arrrrr (Vote4Nixon) [+]

Really not much to say about this, makes for a good easy chart.
I definitely think FFR needs to do away with the one chart per song rule because I'd love to see a harder chart for this song.

Badinerie (BluearrowII) [+]

Second time I get to judge this file ^_^ Overall just a good fun file to play.
There are some sections you could layer more but I think it works the way it is.

Banjo Kazooie Theme (Vote4Nixon)[+.]

This is just one of those it's okay kind of files. There's nothing really wrong with it, has some fun factor but yet kinda plain feeling at the same time.

Battle Field (cedolad) [-]

The minijacks are used incorrectly and the song is just too short.

Bit Blue (Xandertrax) [+]

Overall a pretty fun file to play.
I'm not a huge fan of the hand usage but it does work.

Black and White (Silvuh)[+.]

I remember when I first looked at this file I wondered what the colored stuff went to. I played with my headphones on this time so I can hear it now but some of the patterns are a little awkward. I wouldn't mind seeing those fixed up but other than that I find this file fun to play.

Blame It on Bad Luck (bluguerrilla) [+.]

I find this a little boring and a bit repetitive but that may also be because I'm another one of those people that can't really stand playing the long lower level rock songs. They just feel like they drag on forever to me. But there's really nothing wrong with the chart.

Bury the Hatchet (samurai7694 + Coolboyrulez0) [+.]

Again longer rock songs aren't really my thing but at least with this one there's some stuff to keep me on my toes.
I think it's fine without the lyrics being factored in and don't really have anything to add to what the other judges have already said.

Loituma - Basshunter remix [championanwar][+.]

Well unlike the other two I actually like this song. Overall good chart and fun to play.
I do agree with the changes patashu mentioned though.

C7 Funk (Xandertrax)[+.]

The only thing with this for me was it started to feel boring. It may more so just be the song rather than the chart but it felt like it was dragging.
The bursts are nice and easy to hit and for the most part it's an enjoyable file to play.

Cette Annee (who_cares973) [+]

Some of the patterns felt a little awkward to me but overall great chart and fun to play.

Chase You Down (Silvuh) [+]

Nice chill mellow song which is great for those who enjoy that but again another song that most people are going to dread having to do. But a good file for the song.

Chopin - Op.10 No.9 (SKG_Scintill) [+.]

I kept getting lost in the jumpstream lol.
Some of the jacks are kinda hard to hit but they fit.

Chopin - Valse Op.69 No.2 (SKG_Scintill)[+]

I like this one a little more than the other. The chart flows nicely and is pretty fun to play.

Clockwork (Xandertrax) [+.]

From m21 to m36 it feels like there should be more done to it. The song is high energy there and the steps are just kinda bland for it. Otherwise I really like this chart. I think it's a lot of fun to play and I love the rolls

Csikos Post (Woker-X)[+]

Another one I'm rejudging from df XD. Anyways, I've always found this to be a really fun file to play.

Darkshark AAA'd This! (customstuff) [--]

Yea not even playing this.......

Dead Hooker Smoothie (Vote4Nixon) [?]

I'm really liking this file. I love the pattern usage in it. Please finish this it cuts off way too soon.

Death Match (cedolad) [-]

Again a short file. I don't really agree with your mini jack usage in this file and there are layering inconsistencies. Those gaps really need to be layered more to fit in with the rest of the chart.

Death Moon (Kasane Teto) [-]

I honestly didn't even finish playing it all the way through. Just massive inaccuracies all over the place.


Judge Team 2


Death Traveller (Vote4Nixon) [+.]
misplaced jack on m36.
a bit weird sound choice imo but somewhat replayable overall.

deco stop[The5thMoon] [?]
there're kinda misplaced jacks/32nds, and some misrhythms.
this will be decent with some burst/pattern tweak, song-wise.

Directly Perfectly (Erothyme) [<]
similar structure, but another one is better pattern-wise.

Directly Perfectly[Short Edit](who_cares973) [+.]
4th on m12 beat1 isn't needed. m58-59 4-arrow jacks could be added imo.
there're many ways for sound/rhythm choice of this song, on some of those I might
do differently but most are ok.

disco 80's (bmah) [+.]
one-handed 32nd mini-trills are awkward compared to others.
some minijack placement could be different but overall good for the song/difficulty.

Dizzay (customstuff) [?]
pretty interesting song choice, but steps offsync and some BS notes overall.
if sync is fixed this would be nice (major work though).

Dreamin' In The 80's (bluguerrilla) [+.]
Technically accurate for the most part. some parts (m21-m28) might be a bit too much for the
music intensity imo. missing 16th on m13, 32nds on m49. Decent and fun file nontheless.

Dumpstream (0) [+?]
simply and accrately go with PR/layering.
might be nice for practice or something but overall felt pretty repetitive.
need some song editing or pattern changes for a replayable file.

Eating Crow (bluguerrilla & Coolboyrulez0) [+?]
mostly I could get steps, a bit inconsistent stream placement(also tambourines are weak for streams).
pretty repetitive for a 3 minutes song though, so songcut is recommended.

Epileptic Crisis (suicidaln00b) [-]
inaccurate rhythms overall, and pretty awkward pattern choice on some bursts.
permission about this is kinda unclear.

ESC - Amplified T Squared Mix (DarkZtar) [+?]
Rhythms feel mostly accurate. Felt some jacks, 64th patterns, jumptrills could add some
tweaks for better playability.

Experiment (championanwar) [+?]
overall decent easy file, patterns are kind of random-ish and a bit awkward jump
placement imo. also felt like missing some rhythms/notes but maybe ok for an easy file.

Extreme Dishwasher Race (megamon88) [+?]
some burst notes seem unnecessary in m9, m30.
chart is mostly fine but they kinda lack pattern variety/jack usage could be better.
(i.e. trills could be better than rolls on stronger 24ths, etc)

Field of Snow v2 (Stavie33) [-]
PR, consistency could be better overall. beginning should be stepped as 8ths.
Most triples, quads, jacks aren't very music relevant. There're 24th-32nd misrhythms.

Floating Through Time(who_cares973) [+]
pretty mild jump/grace notes usage but fine as an easy file. overall good.

For FFR v2 (TC_Cyrenics) [?]
inconsistent 16ths placement overall (matter of rhythm choice).
a burst on m18 could be stepped. m35-36 should be PR, after that piano rhythms are wrong.

Fruhlingsrauschen (Xandertrax) [?]
It doesn't seem to be changed much since last time I looked at this file.
basically giga-JS file for a MIDI piano song, with some offsync parts.

Gene Gadget Zone - Act 1 (TC_Cyrenics + bmah) [-]
multiple charts

Greensleeves (woker-X) [+]
felt slightly long for an easy file but good sync, nothing wrong.

Grocery Escape Plan [dore and blu sorta] [+.]
there're some overlayered parts and offsync parts (esp 24ths).
unique song/structure and overall enjoyable though.

Hand Throw (OperationStrawbarry) [-]
voice parts aren't synced well (use proper color notes).
from m24, off by 16ths? quit out.

Happy Guy Falls Off A Not So Happy Mountian (Shadowlessheart) [?]
short song, PR could be better. I doubt it's queue worthy.

Hate [WTFBrandon] [+?]
on parts like m38, need to add a 32nd this way? on m90 arrows are faster than the voice.
It has interesting features for piano/voices, but felt a bit long.

Holy War (DJAirWave) [?]
gap early by 35ms. PR could be better on some parts, ending minijacks are awkward.
also, not a fan of sound choices overall.

Honey Cookie (0) [+?]
m24-27, felt patterns are chosen for the difficulty rather than playability.
mostly ok in terms of technicality, but needs some pattern tweak overall.

Lunar Dial (Vote4Nixon) [+?]
ending 24ths are 16ths, patterns (pr could be better, jacks could be used on some parts).
gets slightly offsync towards the end.
some 32nds and 16ths+jumps are mildly enjoyable, but repetitive overall as well.


Death Traveller (Vote4Nixon) [+.] (9)
This chart has an awkward feel to it...
m10-24 feels strangely accented because you opted to choose the quiet, background riffs - it leaves you no room to accent more important things like cymbal crashes.
m32-34: why'd you stop accenting the snare?
m36 - beat 143.500, misplaced jack
m44 - missed jump according to your layering (there are two piano notes there)

Overall, the layering is proper, and the pseudo-pitch relevant run is a interesting touch, but it feels strange because it doesn't feel accented properly to me; it's a fairly subjective issue though.

Deco Stop (The5thMoon) [-]
This song definitely could use a cut.

Inconsistent step choice throughout the slower sections - same step mini-jacks are indicative of something going on where there's nothing really there. The snares and bass drums are accented properly, but the slower sections drag on much longer than they should. The faster sections have accenting issues - some snares are accented and others aren't.

The roll at m99 ending in 64ths is a bit ridiculous for 202 BPM.

There's just a lot of issues scattered throughout this chart, and it was rough to make it through.

Directly Perfectly (???) [?]
Layering is correct, but uses the same patterns throughout the chart and doesn't accommodate for the constant changes in pitch for the synthesized melody. Just overall plain.

Directly Perfectly (who_cares973) [+.] (11)
Missing a fair amount 24th blips (you only see them once, at m12??)/32nd hi-hat bursts, but you seem to cover those where they fit the most. I prefer this chart over the other one because it takes account of the synth which does have a very nice, distinguished melody. Chart flows fairly nicely aside from the mini-jacks, but they hold accuracy to the music so I can't really nail you on that.

Disco 80's (bmah) [+.] (9)
Only reason you're getting a +. and not a + from me is because the song just DRAGS. The chart is accurate, and it actually has some interesting pattern choice. I find it fun, but I can't stand listening to the song.

Dizzay (customstuff) [-]
Sync deviates like crazy, song is very uninteresting, and the chart is just all over the place. I see some percussion relevance, but the overall pattern choice and structure is not pleasant.

Dreamin' In The 80s (bluguerilla) [+.] (8)
Pretty nifty little easy chart you have here. Absolutely LOVE the pitch-relevancy hidden within the run in measures 15 to 19. Only thing I have to say that irks me about the chart is the BPM shifting from 100 to 200 when the song sounds fairly slow paced, even behind the piano runs.

Dumpstream (0) [-]
accurate, but seriously not fun - no one is going to appreciate 270 BPM runningmen. Also, I see a lot of copy/paste.

Eating Crow (bluguerilla & Coolboyrulez0) [+?]
Jump usage is a bit odd in the vocal areas in m17-m24 - the repetition of the vocals makes sense but it seems like you don't bother to accent them in the first half, which irks me slightly. m43-46 and m64-70, while correct, feel overlayered because of what's being used. I personally think this song would do better with an easier chart, and it also feels a lot longer than it really is.

Epileptic Crisis (suicidaln00b) [?/!]
I don't recall us ever having permission to use this song. Chart has really poor pattern choice, and some of the bursts are just god-awful choice for the BPM that the song is(m15,19,20,22,etc.). If there's any consolation to this, there's at least proper layering for a decent amount of the chart.

ESC - Amplified T Squared Mix (DarkZtar) [+?]
Inconsistent bass drum accenting in the beginning, make sure you catch all of them that you can without layering into any of the bursts.

m12 - remove the mini-jack that forms from coming into this burst
m20 - change all of the flams to the same two notes; you switch it at the end.
m21 - take out the 8th note of the first 32nd sequence to give that separated feel. Beat 83.000 - should be a 32nd roll here.
m33 - change the very end of this snare sequence since a different percussion comes over the top of the snare.
m72 - even with the snare building up, you could probably fit the jacks for the voice if you wanted to, just don't layer them, keep it as a single stream

m58-m72 is REALLY intense, but man would that be one hell of a nice challenge for some of the upper level players; I'd really like to see this in game with some of these fixes.

Experiment (championanwar) [+] (7)
Nice lower-level chart. Flows pretty nicely and the usage of 32nds isn't really seen consistently without bursts, which is also pretty neat. Song feels a little longer than it should, but nothing too bad.

Extreme Dishwasher Race (megamon88) [+.] (10)
Layering is clean for the most part. Some of the mini-jacks are a bit questionable. Synth melody from m17 to m24 is nicely stepped with the exception of the two mini-jacks in m20. Layering in m43 is a bit awkward only because of your choice in the section before it, not much to be changed there. Any reason why you're missing the layering for the sound at beat 178.750 (m45) until the end of the song? Fairly fun chart.

Field of Snow (stavie33) [-]
Lack of pitch relevance where the chart could definitely use it, and the layering is extremely inconsistent - you have two verses (m22-38/m66-82) that sound the same (in fact, the second one has MORE) but are stepped entirely differently. The mini-jack usage throughout the chart makes it feel extremely rigid and forced, and the extreme layering just shows that you wanted to accommodate for every sound, rather than making a chart that focuses on a few things.

Floating Through Time (who_cares973) [+] (5)
Simple chart with pitch relevancy and a decent amount of patterns to keep the player busy.

For FFR v2 (TC_Cyrenics) [?]
misrhythm in m7, ghost notes in m8/m9; grace notes in m40 not needed; ghost note in m62 (b245.875), ghost notes in m66/m67/m72/m74, and the BPM change at the end is totally unnecessary (although it might provide a nice visual gimmick once converted to FFR).

Overall, the patterns are a bit bland, and there's a lack of attention towards very specific rhythms. I will say that I did like the runningmen from measures 45 to 48.

Frόhlingsrauschen (Xandertrax) [-]
m2/m3/m4/m33 is missing the last 32nd note in the run; m5/6/34/35 24th note bursts are misrhythms; not liking the intentional mis-quantize at m16-m21; the beginning of m26 is faster than 24ths; m28-31 is missing layering for the higher treble-clef notes (start at beat 109.667)...

...the errors stack up so much in this file. There's some (incorrect) pitch-relevancy throughout the chart, coupled with a not-so-great pattern choice.

Gene Gadget Zone (TC_Cyrenics & bmah) [+.] (9)
I like how you're able to maintain instrument revelance even without displaying proper pitch fairly deep into the song - it took me quite a few repeats of the introduction to see that you kept that relevance in that awkward sounding synth pretty far into the beginning. The rest of the chart holds focus on two instruments, and when it does so, it does so properly. It's a bit difficult to notice at first glance, though. Song drags on a bit, but nothing major.

Greensleeves (woker-X) [+.] (6)
Long, but very nicely stepped overall.

Grocery Escape Plan (dore & bluguerilla) [fgsfds]
I couldn't stop laughing while listening to this song, holy ****. In all seriousness though, the chart is a pretty typical dore chart - heavily layered and will not stray away from the same patterns if the same instrument or sound is played. The jack usage is a bit rough though. My actual rating for this would probably be a [+?].

Hand Throw (OperationStrawberry) [-]
Sync is completely off and couldn't even get through enough of the song to figure out what the hell is going on - quit out.

Happy Guy Falls Off A Not So Happy Mountain (Shadowlessheart) [?]
I do see some understanding of relevance in pitch, but the song overall just doesn't have any sort of replayability. It's also a bit too short...

Hate (WTFBrandon) [?]
Chart makes sense in that it focuses on two instruments, however, using this layering throughout the entire chart makes it extremely boring, not to mention the chart structure is very strange.

Holy War (DJAirWave) [?]
For an easier chart, PR isn't entirely necessary, but when it's obvious that you're trying to have that relevance and it's incorrect, it looks strange. Mini-jacks at 170 BPM in a lower-level chart isn't exactly the best of pattern choices. With a little bit of correction in pattern choice, this could be a decent file for a great song.

Honey Cookie (0) [-]
Started great. Hit m16. Quit out immediately.

Lunar Dial (Vote4Nixon) [+?]
m2-m5: arguably incorrect due to a lack of cymbal representation, but I do understand what you're going to so it becomes subjective
m15 (beat 58.000) - would love to see flams or some color accent of the added instrument because it does sound slightly offset
m18-m20: another arguably incorrect section due to lack of layering, but it lets the player know that you've opted out of layering for a reason, another subjective issue
m34/m82: I wonder what this would look like if you were to make what you have here all singles and layer things around it...

m61/m109: perfect chance for an extreme climax and you don't take it - background bass rush for almost a measure would have been nice to see.
m96-m108: interesting layering choice, not in a bad way either
m62-m70/m110-118: step these guitar solos; your file is already repetitive enough using this layering, give the player something different

This file has a great foundation, but the fun factor of the file gets dragged away due to the repetitive nature of the song.


Death Traveller / 44teru-k / Vote4Nixon [?]
m7–8 maybe add some notes to percussion for better transition.
m10–26 When the less-emphasized synth sounds are stepped could be more consistent.
m15, m23 It's nice that you avoid minijacks with the way you placed jumps and didn't jump all the melody notes, but the melody does have some minijacks in it.
m24 Maybe fill in the bass percussion to transition into the next section.
m26 The jacks at the beginning of this measure: there's that same sound between the 8th jump and 4th after it. And then the last 16th in this measure is one of those same faint echoey noises you have jacks placed to. The inconsistency here is a little odd.
Having the minijacks to these sounds in the stream is fine to help distinguish them from the other sounds.
m28 There's an ABA triplet at the start of m28 similar to those other minijacks you have stepped.
You missed some percussion notes that would be nice to have to go along with the progression in the music, and m32–33 shouldn't be difficult, but it shouldn't be that empty.
Make sure to avoid unnecessary trills in the stream.
m36 the jack is with the 16th before, not after, the 8th.
The first note of m44 should be a jump.
I don't feel like the melody in m45 (.xxxx.x.xx..) is emphasized properly. Perhaps remove the background piano and just step this melody in that measure. Fiddle with that a bit.
The end of this section starts to have percussion, so this section should be just like the last section. Maybe put jumps to the melody here.

deco stop / wisp / The5thMoon [-]
The whole file has some issues with unnecessary minijacks (e.g. m8, m34–m36, m43, m44, m46, m47, m49, m50, m58, m60, m61, ... &c.)
Took me a bit to figure the sixtheenth patterns in m21-23 don't go to the percussion after being conditioned by 20 measures of hi-hat sixteenths. And there are multiple sounds being stepped here, so you might could figure something different to do there.
Which percussion sounds have jumps to them are a little backwards at times. (e.g. m32–33, m58 ...)
The 12th jumps-jacks are unnecessary. You have 12th trills in some instances of the same sounds.
m52 These piano sounds don't make 16ths.
Some sounds are ignored around places where they aren't, even when it wouldn't interrupt with the other notes. (e.g. m52–55 ...).
Sometimes the notes to the hi-hats make awkward patterns, like in m61.
You have some really fast rolls near the end. Some sounds just don't feel emphasized enough for the rolls to be necessary.
And the 64th burst gets a big "No". There are other 64ths you didn't step, so there's no reason for this to be here.
The sync gets off by 12 milliseconds around the end (about a 96th of a beat). Try using 101.503 and 203.006 throughout the music. (You can make this change a lot of faster through the .sm file.)

Directly Perfectly / Erothyme
It's confusing how very few of the burts are stepped the same between the two files.
All this buzzing is making my head hurt, hahaha. When trying to figure which ones should be stepped, I mean. I really like this music.
I think it'd take more effort than necessary for these judging notes to really get into the differences between these two files and which patterns are better and stuff...
With how nice and slow the song starts, I'm not sure if all the bursts are necessary there.
m45-48 is another one of those laid-back sections I think could use fewer arrows.
That's what's kind of making me not want to accept these files, even when the patterns are mostly correct.

(wc) [+?]
I don't get why the 24th thing is only stepped in m12 here. (I think this should be removed).
The patterns in this file were generally more comfortable to play.

(Erothyme) [<]
The 24th trills seem odd when the percussion on the 4th is different. And I don't really like their being there in general, because I can't hear the sound they go to while I play the song very well.

disco 80's / YU / bmah [?]
It's odd, but, this file didn't do anything for me.
m29 Like I'd have expected all the notes to the sound repeating the vocal melody here to be stepped..
A lot of the begining sections seem empty, and then ... with all the emphasizing you do to the vocals...
At least the patterns are good in regards to playability.

Dizzay / Doormouse / customstuff [-]
I'll look at the patterns when you get the sync right. I'd suggest looking at this in ddreamstudio. If you can't figure it out, you can ask for my help.

Dreamin' In The 80's / DJ SymBioTiX / bluguerrilla [+?]
m13: Missed some hi-hats(?).
m18: The background synth stuff starts really low here. Could mess with the PR a little here.
m22: Not sure why you didn't step the percussion here.
m23b88.75/m26b100.75: These pitches have a AB AB AC pattern.
The m29–44 area needs another looking over. When you made it, I bet you had some good layering rules in there, but as a player, I keep hearing sounds I expect to be stepped (because of other parts of the file) left unstepped and vice versa and stuff.

Dumpstream / kommisar[os] / 0 [-]
I had zero funs while playing this. As accurate as it is, it's just ... unnecessary.

Eating Crow / DJ Donna Summer / bluguerrilla & Coolboyrulez0 [+]
This is my favorite file to play of this bunch. The progression is stepped very well.
I don't mind the jumpstreams, because they do sound fuller than the other parts of the song, and it's more noticeable at the end with the regression.
m32 There's like a measure-and-a-half-long eighth jack here. Might want to avoid things like those. Only gripe.

Epileptic Crisis / Nightmare / suicidaln00b [-]
Not too bad of a start, but still needs a good deal work with patterns and such.
m9: The trill is too long for the bass.
Which sounds you put the bursts to is too inconsistent. And you didn't step some bursts all the way through...
You should really look at all your bursts again, and at a lower rate so you can really hear what's going on, making sure you don't step too much ... And those 32nd trills are unnecessary.

ESC (Amplified T Squared Mix) / onoken feat. detach / DarkZtar [?]
The first two arrows should be removed. The loud stuff starts on the 16th.
The jumps in the first section are a bit inconsistent.
Missed a few notes here and there, like in m41 ...
And I'm a bit partial against music like this, but you got most of the sounds right, and none of the patterns are too obnoxious, but I kinda felt like it would get a little messy at times...

Experiment / Silentoath / championanwar [?]
This file doesn't seem like it goes anywhere.
Like when this new melody starts at m33, there's nothing else layered there, unlike the m9–24/49–60 parts which, song-wise, don't feel as active as this m33 part.
m47: I don't really like how arbitrarily this ends.

Extreme Dishwasher Race / Sanxion7 / megamon88 [+.]
m9: I'm not sure about these 48ths, because the sound continues until the hand, and you didn't step other instances of this.
I don't really agree with all the jumps in the opening stream. Might could find a different way to layer those sounds.
m28: You put these 64ths to a 96th burst. ... but stepping that would be crazy, so I'd suggest a 48th burst starting from the 16th.
That bass sound thing that you have those minijacks too, you should also make sure whenever there's an eighth jack with that sound, that that's distinguished. You can really hear these at like 1.2x.
m54: This one is a little early.

Field of Snow / KgZ / stavie33 [-]
With all the sounds that are stepped at times, it's weird when you start ignoring everything.
There's lots of inconsistencies with that. ... And the PR needs some work ... I think this song does have potential for a V2, but this ... isn't it.

Floating Through Time / The Flashbulb / wc [+?]
Because this is PR-centric, I suppose getting into detail wouldn't be a bad thing here.
With some of the complexity, like, I mean, the different notes on a beat being both higher and lower than the previous note, it gets a little confusing... It's almost like a four-key file won't feel right for this music.
Overlayering jumps wouldn't be good, but with as few jumps as there are, that doesn't feel quite right either... Like some of those streams could use some jumps, I think.
6.850s: The second 16th is a lower pitch than the first.
11.160s: The 8th has the same pitch as a note in the 4th jump.
13.555s: Two of the same pitches here too.
19.326s: This 1 should be a 7.
34.675s: These two 4ths have a note of the same pitch. And because the higher note is much more noticeable, this would be a better place for a jump.
43.376s: I don't hear this 16th.
42.176–45.996s Check these pitches again.
61.817s: I don't hear this 16th.

for FFR (V2) / DJ Rage VI / TC_Cyrenics [?]
The 16ths in the opening need another looking-over.
When the 8th stream starts, there are some minijacks and minitrills you didn't PR right.
m26–27: I don't think all these 16ths should be here.
And this section afterwards feels a little messy.
m35–36: Could use some PR.
There are some more piano sounds in this next section you might want to step, and one of your 16ths doesn't go to anything.
m56 section: Not all of your minitrills are going to minitrill sounds here.
m61: This 7 jump should be a 1 because it doesn't have the same pitches as the sixteenths.
m62: You have multiple ghost arrows here.
m64–&c.: Same as the opening. You got more of those minijacks right here; that's good.
The first part of the ending stream has some ghost notes.

Frόhlingsrauchen / C. Sinding / Xandertrax [?]
b0: the eighth has the highest pitch here. The first two blue notes have the same pitch, and the next six blues have a different same pitch. And that repeats. I don't know how fun the patterns would be taking that into account, though, but ... yeah.
b18,23,133,137: These 24/32nds are actually 28ths. You can approximate these with 192nds, or use my suggestion below when I mention the 20ths.
b31: because these 32nds are so quiet, especially compared to the next section, it may be a good idea to remove them.
When you start to change the BPM, you get about 23 ms off for the rest of the file.
Instead of unquantizing the file to step the 20ths, I'd suggest you do something else:
Open this file in ddreamstudio, delete the sub-beats that are present, and use Grow to return everything to 105BPM.
And just ... delete everything in this unquantized section. But don't save over the .sm yet so you can have SM open and look at the patterns you have while you fill them in properly-quantized.
Because the 20ths and 28ths have an odd number of sounds in one beat, you can't really have a nice repeating color pattern like with 24ths and 32nds... but you should do something that would distinguish these odd beats from the even ones. In ddreamstudio, you can use sub-beats to put any color on a sound... So perhaps make ABCCBA or ABCDEA or ABBBBA patterns with the colors.
It doesn't really make sense that you jump all the melody notes in the 32nds, but not in the 24ths.
b122: The 32nds don't start again until the first 16th.

Gene Gadget Zone Act 1 / Richard Jacques / TC_Cyrenics & bmah [?]
I'm going to mess with this a bit later. Going to try a three-way collab thing here. Already talked with bmah about it, and yeah...

Greensleeves / David Nevue / woker-X [+.]
Good job with the syncing here. Just a few things:
m17,29,42: You missed minijacks in the melody in these measures.
m45/46: You can avoid this eighth minijack here.
m91–94: Theses three B jumps are on different pitches, and at least the last one should be something else so it's not the same as the 2 B jumps after it which are on the same pitch.
Otherwise, the pitch relevancy is pretty good. I like avoiding unnecessary minijacks in songs like this, because of how much more wrong it feels when two notes are on the same arrow but are not of the same pitch.

Grocery Escape Plan / Psychostick / dore & bluguerilla [+]
I'll let this through. With a song like this, there really isn't anything else you should do. The layering is just right and such.

Hand Throw / Venetian Snares / OperationStrawberry [-]
I'll look at the patterns when you can get the sync right. If you can't figure it out even after looking at it in ddreamstudio, ask me and I will help you over a messenger or something.
The first sound is closer to about 0.400s into the song.
And then the voice sound that starts at about 0.507s has eight sounds at about 10.43 sounds per second. (With 16ths at 125 BPM, you have 8.33 sounds/sec.) Jack sounds like those will be much easier to sync because it's not ambiguous where the sounds start.
In the opening, there are jumps to unaccented syllables that shouldn't be there.
In the 32nd trill you have here starting at 18.08s, you stepped 16.66 sounds/s, but the actual frequency is about 26.28±1 sounds/s starting at about 18.056s.
The trills you have starting at 19.160s are even worse. You have 12 arrows for 8 sounds, all at 16.66 sounds/s.
The first trill should start at about 19.256s at about 18.1±0.6 sounds/s, and the second trill should start at about 19.473s, then there's a slight rhythm delay, and the next three sounds occur at 14.23 sounds/s.
Using ddreamstudio helps me with getting these values. It's much easier to tell when a note is offsync. I hope those values will help you figure out what BPMs and rhythms you want to use (which is why I didn't give BPM values, because that'd assume you'd be using the same rhythms.)
P.S. You can tell there's a lot of difference between what you hear in your right and left ears. Maybe you could consider stepping panning relevancy?

Happy Guy Falls Off a Not-So-Happy Mountain / Ferras Mode / Shadowlessheart [?]
Offest: 2.419s
It's eight measures copied and pasted again. Not sure if that's the best thing for a file. It's a tad uninspiring.
All the 16th patterns have the same the same contour, so only the 16th patterns in your file that are "correct" are the ones at the end of each repeat.
My main PR gripe are for the patterns in m8/16. The melody doesn't make a trill like that.

Hate / Brandon Brown / WTFBrandon [+?]
It's not bad, but ... uh. I would give a +., but I have this question mark lingering over my head...
Most of the file is pretty simple, so things like that 24th trill are a no-go.

Holy War / DJAirWave / DJAirWave [+?]
Offset: -0.032s or -0.043 or something.
Some of the pitch things I mentioned you may already know, but it is possible to make good patterns taking them into account. Some of the fixes are easy, some require moving some other patterns around it... A lot of the pitch relevancy is really good, but it still needs some work.
m9: I'd make this jump a 7 instead of a 1 so there's no 4th jack with the next note in the melody.
m13b51: The melody makes a trill here, and you'd have to move the trills around after this a bit to accommodate for that.
m17–24: I don't agree with the chains in this section. Step like the first three measures here, because the drum does different pitches like that.
m25: The first eighth has a lower pitch than the others in the jack, so you might could move the patterns before the eighth a bit to make that distinction.
m27,m28: Move b107 right because it has the same pitch as b108. The four pitches after b108 make a trill.
m29: These first two notes don't go to the same pitch (look out for these), and the first eighth is a different pitch than the next ones, anyway.
m31: The melody goes CBABCBCDEDCDCB And you have the ----CBCDEDCDCB down perfectly, and that shouldn't change.
But for the first four notes of m31, the pattern 2464(242 &c...) would match the rest of the measure, but then you'd have to move the long jack from the previous measure to an arrow other than the left arrow so it's not confused with the B pitches in this measure.
m33: The melody doesn't make a jack at the start until m37. The last eighth note of m34 is the same pitch as the ones that start m35. The four in m35 are different pitches than the four in m36. The four in m39 are different than the four in m40.
You should be able to figure how to improve the rest of this section now.
m57 section: You just add jumps to the percussion, but I don't think the percussion itself is really emphasized enough for this. Perhaps only put jumps to the lone 4ths in the percussion, layer in the melody without stepping the eighths between the gallops in the percussion, then making the three notes together in the percussion a jack in the melody notes.

Honey Cookie / Fether / 0 [-]
This file won't get accepted with those jumps on every chord like that.
I'd say just put jumps to the bass in those sections (i.e. removing the jumps on the 16ths), making sure minijacks only occur where they should ... and then because the file wouldn't be so sillily difficult, the part with the hands could probably be toned down ... and then everything will be good-to-go.

Lunar Dial / dBu / Vote4Nixon [+?]
Needs some syncing work.
First 48th should be a 32nd.
Not sure if this uses the best layering choices... it felt like there were some other sounds in there that could have used some more emphasizing. There's some more percussion that could add to the file.
m77: The first running man should include the 16th above it, and the second one doesn't have the same pitch on every 16th.
There's some good stuff in here, but I don't know ... not going to accept it how it is now. Ask me if you'd like me to go through it with you measure-by-measure.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Team 3


Down (TC_Halogen)
Beat 274, would've thought a jump placement like [34] would feel better than the [4] note alone but this is just me. M78-81 those pattern placements are awkward and are begging to hit boos when playing when you got stuff like [2][3][4][34][4] and so on. Would much rather prefer patterns that are less one handed bias especially at this speed. Layering is solid and easy to follow. +

Honki Sentai Majirenjaa -MAJI eurobeat version- (bmah)
M69+ once the rainbow guitar solo notes come in the patterns become slightly awkward. Especially at M72 where the patterns don't roll of the fingers well as you have rainbow polyrhythms with two [23] jump placements which is just awful to hit. M74, I would shift the 64th notes to something not left handed, even if you can hit the [24][1] patterns as hands. M76+, the mini-jacks are rather hard from the jump placements which makes it dense/difficult to read. Personally, I would just keep it as straight 16th stream. M114+ the 16th jumpjacks are questionable, but I can see what you were trying to do. Fairly solid layering, just a lot of patterns don't sit well with me. +?

In A Trance Redux (rushyrulz)
Way too much copy and pasting or repetition of the exact same patterns, which leaves out variation in your pattern usages. Chart becomes a lot more lackluster and boring as a result. M27+ I'm not feeling this BPM change at all when not much changed in the song and clearly isn't being used for colour theory. 32nds are difficulty spikes; If you're going to throw them in, at least make the layering more dense to balance off. M88+ I don't follow that layering at all and it breaks the flow of the file. M93+ I don't understand those jump placements, especially when you transition the same layering into single notes immediately afterwards which makes no sense. Not the best song choice to step since there's nothing interesting to layer and the chart overall is too inconsistent and boring. -

Infectious (Xandertrax & MeaCulpa)
Mini-jacks add nice variation but might be difficult for beginner/intermediate players to combo. M80+ is leaning to the left side too much which causes a lot of patterns to be more awkward to hit than it should be. Should probably vary them up more to make it flow better and make it much more pleasing to hit (e.g. starting the patterns off with [1] immediately after the [14] jumps is an awkward transition). M93-95 the layering transition to the jumps for percussion is just plain sloppy and doesn't feel right since it's not consistently being layering before or after. Beat 442.5, avoid the [2][1][2] mini trills during this part because it's awkward to hit and this part is already enough of a difficulty spike. Change the patterns to something easier to hit, preferrably something not one handed. M122+ same deal here. M126+ is fine because the patterns roll off the fingers smoothly. Layering is fairly solid, just needs some pattern tweaks. +?

Islamey (Xandertrax)
Jumpjack patterns are horribly placed and overused. Layering is generally accurate aside from all the jumpjacks you dumped in. I just simply don't find this enjoyable to playthrough aside from the difficulty/scoring factor. Pretty much borderlines dump. ?

It's a Zombie's World (potter_rocks_out_loud)
Jumps are inconsistently layered. M28+ is inaccurate and offsync for whatever reason. Layering in general is all over the place where sometimes it makes sense while other times it's completely off sync and makes no sense. -

It's Only Natural (blueguerrilla)
M61+ mega rainbow trill is a HUGE difficulty spike and would be too tricky to PA. Probably change that to stream to make it easier to hit. Layering is solid and easy enough to follow. +.

It's Raining Lolis!! (Hallelujah!) (Ghakimx)
8th jacks in this seem a bit much for a relatively easy file. Jump placements get pretty boring when you start repeating them over and over again so possibly shift a few jump placements around to make this more interesting to playthrough. Layering is easy enough to follow, just repetitive and lackluster overall. +?

Jamais Deux (Dossar)
I noticed one thing about this and it's that the majority of the notes reside inside [2] and [3] for the most part which I found pretty strange. Aside from a bunch of patterns that are very awkward to hit, this was fairly solid. I don't see a reason to reject this aside from pattern fixes. +.

Kirby 64 - Forest (Xandertrax)
Nothing wrong with this other than the fact that it was very repetitive and uninteresting. Solid as an easy file. +.

Lightning Strikes Again (cedolad)
Jacks at this speed are awkward to hit. File as a whole leans too much to the left side which creates a lot of awkward pattern placements in general. Thought much more of the percussion could've been layered with jump placements. Overall, too awkward to playthrough and way too repetitive which makes this more lackluster than it should. ?

Little Star (Silvuh)
Beat 33.5, I would shift either the 8th or 96th/192nd note placement else where to avoid the [12] jump you'd have to hit and the 16th mini-jack that it creates. Beat 69.5, same deal. Beat 70, think you could remove one of those 96th/192nd notes because you'd have to hit this as a hand which I think you'd want to avoid for a file like this that's aimed towards beginners. Beat 85, same deal about the hand thing except either get rid of the green note all together or turn the 4th jump into a single note. Beat 97.5, same deal about the hand. Beat 101.5, I'd say change the [23] jump into [34] to avoid that mini-jack. Nitpicks aside, layering is solid and easy to follow. Just technical and pattern tweaks are needed to pass from me. +?

Loituma Basshunter Remix (championanwar)
M58+ could use some jump placements on the 4ths to layer the cymbal crash to keep it consistent with the jump placement you put over at M51. Layering is solid and patterns flowed well. +.

Luigi's Mansion (8bit Showdown Mix) (Xandertrax)
Layering is solid but I'm not fond of a lot of the jump placements during the jumpstream parts. File overall is very repetitive which makes this a lot more lackluster to playthrough than it should be. Personally, after the first time it repeats I already got bored out of my mind. A cut would've been good for this but perhaps changing up the patterns for variation would make this more interesting. +?

Metropolis (eastsideman09)
M37, pattern is awkward to hit, especially with that [23] jump placement. Probably try to shift the notes around to make it roll off the fingers better. Pretty much my only nitpick about this. Layering is solid and flows well despite the file being on the repetitive side. +.

MJ39934_Field of Snow (Stavie33)
Not particularly fond of all those mini-jacks transitioning into quad placements. Feels too overemphasized. M50+ you're missing a few piano chord jumps/hands. M54+ the layering transition is sloppy and breaks the flow of the file. M58+ another sloppy layering transition. Also density inconsistency when the parts before this was dense but all of a sudden you decide to tone down the layering when there wasn't much of a significant change in the song. A lot of the empty gaps can be filled in with 8th notes. M84+, same deal here. Hands at M123 are too overemphasized. Overall, layering is decent but too many things that bug me for me to pass this off. ?

Monday (psychozerosk8er)
Jump at M47 was randomly placed which is awkward. There are barely any jump placements in this chart, so at the very least you could throw a few in to balance it off and add variation in layering. M73, I don't understand why you would keep them all the same jump when the sound you're layering is ascending. You should continue to use jump placements to follow as such. Layering transition at M79 is too abrupt and awkward. Patterns in general aren't very pitch relevant which makes this a bit quirky to playthough. I feel that this was pretty much Ctrl+R'd because a lot of the steps don't seem relevant to the song at times and the times you decided to use jumps didn't fit all that well when there were plenty of opportunities to use them elsewhere. -

NaiNai 69 (Coolboyrulez0 + _.Spitfire._)
M17, 64th jack might be a bit much. Personally, I would change the [23] jumpjacks into something else as I find those to be a bit harder to hit than the other patterns in this file. Layering is solid despite being on the repetitive side. Replayable for scoring. +.

Naruto Theme - Sea. 4 (samurai7694)
Should've followed more of the prominent synth rather than the background ones because as an easy chart, it becomes hard to follow for beginners. M26+ is a difficulty spike since you barely have any 16th note placements before this measure to balance it off and signify the player that it's about to get harder+more complex. Layering is decent but I don't think this would warrant a pass from me. ?

naTivEfAcE (Darkslave)
M19 the layering transition here is awkward and becomes hard to follow. Should've kept layering in some 12th notes to go to the swing in this song to keep the chart flowing and make it easier to follow. M34+ you should've layered the cymbal crashes with jumps to keep it consistent. M40+ the hi-hats could be layered with jumps for variation and emphasis. Missing jump placement at M43 which is very crucial. Also the layering transition here was also sloppy and awkward. Should've kept layering the melody. M46+ you completely stop layering in the percussive jumps which is inconsistent with the measure beforehand. M86+ jumps for cymbal crashes should be layered in. Overall, the jump usage in this really confused me and it was very inconsistent from how many times you decide to change up layering. -

Northern Lights (0)
I feel that all of the breaks in between the 16th streaming could use a few notes layering the vocals to start off the streams because it seems very empty and with notes layered in to follow the vocals that start before the stream, it'd fill in the emptier gaps and transition into the stream much better. Also, the pattern choices for the 16th stream parts barely have any variation to it and feels very repetitive as a result for re-using the same patterns. Probably shift a lot of the note placements around to make it more varied so you aren't hitting the same patterns over and over again. Layering is solid overall so with a few pattern tweaks and those extra notes I'd pass this off. +?

Oh lord, your wife just got run over by an ice cream truck (t-rogdor)
File's sync drifts. Jump placements were all over the place and were used very consistently. For a short file, I feel this needs to be layered with more jump placements since there are a lot of prominent sounds in the song itself that would be much better expressed with them. Needs a rehaul. -

Opening (SSBM) (Xandertrax)
M27, the pattern transition from the [13][24] 16th jumptrills into the 24th rolls is awkward to hit. Megatrill at M51 is a HUGE difficulty spike especially when you have all those jump placements layered in that aren't easy to hit. Honestly if you want to keep this megatrill, shift all the jump placements so you can hit them with one hand on either [12] or [34] otherwise I'd suggest watering it down the 24ths to 16ths. Megatrill at the end I'm fine with as it doesn't have any awkward jump placements. Layering is solid and patterns weren't too awkward as I usually find in all your files. Fix up the pattern transition and the megatrill with jumps and I'd pass this off. +?

Over The Ocean (npv)
The [12][2][12] pattern placements are begging to hit boos for most players so personally I would shift those note placements elsewhere. 12th jack at Beat 243 is sudden and awkward to hit. If you want to keep the mini-jack for the percussion then probably shift the 12th note elsewhere but make the 16th a mini-jack instead. Mini-jacks at the ending measures are slightly tricky but aren't that hard to hit. Overall, layering is solid and file as a whole is enjoyable. +

Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix (Cyrenics)
I feel that more of the percussion could've been layered in with jump placements because it's very prominent in the song and the majority of your placements layer the not as prominent cymbal crashes. M42+ the pattern is slightly awkward to hit so probably shift the notes around to not revolve around [1] and [2] as much. Beat 170, trill transition into the [3] jack is awkward as well. Change the trill to a roll or some variation to make it roll off the fingers better. Beat 222, I feel that all the notes after the [34] jump aren't really needed and you could pretty much stop stepping at this exact moment. Overall layering for this is solid and fairly enjoyable. Would probably pass this off with pattern tweaks. +?

Overdrive (bluguerrilla)
M68-76, I don't quite get what those 8th jumps are going to. Thought you'd continue layering the bass with 4th jumps. 32nd burst at M389 is a bit awkward to hit. A few of the long jumpjacks are a bit awkward to hit as well, but overall layering is solid and well transitioned which makes this more interesting to playthrough. +

Pathos (cedolad)
Nothing blatantly wrong with the layering aside from a few jumps and rainbow notes that could've been layered in that you left out. Short and straightforward for a beginner file, just a bit lackluster. +.

Perfect Insanity (customstuff)
M50+ you're missing both a few note placements and 8th jumps to layer the guitar rifts to keep the file flowing and consistent. Before M58, shift the 64th elsewhere so it doesn't form that unnecessary mini-jack. M95+ same deal as both of the aforementioned. M119 is off sync and note placements are wrong. Also, I'm not feeling the colour theory here when not much changed in the song. M135+ the 8th jacks really don't emphasize much and would be better off as stream. BPM gimmicks were nice additions and you had a few innovative ideas. Layering isn't too bad but inconsistent at times. A lot of copy pasting which makes this very repetitive and boring to playthrough. Going to need some rehauls on pattern usages and note placements and double checking the sync. ?


Down: only real comment is i suggest layering in the kick 61.5 onward until the next section starts [+]

field of snow: tone down the hand and quad usage along with the jack usage and work on your pr also try halving the bpm in the beginning so it isnt just red everywhere and it'll be good. i remember giving you a pretty in depth review of this file prior to ffr going offline. dont know if you actually changed the file since though. [?]

Honki Sentai Majirenjaa: started out real great. once the vocals came in you chose to ignore them which wouldve been good had there been enough going on to keep it interesting but you just left me with 8th note trills which was pretty bland. im not saying add jumps to the vocals but follow them instead. it would also make more sense to step the vocals because later on in the file you actually start placing jumps to the vocals. some difficulty inconsistencies throughout the files especially that guitar solo jesus o_o. maybe try to step one or the other but stepping them both leaves awkward patterns and a giant diffiuclty spike. other than that the file was pretty fun dont really have much to say other than tone it down a bit maybe add some hands since trying to make the file match the highest difficulty spike would lead to gay overstepping.[+.]

{lazy summer days}: pr issues in the beginning. what th-what do those 24ths go to at 28.102 ?_?. oh ok i see what they go to probably shouldnt step that little buzz since its hardly audible and the rest of the file is just 8th js. tone down that 24th trill to 16ths maybe. missing 4th notes in places. very repetitive. [-]

[In A Tran Redux]: haha i remember playing this file. yeah no, layering inconsistencies everywhere. pm me if you want me to go super in depth [-]

Infectious: very cool song id actually play this more than once if it got in game. not sure why you have the intro stepped like that but w/e its on sync. listen to the song again on a lower rate and you'll notice you're missing an 8th note every once in a while. at 21.93 and every time that repeats is where you're missing the note. vary up your patterns please PLEASE it seriously ruins the file. never stop layering the snare because it makes the file feel empty. only places you shouldnt layer the snare is during those 24th bursts for the guitar solo. the file goes offsync at least for me at 141.08. at 207.852 you should keep stepping how you were stepping instead of all of a sudden making the guitar jumps. again this file has potential just too much stuff wrong with it to even give it a light accept [?]

Islamey:file was alright just needs a better mp3 [?]

[It's A Zombie's World]: this would make a pretty sweet easy file.the only thing holding this file back is the difficulty inconsistencies[?]

It's Only Natural: notes are early by a 64th. what that first jump go to? add some jumps to the snares when you arent adding jumps to the vocals and you're good to go [+.]

It's Raining Lolis:notes are early by a 24th. file is boring, inconsistent and the song is lol [-]

Jamais Deux:notes are early by a 32nd. other than pr issues and weird jump usage the file doesnt flow very well and you ignore sounds that should be stepped to fill in some of the empty spaces. seems like you tried making it a toned down hard version. just fix up some of the patterns to make it flow more and fix the pitch issues and you have a full accept from me[+.]

Kirby 64 - Forest: pattern variance and a cut, this file needs it. other wise not a bad file [?]

Lightning Strikes Again: i take it the yellow jump at 27.15 was a mistake. imo you should just step the guitar and layer in the snares instead of stepping the bass kick. need some pattern major pattern variance. [?]

Little Star: minor pr issues mainly subjective ones [+]

Lolituma BassHunter Remix: Agree with gdude so check his notes [+.]

Luigi's Mansion (8bit Showdown Mix): cut the song please. stop copying and pasting so much. yeah the melody repeats in the song but that doesnt mean your patterns have to too. whats with the sudden jump from stream to js when the song hasnt changed its pace? [?]

Metropolis: check for awkward pattern transitions like at 78.94. also check pr on lower rates and like i mentioned on luigi's mansion, just because a section in the song repeats that doesnt mean the file has to. [+.]

Monday: cut the first half and keep the second half, fix some pr issues and you got yourself a pretty ok easy file [+.]

Nai Nai69:see it's raining loli's [-]

Naruto Theme-Sea. 4: file goes offsync at 35.74. maybe change the trill at 70.0 to 16th gallops? same with the following trill maybe. other than that file is solid [+.]

nativeface: you have some extra notes sprinkled around the entire file as well as missing notes going to percussion. look over the file again on a lower rate to make sure you have everything and nothing extra or missing. apart from that and the section at 70.3 which i dont understand at all. what exactly are you following here with the 12ths?[?]

northern lights: you got some repetitive sections mainly all of them are in the beginning fix that. you also have some missing 16ths here and there and some missing jumps to the snare. just play the file again on a lower rate to double check everything. other than that i thought the file was pretty fun [+.]

Oh lord, your wife just got run over by an ice cream truck: do we have permission?check your jump usage and your offset. get that fixed and you got it son [?]

Opening (SSBM)get that 24th jump trill outta there and turn that last trill into a stream of some sort too [+.]

Over The Ocean: 77.83 jumps go to what? questionable jump usage but file is fun [+.]

Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix:work on layering and difficulty consistency. the solo at 64.74 is wrong check the sync. file has potential though [?]

OverDrive: jump usage is questionable but the file is fun [+]

Pathos: chill song chill file. check your jump usage and check to see if you're missing anything. namely the 24th bursts in the beginning. if you're going to add grace notes add grace notes everywhere not just randomly start adding them in. place a note at the very end of the song too btw [+.]

Perfect Insanity: probably should take those 48ths out at 70.33. you should probably also change those 64ths back to what theyre suppose to be. overall the file starded off strong but the kept going down hill. questionable layering and you're missing notes everywhere also very copy paste. although i did enjoy the solo that was nicely stepped.the end also makes me want to cringe. why so much jump jacks? [?]


Down (TC_Halogen) [+.]
- file sorta reminds me of slaytronic haha
- be careful with the spins and trills (not too friendly at that BPM with respect to the difficulty of the file)
- also be careful connecting 4th jumps with 8th notes (towards very end) for same reason above
- m35,43: very last yellow note not necessary
- m44: missing last red note
- overall well done

honki sentai majirenjaa (bmah) [+?]
- file was fun, a bit repetitive, but mostly it just needs difficulty to be consistent with song
- m4,8,...: yellow note not necessary
- m10: make the 2nd blue note (3/8 of the measure) a jump?
- m27,29,...: consider placing yellow note at 9/16 for that background synth noise that crops up
- the solo part in the middle was unnecessarily difficult

In A Trance Redux (rushyrulz) [-]
- switches what sounds are being stepped too often, really throws the player off (for example, same type of patterns in m17-19 should be used in m12-15 or vice versa, then change in m20-23 as the song picks up w/ an additional layer of synth noise)
- too many irrational stepfile decisions (ie staircase at m26 has no purpose as there's no sound in the song at that moment that follows that sort of pattern, also doubling BPM seemed kinda pointless too)

Infectious (Xandertrax & MeaCulpa) [+?]
- the intro shouldn't be all red notes with those BPM jumps (since 3/2 * 170 = 255, I assume it was deliberate?)...not a big deal though
- m21-...: might be less awkward to have the 8th chain on column 4 instead of 3
- m27: missing yellow note at 11/16 to bass drum
- m30-...: jacks at this BPM might be too intense for overall file difficulty
- m30: missing 32nd before 1/4 (the 23 red jump) to bass drum
- possibly other technical errors, just comb through the file
- would be nicer to add some color to guitar solos (ie m40, first 4 notes of solo start out as 16ths but speed up, not exactly all 24ths)
- solos in general should be more intense given file difficulty

Islamey (Xandertrax) [-]
- la campanella v24ths with less PR

It's a Zombie's World (potter_rocks_out_loud) [-]
- you should have your files tested by other, more experienced simfile authors. you're close, but lacking technique/stepfile basics
- m10: single red should be jump?
- m14: yellow note in jack should be red note (also, try to make your simfile balanced in difficulty, you have these stark, difficult sections offset by an otherwise super easy file. pull from sounds, like the main melody, to balance your file...it'll also give you a chance to practice sync, layering, and PR)
- m29-30: wrong note intervals (ie yellow jump m29 should be 1/16 down to be red, and on m30 the pattern after the 2nd 32nd note should be red note, then yellow note 1/16 later, then blue note 1/16 later instead of yellow note, then red note 1/16 later)
- comb over file for other sync issues
- m44: use rolls instead of staircase

It's Only Natural (bluguerrilla) [+]
- DAS GUERRILLA-SAN! Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is /0.o\/SUBJECTIVEMANIAS\/o.0\
- in the chorus, have the jumps follow the main melody instead of every red note
- possibly nicer patterns for fingers? (less spinny, no pain trill to solo?)
- [+] for THEORY

It's Raining Lolis!! Hallelujah! (Ghakimx) [?]
- the name of the song alone wants to make me [-------...]
- very understepped
- dear FFR, you can thank me for protecting your ears from this
- m136-152: should be 12ths instead of 8ths

Jamais Deux (DossarLX_ODI) [+]
- nothing inherently wrong
- would be nicer to see some color action for some bursts to signify speeding/slowing down instead of straight 32nds

Kirby 64 - Forest (Xandertrax) [+.]
- m6-...: the notes don't play backwards, they just go deeper in pitch, so instead of mirroring the pattern, choose a completely different pattern that is not only consistent w/ the overall pitch, but also transitions well (do this for other places too)
- m46,47: missing blue jump?
- repetitive, but ok for easy file i guess
- i'll accept b/c it's short

Lightning Strikes Again (cedolad) [+?]
- nothing inherently wrong as a concept i guess
- very painful and VERY repetitive (my left hand hurts)...if you vary the file more, it would warrant an accept

Little Star (Silvuh) [+.]
- nothing inherently wrong, but kinda boring
- good sync
- possibly get rid of the 16th jacks and tone down some of the color note bursts with jumps? it'll balance the difficulty a bit and make it more of a "solid easy file"

Luigi's Mansion 8bit Showdown Mix (Xandertrax) [?]
- should be cut, kinda boring
- m18,...: might as well layer the main melody here too
- too repetitive, varying the patterns will warrant accept

Metropolis (eastsideman09) [?]
- boring, it's literally the same note intervals for 100+ measures
- nothing inherently wrong, but desperately needs a cut. you can also try doing something more interesting to the file to add replay value

Monday (psychozerosk8er) [+?]
- m12: get rid of blue note?
- m17-25: step that bass synth
- VERY long for an easy file, will accept if you cut

NaiNai 69 (Coolboyrulez0 & _.Spitfire._) [+?]
- m1,3,...: step 2nd red note (at 1/2 of measure) as jump
- long and repetitive, will accept if you cut

Naruto Theme-Sea.4 (samurai7694) [?]
- not gonna lie, i winced so hard when i saw the name of the song that i almost spazz-pressed the "-" key haha
- m6: missing last yellow note
- very imbalanced in terms of difficulty, parts of it want to be an understepped easy file but other parts are fully stepped...either treat the whole thing as an understepped easy file (and cut it), or step all relevant sounds (mainly in the 8th note stream sections, replace those with the main melody)
- overall enjoyable actually, if you comb over this and make it more consistent, i can see myself accepting it

naTivEfAcE (Darkslave) [+?]
- interesting concept, just a few things that throw the player off
- intro patterns should be more pitch relevant
- lot of extra arrows (ie the 23 red jump in m19 and the first 12th note in m20 doesn't follow the main melody, maybe you are trying to layer the bass but then you ignore the bass in m21,22 which confuses the player)
- step the bursts (for example, two 32nd rolls at the end of m32)...up to you
- go through the file and make sure it flows well with the song. it's a difficult balance between staying 100% true to the music (technical and boring) and adding interestingness (fun and replay value) to the file without ruining the flow. i also suggest getting your files playtested by other experienced simfile authors.

Northern Lights (0) [+?]
- it's like an easier southern cross with worse patterns
- possibly add jumps to vocals in the 8th note jumpstream sections? actually it would probably be better if you followed vocals more closely overall
- jump placement needs improvement

Oh lord, your wife just got run over by an ice cream truck (t-rogdor) [-]
- oh lord indeed (i don't understand the name of the song at all haha)
- interesting patterns and note interval choices, makes it very unique but not necessarily flows well with the song
- jump placement needs a lot of work...actually if you layer it w/ more jumps (coherent jumps) and make the patterns more intuitive it would be a nice, short medium difficulty file (like famouz)

Opening SSBM (Xandertrax) [?]
- some parts were annoying/awkward (ie m12-20 triplet patterns...finger-friendly patterns of this nature would be something like (12)34 or (14)23, not (13)24 or (24)34. not saying all have to be finger friendly but you should vary your patterns more to prevent constant awkwardness). others were fun and well done (see triplet usage after m20)
- m27: again that (13)(24) jump chain would be better as (12)(34)...even better would be to replace the yellow jumps with singles
- m28,30: replace 12th jumps with singles?
- m41,43,...: place a blue note at 1/8?
- 24th trill was obnoxious

Over the Ocean (npv) [+.]
- m38: 8th jack runs no longer make that much sense for the chorus
- repetitive
- technically accurate and polished, but would be more fun w/o the chorus 8th jack runs

Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix (TC_Cyrenics) [?]
- pitch relevancy could be better (ie m20: something like 2121313141413131 for the measure would follow the music better)
- some jacks were abrasive (like m39,43)
- jump choices were interesting but sometimes were counterproductive to the flow of the file (ie m1-2 you put jumps to the main melody but drop them in part of m3). it doesn't have to be completely technically accurate, but the file should be fluid and interesting design decisions should accentuate prominent aspects of the song, not throw off the player

Overdrive (bluguerrilla) [?]
- file would be better overall if ya left that poor 4th note bass drum outta it
- missed some burst noises =O (like at the end of the 16th run in m64) FOR SHAME!
- repetitive, should be cut
- jacks warp the difficulty too much

Pathos (cedolad) [+.]
- nothing wrong but nothing special
- short easy file

Perfect Insanity (customstuff) [+.]
- permission?
- interesting file
- last yellow note of m85 should be stepped to bass drum? (and where it repeats as well)


Judge Team 4


Perseverence [-]

-those 32nds at m6 are a) barely audible and b) awful patterns.
-Some jumps feel inconsistent.
-m25 adding random mini jacks in stream? doesn't make much sense. Seems you're adding jump jacks just for the sake of difficulty.
-File has some potential, but forcing difficulty on a file doesn't always work.

Mathematics [+?]

-Well crafted file, although quite repetitive.
-ok very repetitive.

No Running Water [+]

-Very chill file
-Simple yet elegant, great easy file.

Pokιmon [-]

-First of all, Pitch relevancy is off right from the start
-m5 the second 4th should be a 16th if you're following the melody. The rest of the melody isn't followed properly here either.
-m6 huge gap with nothing going on?
-m13 this would've worked with two note jacks for the bass piano notes
-m19 overall pr could be fixed here, even in the jumpstream.
-m25 shouldn't be two note trills. If you listen carefully to the piano there's a whole lot else going on.

Prokofiev [+.]

-Not much to complain about here, pr is well done.
-Some parts feel a little repeated. The 16th gallops get a little old after a while.
-Not much diversity but aite I guess.

Pure Ruby [+.]

-m7 the 16th run should start on a lower note (pr)
-m13 I really don't see the need to put random 24th notes.
-m22 16th notes questionable. Don't hear anything prominent to generate those.
-m51 if you're placing jumps to the piano hits, there should be one on the 3rd 4th, and 4th 4th of m52.
-Listen to your piano runs with jumps again. Quite a few jumps missed.
-File has lots of fun value but needs fixes.

Radiant Moonlight [-]

-m5 missed a 16th note after the last 8th, same with m9
-m14 I don't quite understand your layering here. Randomly stop using jumps on some 4th notes?
-After playing the same patterns for 20 measures, it gets old.
-Has some overall inconsistencies

RAN [+]

-Some bursts kinda hard to hit
-m64 if you're going to put a burst after these jump jacks, at least place them on the opposite hand to hit

Rondo a Capriccio [+.]

-Very fun file
-Only complaint is that sometimes your transition between bass piano notes and melody notes is a little inconsistent, however it's at very few areas.
-m102 you sure those are 12ths? I think it was just a mistake.
-Just that little part fixed and it's a guranteed accept

Run Kirby Run [+.]

-Not sure placing jumps to every lead note was the best idear since it looks a little cluttered and dumpstreamy at parts.
-Cool song with fun parts

Saikyou OX Keikaku [-]

-Rebirth's is more accurate and better in general, sorry.

Sakura Blue Sky [+]

-Well layered easy file.
-Literally don't have anything else to say about this lol.
-Have a hail emoticon o/

Shooogun [-]

-m14 these should be 12ths?
-some drum rolls are 32nds, not 24ths
-m29 these are 16ths not 12ths
-lots of rhythms need some looking over.

Smash Podcast [+]

-Short and completely awesome.

Song of the Second Moon [+?]

-these low ass bpms make this impossible to judge lmao.
-m18 these jump jacks you're following must be to some inaudible sound cuz they certainly don't fit
-Don't think there's a whole lot else wrong except for the song being dj donna summers but yea.

Sparkle Downer [+]

-Ugh making me review T11 this late....
-Rhythm wise it's perfectly fine. Patterns are good even for the rainbow dumps
-very well done.

Take up the Cross [-]

-m11 I hear some 32nds in here, if you're going to follow these.
-m12 look over the rhythms again. Second 8th should be a 4th.
-A few parts need some looking over concerning missed rhythms.

The Fusion [+]

-Kinda repetitive as a whole since it's the same rhythms over and over with a few variations.
-File however is excellent. Nothing wrong here.

This Could've Been Nice [+?]

-m16 uhh... 225bpm 16th jacks are a little much man.
-m22 stepping the buzzing sound is fine but at that speed, 64ths are again, a little much
-m78 place the jump jacks on [12] so that the roll lands on [4][3][2][1] and makes it less awkward to hit
-m80 again that jack is ugh
-m118 you definitely need to fix this part up. Way too hard. single notes for the 32nds/24ths and jump trills for the 16ths?
-File is very accurately stepped, just needs some fixing to make it consistent difficulty wise.

Try to Star [+.]

-finally a file I don't have to say pr is wrong at the start lmao.
-m48 feels a little empty compared to the rest. feels like the percussions should be followed.
-m59-60 really, that long of a one handed trill? ugh. At that bpm for the rest of the file it's a little much.
-a few concerns of mine, but an otherwise very fun file.

Voodoo People [+]

-Nothing wrong at all. Pr is spot on.
-Only thing that irks me is starting at m49, there's always a gap where I feel there should at least be a 4th note (on m50 for example) since you're following 4th snare.

White Walls [+.]

-m13 one handed 32nd trill is a no-no
-Some of those hands seem thrown in just to make it harder and fmo.
-m52/53 speeding it up like that making it 4ths and 8ths will probably throw off whoever's playing it on ffr since it's all cmodded.
-Impressive sync and well stepped

Wolf by Night, Human in Dreams [+.]

-Start is pretty repetitive.
-m64 there's a syncopated 12th note you could place to add to the feel of it since you're following percs.

Yellow Lasers [+]

-Coul karaoke steps
-Haha wow.

Yellowknife [-]

-m16 not sure placing those 32nds as trills is very consistent to the difficulty.
-Very repetitive. Basically just the same rhythms with layered jumps.
-Lacks fun value in general.

i love you

Mathematics [Vote4Nixon]

Playtesting: After playing this file, i thought the file flowed well with the song however it starts to drag on due to the song being repetitive. Perhaps a short cut?
Editor: m1-m8 seems fine but then once you got to m9-m13, you suddenly make it under-layered. m13-end, this is where the song gets repetitive so i recommend you to change up patterns for each repeat and to slowly incorporate more instruments and the song progresses to keep the file interesting.
Overall: I think this file was good for the most part but i would consider either cutting the file or editing the patterns so that you give a different aspect of layering during the repetitive parts. [+?]

No Running Water [who_cares973]

Playtesting: This file felt very smooth and had a lot of flow. Something i would expect from Carlos. :')
Editor: Nothing major but i think the file should just end at m41 with a jump since that's where the music literally stops.
Overall: [] I think this file would make a great easy file for FFR. [+]

Perseverance (RuSHeR Remix) [customstuff]

Playtesting: This file had a lot of awkward patterns and other stuff that was completely unnecessary like those random streams you added in the file and that 32nd staircase at the beginning of the file. Also, the file dragged on because of the file itself and the song being so repetitive.
- m6: Why did you add 32nd to a sound that barely audible?
- m9: Where does that 192nd and 48th note go to?
- m10-11: No need for jumpjacks, just make these single 16ths.
- m12-m18: Patterns were decent for the most part but those jumpjacks ruin the flow of your layering.
- m19: Bad PR on rolls. Getting rid of the beginning jack and PR the sound will fix this section.
- m21-24: More PR problems...
- m25-28: Why did you put jacks that doesn't follow the flow of the music?
- m29-36: Layer in the drums and those 24th double trills should be 32nds.
- m39-52: Why did you suddenly step some random, under-layered stream with patterns that doesn't make sense at all when you can clearly hear other things going on?
- m53-54: More gay jacks especially that last long one.
- m58-m71: A lot of inconsistencies and under-layering. Not to mention repetitive again.
- m72: What's up with that random roll and that one 12th note?
- m73-end: Repetitive; horrible color placements; more inconsistent layering and more gay jacks.
Overall: File has a lot of errors and it needs fixing. Not to mention that the song choice sucked. [-]

Pokιmon [tj28]

Playtesting: This file felt really empty and started to drag on once those trills started to kick in. Very boring.
- m2-m4: PR gets off by a tad bit.
- m5: You didn't follow the melody properly.
- m6: What's up with the silence?
- m7: Lost track of the melody again.
- m13-m14: Either PR this section or put mini jacks on the bass piano since you can clearly hear it.
- m19-m24: Fixing PR and removing that random stream between m22-m24 and stepping with the music would make this section look a lot better.
- m25-28: There's more going on in this part, you might want to listen carefully.
- m31: I would add in those single 4th notes since it feels a bit unfinished here.
- m32: Add in those base piano sounds in the background.
Overall: File might be decent for an easy file but it has errors and needs improvements. [-]

Prokofiev - Etude No.2 [SKG_Scintill]

Playtesting: This file was pretty fun and definitely something i would replay for sure.
Editor: m16-m20: Small PR issues in minor parts.
Overall: Nice, calm, and re-playable. [+]

Pure Ruby [TC_Cyrenics]

Playtesting: This file just felt out of whack. Very inconsistent layering, poor pattern choices, and a lot of awkward/unnecessary notes. Needs work.
m7: PR issue
m13: Those 24th notes were not needed at all. Remove them completely.
m22: Those 16th notes are not dominant so i would remove those.
m34-m39: Continue stepping the percussion here. It'll keep it more consistent.
m51: You're missing some jumps here. Might want to recheck.
Overall: File has potential but it needs fixes. [+.]

Radiant Moonlight [Bluearrowll]

Playtesting: This file was just PR invested. Felt like you were focusing way too much on the PR perfection and not on the overall feel of the file. Also, it felt quite inconsistent with the jumps on some parts of the song and the pattern usage gets repetitive.
m14: Very inconsistent layering here.
m20-end: Patterns were good but gets quite repetitive and boring throughout. Try mirroring some patterns or re-adjusting so that it's semi PR.
Overall: A lot of inconsistencies that nees to be fixed not to mention the repetitive patterns. [-]

RAN [megamon88]

Playtesting: This file was pretty good. My only complaint is that some of those bursts and jumpjacks were awkward to hit. Definitely something i would like to play again.
Editor: -Blank-
Overall: A well-stepped, re-playable file that would make a great challenging file. [+]

Rondo a Capriccio [Bluearrowll]

Playtesting: I really love the PR patterns used in this file but more layering could have been done as the music progresses because the more intense parts in the music just doesn't match the feel of your steps but rather feels too plain and unfinished.
Editor: Same thing I mentioned above but i would like to add that on m116-m119, it looks inconsistent with the main piano sound.
Overall: Pretty decent file but felt a bit long. [+.]

Run Kirby Run [Xandertrax]

Playtesting: File was pretty fun for the most part. It felt like some of the jumps were used inconsistently but it's something minor.
m44-m49: Missing a lot of jumps.
m90-96: I would add more to this part since it looks empty.
Overall: Fun, decent file but i would fix what i've mentioned though. [+.]

Saikyou OX Keikaku [Stavie33]

Playtesting: *VOID*
Editor: *VOID*
Overall: This doesn't need a v2. The one already in-game is good enough. [<]

Sakura Blue Sky [SulferDragon]

Playtesting: This file was pretty good for the most part. It felt a bit empty at times though.
Editor:You're missing some 8th notes throughout the file so double check on those. Also on m22-m24, you could had added more layering here.
Overall: I still like this file. Definitely something people would play. [+.]

Shooogun [customstuff]

Playtesting: This file was decent however i noticed wrong note placements and layering inconsistencies during some parts of the song which bothered me a bit.
Editor: Throughout the file, you have many mis-rhythms and a few repetitive patterns here and there.
Overall: A lot of misplaced notes and inconsistencies. [-]

Smash Podcast [Coolboyrulez0]

Playtesting: Awesome file. Loved the pattern usage and the consistently of the file.
Editor: m17-m24: Those 16ths should be 24th gallops.
Overall: Pretty nice file. Loved the pattern usage. [+.]

Song of the Second Moon [bluguerrilla]

Playtesting: Very well made file. Definitely something i would replay. Unique song choice by the way.
Editor: -Blank-
Overall: Very well-stepped file. [+]

Sparkle Downer [npv]

Playtesting: Wow, this file was put well together and would make a great hard file.
Editor: -Blank-
Overall: Would make a nice challenging file. [+]

Take up the Cross (Euro Power Mix) -Short Version- [Vote4Nixon]

Playtesting: This file felt rather empty during some parts in the music. Also, i think there were a few rhythms that were off there and here and your pattern choice got repetitive and predictable.
Editor:Basically, there are a lot of off rhythms in this file like on m11. Also, the solo parts are way too empty. I would fill more stuff in.
Overall: You need to fix up those rhythms and off-sync patterns. [-]

The Fusion [Patashu]

Playtesting: Very well-made file. Definitely something i would replay
Editor: -Blank-
Overall: Well-stepped and re-playable. [+]

This Could've Been Nice [DarkZtar]

Playtesting: Whoa, that 16th long jack near the beginning and that wtf roll burst at the ending really caught my attention. Please make those parts more reasonable. Rest of the file was fine except some parts were awkward to hit.
m16: Don't make those jacks. Trills are more fitting.
m80: Another place you should fix those jacks
m118: Oh my god...Please fix reduce this part to make it more hittable.
Overall: Well-stepped file but i would turn down some of the patterns used to make it more re-playable. [+.]

Try to Star [DarkZtar]

Playtesting: File was pretty fun for the most part. Felt like some parts were missing though.
m48: Following the percussions would be a good idea here
m59-60: Why did it have to be a one handed trill? The gap is too much compared with the other parts in the file.
Overall: Pretty fun file but i would consider fixing those minor issues. [+.]

Voodoo People [megamon88]

Playtesting: Haha awesome file. Don't think i have a complaint on this.
Editor: I think layering it those 4th bass drums starting around m49 will keep the flow better.
Overall: Fun and re-playable. [+.]

White Walls [dore]

Playtesting: I'm not going to lie but for a long file, i find this really impressive.
Editor The only thing i found kinda iffy was on m13 with that one handed 32nd trill and that part on m340-m365 was nuts. Everything else throughout the file either had some minor PR issues or some 'hard to hit' type stuff.
Overall: I think this file is pretty good for a long file and it seems like you put a lot of effort to it. Those 32nd trills might give people some issues though. [+.]

Wolf by Night, Human in Dreams [woker-X]

Playtesting: File was decent but some parts felt repetitive and i feel that some things here and there could have been done better.
m12-m39: A lot of repeated awkward patterns that could have been changed up after it got too repetitive.
m64-m67: There is some syncopated 12th notes you could add to make the file flow better
m68-m73: There are continuous 12th notes going on in the background so i would include those
NOTE: You're missing a bunch of jumps throughout the whole file which makes this file inconsistent. You might to double check on this.
Overall: The inconsistency of this file needs work and the PR of some patterns could had been done better. [-]

Yellow Lasers [dore]

Playtesting: Haha, this file was pretty fun to play. Love the song choice as well.
Editor: -blank-
Overall: Highly re-playable file and well stepped. [+]

Yellowknife [customstuff]

Playtesting: File is highly repetitive and got boring rather quick since you didn't even attempt changing your rhythms a bit to make the file more interesting
m5-m7: What are those three notes going to?
m8-m15: You stepped m8 as triples yet you ignore them once you get between m9-m15
m16: Those 32nd trill is too long and should start at beat 63.00 as a roll rather than trills so that the rise of difficultly is so highly spiked on that one section.
m17-m31: The way you stepped this part was just so repetitive. At this point, the file is not interesting at all.
m32-End: A bunch of repeated mistakes as mention above...

Overall: Rejected. This doesn't have any stepping potential at all plus the song choice was repetitive. [-]


Mathematics / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+?]
- overall, highly underlayered, especially if you put the song's repetitiveness into consideration; conga and other percussions largely omitted
- I'd consider these two options: either edit the song shorter and keep everything as is; or layer in a climatic manner throughout the song, eventually incorporating more instruments and patterns to keep the file interesting

No Running Water / who_cares973
rating: [+.]
- minor PR discrepencies (e.g. beat 21.50)
- a few missing notes (e.g. beat 27.25) but you probably omitted some for distincting streams
- if there's anything you should add, it's a missing jump at the end of the song (beat 158) going to strings
- relaxing and great for an easy file

Perseverance (RuSHeR Remix)/ customstuff
rating: [-]
-m6: 32nds doable but rather silly
- unnecessary rainbow notes at places like m9
- m10-11: jumpjack patterns are a pain; better off as single 16ths
- m12: although jack patterns here more doable, regular layering will not have jumpjacks at all
- m19: out-of-sync rolls
- m21-24: PR is pretty loose at best
- m25-28: what's with those jacks?
- m29-36: keep the stream and layer with the drums; also, 32nds here and not 24ths; plus missing 32nd and more bad jumpjacks
- m39-52: sure is underlayered; more noticeable however are out of sync PR patterns and completely random patterns that do not fit with the song at all
- m53-54: jacks are dumb
- ok what, I thought the song was over, guess not...
from what I've played afterwards, song is a mess of wrong note types, bad patterns, bad jacks, and everything else under the sun
- file needs major changes; a lot of patterns overall seem unfitting or even forced upon

Pokemon / tj28
rating: [?]
- a number of things that should be considered:
- main melody not always stepped fully or correctly, such as m5,7
- it doesn't hurt to correct some PR issues such as m13. although you do take note of it sometimes such as m15-17
- m21-23: is one big stream that's not representative of the melody
- m25-28: don't assume it's the same melody as on m15; listen carefully
- song is more suitable if you doubled the bpm
- would be good for an easy song, but take a little more care

Prokofiev - Etude No.2 / SKG_Scintill
rating: [+]
- small PR issues at gallop areas (e.g. m16); PR is noticeably consistent in just about every other part of the song
- it's great to have another not-so-insanely-hard classical song

Pure Ruby / TC_Cyrenics
rating: [+.]
- no arrow at beat 47.75
- some patterns didn't go to anything such as m30 but I understand that it's probably to keep things interesting; I don't mind
- some PR could have better choices, but not a big issue (e.g. m39 should be lower rolls than m40)
- beat 175 and similar areas should be a jump
- step m62,70 better
- I honestly think that m79 to the end can be a long 16th stream for climatic purposes; you already have the same patterns earlier in the song
- overall some minor fixes; fun file

Radiant Moonlight / Bluearrowll
rating: [+?]
- m10-21: patterns at this point becomes dull and I think you can layer this differently
- m34-39: you should keep stepping the percussion, since it's rather anticlimatic otherwise
- right before m45 and similar areas are some weird semi-PR patterns; would make sense if you did something such as 123 instead of 124
- beat 243: in places like these, don't forget to layer properly
- beat 271: jump missing oops
- file is actually not too bad; mostly make the first half a bit more distinctive and less dull...song is kinda generic

RAN / megamon88
rating: [+]
- 32nds going to mandolin at beginning are most often 24ths; check sync
- m64: jacks are pretty mean here haha (as well as the 32nd trills, but they're interesting); consider a change for at least the four jumpjacks
- amzin!

Rondo a Capriccio / Bluearrowll
rating: [+?]
- the steps are fun, yet I am somewhat disappointed that you avoided further layering as the song progressed; unlike other genres, classical piano just feels better when you step it in a way that emulates the piano playing
- you do have fun patterns with great PR
- I highly suggest you layer more as the song progresses, especially those 16ths; song is also lengthy, so this would help variation too
- there are a few areas that are misrepresentative of the piano e.g. single piano notes on m116-119
- it's fun as is, but I'd be rather sad if you left the file like this

Run Kirby Run / Xandertrax
rating: [+.]
- beat 35.50 missing jump
- some jumps at the beginning of the song are generalized in regards to sync with the guitar, but that's fine
- m44-49: in addition to some missing jumps, lots of one-handed trill patterns created here; awkward to play
- check small burst around beat 250.75
- m66-67: wrong PR
- m90-96: pretty empty; fill up a bit
- overall fun, except that trill-jumpstream area is D:

Saikyou OX Keikaku / Stavie33
rating: [<]
- song doesn't have much more to offer than the version already in-game, even with the extended length; subpar attempt at making a harder version
- several inaccuracies as well, most notably some 24ths that are sprinkled throughout the song

Sakura Blue Sky / SulferDragon
rating: [+.]
- PR could be better in some places such as m1
- a few 8ths missing (beat 79.50,239.50,etc.)
- m22-24 could be a little more climatic
- good for an easy-mid level song

Shooogun / customstuff
rating: [?]
- file is coming along, but more could be done
- listen for missing notes, like beats 8.75,17.50,29.75,etc.
- be more careful with syncopated/weird notes, such as beat 13.50
- layering is incomplete at times, like at beats 37.50,38.00,etc.
- step more dominant sounds such as 12ths around m14-15
- some patterns can be done better (e.g. 24th trills)
- overall, don't skimp on the details; inspect your file more closely

Smash Podcast / Coolboyrulez0
rating: [+.]
- minor PR issues (e.g. beat 2.50)
- m17-24: 16ths are actually 24th gallops...fix these
- short and sweet

Song of the second moon / bluguerrilla
rating: [+]
- weird and unique song, but it works
- pretty much every arrow does its job right

Sparkle Downer / npv
rating: [+.]
- some bursts are rather difficult to hit (e.g. m72)
- 32nd jack at around beat 220.75 isn't nice
- don't know if all hands in the file are warranted (e.g. m64)
- overall, difficulty doesn't swing too wildly, and is yet a great FMO/FGO chart

take up the cross (Euro Power Mix) -Short Ver- / Vote4Nixon
rating: [+?]
- fun, but empty and often inaccurate
- there are many areas that can be layered more; stepping only solo melodies often result in extremely empty areas (e.g. m50-59)
- areas like m11,12 occur frequently throughout song, and are always inaccurate (check for the missing 32nds and offsync 8ths)
- 16ths can be sprinkled in areas like m20-21; and then there are missing 16ths such as beat 143.25
- overall, keep the file running (Euro POWER Mix!) and fill in sparse solo sections; fix up the many inaccuracies

The Fusion / Patashu
rating: [+]
- m105: it's not bad if you step the percussion as well
- cool beans

This Could've Been Nice / DarkZtar
rating: [?]
- too bad the name of the song also holds true for the file
- this chart could be really fun, except the many 48th bursts and 32nd walls make everything that much more unreasonable
- lone 48th bursts are doable, but reduce 48th patterns that go on any longer than that
- 12th jacks are also unreasonable
- if you fix things up (dumb things down a bit), this could be nice

Try to Star / DarkZtar
rating: [+.]
- some important jumps missing (e.g. beat 94.00,114.50,118.00,162.00,163.00,173.00,etc.)
- some spots can be filled in (e.g. m28)
- m39-40: optional, but if you want to up the difficulty a bit, add the guitar trill
- m59-60: OUCH trill; make it spread-friendly please
- m90: 12ths, not 16ths
- a few 16ths missing, like beat 395.25
- file should definitely be conditional; please fix up the trill, key jumps, and m90; fun though

Voodoo People / megamon88
rating: [+.]
- at least later throughout the song, layer more (i.e. 4th bass drums) so I can feel the beat of the song better; playing with the rhythm feels good
- other than that, nice file

White Walls / dore
rating: [+.]
- some jumps could have better PR at beginning (e.g. beat 5.00)
- 32nd trill at places like m13,110 sucks; would make AAAing this file a pain; doable though
- m104 is pretty nasty; perhaps change patterns
- m132-135: Blooddrunk deja vu! Would be better if 16ths weren't one-handed trills
- m340-365: oh my god
- many other places that can trip you up easily
- enormously fun (worthy of a long-song chart) and certainly a lot of work on your end, but I guarantee that people will be ripping their hair out if they try to AAA this haha
- this song will definitely break a lot of FFR records; a keeper for sure
NOTE: I believe FFR has a song length limitation, and iirc, dore requested the file to be split if needed
- dore's note: Yeah if you have to chop it up, I'd like the (12) in m262 to be the last note of part 1 and the first note of part 2 (with like a measure of two lead-in on part two, so that there's a little overlap and continuity).

Wolf By Night, Human In Dreams / woker-X
rating: [+.]
- I know you have fixes for this, so see if they match my commentary below
- beat 97 should be a jump
- m56-62: there are some 8th notes that can certainly make the 12th patterns more interesting
- m64-67 has some syncopated 12ths, while m68-73 are continuous 12ths; since the 12th gallop regime has been going on for quite a while, you should try stepping some of these
- 12ths get boring after a while, but steps are pretty decent in general

Yellow Lasers / dore
rating: [+]
- zzzap!

Yellowknife / customstuff
rating: [?]
- the 32nd trills are too much of a difficulty spike for the overall file, despite trills being spread-friendly
- patterns boring due to the generic song; song doesn't really have much stepping potential

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

November 27, 2010

Judge Team 1


{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh)
- Going to assume Light is the real chart.
- Weird song cut.
- Could use a few more jumps for cymbal crashes and percussive hits.
- Decent as an easy chart.

2008 (Kommisar)
- M26+ I get that the [12] jumps go to the voice samples but I think it'd be better to vary the placements a little more.
- Repetitive but nothing blatantly erroneous or worth mentioning. Solid file.

Amputee (Dossar)
- HORRIBLE pattern usage.
- Semi-accurate layering but it's long and repetitive with barely any variation
- If you're going to make a file this hard, at least use some hands which would also add variation to the layering.
- I just don't see anyone that would enjoy playing through this, even if it is for scoring factor.

Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic)
- 48th bursts are a little much. Could be toned down to 32nds.
- 64th grace notes are innovative but can get annoying to hit sometimes, despite cheating them as jumps/hands.
- The hand placements are pretty random since they're used exclusively for cymbal crashes. There are plenty of other spots in the file where you could place hands for emphasis, such as some piano chords.
- Layering flows and is more or less accurate.

Bedtime Story (Dark_Chrysalis)
- Beginning measures are offsync and the file sync as whole drifts. Double check and resync with ddream.
- Beat 63+, 32nd aren't really needed. They're overemphasized.
- Hands feel overemphasized sometimes but this is just me.
- Really hard for me to judge this properly because although the layering seems accurate enough, the file sync screws with it and causes notes to fall completely offsync in random sections throughout the file.
- Needs a sync rehaul and I think this can pass off.

Black Apple (Kory)
- Long, repetitive jumpstream. File could honestly be cut by almost half of the length since there's not much variation to it to keep it interesting.
- Beat 191, change to something two handed. 32nds can be hard to cheat as jumps and can get awkward trying to actually hit it.
- Beat 301.5 possibly change the trill to broken stream to make it easier to hit.
- Beat 346, pretty much same deal. Possibly change the trilly patterns to broken stream.
- Nothing blatantly erroneous. Layering is solid.

C&E (qqwref)
- Weird song cut
- Beat 42, could use jump placements to consistently follow the bass
- Beat 56, jumps for snare/percussion. Missing a bunch of these snare/percussion jump placements throughout the file after this measure.
- Layering is fairly solid and it flows.
- Needs some tweaks.

CAMELLIA! ~Dangerous Camellia Vacation~ (daro-)
- Beat 31 should be a hand placement.
- M9+ I don't even know what half of those jump placements even layer. Also if the steps are intended to follow vocals you're erroneously missing some notes and it should be RaiNBoW if you want to get them correct.
- M31 can be overemphasized with hands. The singles notes after the jump placements should be changed to jumps.
- M35+ your hand placements after here don't really emphasize much.
- Beat 139.5 should be a jump.
- Beat 143.5 should be a jump.
- Beat 155.5 should be a jump.
- M38+ could use some hands.
- Beat 155.5 should be a jump.
- Beat 159.5 should be a jump.
- Beat 163+ could use some hands.
- Rest of the file's tweaks should be self explanatory from notes mentioned above.
- Layering is fairly solid but inconsistent at times and you erroneously missed note placements.

Can Can (woker-X)
- M75+ could use jump placements although that'd add some unneccessary density and difficulty to the file. Leaving them out was a wise choice.
- Nothing blatantly erroneous. File is solid and enjoyable.

Canon In WHEE V2 (qqwref)
- M50+ you could add some bass jumps to the 4th notes to keep the layering density consistent throughout the file.
- Ending measures could use some 16th notes to end it off well.
- Layering is solid and file is enjoyable to some extent.

Capriccio No.24 (woker-X)
- Definitely needs a better audio file.
- Nothing really notable about this. Short and very easy.

Champion Freeverse (wc)
- Only comment I have for this is that it could've used some bass jumps to fill in empty gaps and add variation to layering.
- Solid layering, creative, and fun chart.

Chik Habit (AlexDest)
- Giga burst at M33+ is questionable. Probaly look into tweaking that a bit.
- Layering is more or less accurate. Surprisingly the patterns flowed nicely and weren't too difficult to combo.

Cinnamon Roll (Kommisar)
- I can only describe this as being a crossbreed between your Beginner chart and my Heavy chart just without hands, holds or mines, rofl.
- Not that much different from our SM charts but still solid and fun.

Connect (wc)
- Transition into the ending measures is funky but at least added some variation.
- Not much to say about this too. Solid layering and enjoyable to some extent.

Creature (AsphyxZero)
- 16th Jumpjacks definitely need to be toned down. With those kinds of pattern placements you're bound to dump a huge boo count on FFR.
- Layering is solid, just need tweaks to those nasty jumpjacks.

Dance Weekend (ichliebekase)
- M24+ could use jumps for snare/percussion
- M39+ since the song tones down, it'd be a good idea to also tone down the layering by removing the jumps.
- For a song like this, bass jumps on 4th notes would definitely be a good addition and would keep the layering more consistent.
- Short and very repetitive file. Nothing really notable about this.

Destination Unknown (Dark_Chrysalis)
- M18 should be a hand. Could also use snare/percussion jumps on the 4ths.
- M30 should be a hand.
- M34+ needs jump placements on bass or snare/percussion.
- M42+ could use jumps to follow the synth chords.
- M62 should be a hand.
- M66 should be a hand.
- Layering is fairly solid and it had some nice variation. Needs tweaks for jumps and hands and then this can probably pass off.

Dizzy (bobbob)
- Personally, I don't like how the jump layering in the beginning measures transition between the bass to melody. Doesn't flow too well and makes it slightly hard to follow.
- Beat 51, the sound isn't of the same pitch so using the same jump pattern to represent both is strange. probably shift the 2nd jump placement to something else to make it fit better. This applies everywhere else in the file.
- The small break before M21 in the 16th stream is flow disrupting and the 16th stream actually keeps going so that missing 8th note should be in here.
- M23+ jump placements for cymbal crashes would be a good addition here. Possibly hands but then that would leave a density/layering inconsistency.
- M25+ the jumps should at the very least be pitch relevant to whatever they layer or go to. [12] being the lowest note and [34] being the highest with every other jump combination in between.
- You've also got the same problem going on with using the exact same jump patterns for notes that aren't the same (e.g. Beat 103, the notes playing aren't all the same pitch).
- M60+ jump placements for cymbal crashes would be a good addition here. Possibly hands but then that would leave a density/layering inconsistency.
- Layering is fairly solid but there's a problem with the PR for jump placements as well as those technical notes mentioned above.

Everything Went Numb (wc)
- Random hold you forgot to remove, lol.
- Jacks and rainbow notes made this more interesting to playthrough.
- Solid layering and enjoyable to some extent.

Famicom Selecta (Dark_Chrysalis)
- Beat 19, tone the handjacks down to jumpjacks.
- Aside from my subjectiveness about some patterns being quirky to hit, layering is solid.
- Sync might be drifting a bit. double check with ddream.

Famicom Selecta (MrPopadopalis25)
- Has cleaner patterns the other submission.
- Layering is solid similar to the other submission but this had better appeal.

Feux d'artifice (Xandertrax)
- My only real commentary on this is that Beat 38+ is stupid to hit.

Field of Snow (Patashu)
- Would've a lot more interesting if you thoroughly layered it, but this is solid as an easy file. Not much more to say about this.

Fighting of the Spirit (Kory)
- Probably mentioned this back when you stepped this for SCP2 but the rainbow grace notes are a bit overemphazised as 3 notes. You could just limit it to 2 notes TBH.
- Perhaps cut down on some hand usages throughout the file.
- Layering is solid and chart is enjoyable.


{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh) [+.]

Pretty straightforward easy file the only thing I noticed were missing cymbals at m46 and m58.

2008 (Kommisar) [+]

Pretty fun file for the most part the only thing for me is it starts to drag.
Otherwise the only thing I noticed was there's a trailing sound at m36 (beat 147) that was not stepped.

Amputee (Dossar) [+?]

I didn't notice anything technically wrong with it but it's really hard to tell with how distorted the audio gets with slowing down. The file is pretty painful and doesn't really have a fun factor to it. The song feels like it drags. I feel this is much better left a stepmania file rather than an FFR file.

Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic) [?]

The 48th bursts at the end of m43 and the end of m52 are a bit too aggressive.
m62 (beat 249.75) and end of m62 - Bursts rhythms are incorrect
m64 to m78 - Strange patterns
Again at m84 you have the 48th burst.
Overall just a lot of strange/incorrect burst patterns and the flow of the chart feels awkward.

Bedtime Story (Dark_Chrysalis) [?]

The sync is off in a lot of the chart.
A lot of your hand usage doesn't make sense.
End of m15 and m16 (and similar usage throughout the chart) 32nds?
Mid m22 mis-rhythm
End m25 into m26 - 32nds?
The ending of the chart is great though, I love the speed section.

Black Apple (Kory) [+.]

This chart has some really fun stuff to it but is a bit draggy because the song is so long and so many of the runs are pretty much the same thing. A cut would probably be nice. Other than that the pattern at m86 through m87 is just really awkward.

C&E (qqwref) [?]

m8 to m24 hi hats not fully stepped.
m16 has one jump too many.
m36 to the end with the song fading out I don't think continuing the jumps is a good idea because it's hard to hear. It's an interesting file but needs some work.

CAMELLIA! ~Dangerous Camellia Vacation~ (daro-) [?]

Offset of 22 seconds? That's a really long wait.
m8 to m23 check lyric rhythms
m23 has a random minijack
Some strange layering and some questionable triple/quad usage.
The chart just overall felt really awkward to me.

Can Can (woker-x) [+]

Overall a good file and fun to play. The ending feels a little difficult but it fits the song.

Canon In WHEE V2 (qqwref) [+?]

Some of your run pattern choices are a bit awkward and the jumps feel random. It would be nice to see more relevance in the jump sections to give it a nice flow.

Capriccio NO. 24 (woker-x) [+.]

Nice easy file. The audio quality isn't great and it's a bit short but overall a good easy file

Champion Freeverse (who_cares973) [+.]

Pretty fun file. I don't agree with some of the jacks but it's really a subjective thing. The only other thing I'm unsure of is your jumps starting at the end of m77 to m81. I may just not be hearing what they're going to though.

Chik Habit (AlexDest) [+.]

I think you did a pretty nice job with this song but there are a few things.

m3 to m7 you have some mis-rhythms.
The entry into the burst at m32 is a bit rough.
m70 to m86 the pr needs some work.
And I notice some missing snares but it does appear that you may have done it intentionally to avoid awkward patterns.

Overall though I really like your pattern choices and the chart flows pretty well through most of it.

Cinnamon Roll (Kommisar) [+]

Just a really fun file nothing else to comment on.

Connect (who_cares973) [+.]

Good file it's just a bit long/draggy maybe a cut for it would be good. Other than that the only ting I noticed was at 95.952 seconds there was a random minijack. (yes I used ddream)

Creature (AsphyxZero) [+.]

I was actually a bit torn on this file when I first looked at it. I was questioning whether or not the jacks in the beg were too much for the overall difficulty of the file. But after looking at it again there seems to be enough of them that it balances
out. Altho I think you should remove the triples from the jacks for consistency.

Dance Weekend (ichliebekase) [+?]

Pretty straightforward easy file. The only thing is m18 to m32 your jump usage doesn't make sense. I can tell in the beg it's to the cymbals and the jumps at the end are to the clap but what's going on with m18 through m32?

Destination Unknown (Dark_Chrysalis) [+.]

I really enjoy this file. The triples aren't needed but I don't feel they are overused so much that it ruins the file.

Dizzy (bob bob) [-]

This file needs a good bit of work. The run patterns seem very just thrown in there with no care and are extremely awkward. You have jumps in the stream that don't make any sense and there are some cymbals stepped while others are missing. There's a lot of inconsistencies in the chart and the hand usage seems unnecessary in a lot of areas.

Everything Went Numb (who_cares973) [+]

lol at the random hold but overall just a really fun chart to play.

Famicom Selecta

(Dark_Chrysalis) [+.]

You're missing sound at m16 but accounted for it everywhere else.
m97 to m99 jacks are off by a 12th note
Overall a pretty good/fun chart to play.

(MrPopadopalis25) [<]

A lot of ghost stepping throughout the chart.
No bpm change for the slowdown.
End of m121 to mid m123 mis-rhythm.

I went with D_C's file because the overall flow of the chart felt much nicer. Also he accounted for the bpm changes and there aren't quite as many errors.

Feux d'artifice (Xandertrax) [-]

File is way too repetative and really holds no fun factor.

Field of Snow (patashu) [+]

Nice easy file

Fighting of the Spirit (Kory) [+.]

Overall a pretty good chart. It feels a bit repetitive though which with the length makes the song drag. There were a few mis-rhythms here and there like at 223.079 seconds in the solo and the last 3 notes are too slow. But otherwise there's some really fun stuff in the chart.


{Lazy Summer Days} [+.]
-nothing wrong with it, just eh

2008 [+]
-I think the verses might be better served with less jumps to maintain a little clarity in what's going on with the layering, but that's just how I'd do it
-really fun

Amputee [?]
-rhythmically most of it is ok. there are a few spots like m48 for example where there are more 16ths but that you don't step, which is inconsistent with how you step basically every other sound
-the main problem in this file is that the jumps seem disconnected from the music, because there's lots of interesting stuff going on melody-wise but the jumps just kinda follow arbitrary elements of the drums most of the time. like m21, there's the low guitar in the background that has a more interesting rhythm than just 4ths on the drums.

Beautiful Arrhythmia [+?]
-extra 16th in m37 and m60
-overall, it's really unclear why about half of the buzzes are stepped as grace notes and what not and half of them have roll walls. I think the file would be better overall if it was more consistent in that sense (I'd take out the rolls)

Bed Time Story [-]
-beginning is off sync
-m23 is not right and my guess is every time you use that rhythm it's wrong as well
-seems to be just a ton of random 32nds throughout for no real reason
-m26 no reason for jacks for that pattern
-misrhtyhms throughout, didn't look over the whole thing

Black Apple [+?]
-most of the stuff is fun
-the giant dumpstreams (the really hard ones) feel out of place compared to the rest of the stuff
-through the guitar solo in particular but throughout the file there are inconsistencies with charting the guitar bends or not
-inconcsistencies with the drum fills that transition from section to section, sometimes you have em, sometimes you don't, and some of them had wrong rhythms

C&E [+?]
-there are a few places where you miss a hihat or whatever at the end of a rhythm
-you chart some buzzes, but then sometimes the exact same one repeats and you don't
-At the end you barely step the drums, and I feel like it would be better if you included them
-random-ass cut lol?

-you're seriously making me sit through this intro? I had to play with the offset so I restarted, and I'm literally typing this while the song is going without missing any notes
-as much as I hate music like this the chart was pretty fun
-m9 needs another 16th in beat one
-m40 those should be 32nds, but I think in general the file could do without the drum buzzes altogether (the synth ones are fine, but IMO the drum ones feel unnecessary and then it gets confusing at the end when you have drum buzzes that you don't step right before synth ones that you do)

Can Can [+.]
m26-28 would be cooler as 14 to differentiate from the previous 34s. also m8b1 should be the same note
m75 should be mini-staircases, and then m79 would be more fun if the trills related to the pitch of the lower piano (even if you use 1 handers, which I know you were trying to avoid
-really fun overall

Canon in WHEE v2 [?]
-not really worth the v2 IMO

Cappriccio No. 24 [+.]
-nothing to it

Champion Freeverse [+]
-fun stuff

Chik Habit [+]
-m39b4 extra 16th note in there
-m93b3 missing a 16th
-tastefully stepped overall, I'm sure there might be other little things but no reason to be overly nitpicky

@ [+.] (Cinnamon Roll)
-this song hurts my soul
-all the jumps run together. it's like you put a jump for one thing, and then a different thing, and then they'll be counter to one another and it turns everything into jumps which makes each jump lose its impact and the layering loses its effectiveness
-well executed within the style, but I think the file could be a lot better

Connect [?]
-omg this is the most boring file in the history of the world
-also the end is a little off sync

Creature [+?]
-m23 etc should be 3/16ths instead of 12ths, although a few of them are the rhythm you put, so check each one individually
-cool song, fun concept, but those measures really throw off the flow of the song

Dance Weekend [+.]
-nothing wrong other than offset, but it's boring

Destination Unknown [+]

Dizzy [?]
-the notes are just sorta random. the rhythms are right, but it feels like you just hit shuffle

Everything Went Numb [+.]
-I think the last sax notes in the intro are 24ths and not 16ths
-fun overall, I feel like the file focuses a little too much on drums overall

Famicom Selecta (Dark_Chrysalis) [+.]
-only problem I have is at the end, m98, those should be a 3/32nd 3/32nd 16th rhythm not 12ths, and should be 1244311 instead of 112443

Famicom Selecta (MrPopadopalis25) [<]
-his was overall better IMO pattern-wise and you both missed the same technical thing so I'll give the edge to him. I'd probably give yours a +. as well

Feux d'artifice [+]
-can you use any harder of a noteskin to read?

Field of Snow [++]

Fighting of the Spirit [+?]
-in a few instances you have 12ths instead of 16ths for the guitar
-missed some rhythms in drum fills
-a few times it felt like you were just stepping whatever instrument had the hardest rhythm at that point rather than focusing on a specific part and so it would jump around mid melody sometimes what you were stepping. I think if you made the layering more clear and consistent it would help out the file a great deal


{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh) - [+?]
- m32: dont need red note at the start of the measure
- m44,45: why not layer here (make the first note of the measure a jump)?
- odd patterns, especially for an easy file...since this is geared towards more beginner players, it should have friendlier patterns. Spins and non-index friendly patterns (1232, 4323, etc) are harder to read and hit. Possibly revise PR to make patterns friendlier.

2008 (Kommisar) - [+]
- overall flows well, good job
- possibly add a few well placed jacks during the heavy JS sections (ie m34-38)
- kinda long, but still has replay value

Amputee (DossarLX_ODI) - [+?]
- omg X_O. hard but fun.
- strongly consider cutting it, b/c the song essentially repeats itself...with cut, I will accept
- also strongly considering adding hands and possibly quads. Not layered all over the place, but isolated on heavily accented sounds (ie m82, red note at 1/2 stepped as a lone right arrow could be a triple, along with all notes going to that sound in that section...would add to the difficulty, but it's up to you, either way flows fine). I trust you'll do this accurately if you choose to.

Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic) - [+?]
- why the consecutive green jumps, only some of them correspond to burst noises, others are echos of burst noises? (ie m33 bursts are stepped in that way and then m34 the same bursts are stepped differently...really throws off the flow)
- m30: missed 2 more 8th bursts right after the 2 stepped 8th bursts
- m50: 24ths should be 32nds
- lots of inconsistencies and technical errors, go over the file again and polish it

Bedtime Story (Dark_Chrysalis) - [-]
- file is offsync
- most parts technically accurate, bursts could be polished for accuracy though
- it plays like a giant jack stream, which degrades the file's replay value...you should see JX's or Kil's version of the file (in dark chancellor pack and dark chancellor mystery pack, respectively). at the very least, borrow their sync

Black Apple (Kory) - [+?]
- m14...: you stopped layering the guitar here...should be jumps at 0, 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, and 8/8. also where it repeats too.
- m16: same as above, jump at the start of the measure.
- m25-41: a lot of attention to the main melody is distracted by layering the snare. It's not bad, but possibly consider alternatives, like layering the main melody instead, or accentuating stressed notes in the main melody (ie m25 at 1/2 and 2/2) with colored notes, jacks (jAcK ThEoRy), changing patterns to make them more obvious etc. Possibly best is to just remove snare layering, but it's up to you.
- missing some guitar notes throughout (ie red note at 1/4 on m75)
- m76: last beat should be 16ths instead of 24ths, watch out for that elsewhere too
- m78: last yellow note should be a jump to the guitar?
- overall not bad, some parts quite enjoyable, but needs some polishing and a cut

C&E (qqwref) - [+?]
- started out good but seems like the song is cut/faded out too early. if it's the actual song then oh well, but if you faded it yourself, then instead you should step more pl0x
- m9: the split jumps are inaccurate...should be notes at 1/4 (the 23 jump), 4/12, 3/8, 11/24, and 1/2 (the 12 jump)
- m19: missing jumps to percussion? seems odd since it's layered everywhere else
- difficulty may not warrant hands...maybe needs review from other judges about hands

CAMELLIA! (daro-) - [+?]
- not bad
- some burst choices are odd (ie 24ths on m24 (and where the repeat) go to what? m33 you missed an opportunity for a burst earlier in the measure)
- inconsistent with bursts too (ie m37: 24ths fit better than 32nds like at the end of m55, and you miss the same sound at the end of m41...why no burst there to match?)
- despite above comments, the file overall flows pretty well, but strongly consider touching it up...close to accept

Can Can (woker-X) - [+]
- excellent
- FFR definitely needs easier classical files, not ridiculous dumps. As such, the only change I would recommend is replacing the 16th jumpjacks with jump gallops...180 BPM jumpjacks somewhat warp the difficulty of the file.
- Also, m83 is intense enough to warrant jumps on the 16th notes (again, jump gallops)

Canon in WHEE v2 (qqwref) - [+.]
- m50: missing purple note at 2/12
- other than that, nothing wrong here...you might get some complaints about the stream patterns being hard to read but they are quite accurate in terms of PR.

Capriccio No. 24 (woker-X) - [+]
- nice simple classical file

Champion Freeverse (who_cares973) - [+]
- this is what the synthlight hip-hop section should have been
- very unique and interesting file, i loved it

Chik Habit (AlexDest) - [+?]
- m9...: first 12th and 8th note need to be stepped to the snare, IMO best to have jumps on the blue note and the red note on 1/4 b/c there are jumps to snare in the intro. fix where it repeats too.
- the 24th+32nd rolls to signify bursts that are actually faster than 32nds are just odd...maybe make them all 32nds or more colorful bursts (not necessarily faster b/c you don't want to ACTUALLY step the bursts like they are and make this the SM version, but in the case that you have to slow down a burst, adding colors makes it flow better like you did in m33)
- consider adding some hands (ie the very start of m83 to layer the snare, and where it repeats).
- fix up and it would actually be a fun Chik Habit for FFR (I can't believe I'm saying that haha)

Cinnamon Roll (Kommisar) - [+?]
- m88: perhaps two 1234 32nd rolls before the (12) jump to go to the piano slide?
- m89: missed a burst at the end of the measure
- nothing inherently wrong but consider cutting b/c the song and file are kinda repetitive

Connect (who_cares973) - [+.]
- this better be 1337
- that wasn't 1337 that was boring
- mainly the song's fault though, there's not much you can do with that
- dunno man, tough choice here...not a lotta replay value/fun factor but it's 1337, so what can be done...hmmm maybe making SOME patterns cheesy fun (ie hi19's EternuS) instead of randomness? maybe cutting half and overlayering the crap outta the other half of it to keep the 1337 (cut wouldn't matter cuz this song does a good job of going nowhere fast)? I'll go with the power of 1337 for this one.

Creature (AsphyxZero) - [?]
- m1-17: replace those single red notes with jumps
- m21,...: rolls/staircase (perhaps into jacks) is probably better representation of the sounds than trills
- m22,...: IMO would be better if you didn't fix one column for the jump jacks. you could do something like (12)(23)(34)(14) repeating. it's up to you.
- m23,...: not 12ths, instead a note at 0 (where the 23 jump is, which is fine), 3/16, 6/16, 9/16, 12/16. It's a different kind of triplet.
- m31,...: first 12th note unnecessary and 2nd 12th should be an 8th
- m35 should match m31
- m39,...: same thing as m23,...
- m55,...: red note should be pushed down by an 8th to blue note, and the next 8th should also be stepped
- fix technical errors and it would warrant an accept

Dance Weekend (ichliebekase) - [?]
- boring, file needs more variation
- m2-3: possibly step the 16th spurt to the background synth when it crops up at the end of m2, just to add some diversity to the file
- the song has a simple structure (keeps layering in samples) so the simplest/most straightforward way to improve the file would be to layer accordingly (ie m25-32, layer in the snare, and m33-40 layer new sample)

Destination Unknown (Dark_Chrysalis) - [+.]
- difficulty does not warrant hands, should be double-checked by other judges
- interesting choice to stream the main melody

Dizzy (bobbob) - [-]
- PR to the streams and jump choices are inaccurate (in the same way). You repeat jumps/patterns to sounds that are not the same (ie m33 the three 23 jumps should actually be three different kinds of jumps to the decreasing pitch)
- The jumps that break the stream should be jump triplets (something like (12)(34)(12) where (34) is a 16th jump)

Everything Went Numb (who_cares973) - [+?]
- lol hold
- m5-8: in the places between the sets of jumps, consider layering in the main trumpet melody (not actual layering, just add single notes where the trumpet plays but aren't already stepped and keep the current 16th gallops consistent (on the same column) for each measure)
- m21-24: what do 16ths go to?
- the file doesn't do justice to the song...the same technique (percussion focused jack + jumps to snare w/ well-placed bursts) is employed throughout the file but the verse, chorus, bridge, etc sections are all varied. It's very fun, but it has so much more potential. You should either change the stepology (focus different instruments mainly), or just cut the song.
- overall this is very close to accept, possibly even conditional queue.

Famicom Selecta (Dark_Chrysalis) - [=+]
Famicom Selecta (MrPopadopolis25) - [=+.]
- To be completely honest, these files are very similar, just subtle nuances in pattern selection, layering, and PR differentiate them. Overall, I am leaning more towards Dark_Chrysalis's chart. I feel that one is slightly better, but MrPopa's is very close and would also warrant an accept.
- In theory, we would just go with Dark_Chrysalis, but my recommendation is to turn this into a collab chart and resubmit. Given that situation, these files should go into the conditional queue until merged. If that's not possible, then Dark_Chrysalis's chart wins.

Feux d'artifice (Xandertrax) - [+]
- Some people probably will hate this (blah blah happy holiday colors, wtf is this, ??, O_O, 1234 and 4321 all day, wtf again, etc), but I think it's beautiful

Field of Snow (Patashu) - [+]
- 192nds?? The simfile is really SN:O_O:WING. Haha, well done, though I actually am afraid most people are gonna get that and it'll be like Einsten-Rosen Bridge I HATE THE WHITE NOTES BLAH BLAH
- consistent underlayering, good. My only critique is probably use more 123, 234, 432, and 321 for your 3-note red-blue-red patterns (ie end of m31) as they are easier to read for noobs (same principle for 5-note patterns later on in the file).
- nice easy chart, a tad long though

Fighting of the Spirit (Kory) - [+.]
- nice, overall well done, though some parts could be better
- my main gripe is with m73-89 and where it repeats...gets kinda boring given how dynamic the rest of the file is and should incorporate the main melody (dunno, maybe that was the intent but consider at least focusing in the main melody. One idea I had was m73-77 just add jumps to the main melody, then m77-78 have one 16th single to the guitar triplet and a red jump before that, jumps to main melody, layer hands to snare, maybe add a single red note at the 2nd beat of m78 to top it off...haha up to you, just be creative!)


Judge Team 2


Fly away -mix del matador- (bmah) - [+?]
Playtest: The walls with a jack at the end were kind of awkward, and the roll pattern was too repetitive. I didn't like how the steps stopped at a seemingly random point, but then had a lone arrow a few measures later.
Editor: Not feeling the 16th jump in m7. Jump placement overall seems inconsistent (especially on 4ths/8ths).

Four Blocks Madness (woker-X) - [+?]
Playtest: Cool song. I think the hands and quads were a little overdone, but it's not enough to be a problem. I liked the sections with 8th jacks that fit with the music.
Editor: Should have a 4th note in m5. The quads in m8 are too different from the jump. I don't hear some of the little 16th bits in m21-22, but I do hear an extra 16th at the beginning of m41 and m45. The single/jump placement in the ending (say m73 on) is iffy.

-Glorious Morning- (Waterflame) - [?]
Playtest: The file feels inconsistent, with some 24th parts being stepped and some being completely ignored. I'd like to see some 24th patterns other than rolls (easiest to hit) and trills (hardest to hit). The 24ths work out to 228 bpm 16ths, so you should avoid patterns with 12th jacks unless you are aiming for difficulty (and you're not). Similarly the 12th jacks in m11 and m64 should be removed.
Editor: You didn't step the drum in the stream sections, and although I understand not wanting to have 24ths all over the place in a file of this difficulty, you need to be more consistent. For instance the stream part in m67-m68 has two 24ths but you only stepped one. Also, sections like m33 are missing a 4th, and the second 12th should be removed. Parts like the end of m34/m36/m38/m39 are missing a 12th before the end of the last 4th note. Overall, the placement of 4th/12th notes needs work - it often feels like the notes don't really go with the music.

Guitar Sounds (who_cares973) - [+.]
Playtest: The very beginning and end felt empty. The minijackish parts in the non-JS sections (e.g. m46) hurt the flow of the file. The colored trills were fun to play.
Editor: I'd make some minor changes (like filling some of the 16th gaps in m4-11) but overall I can't complain.

He's a Pirate - F-777 ReMiX (megamon88) - [+.]
Playtest: Overall, has a good flow to it. The little one-handed 32nd trill patterns need to go.
Editor: I really don't like the 64th jumps from m28-m35. Otherwise you're good.

Hyper Highspeed Star (Izzy) - [+?]
Playtest: Nice JS file, no icky patterns.
Editor: Based on what's being stepped, the triplets in m42/m50/m52 are out of place. I don't see why you have a 16th note in m114. At the start of m116 the song should stop being in halved bpm. The heavy beats in m119-120 should all be emphasized, at least with a jump. In general, the breaks in the jumpstream sections don't all make sense, and the places where (jump)stream starts and stops are often just plain wrong (like end of m95).

Ice Disk (ElectricWerewolf) - [+?]
Playtest: The beginning should really have steps for the main melody - it's awkward to start with the drums in the background. The empty part in the middle (m57-m64) was too empty to me, although I'm not sure what could have been done with it.
Editor: Emphasize the pairs of louder sounds in m8-m9. The 16th trill in m65 is okay but a roll would be better. The first 24th note at the very end seems out of place. Finally, not saying it was wrong to have so much stream, but many of the stream sections could have been more interesting when layered with some jumps from the other parts of the song.

Lawn Wake II (0) - [?]
Playtest: [13][24] jumptrills at 220? D: The long left-handed trill in m38 is too awkward. The beginning parts (m3-m6, m8-m16) were very obviously understepped - it's okay for the intro to be pushed up to VC-FMO level if the rest is going to be a solid FGO.
Editor: m3-m6 and m8-m16 are very understepped, mentioning this again because it is pretty serious. The roll in m101 feels wrong, maybe you should remove the first 4th note worth of it. The rest of the file seems accurate but it's hard to tell on a file this buzzy.

Lune Noir (Kory) - [+]
Playtest: Fun and pretty clean. PR is important for this song and it was well done here.
Editor: Only problem I see is that the part starting at m43 feels slightly late - maybe you could modify the BPM change in m42.

Machine Dance [Light] (Khenra) - [+]
Playtest: The jacks at the start (m1-m6) should be broken up a bit to fit the music, either with a note off or a jump. Fine otherwise.
Editor: No issues here.

Metro (DossarLX ODI) - [+]
Playtest: I'm glad you put in effort to make the patterns relatively easy. The long trills at the very end should be broken up, but otherwise it's fine for an FSO.
Editor: I hear some small technical errors (e.g. the first and last 16ths in m28 should be moved to be a grace note, or else removed), and some parts should probably have jumps (e.g. second 4th in m118), but at this speed/difficulty minor things like that aren't noticeable when playing, so I don't consider them a problem.

Minagiru Kirby (kjwkjw) - [+]
Playtest: Fun, and the density felt right for the song. Might want to change some of the 24ths from being one-handed.
Editor: I'd make the very last note a hand or quad to emphasize it (it's surprising!) but otherwise no problems.

Miraiya (bmah) - [+.]
Playtest: The 32nd pattern in m34 was a real pain to hit.
Editor: The last minijack in m18 goes to a 3-long jack in the music, so the 16th jump and the very next 8th jump should intersect. I couldn't hear some of the minijacks (especially in the last half) but that could just be me.

Mysterious Desert (cry4eternity) - [+]
Playtest: Fun file, nice PR and the jumpjacks were layered in nicely. I found the longer jumpjacks a little annoying to hit, but they fit the song and the pattern is as friendly as possible, so I won't dock you for that. That last jack is mean
Editor: No problems here.

Nitro Manta (Dark_Chrysalis) - [+?]
Playtest: The beginning part (m9-m23) is way understepped compared to the rest of the file, like a very easy file would be overall, but it doesn't fit with the rest. The very last note should be emphasized more, maybe by making it a non-jack jump, or by adding a second note about a 4th after the last 4th.
Editor: Good layering overall. The only real technical problem is the beginning.

No Purpose Flour (iiconiic + wc) - [+.]
Playtest: First off: why are there two difficulties? I reviewed Oni. Pretty hard file, but fun. Given the difficulty of the patterns, though, there are some parts where I think you could do more to eliminate minijacks (like the 12th jack in m75). The empty section (m39-m42) should have something in it. The very last burst would fit a lot better if it was mirrored (since it's an ascending one in the music).
Editor: I don't see any technical errors.

Nocturne (Dark_Chrysalis) - [+?]
Playtest: Considering how melodic this song is, PR is very important, and this file didn't really have any. It really cuts into the fun factor.
Editor: You're missing at least one 16th at the very end of m7. The 16th pattern at the start of m20 is wrong. You're missing a 4th note in the middle of m28. There should be a 16th after the second-to-last 8th in m29. I think the 48th in m35 is placed wrong. You're missing some more 16ths in m44-m48. I probably missed a few more technical errors. In general, I think there are quite a few single 4th and 8th notes that should be jumps, going off the emphasis in the music.

One More Cutie (0) - [?]
Playtest: This is clearly meant to be a hard file, but nevertheless I think the jumptrills are too much. The 24th roll/32nd roll/64th pattern is absolutelyexcessive, even if it does go to the music. As it stands it feels way too hard.
Editor: The jump placements need to be looked over - I couldn't always tell why one note had a jump and another didn't. This is especially true in the jumptrills; some are fine but some would be better off as straight trills, trills into jumptrills, or rolls.

Phalanx (FFR Cut) (customstuff) - [+?]
Playtest: The [34][34][12] jumpjack pattern feels off compared to the music. The common 44433322 jack pattern is awkward because it's too lopsided. Similarly the 33443344 jack is icky. Your use of PR was nice, though.
Editor: The purple notes to the whooshing noises (starting in m52) don't play well, not because they are technically wrong but because they feel too small and unimportant compared to the sound. Maybe they'd be better as a 48th gallop or something. I'm not sure about their placement either, maybe you have it right but it didn't feel like it went to the music when I was playing it. I think you're missing one at the very start of m76, and I don't feel like checking the rest.

Puzzle (bmah & leonid) - [+.]
Playtest: Fun file, I'm glad you didn't make the jumpjack patterns too repetitive.
Editor: The 32nd in m9 doesn't feel like enough for the sound - a 32nd staircase would probably be better there. There are also some minijacks (like m15 and m17) that don't really fit with the music and should be removed. I think there might be a missing 16th at the end of m30, right before the 24ths. There are some weird fast patterns (like the 32nds) that are hard to hear and might not be heard at all in a real play of the file.

Radiant Flux (Exias) - [+?]
Playtest: The beginning and end are slow and kinda long, maybe you could cut some of it. You might think about using some more PR; the small 12th jump section (end of m61) in particular felt weird to play.
Editor: I don't even hear the 8th beat that goes up to m24. Maybe you should have stepped the electronic noises instead, or else cut that section. The same goes for m49 to the end. Maybe this song just doesn't step well, but I'm not okay with tons of 8th notes in those two sections.

Rainbow Tylenol (bob bob) - [-]
Playtest: The massive difficulty imbalance in this file is a serious problem. First you have slow sections where you don't even bother to layer on jumps from the backbeat (so they feel like dumbed down patterns in an easy file), then later you have minitrills and a nontrivial stream section at 270bpm. And I have to add that, since this is a pretty melodic song, many of the sections would benefit a lot from some PR.
Editor: So yeah, layer on the jumps in m5-m28 and any similar places (heavier-sounding sections should be stepped more heavily). Fix the rhythms near the 32nds in m29 and m30. I don't think the 32nd triplets in m33-34 are actually triplets. But more importantly, if you're set on a full measure of tricky 135bpm 32nd stream, you have to make the easy sections a bit harder, so that part isn't by far the hardest point in the file. At the very least add in a bunch of jumps, maybe even some minijacks.

The Club (Dark_Chrysalis) - [+.]
Playtest: Step a bit more of the beginning, no reason not to. I liked the jump placement to the drum hits in a few places (like m77), which creates even more emphasis since it's set off from the normal 8th rhythm. The 32nd burst in m62 was awkward and would probably be better as just a straight roll.
Editor: I'd remove the second 4th note in m23 and m87. You should add some notes at the end of m32 and m96.

The Club (Kory) - [+?]
Playtest: There are lots of awkward 12th/8th and 12th/16th polyrhythm patterns, which don't seem to really fit with the song all that well even if they're there. The hands and random 12th minijacks and 24th minitrills made it feel like you were trying too hard to make the file difficult. (1/2)
Editor: There are some places where it feels like you added extra notes in (or at the least weren't stepping to the obvious thing), like in m9-m16/m73-m80 where it would be better to just go to the vocals. I'm not sure about the longer stream at the end of m19 and m83. Add some more notes at the end of m24 and m88. Step the vocal jack in m32, m40, m96, and m104. The 4th note hands from m41 on have a note in between. In m64 you might wanna at least acknowledge the buzzing noise.

The Final Hour (psychoangel691) - [+.]
Playtest: Hmm, sounds a lot like The Prototype, doesn't it? Fun file, especially the 8th jump sections. The sections in m40-m43 and m74-m88 felt quite empty, though.
Editor: Instead of stepping something quiet in m11-12, maybe you could keep doing the background, but add in the quiet notes with layering. Add some 16ths at the end of m57.

Toho Mathematics (SacredInsanity) - [-]
Playtest: The 32nd sections were really repetitive (seems like it was entirely made out of ascending and descending staircases) and, although the patterns were generally easy, the file is pretty tough to hit. Although it mostly went with the music, I don't think this file is really appropriate for FFR.
Editor: I don't hear some good chunks of the 32nds in the m41-49 glut. The placement of jumps in the 16th jumpstreams is questionable. The 32nds overall are too repetitive and boring.

Waltz In The Rain (who_cares973) - [+.]
Playtest: I found this fun, but I think some of the minijacks could be toned down because certain sections are played smoothly and a section with minijacks doesn't feel smooth. This is a very melodic song, so I think it would be improved with more PR, if possible. I think hands are a bit overused in the quieter parts - if you only used jumps there, then the louder, emphatic chords would feel properly emphasized when you used a hand.
Editor: The 16th js in m4-5 makes a xxxxxx.x.xx rhythm in the music (like the one in m48) and it would feel better if the notes did that too.


All timestamps are in seconds because I use ddream to check for errors.
If there's any notation or terminology you don't understand, refer to http://www.keybeatonline.com/forums/...ead.php?t=2435

Fly away -mix del matador- (bmah) [+.]
-polyrhythms probably not needed
-takes a while to build up - song's fault
-random purple notes like the one near second 41 are probably not right - take a closer look, you'll probably find the're all yellow or all purple/pink.
52.831: 32nd roll is actually 24ths. probably other 32nd rolls are also meant to be 24ths. also, doing 1.2.1234 this many times in a row is rather annoying.
59.627: could be stepped as 24ths. listen on a low rate
61.385: on this yellow, put a jump?
78.595: some quiet piano going for three 8ths starting on this blue
95.001: see 52.831
103.078: on this yellow note, jump or pink+yellow thing to swung percussion
104.602/119.602: part of me wants to see the buildup noise here get expressed. 192nds? end on a hand, since we can do that in VCs now? also, during the measures the trumpet isn't layered in, maybe layer the piano back in?
130.852: check sync on random yellow/purple notes.

aside from these things, it feels fun if simple. accept with fixes

Four Blocks Madness (woker-X) [+.]
-offset VERY wrong. chart is ~62 milliseconds (or three 64ths) late. plz fix
-fun jumpstream file
-not JUST a tetris remix, either, definite plus
7.714: remove 16th after this hand
7.840: add blue note after this jump
20.840: 16ths extend all the way to the next beat, not just a triplet
25.840: make next two 8ths [12] jumps. reason: bass kick layering
26.507, 27.174, 27.840: make 8th after these beats into jump, same reason
30.840: add 16th triplet for consistency
31.840: next two measures are NOT 16ths, they are 12ths.
44.507: maybe downgrade to single note, depending on how strong you think it is
56.007, 61.340: need 16th note after these blue jumps for consistency

accept with fixes

Glorious Morning- (ichliebekase) [+?]
-offset VERY wrong. chart is ~66 milliseconds (or a 24th) late. plz fix
-nice, though some debatable pattern choices. also now I remember where I heard this, it was in age of war or w/e that 1 dimensional strategy game on kongregate was called
-imo too many jumps in the beginning. it's kind of pointless when everything is a jump, and it's very easy compared to later parts even like this
50.626 on: plucked instrument is stepped inconsistently. on the next 4th there's a gap, then a bit later it forms jumps from just that instrument, then you swap to the snare, then you swap back to it half way through its swingy part but it doesn't form jumps this time. it's like you didn't know what to step and just plucked a bit from everything. also imo 24ths shouldn't start or end in jumps, they're hard enough as they are
basically, experiment with what you've got and come up with a more consistent way of expressing it all. don't switch back and forth if you want to express two things at once, most of the time it's better to just put down notes whenever either one of them play, then find good places for jumps by looking at what beats are most emphasized sounding.
I like the song and the chart doesn't feel too bad, it just needs cleanup
also for what it's worth you missed 24ths into 106.284

Guitar Sounds (who_cares973) [+]
-imo very beginning should be normalized to 16ths. I cannot tell, when playing it, that's it's not meant to be 16ths
-because the instrument you're syncing to is 'wobbling' and doesn't have strict tops and bottoms, it feels like sometimes it's not quite synced to the peaks and troughs. in general a sync check would be good. in addition, whenever a colourful part is very very close to a normal note interval like 24ths, it would be good to normalize it to that
-sometimes clutter around wobbling makes it difficult to feel and confirm that it's on sync, maybe take away notes? also a couple parts esp. near the end where while the wobbling is picking up speed you're stepping something altogether so it feels arbitrary when you do swap to it.
also you left like one hold in it somewhere. if you want to take out all holds then select the whole chart by holding shift and going home -> end keys, then use the noholds modifier from the menu under enter

accept, fun even though it's difficult to time (many AAAs will be flagged)

He's a Pirate - F-777 ReMiX (megamon88) [+]
minijacks and bursts do a VERY good job at making the chart energetic
48.885: minijacks with green notes flanking them look really stupid and will make people wtf and rage. change it to something else. 55.285 too

Hyper Highspeed Star (Izzy) [?]
I don't know what to think about this one. It seems like a kind of lame choice for a speedrun marathon given the similarity to EHHS and the fact that the choruses aren't actually particularly energetic.
I mean, I had fun playing it, but only because it happened to have lots of jumpstream in it, and you can do that to any song, so ?_?

Ice Disk (ElectricWerewolf) [+]
Mmmmm yeah that's the good stuff. Good ol EW indisputably correctly stepped breakbeat plus melody files.
-After the big runs in the middle end, you go back to the breakbeat section from the very beginning - but now there's a new melody playing a 16/3th routine. This implies to me that you should restructure the patterns to play around this 16/3 notes as emphasis, with only the stronger of the breakbeat notes accompanying it. Since it repeats so much, you can even step it two different ways. (For that matter, if you find two different equally nice ways to step the stuff back in the beginning, you should alter that too.)

Lawn Wake II (0) [+.]
-holy ****
-in the beginning: I know it's distorted to all hell, but surely there are some 16ths or 32nds or something that you could pick out and step to make it more interesting
-ddream ****s up when it loads this so brb, stepmania editor
54.35: 16th pattern here is not x.xxx but xx.xx. listen and you'll hear it
55.99: this 4th jump should be removed and a 16th jump placed under it. reason: goes to the bonky noises in the insane speedup noise
60.08: step the stutter?
61.99: you missed a 16th into this
65.26: missed a 16th into this
65.54: 32nd burst near here starts early. it should look something like this:

red isolated yellow, 32nd burst starts on yellow thereafter
(the isolated yellow is at second 65.74, then the burst starts at 65.88)

93.63: missed a 32nd burst into this one
99.35: listen for two 32nd triplets
103.17: 32nd triplet into this red jump
106.44: 16th triplet into this red jump
107.81: 16th triplet into this too
109.72: this negative stop will probably break the ffr converter just an f.y.i.

Lune Noir (Kory) [+.]
-kind of lame that both opening streams have identical patterns.
-imo ending jumpstream has no right to be there.
-maybe some kind of jumpchain configuration for right before the ending jumpstream? something like step jump jump jump step jump jump jump step jump jump jump such that you've got sandwiches of blue jumps around red ones. that's kind of what it sounds like it's doing anyway

Machine Dance [Light] (Khenra) [+?]
-long jacks at the beginning are blugh. break them up by emphasis or better yet don't step them at all it's a dumb way to kick off a file
11.143: inconsistent: you have a jack to the first four notes, yet not to adjacent pairs of same pitches, of which two occur in this set of two measures. pitch relevance feels wrong as a result
31.286, 38.143: missed minijacks
39.429: imo from here on out you should use jumps to elements of the melody that have more emphasis on them, of which there are many opportunities.
54.857: oops? missed a 4th here
73.286: kind of pointless long jack here.

accept with a cleanup and a check on everything

Metro (DossarLX ODI) [?/hard]
oh wow I finally passed this with a B.
I think this is way too hard for FFR though. it's more exhausting than RATO to play and you remember how controversial that was

Minagiru Kirby (kjwkjw) [?]
-beginning is too hard compared to rest of file
-kind of short and ends awkwardly, not having done anything particularly interesting before that
-misses bongos that play in the song
15.133: there's a 16th minijack before this 4th
17.466: missed a big bunch of 24ths and 16ths
30.799: 24ths into this, not 16ths
39.799: should probably end on a quad for how stupid this is lol

Miraiya (bmah) [+]
-some difficulty spikes feel unwarranted, namely jumps mid 32nds and jacky 16th jumps, but it's not too bad
-nice ending, overall fun and good song choice
-beginning I realized after some time in ddream follows the bassline not the spastic synth. bassline makes for a cleaner chart but spastic synth allows for more interesting options and is more audiable. this is the tricky thing about this song/chart, because the layering you do I only notice IN the editor, not when I play, lol, but even if you can't hear it it makes for patterns that seem right

Mysterious Desert (cry4eternity) [+]
-playtesting I got four greats on the last jack. normally a song that ends like this just has one more note to finish it, but you had a whole jack lol.
-seems like a remix of sanxion's horizon.
-melodies are varied up just enough to keep it entertaining to play. good
-jacky feel to it is nice, though the beginning's the hardest part in that regard
-maybe during the quieter parts, change the [34][34][12]s and [12][12][34]s to other types, like [14][14][23], to add a bit of flair to it?
-the 24ths you put aren't right but are interesting
first measure is wrong. 16th wise the synth goes like this: xxxxxxx.xx.xxxxx but you put x.x.x.x.xx.xx.xx
-all the percussion in the background follows neat patterns - the bongos and clapping and clicking and the shaking sounding instrument. problem is the melody never lets up except in the very beginning where it still makes sense to follow the quieter synth, no real room to play with it.

Nitro Mantra (Dark_Chrysali) [+?]
-doesn't make sense to have jumps during stream in a file that is otherwise easy
-similarly, maybe use 16th gallops instead of 16ths into jumps?
-imo, first 16th stream pattern should be straightforward-er, as file has been straightforward up until then
36.040: this stream pattern is wrong. I like it and it feels nice, but if you want to be accurate use this:
you used:
60.040 on: maybe step 16ths in this area? (listen to background closely for occasional triplets. as song builds up again there are more and more)
106.540: you put down straight stream. correct pattern is xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxx

a nice file and feel is good but difficulty consistency issues bother me.

No Purpose Four (iironiic + wc) [++]
siiiiiick. I love how comfortable all the bursts are to hit. very polished + great song choice

Nocturne (Dark_Chrysalis) [+?]
-I was about ready to + this, but then I noticed you were missing quiet notes to the harpsicord and piano. get better speakers/headphones and or turn the volume up
-given mr. gratuitous stream there, you really don't need to use the 'wimpy version' of the ending more than once. maybe not even once
-PR could be better but it's not THAT big of a deal
-imo harpsicord section from 26.037 should use a jump on all strong harpsicord...chords (lol) because you have jumps in and out of 16ths anyway
12.539: you miss a breakbeat 16th right before this 4th
25.662: optional piano (16th?) to step after this 4th. it looks nice as it is tho so up to you
29.037: missed a 16th after this 4th, harpsicord
30.911: the 16th before this is WRONG. instead, put 16ths from this beat to the next (pentuplet)
31.661: ambiguous. harpsicord plays a triplet i.e. xxx.x and a clap fills in the gap i.e. ...x. . it would be fine either as it is or as a triplet
36.536: you put xxxxxx but it's actually xxx.xxx
38.410: on 8ths you put x.xx. but it's actually xxxxx
40.285: you put x...x but it's actually x..xx (16th gallop)
42.160: you put x.x. but it's actually x... (remove blue note)
42.910: you put x.x.. but it's actually x.x.x (add 4th in gap, place it on same column as blue before it)
44.795: you put x.x.x but it's actually x.xxx (add triplet into next beat)
46.284: erroneous triplet
48.159: you put x.x. but it's actually x... (remove blue note)
50.034: four 8ths starting from here
54.158: the cyan note here needs to be placed about a 16th-24th earlier
56.408: add an 8th between this 4th and next 4th
67.282: 16th triplet into this 4th
68.032: 16th triplet into this 4th jump (clap)
73.281: 16th triplet into this 4th jump
74.031: you start the stream early. it should go [14].x.x.xxxxxxxxxxxxetc instead of [14]xxxxxxxxxxxetc. then at 66.406 there should be a break (from 77.406 to next beat either x.xxx or x.x.x). 80.030 should have the same 8th leadin as 74.031 ([34].x.x.xxxxxxxxxetc) and 83.405 should have the same break as 66.406. doing this will make it more accurate AND make the stream less ridiculous
85.655: for some reason, the 8th after this 4th should actually be a close purple or close 16th.

fix plz I like this song

One More Cutie (0) [?/hard]
ffffffff too hard for me
I should probably give PASS not ? to this and metro. eh

Phalanx (FFR Cut) (customstuff) [+]
-chart is 10-20 milliseconds late. plz fix then verify that all colourful wubs are on sync
-song could use a remastering. after hearing the nice wubwubwub it's almost painful for that low-quality guitar to come back in. can the artist be contacted about this?
-wubs tend to be right hand biased while bass line jacks tend to be left hand biased. it doesn't QUITE even out I think but it's tolerable
97.259: the wubbing staircase in this part of the chart is not synced correctly at all. plz fix

Puzzle (bmah & leonid) [+]
it would be pretty hard to NOT make a fun file for this given that it practically spells out itself
there's a 32nd fill around 59.300. optional to step

Radiant Flux (Exias) [-]
-chart is a 96th early (roughly 20 milliseconds). plz fix
-immensely boring. 8ths that go to nothing forever (oh nevermind it's literally so quiet that you can't hear it except in ddream), then some hard stuff that, if you can do, will make the minute or so of leadup a snoozefest. then random stuff like 12th jumps in the outro because why not
-scrap chart, make a much easier version. like between 1 and 3 blocks of difficulty. basically, make a chart where you don't need to constant tedious 8ths just to get anywhere near the difficulty of the middle part. rofl. although even then I don't know if it will be accepted, ambient is just hard to step for rhythm games

Rainbow Tylenol (Bob bob) [-]
-I literally went what the **** when that big 32nd run came in. it was fun but only because I'm really good as a player, in comparison to the rest of the chart it's insanely difficult. what difficulty are you aiming for? VDish or FMOish? seriously
besides that, you have problems like:
-pitch relevance could be better (e.g. bass line sets of gallops should use the same column when the yellow notes repeat pitch, most melodies/solos could be done better)
-24ths stepped as 32nd triplets, 32nds misrhythmed, etc
and you need to decide whether you want a VD or FMO. if VD then:
-the patterns that go like [12]34[12]34[12] etc should have all their jumps removed. a pattern like 1341341414314313 still conveys that idea of hitting crash cymbals and becomes fun to hit with a one handed three fingered setup.
-take out all 24ths and 32nds obviously, except for very easy ones
if FMO then:
-find ways to layer stuff into the melody. it repeats a bunch of times so find a new way to layer it every time
-step 24ths, 32nds, etc correctly
-increase difficulty of crash parts, either via jack theory (make minijacks into and/or out of crashes just for difficulty) or by adding more jumps/hands?

my suggestion: do both if the next batch is 'multiple difficulties for songs already in ffr' batch :3c

The Club (Kory) [-]
-how not to do polyrhythms: the illustrated guide

The Club (Dark_Chrysalis) [+]
-actually fun GASP
-the 12th + 8th jump polyrhythm is kind of weird. I can hit it ok but it doesn't seem like the best choice
-also the 32nd rolls are kind of 'woah this is really fast'. maybe use a white 16th trill or something? the small ones are ok but the large ones are too easy to start improperly

Waltz in the Rain [+.]

- overuse of jumps seems unjustified until you see it turn into slow handstream later. regardless in some places they're so evenly placed that any difficulty dynamic is lost
- file is fine, but I'd like to see an easier chart too


Fly away -mix del matador- (bmah)
Rating: [+.]

- Measure 28 and 50, I'm not liking that pattern (1 2 1234 [12]), layering could be changed or mirrored, instead of having 3312 layered all the time, although I do like how you used PR in this file.
- Measure 58-59, I would like to see that more, the notes were layered differently to have a nice flowing pattern.
- Overall, nice fun file, would make a nice Challenging or Very Challenging, not very keen of the repetitive song choice but still stepped pretty well. Layering usage is obviously present but I'd prefer fun patterns over awkward patterns caused by strict layering.

Four Blocks Madness (woker-X)
Rating: [+?]

- If you're going to use PR, at measure 7, have the patterns as 123 instead of 132.
- That one quad in the beginning do not emphasize much except the crash cymbals and the guitar riffs, and there is no difference between the hands and quads so change it.
- It seems like you missed a 16th note at measure 22.
- Measure 23-25, should be 12ths instead of 16th notes.
- Measure 27-28, have the snare layered in as jumps instead of the guitar riffs to add variety.
- Overall, fun file, it has potential, needs some tweaks though. It's a maybe for me.

-Glorious Morning- (ichliebekase)
Rating: [+?]

- From the beginning, there is a lot of jump inconsistencies with layering the violin single notes and chords, that needs to be fixed, and personally PR would be nice for that section with single notes, just so it looks somewhat professional (after all PR is almost like mandatory for files and it is smiled upon in our community).
- Measure 69 should be the very end, not the jump at measure 71.
- Overall, I don't have much to say, it's a short file, for its difficulty I would understand why certain things weren't layered, mostly the main melody with the jumps to the snares which is fine. All jump inconsistencies need to be fixed though, resend, and it should be accepted. Keep it up, the song choice was pretty cool in my opinion.

Guitar Sounds (who_cares973)
Rating: [+.]

- By ear, and I mean on 1.0x rate, those 192nds/64ths in the beginning I feel are unnecessary.
- Measure 30, missing the snare jump on the 2nd beat.
- I feel like it should have ended at measure 64 instead of leaving out single notes to the fade-out effect that lasts until measure 68.
- Overall, I laughed at the big usage of colored notes, typical wc file, but fix those things real quick, I'll lightly accept it, replay value could be a lot better though.

He's a Pirate - F-777 ReMiX (megamon88)
Rating: [+?]
- Personally, have all 4th notes with jumps, because it feels sort of empty without having jumps layering the kick and melody on the 1st and 3rd beat, but that's just my opinion.
- Measure 18 and 60, I would have preferred if you layered the 4th jump to the kick instead of the 16th jump to the snare since the sound sticks out more.
- Measure 28 - 36, I do not like those 64th note gallops, it doesn't fit into the music.
- Measure 62, I don't know what those 32nds go to.
- Measure 73, I think it should end with the jump instead of the down arrow.
- Overall, really nice file, I already liked it from the start, unfortunately it needs to be fixed up before getting an accept from me, but hey, this file took me by surprise, nice remix on He's a Pirate, I would love to see this in the game.

Hyper Highspeed Star (Izzy)
Rating: [?]

- Measure 19, missing 16ths at the last beat.
- With the overall file difficulty, the 32nd rolls are too much in my opinion.
- Starting at measure 38, stepping to vocals isn't the way to go, especially with jumps.
- Measure 116 was way understepped.
- Overall, layering is inconsistent, having 16th beats to the hi hats, layering to vocals, and layering to the kick/bass. The hands aren't necessary for the file, the highest difficulty it can possibly achieve is a Very Challenging. The layering in the jumpstream has to be fixed too. I don't even think the right rhythm is used, doesn't sound like straight 16ths in the music to be honest. The file drags on for way too long, I would strongly suggest a cut.

Ice Disk (ElectricWerewolf)
Rating: [+]

- Measure 41-49, that part was stepped weirdly, I would prefer you continue with layering the percussion rhythm like you did before that.
- Overall, wow, really nice file bro. I did enjoy this a lot, very good short and simple file, layering was well done.

Lawn Wake II (0)
Rating: [+?]

- The beginning was understepped, especially at the section in measure 8, and I'm not liking the song choice either, just a bunch of buzzing noises.
- Now when it gets fast, all of a sudden, layering is put to use, lol.
- Quick gallop notes are questionable.
- Overall, the fast part was a bit enjoyable, loved a few of the pattern choices, but the beginning is just too watered down, please fix this.

Lune Noir (Kory)
Rating: [+?]

- Hands/Quads aren't needed in my opinion, this feels like a Very Challenging to me.
- Measure 16, missed 16ths at the last beat.
- Measure 20 and 24, 2nd beat, missed a 16th note there.
- As climatic as the section starting at measure 55 is, the 16ths are barely audible, and I would suggest you take that out and just layer the percussion and the main melody like you did before.
- Overall, really nice file, just a few minor details that need to get fixed.

Machine Dance [Light] (Khenra)
Rating: [+?]

- Won't say much, for an easy file, I loved the layering in this, but it could be fixed. In the beginning, I'd recommend you don't have them as straight long 8th notes at one arrow, notice how every three 8th notes the sound changes, so have those different sounds layered to another arrow.
- Measure 40-48, seems like that section was done effortless. Those 8ths don't go to much, and the rhythm is unclear.
- Overall, for the difficulty of this, I think many players would enjoy a file like this, the layering isn't perfect but done well enough, although that particular section at measure 40 needs work.

Metro (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+?]

- Might I just add, the bass in this song is AMAZING.
- Those 16th rolls make me laugh, almost like a Eclipse (Solar) v2, but it's a lot better than having random patterns.
- I'm not liking that 1324324 24th notes pattern at measure 58.
- Measure 91-92, 99-100, those 48ths are too much in my opinion, cut those out.
- Measures 136, 144. 152, and 160, that 24th notes pattern is just evil, lol.
- The file gets real repetitive, change the patterns up a bit.
- Overall, wow, great song choice, I love this file, but it has some things to fix, so I suggest you change them and then I'll accept.

Minagiru Kirby (kjwkjw)
Rating: [+.]

- Really short file, and really, I don't know what to say lol.
- Overall, the oh-so-long 39 second file is "cute" and the file itself is pretty fun. Since there's not much, I really don't see much errors in this (wtf at bg-1.jpg???) so I'll lightly accept. I'm still iffy about it though.

Miraiya (bmah)
Rating: [+]

- Probably my shortest review. This was really well done, good job. I just didn't like the very ending, should have stopped at measure 79 in my opinion. Other than that, very fun mini jack file, useful for those who need to practice mini jacks.
- Overall, I like your stepping style, nice patterns in there, keep it up.

Mysterious Desert (cry4eternity)
Rating: [+?]

- Measure 3, missed a 16th note after the 8th note.
- Measure 18, 34, and 42, should be singles instead of jumps, and there's a gap between them too, add notes to the gap, it feels empty.
- Overall, I feel as though the layering is a bit iffy, jump jacks are a bit too much in my opinion, but it's not a bad file either. Just fix it up and I'll accept if resent.

Nitro Mantra (Dark_Chrysalis)
Rating: [+.]

- Wow, really good file, makes a very fun Very Difficult/Challenging file. Layering is alright, patterns are alright, nothing much to say except that it was well stepped and I like how it builds up as you progress through the song.
- Overall, nice file coming from you. You make really fun easy files.

No Purpose Flour (iironiic + wc)
Rating: [+?]

- Really now...I had no idea which to judge since there's both beginner and challenging, but I'll judge them both.
- For beginner, didn't like that trill leading to 48ths. For challenge, the roll isn't good either, and there's a long break in between.
- For beginner, again, I don't like having to wait 3 seconds before the very last note. It should end on that 4th jump before it at measure 102.
- Overall, not much difference between the two difficulties, next time don't have two difficulties. I vote for challenge, but that 192nd notes part needs to be changed, just remove the notes after the 48ths at least. The file itself was kind of fun in terms of patterns but the song was also long, repetitive, and I don't see much replay value in this.

Nocturne (Dark_Chrysalis)
Rating: [+.]

- Wow dude, you are getting good at stepping. I'm really happy to see such potential in you. For an easy file, very fun, replay value I think is at a good level, but you're going to have to remove those hands at measure 41 and the one at the end lol.
- The section starting at measure 51, streams are fine but 16ths are not really audible, I would have preferred if you just continued layering the rhythm with the melody.
- Measure 58 - 60, 16th notes going to the bass are missing, add those in there.
- Overall, it's a good, nice, easy file, just fix those minor issues and you're good. I'll still lightly accept this.

One More Cutie (0)
Rating: [?]

- I would have preferred the BPM to be divided by 2 to have 24th swing rhythm instead of 12ths.
- 4 minutes long is ridiculous, especially for this song, since it's really repetitive, One More Lovely is already overused and overrated, and so is this one.
- Despite pattern usage, I wouldn't bother playing a ridiculously long file with the same melody played more than 3-4 times.
- Overall, no. It just reminds me of the One More Cutie stepped by _.Spitfire._ for Rebound's Dump pack, and I didn't like that file. Find some other song to step, one that isn't long or repetitive.

Phalanx (FFR Cut) (customstuff)
Rating: [+?]

- First thing I noticed right off the bat, the layering is inconsistent. Jumps to the congas should be changed to just single notes.
- Nice to see that you stepped a dubstep song, though the difficulty can be inconsistent too, which in this case it does start to water down at measure 51.
- It drags on at measure 67, with the same part repeated over again with similar steps, so it's nothing new or interesting.
- Overall, I see potential in this, but some parts in the file need to be changed and the song, possibly cut.

Puzzle (bmah & leonid)
Rating: [+]

- It has a resemblance to Across Rooftops' style lol (mini jacks/jump jacks and layering up the ass).
- Overall, not much to say, very nice enjoyable and short file. Probably a high Very Challenging or a low For Masters Only.

Radiant Flux (Exias)
Rating: [+?]

- I would rather you step the beginning as single 4ths instead of 8ths that go to nothing.
- Overall, layering is inconsistent, song choice may be more fitting for a very easy file, but the difficulty here is inconsistent as well. It goes from slow 8ths to having 16th note rhythm with 4th jumps. Work on this more, possibly make it an easier file, and then I will accept.

Rainbow Tylenol (Bob bob)
Rating: [+.]

- Not bad. Not bad at all. Only thing that bothered me was the mini trills at measure 33 and 34.
- The staircase pattern at measure 34-35 doesn't flow well with the melody, remove that.
- Overall, patterns were pretty good, the flow was okay. I'll lightly accept this, but I wish you can fix the above issues.

The Club (Dark_Chrysalis)
Rating: [+?]

- Measure 40 and 48, those polyrhythm patterns are pretty bad lol.
- The section starting on measure 49, it's understepped. It's missing a lot of 8th rhythms from the hi hats and the bass synth.
- Measure 65, that section, I don't know what a few of the 8th notes are going to. I suggest you only layer the main heavy percussion, snare and kick.
- Again, issues with those hands lol. This might not have been higher than a Very Challenging.
- Overall, this was a questionable file. I would recommend a cut on this song because it's repetitive and also have the patterns changed up a bit. If it was fixed, then maybe I'll accept it.

The Club (Kory)
Rating: [+?]

- This too was questionable like DC's, but in a different manner.
- Lots of hands/quads in this file, some sections were watered down while the beginning had a major overhaul with layering (lots of 8th jumps), and because of the hands/quads it forces the flow to die, for instance, having a 12th mini jack ending on a 4th quad.
- Overall, the file was repetitive, and so is the song, I would recommend a shorter cut, and to have the patterns changed a bit for variety. Both this and DC's version need fixing.

Waltz In The Rain (who_cares973)
Rating: [+]

- Layering is really nice, but I dislike having awkward 16th mini jacks due to hand/quad/jump usage like at measure 7. It kills the flow of the file which is why sometimes I prefer patterns over layering.
- I like this song, FFR needs more piano files. As for hand usage, this might just be a Very Challenging at the most so I would recommend to just lay off on them.
- Overall, good song choice, very light and elegant piano composition, another file I would like to see in the Classical genre.


Fly Away [+]

-polyrhythms are ok here I guess
-aside from that, very fun file, awesome flow. no complaints.

Four Blocks Madness [-]

-m5 missed a note (first 8th)
-m8 quads probably aren't necessary
-m21 I don't hear any 16ths between jumps
-m23 these should be 12ths
-for the difficulty, the hands feel abused
-file needs some looking over

Glorious Morning [?]

-empty easy chart
-some of the jumps at the start could be single notes instead of all jumps
-you're mainly following the percussions, but even then some notes are missed (m48 24ths are missing from the drum sequence) but I think following the melody here would benefit
-sort of generic chart. feels inconsistent

Guitar Sounds [+]

-I'm really not gonna challenge the note sync here, wc. you win.
-I hate rainbow dumps, but the 32nds were enough to convince me otherwise.

He's a Pirate -f-777 ReMiX [+.]

-m28 the note flams really aren't necessary
-rest of the file has nice flow and is pretty fun.

Hyper highspeed Star [?]

-the 16th gallops kinda feel thrown all over the place without any structure
-the transition between beat/vocals is confusing.
-feels rather generic, especially since it's a 16th stream 4/8th note jump file.

Ice Disk [+]

-a tad repetitive but very well layered
-yea p.much fantastic

Lawn Wake II [+]

-don't really see anything wrong here. bursts were well managed.

Lune Noir [+]

-considering the difficulty of the file, perhaps the hands could be taken out.
-otherwise fantastic file.

Machine Dance [+.]

-you're placing one note jacks, but the accents could be placed on other rows
-some pr parts are a little iffy. (ex: m48, 8th note jack but different notes)
-not a bad file, but perhaps could use a few tweaks to make it even better

Metro [-]

-the streams at the start are really broken and don't flow very well
-perhaps a little too difficult while sacrificing better patterns
-not a very fun file, sorry.

Minagiru Kirby [-]

-the start is jumpstream. doesn't bode too well.
-m16 the 24ths stopped being played, shouldn't be there, same with m18
-m28 i don't hear any 24ths?
-the ending pretty much made me shart myself

Miraiya [+.]

-simple chart, fun song.
-m18 there could -maybe- be some 32nds here since you follow them later on
-32nd patterns a little iffy
-rhythms are correct etc etc.

Mysterious Desert [?]

-not much appealing to this, repeats a lot
-m32 the 24ths are debatable.
-some jump jacks could be single note/trills
-very repetitive chart.

Nitro Mantra [+?]

-jump layering seems sort of random at times
-m57 randomly go into jump overdrive, makes the rest feel very underlayered
-weird yet decent chart, but perhaps needs a little work with consistency.

No Purpose Flour [+]

-m2 you could probably just cut those notes. starts too randomly
-difficult bursty file, but well made overall

Nocturne [+.]

-m5 1st and 2nd 8ths could be jumps
-ending 16th notes feel a little inconsistent
-decent file

One More Cutie [?]

-m16 these don't need to be jumps, single notes would suffice
-very jumpy file, some patterns are a little awkward to hit
-turns into a lot of jumpstream
-technically not a bad file, but perhaps could be toned down a bit

Phalanx [+?]

-right at the start, the jumps here are questionable since the bongo hits don't sound accentuated or ~intense~ enough to warrant jumps, especially not jump jacks
-pretty repetitive overall
-not sure how people would take the jacks, though they're fine just a thought

Puzzle [+]

-bumpy jumpy file
-pretty fun, really don't have any complaints

Radiant Flux [+?]

-the beginning 8th notes are so quiet it's hard to tell, but the pr seems off
-once the song picks up, jump use is questionnable, doesn't seem to go strictly to one thing (should be layered in with the 16ths)
-drags on quite a bit especially during the 8th note parts, but chill song

Rainbow Tylenol [-]

-right off the bat, I can say pr could be tweaked a little
-the jump parts make the rest of the file seem very underlayered
-the solo is completely off. 32nds where there should be 24ths etc.
-overall needs work.

The Club (Dark_Chrysalis [+.] vs. Kory [+?])

-hard decision. dc's is cleaner and more structured while kory's is harder, more layered etc. I'll have to side with dc's though. Blame it on polyrhythms Kory.

Waltz in the Rain [+]

-we need more piano files in ffr, this would make a fantastic addition.


Judge Team 3


Elements of a Party (dore) [?]
m24: maybe add the percussion on the right hand where the L/D arrows don't exist?
m26: 2nd jump is a bit too late (white note for this is perfect, though)
m27-m34: possibly change the layering here to account for the missing bass?
m34b4-m37b4: BPM changes seem a bit unnecessary
m81: descending scale should run all the way to beat 3 of this measure

The problem with this song is it has very little variation. It's definitely a different taste of the direckly-layering, rock-charting Dore we all know, but the song poses a problem for overall quality and there's nothing that can be done about it with the song being this long. I highly suggest a song cut.

Grist (Patashu) [+.]
m29/37: HOLY CHRIST, what the hell bursts; also, burst trails a bit into the 4th beat if you feel like you can fit a bit more (with all of the layering in m45/53, you can get away with not having it there)
m27/35/59/67: jacks? sounds are different
m53/69 - pretty close line of 32nds sitting on the right hand, you might want to fix that pattern a bit

I am against files that are just "layer everything", but I actually find this fun aside from a few REALLY nasty bursts. Definitely an FGO that would get replay value and it sounds awesome.

Infinity Hyperspace (Kommisar) [+]
m82 - changing note is definitely audible, PR the 4 jumps?
m99 - maybe some kind of trail-off from the solo?

That chiptune solo is SICK. Absolutely adore both the chart and song.

haha, oh man

This is great; I was so close to giving this file a [-], but then I opened it in DDream. Pitch-relevancy within color association? That is what I call innovation. I would have loved to see you take a step further in the first two piano sections, but by then, the player has been confused by a lot, haha. I'm a little confused about how the very beginning works, though. Very bold attempt for an FFR file.

Rockhill (bob bob) [-]
m4-m8/m45-m53: jumps on the last 8th note of the measure (b15.50/b19.50, etc.) aren't needed seeing as how you're following the violin with it anyway
m16/m22/m24: 32nds should only be 3 notes
m20/m26/m28/m29-31/m35/m53-m55/m59/m64 (both sets): should be a 4-note 24th burst
m37-m45: layering choice is a bit odd; there's also a guitar here that isn't stepped
m16/20 - mini-jack?

Layering is fairly empty and the patterns are a bit repetitive. There's also quite a few misrhythms and layering discrepancies as well. Also, song is .ogg patched, so it was a royal pain to see the last few measures.

Scavenger (Plan_Bsk81127) [+?]
Because it looks like you attempted PR in this file, I'm going to point out those errors as well.

m5: why change the PR?
m8b2: trill is incorrectly PR'd (should be UR)
m14-m23: strange layering (jumps for single low notes rather than two actual ones?)
m29: some missing jumps here, listen a bit more closely for them
m31: another strangely layered area (like m14-m23)
m32-m34: really liking this section a lot
m39b3-m43b3: check PR again (m3's PR would be correct here)

Overall, file really isn't that bad, but I would like to see a more accurate chart for this because the song is actually quite nice.

Sexplosion (woker-X) [+?]
m10: 16ths?
m13/m14/m17/m60/m61: odd mini-jacks (addition of the bass-drum is fine, but I disagree with mini-jacks)
m20-m21: 16th down arrows are not needed here
m22: first 6 notes: 12th jacks should be in sets of 3
m32: interesting take on this!
m33: entry is this next section is great - love it
m49: missed a 64th just before the LD jump
m54: first note here is a bit too early to start that pattern
m63-m65: 16th notes, not needed here
m76: jump is a bit out of place here

Not a bad file by any means, but there's a lot of little things that need to be fixed. (P.S. for all other judges in my group, the swing is 64ths and you can argue it all you want )

Shy Guy Toybox Twisted Remix (ichliebekase) [+?]
The grace notes in this file are highly questionable.

m29: it seemed like you were going for pitch relevancy before in this area, why stop now?
m45: incorrect PR
m46: 16th down arrow, nothing here

Easy file that does a fairly good job of simplifying what would otherwise be very fast and complex patterns, and actually keeps a fairly consistent difficulty with the music. Remove the grace notes and you have yourself a deal.

Sing for Absolution (Patashu) [+.]
The only thing I disagree with is m10/m12/m15 because I would use the same note twice. However, this is a very easy file and the crowd that this is targeting would most definitely not pay attention to this. One thing though, if you're opting out of repeating 8th notes, you could remove the one at m29.

Spacedust (Silvuh) [+.]
Some of the layering feels really awkward to me. File is alright other than that, though.

Staring at my Spaceship (Kommisar) [+.]
m25: some missing 24ths are a bit more prevalent of a sound than the 16ths you have
m39: chip leading in here is 24ths
m46-m60: awesome layering shift to accommodate for the change in dynamics
m66: some missing notes (although they are a bit far in the background, so these aren't necessary to add)
m80-m86: two things irk me here: lack of accenting the grace note chiptune melody here since it made a return, and the lack of accenting other decently loud percussion instruments here
m85: 16th note jumps go to what?
m96: bass drum is a straight 16th run up to beat 3
m101: possible climax theory (421421421 24ths, something to that extent)?
m125/m126: should be x.xxx (as 32nds)
m130b4: 2nd 32nd note is a ghost step - this should also run to measure 131b2
m149: run should have two more 24th notes added to it

Lots of little things missing. Can't reject this file though because the play value is just WAY too high with all of the speed sections. Most of the errors won't be noticed/are subjective anyway.

Tamashii (Dark_Chrysalis) [+.]
m12: 64th flams should be 32nds
m18/m44: trill starts 1/16th of a note earlier, also ends on a 16th (beats 69.250 and 173.250)

File plays very much like an older file. Chart is fairly free-form but accents where it needs to. Fix these two things above and it'll pass from me.

The Battle With The Betrayed (Patashu) [+.]
Very nice syncopation for an easier chart.
m96-m108: great idea, adding relevancy without having to put 16th runs everywhere.
m109-m113: that was awesome, haha

This is actually pretty fun, just a bit repetitive - possible cut?

The Final Hour (psychoangel691) [PASS]
for obvious reasons.

Thrash The Plank (T-Force) [?]
Aside from m17-m20, which is very nicely layered/PR'd, the rest of this chart is very empty. There's a lot more percussion to be stepped and you can still do it while avoiding extremely heavy layering.

Through the Martian Hell (woker-X) [+?]
m18: if you're layering snares as jumps, you're missing some here (28.209, 28.584, 28.959)

Chart is alright. Nothing more or less.

To the Heaven (kjwkjw) [?]
m5-m13: no jumps for snares? you actually did this later in the song.
m40: there's another fairly audible sound that you can account for here
m49: if you're opting out of using snares for jumps, there's always that background synth
m60: add some variation, don't just keep going forward rolling
m63: you might be able to come up with a better pattern to account for the snare changing pitch
m89/m92: no need for a jump here

I see a lack of pattern variation within the 16th notes as well. Some of the percussion is relevant, but not all of it. As a result of not having all of the snares layered as jumps, the chart looks fairly empty as well.

Toho Mathetmatics (SacredInsanity) [-]
m5/m6, m21/m22/m23, m70/71/72: if you're going to step the 32nds for a majority of the time, they start right at the beginning of the measure and keep going all the way through
-zig-zag also isn't the best pattern for this
m8: 24ths should be 32nds
m11/m12/m13/m14/m15: random mini-jacks
m41-m49: vary up your patterns more...WAY MORE...
m86: if I see this pattern one more t-...FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

This chart is really, really boring. There was one section that was pitch-relevant but even that couldn't bring this out of the crapper for me.

Trip to the Moon v2 (bob bob) [?]
m17-m25: make sure you catch all of the 16ths that you were following from measures 9-17
m33-m41: layer both the lyrics and the piano as one - let those that meet up stay as jumps, it'll look a bit cleaner
m45-m49: huge difficulty spike
m57: random mini-jack
m61/m63: 5 16th notes?
m65-m79: same as m33-m41, but now you have another instrument to possibly mix things up a bit

With improvements, this could be a decent chart.

Trisection v2 (trumaestro) [?]
m2: not sure if that second note quite merits a triple
m20-m30: a bit empty, straight 16th jumps are really odd here too
m42/m46: eek
m48-m51: empty?
m58-m61/m68-m70: very nice PR
m70: ugly polyrhythm, although it actually flows, oddly enough
m75/m76: missing percussion in the background

Quite a bit of jump/triple smashing in this chart and some of the patterns aren't so friendly either.

Variations 2 (jimerax) [++]
m6-m13: missing last 8th note of each measure, although this is a very subjective error because the note in question gets filled in by a different instrument
m78-m84: great climax

Phenomenal file. Nearly flawless in just about every aspect.

When Petals Fall (Silvuh) [-]
Multiple charts with steps in them.

Where Ya Been Lars? (MrPopadolis25) [-/PASS]
m6-m10: missing bass drum
m16/m20/m22: first jump is not a made by layering
m29/30/36/37: missing snare(s)
m43-m57: ad-lib, ugh

I can't stand listening to this - someone else can get another opinion on this; I think it's boring, repetitive and I really don't like this song.

Worse (Xandertrax) [?]
Technically accurate, so I won't give you a [-], but I don't see a file coming out of this song.

(p.s. j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-jacks)

You Should Drink Cucumber Flavored Beer! (Patashu) [+?]
m28: first part of the 16th run?
m34: last 3 16ths run?
m46: last 3 16ths
m68-m74: some of the 16ths in here are awkwardly placed
m82: 16ths?
Love the color gimmicks.

It seems like there was some sort of syncopation in here, but this syncopation doesn't work so well, it's really unclear as to what you're trying to follow.

you're dumb (nois-or-e) [--]
that's for calling me dumb :'(


Elements of a Party - m26 - both of those jumps are offsync. Fix them.
-offset should be 1.948
-song drags on. Really should be cut or something. The entire song is the same beat over and over again p. much
Rest of the file is okay. Just needs these couple fixes. +?

Grist - The main issues with this file are the bursts. Some of them are fine, but others have the most awkward to hit patterns ever. Other than that I see no complaints, but man. TERRIBLE
pattern choice on those. +.

Infinity Hyperspace - Not gonna bother playing this since I know the file lol. +

Reverse Squiggley - Not gonna lie this was fun as hell on xmod hahaha +

Rockhill - Forgot to take out the extra note at the very end.
File is bland and repetitive, but there's nothing technically wrong with it. +. (but that last note needs to be gone)

Scavenger - couple of PR problems at the end, but not too bad. +.

Sexplosion - underlayered at parts but kinda cool +

Shy Guy Toybox - There's some inconsistancy with your jump usage in the beginning. Make sure if you are gonna put it to one sound, you put it to ALL of that one sound.
To be honest this file is completely boring due to it's repetitive nature. I can't really see anyone playing this. ?

Sing for absolution - Some PR issues in the beginning I mentioned in the last batch. Songs really should not be blatently understepped for the purpose of making them easy. There are plenty of songs that can make easy files all on their
own. This needs to be taken and layered much much more. ?

Spacedust - If you are gonna layer the snare drums in at all, you really should go all the way and just layer them into the whole file. Feels really inconsistant otherwise. Layer this a bit more
and we will talk. +?

Staring at my Spaceship - still one of my favorite files of yours. ++

Tamashii - Little repetitive but pretty good. +

The Battle with Someone - m29 you missed a lot of jumps that you probably should layer in to keep the file consistant.
- Missed some 16ths at m37 and a couple other places, but I'm not gonna force you to layer those.
Fix the consistancy of the jumps and i'll accept. +?

The Final Hour - In the beginning you overuse the jumps. Don't really need them to every single sound.
Same goes for the section around m50 that you do the same thing in.
Other than that this is fine. Just fix up those small sections. +?
- PS is this song supposed to have random ass volume changes? lmao

Thrash The Plank - First thing I notice is that your PR needs work
- around m18 or something you have those trills with the jumps in them. Incredible awkward to hit for this low of a difficulty of a file.
- you use minijacks in some areas that really don't warrant having them. A couple others are fine. You should be able to tell which are okay and not.
- There are also a lot of sounds that you missed that you stepped in other places.
Work on this. ?

Through the Martain Hell - You know it's okay to move the note around when the bass stays consistant. Really it is.
That's really the only problem I have with this file though. +?

To The Heaven - those back and forth staircases at m63 are a giant difficulty spike. Make them into one long staircase
File is pretty generic, but overall not terrible. Just fix that one small thing. +.

Toho Mathematics - ATTN JUDGES - if you guys want, I can just take the average rating that the other 3 of you have and make that my own rating. Figure that's fair.

Trip to the Moon v2 - Fix your PR. It's wrong right off the bat
Honestly this song doesnt really need a v2. Theres nothing that can be done with it anyways. ?

Trisection v2 - Nice jump usage buddy. -

Variations 2 - I honestly liked this better than Kil's file oops. +

Waltz in the Rain - Tone down the hand usage and we will talk. +?

When Petals Fall - See if you are going to do a super easy file, find a song like this one where stepping everything actually creates an easy file on it's own. +

Where ya been Lars - in ya mom's anus.
Sure why not. There's nothing technically wrong with this file, and it can be good for a chuckle I guess. +.

Worse - Interesting file, but just not fun. ?

You should drink something from a long green shaft - Not a bad file even though the song is ****. +

You're Dumb - Yes you are. -


Elements Of A Party - File was pretty good. nothing really wrong with it. had some nice different layering which was cool. only complaint was that the patterns got stale after a while. vary it up some remember just because the song repeats doesnt mean the steps have to too. [+.]

Grist - yes, cool jack file. not much to say other than really gay pattern transition at 52.502 and 92.502 [+]

INFINITY Hyperspace - cool file cool song. would rather see those 32nds in the beginning as a roll instead of that 431 pattern but thats up to you. id also rather see the jacks from 44.6 - 57 be 16th gallops instead. just feels better imo. fun file though [+.]

REVERSE SQUIGGLY - oh man that was fun. great use of color association. not sure how well ffr will handle all those bpm changes because when i converted lord of the dance what came out was far from pretty. innovative ffr file fun and easy just not sure how well ffr will handle it. [+]

rockhill - gap was off by a lot which explains everything. i'll take it those 8th jumps are emphasis on the strings. if thats the case then add jumps to the 4ths before the 8ths also. also should be adding jumps anywhere there would normally be holds. for example like what you did with the 8ths. during the stream after the little break section too. at 23.94 for example. there are no bursts that should be more than 3 notes long with the expection of the 24ths. every 32nds burst you have the 16th notes should be shifted down a 64th so it becomes a 64ths. so the bursts should consist of a 4th, 32nd, 64th. the 64th notes following the 24th notes id rather have as 16th because its an easy file but w/e people are going to hit them as 16ths anyway so i guess it doesnt matter much. other than that the file has PR issues and layering issues everywhere. during the breaks i suggest stepping the other instruments btw mainly the guitar that you can hear. [+?]

Scavenger - missing jumps at 64.87 and the 16th note after. double check PR make sure you arent missing anymore jumps and your layering is right and add a note at the very very end of the song so ffr doesnt just cut it off.also mp3 quality is lol [+.]

Sexplosion - no complaints just add a note at the end of the file [+]

Shy Guy Toybox Twisted Remix - 64ths might be a bit much for the difficulty and arent really needed [+.]

Sing For Absolution - retardedly understepped shame on you [+]

Spacedust - whoa this song is great. file was good but you could add some things to make it a more complete file imo. like adding 32nds to the snare when nothing else is play for example at 26.307 and 28.307 and so on. missing 16th at 50.432. the jack thats made by the jump is really awkward 81.502 might just be me. doesnt have to be changed just making mention. some minor things but other wise solid file [+.]

Staring At My Spaceship - Hella fun file [+]

Tamashii - notes were a bit late which im guessing was the cause for these mistakes but yeah. the 32nd at 26.033 should be between the 4[13] jump. the 24th at 292.874 is extra. 32nd at 37.7 is extra. 24th at 73.3 is also extra. are you planning on stepping the rest until fade out or what? should either do a better fade out or step the last couple seconds. [+.]

The Battle With The Betrayed - file was fun on index no complaints. song makes for a great easy file too [+]

The Final Hour - [personal opinion]man you hyped up this file waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much [/ personal]. missing 16th at 8.99. missing 16th at 20.62. missing 16th at 23.53. missing 16th at 26.44. pretty much you have missing 16th in every section like this were you're putting jumps to the lead synth so go back and make sure you get everything. should add a jump at 45.263. at 56.89 you step the clap and bass kick then you stop stepping the bass kick and then you start stepping the basskick for no real reason. try to stay consistent with your layering. i suggest just putting jumps to the clap and stepping the drums as single notes. from 65.627-67.445 is a weird difficulty spike thanks to your layering. like i mentioned you should probably just stick to bass kick as single notes here. 68.172 i kinda get that the 16ths go to the vocals only thing is that the vocals are 3 syllables that land on 8ths so the rest of the notes go to? this applies every time the vocals repeat. 88.53 again difficulty spike for no particular reason. you should continue stepping the closed hihat after the 16th run that goes to the the closed hihat at 117.99. overall file was eh. pr issues everywhere but that doesnt really matter [+?]

Thrash The Plank - layering inconsistencies everywhere. song is cool though and would be awesome in game [-]

Through The Martian Hell - haha that was more fun than it shouldve been. only thing i can recommend is layering in the snare instead of the prominant guitar notes from 53.24 to 58.865 to keep the layering consistent. the way you have it is fine too since you layer both the guitar and the snare at the same time once the snare starts to hit every forth. just a suggestion like i said [+]

To The Heaven - whoa cool song. you stopped putting jumps to the main synth from 67.77 to 69.088 why? the first 32nd burst you have at 91.216 should just be a 32nd and an 8th gallop. at the beginning and the end you should add jumps to the snares like you did in the middle when no synths were playing. other than that file was really fun and it was nice seeing a non fmo breakbeat file.[+.]

toho mathmatics - man those 32nds are aids. layering is inconsistent and a lot of those jacks dont need to be there [-]

trip to the moon - more than one difficulty dont know which to judge [-]

jk but seriously next time stick to one difficulty. layering is weird and inconsistent. with an easy file like this stick to something solid for the duration of the entire file. [-]

trisection v2 - hi trumaestro. at 37.809 and every time jump jacks like that this what do the jumps go to exactly? i thought they went to the drums but the toms dont go for straight 16ths like that. tone down the layering in sections(you know which ones lmao) and step more of the drums [?]

Variations 2 - whoa no idea what happened but the gap was waaaay off. file seems a little intense for the song only complaint though. also i remember play testing this forever ago lol. [+]

When Petals Fall - this song ;__________________________; [+]

Where Ya Been Lars? - file started off great then i got lost in what your layering went to. vocal sync also needs a lot of work [?]

worse - just no [-]

You Should Drink Cucumber Flavoured Beer - i have no idea what you're following at all or what you're layering. the 192nds are cool though but thats about it. playing it left me confused and i played it roughly 5 times and didnt get it at all [?]

you're dumb - no u [?]

i love you

Elements of a Party [Dore]

Playtesting: Wow, really nice pattern usage and song choice. Only thing that bothered me was that the offset was wrong and the patterns got a bit repetitive after a while so try to vary it up.
Editor: Only issue is offset. Set it to 1.968 and you're good to go.
Overall: [+.]

Grist [Patashu]

Playtesting: Very nice scoring file. Definitely something i would expect from Patashu anyway.
Editor: NONE
Overall: [+]

Infinity Hyperspace [Kommisar]

Playtesting: Man, this file was so expressive that it make me wanna bop my head while playing it. Very well-stepped.
Editor: NONE
Overall: [+]


Playtesting: Super colorful file. Something i would expect from someone like Carlos but you did just fine.
Editor: Maybe it's me but i think the sync gets slightly off between m11-m14 but it's something minor.
Overall: [+]

Rockhill [bob bob]

Playtesting: A lot of inconsistent layering, non-expressive patterns, and misrhythms. File dragged on a bit as well.
m4-m11: Patterns could have been much more expressive and those 8th doubles wasn't needed on anything from the way you were layering. The only thing that you could layer are those weird drum sounding beats in the background.
m12: Too empty. Add in those sounds in the background to keep the flow going.
m16: Those aren't all 32nds. It's a 4th, 32nd, 12th, and a 8th note in that order.
m20: Same problem as m16
m22: Beat 84.00, same problem as m16
m24: Same problem as m16 (You should get the idea now. Fix every single one of those misrhythms)
m33-m34: Those 64th notes are actually 48th notes. Also, you're missing some notes
m35: Beat 138.00, same problem as m16
m36: Same problem as m16 but this time, you added those as all 24th notes x.x
m37-m44: Missing a lot of notes here. Listen closely
m45-m52: You can hear something different in the background thats obvious yet you just layered it the same way as m4-m11.
m53-m58: Same problems as m16 and on m33-m34
m64: Hmm what? Why did you all of a sudden added an extra note to those 32nds trills? You didn't even do that earlier in the file. Also, those 32nds are wrong as well. Please refer to m16.
EXTRA NOTES: m13-m21 you kept this part all single notes yet when you get to m22, you add doubles to the same sounds that you placed as single notes earlier? It's always a good idea to layer what's most prominent in the song rather than "how it looks in the editor". This also includes however times this repeats throughout the file. Also, throughout the file, you're missing some notes here and there for example: Beat 87.75, 95.75, 103.75, 111.75, 145.50 etc.
Overall: [?]

Scavenger [Plan_Bsk81127]

Playtesting: This file was pretty decent actually. A bit repetitive at times but the file was alright. There were a few consistencies though but not much.
m19: Beat 74.50 should be a double since it's going to the same sound as beat 71.00
m22-m23: From the way you're layering, you should add doubles on beat 84.25, 84.50 and 84.75. Also, PR could be better seeing that you can hear a decrease of pitch in some places. Also, when PRing something, try to make it so that it doesn't form unnecessary mini jacks.
m26-m28: Slight PR issue
m32: That long jack is questionable with those added jumps. Subjectivemanias but on beat 131.75-132.50, i would make those [14] jumps rather then [12]
m36: Beat 143.00 - 145.00 is one awkward pattern (subjective)
Overall: [+?]

Sexplosion [woker-X]

Playtesting: This file have some fun potential for the most part. I did noticed some slight misrhythms and missing notes though. Also, i think there were a few parts that felt inconsistent and empty.
m3: Beat 11.00 is not supposed to be 24th notes. If you listen carefully, it's supposed to be a 4th, 32nd and a 16th note and then on Beat 11.50, it's supposed to be an 8th, 32nd, and 16th note.
m8: Missing a 16th note on Beat 31.75
m10: Missing a 16th note on Beat 36.75. Remove the 16th note on Beat 37.25 since it'd not going to anything. Missing a 16th note on Beat 37.75 and 38.75.
m12: Beat 45.50 and 46.50 should be doubles
m13: Beat 49.50 and 51.25 should be doubles
m14: Beat 53.50, 54.50 and 55.25 should be doubles
m15: Beat 56.00 should be a double.
m16-m19: You're missing some 8th, 16th doubles here. Listen carefully.
m20-m21: Beat 76.00 should be a double. 16th note on 77.25, 79.25, and 83.25 should be removed.
m27: 12th note on Beat 106.33 should be removed since it's not going to anything
m31: 12th note on Beat 122.33 should be removed since it's not going to anything
m32: Those color notes aren't exactly right but it won't be notice in the FFR engine so i'll get that one slide.
m33: Okay now you added a random hand here? At this point, i don't know if you're trying to make this file layered fully so that it's fun and somewhat challenging or layered partially to the point where it's just a fun simple file.
m34: On Beat 134.75, you can hear something else going on that didn't happen before so i would approach this differently so that you represent those sounds and to also keep the file more interesting.
m35: Same problem as m34
m36: Same problem as m34
m38-m40: Those aren't 64th notes. Should be either 12ths or 24ths.
m42-m44: Same problem as m38-m40
m46-m52: Same problem as m38-m40 but this part lasts longer. Also, now the patterns are starting to get repetitive from here.
m54: Same problem as m3
m55-End: Same repeated mistakes that you should be able to notice yourself by now after all the things I've went over.
Overall: [+?]

Shy Guy Toybox Twisted Remix [ichliebekase]

Playtesting: Ummm LMFAO? First thing i noticed was that the file offset was wrong. Another thing i noticed is that you didn't step those 24th at all.
m1-m2: Why not just start stepping the file here?
m3: Every time you hear the Beat on 8.00, make them all 24th notes until you reach beat 9.67. Not 16ths. The song's BPM is only 130 so i don't see why you would want to reduce them to 16ths which is technically wrong.
NOTE: Step every roll sounds you hear, fix sync, fix inconsistencies throughout the file like on m7-m17, and remove those 64th notes that's so close to those 8th notes and just make them doubles.
Overall: [-]

Sing for Absolution [Patashu]

Playtesting: Really nice beginner steps there. Definitely a great file for beginner players
Editor: NONE
Overall: [+]

Spacedust [Silvuh]

Playtesting: This file was pretty fun. Nice usage of patterns and PR. Song was slightly repetitive but that's not a big deal.
Editor: On m25, you're missing a 16th note on Beat 96.75.
Overall: [+]

Staring at my Spaceship [Kommisar]

Playtesting: OMFG i had an orgasm when playing this file. This chart was literally stepped so clean.
Editor: LULZ
Overall: [++]

Tamashii [Dark_Chrysalis]

Playtesting: Wow, better then what i was expecting haha. Really fun chart, pretty sure this will be replayable to most. Only issue i noticed is that the file is offsync.
Editor: Changing your offset to -1.080 will make it much more onsync but not perfect. Also, i noticed that you were missing a few jumps here and there throughout the file like on beat 52.50. Might wanna recheck the file to make sure you don't missing everything that you were layering.
Overall: [+.]

The Battle with The Betrayed [Patashu]

Playtesting: Another great file for beginners. Definitely something a beginner player would enjoy.
Editor: NONE
Overall: [+]

The Final Hour [Psychoangel691]

Playtesting: File was fun however it dragged on a bit too long and there were some inconsistencies with your layering. Also, i noticed that the file was offsync and that you were missing some notes throughout the file.
m2: Quad note? Pretty sure a double would be just fine.
m7: Missing a 16th note on Beat 24.25.
m11-m14: Beat 40.00 should be a double. Also, this whole section is underlayered. I would suggest adding layer to that obvious background noise that you can clearly hear.
m15-m23: I don't even know what you're layering here. This section is just too inconsistent. I suggest that you layer the most prominent sound in that section.
m28-m31: You can hear that base kicking in so you might wanna layer that part to keep the file flowing.
m32: Beat 124.00, you're missing a double
m39: (subjectivemanias alert) the doubles could have been more expressive with the song rather than just PRing everything and making it look awkward.
m40-m43: Missing some 4th doubles here and there. Listen carefully.
m48: Beat 188.00 doesn't need a double; remove it. Also, remove the 4th note on Beat 189.00 and the 8th note on Beat 189.50 since those sounds are barely audible to the music. You might want to check on your layering as well.
m49-END: Basically the same mistakes over and over again as mentioned above.
NOTE: Change offset to -0.160
Overall: [?]

Thrash the Plank [T-Force]

Playtesting: BPM is wrong. If you used Mixmeister to find the BPM, don't always depend on it. Sometimes it can give you the wrong BPM even if the song is a constant BPM. Also, i quit out because the file was too inconsistent.
Editor: The MAIN issue is the BPM being off. This has to be fixed in order for this to get a better rating. Also, there were some inconsistencies throughout the file.
Overall: [-]

Through The Martian Hell [woker-X]

Playtesting: Wow, this file was fun as hell lmao. Pretty sure this will be replayable.
Editor: Some of the 16th notes could have been layered as doubles on m18 but it's not much of a big deal IMO.
Overall: [+]

To the Heaven (Driven Beat Remix) [kjwkjw]

Playtesting: This file was one cool file to play. Definitely want something like this in FFR for sure. Offset is slightly off but that's not a big deal.
Editor: NONE (Just the offset is wrong)
Overall: [+]

Toho Mathematics [SacredInsanity]

Playtesting: File was okay however i noticed some misrhythms at times and some notes you added that wasn't needed. Also, the song was repetitive, needs a cut.
m5-m6: Remove the 32nd on Beat 18.38, 20.38, 22.38 and 24.38 since you can hear any sound going to those at all.
m8: Those 24th notes are wrong, it should be 32nds with a pause after every 3 notes. In case you didn't get what i said, here's an example. On Beat 29.00, there should be a 4th note, on Beat 29.13, there should be a 32nd note, on Beat 29.25, there should be a 16th note. On Beat 29.38, there should be NOTHING there. Repeat that three more times so that there's four of those.
m21-m22: Same mistake on m5-m6, not to mentioned that you used the same pattern which is not a big deal unless if i see that pattern again when that part comes up again. Also, you can hear another sound in that part so in this case, i would probably reduce those 32nds used in order to represent those sounds.
m23: You might wanna layer that part.
m24: Same mistake as m8
m25-m33: Layering everything to the 8bit bass isn't a good idea for this section since you can clearly hear something going on in the background. Feels rather "incomplete" IMO
m58-m66: A bit overlayered on this section. Some of the doubles used could have been left as single notes; Listen closely.
m69: Random long pause?
m70-END: From here on, just a bunch of repeated mistakes as mentioned above.
Overall: [?]

Trip to the Moon v2 [bob bob]

Playtesting: I'm sorry but i didn't enjoy this v2 at all. I was expecting more to be done to this file.
Editor: Not going to go though everything in this file because the notes will end up being way too long but i will say that the file is very inconsistent and it's missing a whole bunch of notes throughout the file. Also, two difficulties?
Overall: [-]

Trisection v2 [trumaestro]

Playtesting: Pretty challenging file. Some parts were a bit "too much" though like some of the polyrhythms and other stuff.
m12: Not sure where that double is going to but if it's going to where i think it's going to then that 12th note should be a single because that double was actually a 16th note double on Beat 47.75
m42: Might be a bit too carried away with the layering. i would remove those hands since it looks too layered than what you did earlier.
m70: Reduce that part >_>
NOTE: Overall, patterns could have been better and the layering is inconsistent. File has potential though.
Overall: [+?]

Variations 2 [jimerax]

Playtesting: This file was so well-stepped and fun. No complaints here other then the file was really fun and replayable.
Editor: NONE
Overall: [+]

When Petals Fall [Silvuh]

Playtesting: Nice beginner steps and song choice. Something that will please beginner players
Editor: NONE
Overall: [+]

Where Ya Been Lars? [MrPopadopalis25]

Playtesting: File is very inconsistent throughout the file and it drags on
Editor: Basically, you have a lot of inconsistencies in your layering. Make sure you're not missing jumps that's supposed to be there.
Overall: [-]

Worse [Xandertrax]

Playtesting: Ugh, this file was just too repetitive and boring. Steps were fine but the replay value is rather questionable.
Editor: NONE (However, the song choice is rather poor and the file is pretty repetitive in general)
Overall: [?]

You Should Drink Cucumber Flavored Beer! [Patashu]

Playtesting: Wow, wasn't expecting someone like Patashu to step a song like this lmfao. Anyway, file was decent but definitely not one of your "greater" files. Half the time, i wasn't able to tell what you were layering. Also, I have no idea where those 16th notes were going to. PS: How dare you copy Gundam-dude's 192nd style.
Editor: Throughout the file, i wasn't able to tell where those 16th notes were going to or what the hell you were layering.
Overall: [?]

You're Dumb [nois-or-e]

Playtesting: wat
Editor: wat
Overall: wat [+?]




Above - Better. +.


Above (Silvuh)
-given that this is a super easy file, I don't think ANY jumps in the start, end or middle of 8ths are warranted. maybe once in a blue moon, but not in the super dense way they get used later on. in addition the transistion from 'one 4th every measure' to 'oh hey blue notes oh hey pseudolayering' in the beginning is kind of harsh. as cool as those kinds of things look to stronger players, sometimes you have to kill your babies by stabbing them through the charts and...and... *wobbles, looks like he's about to shed a tear* unlayer.

i love you:

White Walls [Dore]

Playtesting: Much better improvements to the patterns and the consistency. This song will most likely be split into 4 parts or something though. File still kinda dragged on mainly due to the length though.
Editor: Still a few errors here and there but barely noticable. Also, i feel that some parts could have been layered in a bit more.
Overall: [+.]

Group 1

2008 (Kommisar) - 20 (5/5/5/5)
Field of Snow (Patashu) - 19+ (4/5/5+/5)
Champion Freeverse (wc) - 19 (5/4/5/5)
Can Can (woker-X) - 18 (4/5/4/5)
Cinnamon Roll (Kommisar) - 17 (5/5/4/3)
Destination Unknown (Dark_Chrysalis) - 16 (3/4/5/4)
Everything Went Numb (wc) - 16 (4/5/4/3) [Hold - NG]
Famicom Selecta (Dark_Chrysalis) - (16) (</4/4/5) [Close]
Feux d'artifice (Xandertrax) - 15 (4/1/5/5)
Capriccio No.24 (woker-X) - 15 (2/4/4/5)
Chik Habit (AlexDest) - 15 (3/4/5/3)
Fighting of the Spirit (Kory) - 15 (4/4/3/4)
{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh) - 14 (3/4/4/3)
Black Apple (Kory) - 14 (4/4/3/3)
Famicom Selecta (MrPopadopalis25) - (14) (4/</</4)
Canon In WHEE V2 (qqwref) - 13 (4/3/2/4)
Connect (wc) - 13 (4/3/2/4)
Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic) - 12 (4/2/3/3)
Creature (AsphyxZero) - 12 (3/4/3/2)
CAMELLIA! ~Dangerous Camellia Vacation~ (daro-) - 11 (2/2/4/3)
C&E (qqwref) - 11 (3/2/3/3)
Dance Weekend (ichliebekase) - 10 (1/3/4/2)
Amputee (Dossar) - 10 (2/3/2/3)
Bedtime Story (Dark_Chrysalis) - 6 (2/2/1/1)
Dizzy (bobbob) - 5 (1/1/2/1)

Group 2

Puzzle (bmah & leonid) - 19 (4/5/5/5)
Ice Disk (ElectricWerewolf) - 18 (3/5/5/5)
Guitar Sounds (who_cares973) - 18 (4/5/4/5)
Miraiya (bmah) - 18 (4/5/5/4)
Waltz In The Rain (who_cares973) - 18 (4/4/5/5)
No Purpose Flour (iiconiic + wc) - 17+ (4/5+/3/5)
Lune Noir (Kory) - 17 (5/4/3/5)
Fly away -mix del matador- (bmah) - 16 (3/4/4/5)
He's a Pirate - F-777 ReMiX (megamon88) - 16 (4/5/3/4)
The Club (Dark_Chrysalis) - 16 (4/5/3/4)
Mysterious Desert (cry4eternity) - 15 (5/5/3/2)
Machine Dance [Light] (Khenra) - 15 (5/3/3/4)
Lawn Wake II (0) - 14 (2/4/3/5)
Nocturne (Dark_Chrysalis) - 14 (3/3/4/4)
Phalanx (FFR Cut) (customstuff) - 14 (3/5/3/3)
Nitro Manta (Dark_Chrysalis) - 13 (3/3/4/3)
Minagiru Kirby (kjwkjw) - 12 (5/2/4/1)
Metro (DossarLX ODI) - 11 (5/2/3/1)
Four Blocks Madness (woker-X) - 11 (3/4/3/1)
Radiant Flux (Exias) - 10 (3/1/3/3)
The Club (Kory) - 10 (3/1/3/3)
-Glorious Morning- (Waterflame) - 10 (2/3/3/2)
Hyper Highspeed Star (Izzy) - 9 (3/2/2/2)
One More Cutie (0) - 8 (2/2/2/2)
Rainbow Tylenol (bob bob) - 7 (1/1/4/1)

Group 3

Variations 2 (jimerax) - 20+ (5+/5/5/5)
Staring at my Spaceship (Kommisar) - 19++ (4/5+/5/5+)
Infinity Hyperspace (Kommisar) - 19 (5/5/4/5)
REVERSE SQUIGGLY (Silvuh) - 19 (4/5/5/5)
Grist (Patashu) - 18 (4/4/5/5)
The Battle With The Betrayed (Patashu) - 17 (4/3/5/5)
Tamashii (Dark_Chrysalis) - 17 (4/5/4/4)
Sing for Absolution (Patashu) - 16 (4/2/5/5)
Sexplosion (woker-X) - 16 (3/5/5/3)
Through the Martian Hell (woker-X) - 16 (3/3/5/5)
Spacedust (Silvuh) - 16 (4/3/4/5)
When Petals Fall (Silvuh) - 16 (1/5/5/5) [Multi Chart- NG]
To the Heaven (kjwkjw) - 15 (2/4/4/5)
Scavenger (Plan_Bsk81127) - 14 (3/4/4/3)
Elements of a Party (dore) - 13 (2/3/4/4)
You Should Drink Cucumber Flavored Beer! (Patashu) - 12 (3/5/2/2)
The Final Hour (psychoangel691) - 12 (4/3/3/2)
Rockhill (bob bob) - 10 (1/4/3/2)
Shy Guy Toybox Twisted Remix (ichliebekase) - 10 (3/2/4/1)
Where Ya Been Lars? (MrPopadolis25) - 8 (1/4/2/1)
Trisection v2 (trumaestro) - 8 (2/1/2/3)
Worse (Xandertrax) - 7 (2/2/1/2)
you're dumb (nois-or-e) - 7- (1-/1/2/3)
Thrash The Plank (T-Force) - 6 (2/2/1/1)
Trip to the Moon v2 (bob bob) - 6 (2/2/1/1)
Toho Mathetmatics (SacredInsanity) - 5 (1/1/1/2)

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

January 2, 2011

Judge Team 1


Energizer (Competition Overdrive) / Arch0wl
rating: [-]
- I understand this is supposed to be sort of file in which there are many arrows that do not specifically follow a particular sound, but rather are partitioned as "sections" within certain portions of the song (another example is Minacious Grace's Push it to the Limit file). Hence there are "ghost" arrows everywhere. This might be a niche style that a few veterans might appreciate for SM, but I am sure it'll spell disaster on FFR.
- Even areas that are actually stepped to the song accurately are not very playable, such as the huge handjack wall in m16 or the many instances of extremely long jacks elsewhere.
- suggestion: step a different style.

Piano Practice / qqrwef
rating: [+?]
- minijack stream is ok; PR could be a bit better, and is an absolute must for a single melody played solely by a piano.
- first set of chromatic scales is meh; once again, PR needs to be fit to a T; layering isn't ideal, but I guess you can't do much with four arrows.
- second set of chromatic scales is meh; I will acknoledge though that it was interesting you stepped the treble melody as opposed to the chromatic bass melody.
- next section with 16th streams and then the runningmen: it's ok, but the first half seems almost like a copy of the same patterns from Classical Insanity and one other FFR song. The runningmen is PR, but you can switch it around halfway through and still retain PR. The runningmen is rather awkward after being in the same pattern for a while.
- 24th stream: bad patterns that don't really reflect PR nor is at all comfortable to play.
- suggestion: PR when you practice playing the piano! I don't think this song had much going for it regardless.

Rising Action / NocturneAunamic
rating: [-]
- If you'd want to step this song to better potential, try cutting the song. Snip out boring sections and retain the interesting stuff, which is difficult to find in a techno song like this. With a shorter song, pattern variations can be made in greater concentrations while repetitiveness is minimalized.
- Intro builds up very slowly with at least 8 bars of emptiness before the steps actually begin. Again, this is probably due to the fact that you're spreading out the file a lot to accomodate for the song's length. So cut the song.
- Many patterns are highly random, and in some instances, this is ok when the synths and melodies don't vary much. But this randomosity percolates throughout the entire file, 16th streams included. The 16th sections have a more melodic synth which can indeed be stepped to greater PR. Try that out a bit.
- What's with the random jumps (e.g. m53)? I'm guessing these slowly build up the file and are supposed to break an otherwise endless stream of 8ths and 16ths. It doesn't do much, to be honest.
- There are also random jacks within some of the long 16th streams.
- suggestion: edit and cut the song a lot, then focus on de-randomizing your patterns while increasing pattern variation. Right now, the application of climax theory is stretched out so much that it doesn't make the file interesting.

Route 1 / Plan_Bsk81127
rating: [?]
- Questionable layering regarding the presence of certain jumps. For instance, see m3-4. The jumps here don't stand out any more than the single arrows. Another example is m5 - what's with the long 16th jump? Some areas structurally would feel better without a jump too; for instance, m7-8. Each part of the melody begins with a 14 jump that doesn't really merit much attention compared to the following two 24 jumps.
- Honest attempt at PR but in a piano file like this, PR errors stand out more due to the emphasis of the melody as the main focus for the song. Some areas to check out: m3 (23 23 jumps), m5, end of m10, m16, etc.
- At this speed, it doesn't hurt to have some jacks, and for a piano file, jacks are typically more welcome when appropriate. See m10 as an example.
- Obvious sounds missing in certain sections such as m11.
- suggestion: fix up some questionable jumps, PR issues, and missing sounds. In other song genres, these issues might be petty but they're more apparent in piano songs. As someone mentioned before, you want to feel like you're playing the piano for classical files.

RunnyMorning (SGX Mix) v2 / cry4eternity
rating: [?]
- It's a challenge to make a second version of a song that's not vastly different in difficulty (other than crazy jacks in v1) while making it interesting and different from the first version. Nice try, but I don't think this one will work that well.
- The first section of the song (m4-29) is actually fairly similar to v1.
- It's nice to know that some areas make a lot more sense than v1, such as m33-40, but unfortunately it doesn't differentiate the file that much.
- Some PR issues when it comes to some repeating 16ths, such as m7, m15, or m44.
- Some 64ths can help make this file interesting, such as what you did in m41. But later on, it just becomes really messy (m65-72).
- suggestion: If you want to step this song, it's probably best to make an easy version. Making an accurate version of a similar difficulty doesn't stand out all that well. Otherwise, try another song.

Sigh / Scintill
rating: [+.]
- At m10-17, you continue to step the swing notes to the relatively quiet percussion, but the guitar is far more dominant. Perhaps you did this to tone down the file in preparation for a bigger climax, as seen later in the file, but I'd prefer stepping the guitar here.
- Try not to step the percussion in m18-25 as it distracts from the steps that go to the guitar. Layering too many different swing sounds tend to result in a constantly swinging file that seems more generic.
- Interesting stuff you can step at beat 99.
- Syncing of guitar solo at m56-57 is questionable, but I'm not too worried about it. Would be a nice touch if you did look into this more closely.
- Step the roll more accurately at m58.
- suggestion: Certain areas should step the guitar, while other areas are better off without the quiet percussion. Nice file btw.

Snow / Silvuh
rating: [+]
- A few areas I thought were single notes instead of chords (e.g. beat 66/34.87 sec, beat 70/36.73 sec, etc.).
- Some areas I thought could have more consistent note values (e.g. m46-47 has 32nds that are probably just 12ths instead).
- suggestion: not much, other than what I've found. Nice job.

Sonic 3 - Ice Cap (Remix) / MrPopadopalis25
rating: [+?]
- PR errors quite noticeable (e.g. end of m9). Typically, PR alone would restrict pattern usage, but for a song this short, it's quite manageable.
- I was kinda shocked how quickly this song ended.
- suggestion: PR, that's about it. The song might be a bit too short, but I'm more concerned about the former. It's nice that people are stepping songs even in the easiest difficulty range.

Strikebeam / TC_Halogen
rating: [+?]
- I know throughout this song there's a lot of stuff you omitted (starts at around m17 or so), perhaps because you may have wanted to retain a specific difficulty, but it honestly makes the file seem more nebulous and unclear. I certainly wouldn't want to see everything layered, but adding a bit more isn't a bad idea. For instance, I think the piano starting in m25 deserves some more recognition as opposed to just percussion-oriented steps (or some unclear amalgamation of the two).
- First 64th in m8 is misplaced.
- PR in a few places perhaps sketchy, but that's ok.
- m32,52,56,etc. can have a quick 32nd burst if you like. It seems to stand out more than the 24th sounds.
- More unclear patterns at m41. The patterns go to some sort of percussion that's far less dominant than the loud hi-hats. Add some 16ths to acknowledge the hi-hats. I think this is the most "nebulous" section of the file.
- suggestion: Increase some layering, with moderation of course, to make clear what you're trying to step. Might be trickier if you were aiming for an easier difficulty, but it just doesn't feel right. The steps feel like, hmm, a blob if you will.

The Crow's Newspaper / TC_Halogen
rating: [+.]
- Should be smaller burst at m20.
- A few small areas with weird jumps (end of m24,27).
- Trill areas of m27,67 can have 4th jumps that go with the bass drum.
- m47,51,87: streams begin with a 16th.
- m53-60: incomplete layering.
- At m85-91, the 16th melody repeats itself from before. You might want to layer with some 8th drums to make this part interesting.
- suggestion: just minor fixes, such as incomplete layering. Really fun to play.

-The Show- / ChessWizard
rating: [-]
- There's just a ton of things that needs fixing. The first and quickest thing to fix is the gap (i.e. offset): it is off by several seconds. A lot of patterns are offsync (e.g. right on m3), and many other arrows are "ghost" arrows that don't step to anything in particular (e.g. m40). For FFR, stepping DDR-style is discouraged. You also should develop an understanding of layering your steps.
- suggestion: just practice stepping more and read the guide on how to step simfiles for FFR.

Thrash the Plank / T-Force & Niala
rating: [+]
- You can add a 16th jump at the end of every mini phrase in m5-7 for the emphasized drum if you like.
- Itty bitty Stuff: 32nd at beat 61.88; ghost 16th at beat 79.75; can add a 4th at beat 81.00; missing 8th at beats 105.50,121.50,127.50; ghost arrows at beats 195.25,199.25?
- suggestion: super minor stuff if you care. Awesome!

to the Heaven -Driven Beat Remix- / kjwkjw
rating: [+]
- Throughout the whole song, there are possible ghost arrows or arrows going to quiet drums which should be omitted. They tend to be on 4th note beats, sometimes at the end of some 32nd bursts.
- Just my own preference, but the first 32nd burst at the end of m59 feels better with a different pattern than a roll.
- suggestion: remove a lot of the 4th arrows that go to really quiet sounds (or may be ghost arrows). Great roll patterns - feels nice on your hands.

Try Harder / rushyrulz
rating: [+?]
- Constant 8ths missing at m9,11. Should be like m10 and 12.
- PR on jumps at end of m19, as well as for the 12th notes.
- Minor thing, but what's with the placement of 8th jacks in m23-24?
- m26,28: I call these pseudo-PR patterns. If only they were shifted a 16th beat earlier...
- m33-39: pretty incomplete layering here.
- Wrong jump at m43 oops! Also missing a 4th jump to melody.
- The 12th section starting at m45 has a number of fumbles. Watch out for only partial stepping of the melody in m45. Also be careful in integrating the 16ths in the following measure. There aren't as many as you think. Layering also tends to be incomplete with 4th notes. They tend to lack jumps when needed. Good example is m49-52. Finally, the 12th stream should lead directly into the 16th stream without a break.
- Are jumps necessary at m57-61?
- suggestion: The errors add up, but more importantly, a lot of them are obvious to note. The fun factor is pretty good though!

Wadatumi / condoct
rating: [-]
- The biggest problem is the major sync issue throughout the entire song. I checked the bpm with MixMeister and yup, you put in 107.80bpm for the whole song. The song is gradually and dynamically changing tempo, which is why MixMeister averaged out the bpm for the whole song, resulting in an incorrect reading of 107.80bpm. The bpms aren't that easy to segregate in this song, so I suggest utilizing the DDream syncing program to help you step this song with the proper sync. Search "ddream tutorial" on youtube, and you'll get the help you need for that program. (free advertising for wc yay!)
- The steps themselves need a lot of work too. Some parts aren't all that bad, but many areas need work. Please leave a message if you want further details on this.
- suggestion: Before anything, sync right. Then you can focus on the steps themselves.

Xecus / TC_Cyrenics
rating: [+?]
- This file felt bland due to the fact that the song is nearly entirely 8th and 16th jumpstreams with little break in between. The heavy layering also restricts the variety of patterns that can be utilized, especially when hands are involved. If you moderated your usage of layering, the file could've been much more interesting.
- m11-26 is a prime example of how you can control layering to make the section interesting. Instead of using 8ths that go to some rather quiet synths, just step single arrows to synths and percussion. At m19, the section builds up a bit, so then you can increase layering and differentiate the latter half of this section from the first half. In addition, the current stepping of the melody doesn't appear all that accurate either, according to the jumps you've placed.
- m35-42: yet another section that is victim of overlayering. You might want to save this for the last bit of the song, since this portion of the song repeats itself later. For its initial introduction however, go easy. Maybe omit the jumps altogether here. I'm basically inferring climax theory.
- The really quiet hi-hats at places like the end of m43 is better off unstepped.
- Read previous comments for m47-63. Same thing applies regarding layering. Perhaps this time you can skip the 16ths and introduce them later such as at m56. At m68, perhaps then you can layer to its fullest.
- Technical stuff: missed jump at beat 36; no 16th at beat 133.25.
- suggestion: I know you can make this song very fun to play, but moderate your layering to make the file less monotonous. Right now, it's sort of like Vertex Beta with jumps - nonstop streams.

Xkur Top Secrut Preview!!!!!!! / MarioNintendo
rating: [+]
- Whoa, crazy speedups! How did you figure these out?
- Some ghost 16ths in areas like the second half of m2,8, should be avoided; just focus on the main melody.
- Technical stuff: probably misplaced jump at beat 35.25,258.25; 16ths, not 24ths at the end of m17; 32nds, not 24ths, at the end of m25; sound at beat 165 lags a bit; probably don't need 16th at beat 185.25; missed 8th at beat 188.50; missed 16th at beat 218.25; missed some arrows at last measure; also don't need jump at the very end
- suggestion: Just little minor things. Unique file. Love those speed-ups!

XP Sounds / Arch0wl
rating: [-]
- We already have this song in the game, and this one isn't very different in regards to difficulty. I would suggest easy steps if you want to step this song. The steps themselves aren't too bad however.
- suggestion: See above.

XP Sounds [SHD] / Arch0wl
rating: [-]
- As for the song in-game already, I think it's fair to say that the difficulty has already been maxed out. This file is a bit harder, but plays worse than the previous one you stepped.
- suggestion: We don't really need a harder version.

You Goddamn Fish / bobbob
rating: [?]
- terribad PR at m3-4,31-45
- A lot of incorrect and missing (and even nonexistent) steps, such as at m14,16,17,19,24,31,etc.
- You should at least take into account the main melody later on in the song (such as m47) instead of just the drum'n bass.
- Vary the patterns more. For example, the first half of the file is pretty much entirely repeated jumps within 8th streams plus 16ths entirely in trills.
- suggestion: It's most likely a combination of uninteresting patterns and sticking only to percussions in most areas that doesn't make this file stand out. The PR and missing arrows don't help either. Fix the obvious stuff first (missing arrows), then go on from there.



{Lazy Summer Days} / Silvuh
rating: [+]
- Appropriate song cut as previously requested.
- Nice that you added some more jumps to cymbal crashes and percussion; probably can use a couple more in some of the most obvious places such as m27-28.
- suggestion: Maybe a few more arrows but nothing else.

Above / Silvuh
rating: [+]
- You fixed those hard-to-hear sounds such as the 8th jacks in the old version, as well as focused more on the drums. Yay.
- No jump at m32.
- suggestion: No jump at m32. Lol.

Beautiful Arrhythmia / iironiic
rating: [+.]
Thanks for eliminating some of the harder-to-hit bursts.
- There are still some bursts that I wonder why are stepped. For instance, burst at around beat 130 goes to a really whispy sound that doesn't seem any more justifiable than the slight buzzes of beats 132 and 132.50. A more plausible burst would be at beat 137 for instance.
- suggestion: Some places still don't really merit bursts IMO. See if you can address any of these. Fun and colorful.

Chik Habit / AlexDest
rating: [+.]
- For a song known for ridiculous files, this one played pretty nicely for the most part.
- Misplaced 4th at start of m3.
- Offsync jacks at end of m7 going to lyrics. Refine the lyrics section a bit to be more on-sync.
- Check for the generalization of some bursts. For instance, burst at end of m16 aren't 24ths, but probably something slightly less. Generalizations are good for overly fast bursts however (such as 48th buzzes). This isn't a big issue though, since it's not all that obvious to differentiate at this speed.
- m33-34 still a huge pain, despite the simplicity of the patterns. Does it need to be included at all?
- 13-24 jump pattern at end of m97 will be a pain to hit at this speed lol.
- suggestion: Not too much. Flip through what I've found if anything suits your fancy. People will look forward to playing this file.

disco 80's / bmah
rating: [N/A]
- My own song.

Famicom Selecta / Dark_Chrysalis AND MrPopadopalis25
rating: [+.] (both files)
- Both files are pretty even. Each file has their own perks and irks in fairly equal amounts. For instance, D_C tends to layer a bit more in the drum'n bass sections, causing more 8th jacks, while MrPop chooses patterns that avoid this, but in the end appears more bland. Oh yeah, for D_C's file, change those 24ths in the end.
- For both files, I would like to see some acknowledgment to the actual main melody in the last drum'n bass section.
- suggestion: I'd hate to see one guy win over the other due to some minor preferences from judges. Make a collab you two!

Where Ya Been Lars / MrPopadopalis25
rating: [+]
- reviewing this song because of TC_Halogen's PASS
- missing jump at beat 94.50
- One can take the sudden stepping to lyrics (e.g. m36) as a form of inconsistency, but given what the song provides, this is one of the few ways to add some variety, so I'm fine with this.
- suggestion: missed one jump.


Rising Action (NocturneAunamic) [?]

m13-m39 - You sporadically add jumps in here making the layering inconsistent. You should have them or don't have them. Considering the upcoming difficulty of the chart I would suggest layering in the rest of the jumps that should be there.

m44 - You didn't step the synth you had been stepping in m39,m40,m41,m43

m53 - m61 - again you're being sporadic with the jumps. There's also a mini-jack at m56

m61 - m69 - Mini-jacks all through the run when there's nothing in the song that calls for them.

m93 - m107 - You layer in the jumps here again but it's making for some really awkward patterns. I suggest changing some of them around for better flow.

m111 - m119 - Again random mini-jacks through the run.

Overall there's just a lot of layering inconsistencies. Also, I think the song could use a cut. It gets a bit repetitive.

Route 1 (Plan_Bsk81127) [+.]

Really don't have any complaints here. It's a bit short but not bad.

RunnyMorning V2 (c4y4eternity) [+?]

m65 through m73 - check your rhythms they are a bit off.
I was also a little iffy about some of your layering choices in this file but that's just personal opinion.

Sigh (Scintill)[+]

I've already talked to you about this file a bunch of times on DF. I love the chart, I find it a lot of fun and the patterns flow nicely.

Snow (Silvuh)[+]

Don't have much to say about this just a well stepped file.

Sonic 3 - ice Cap (Remix)(MrPopadopalis25)[+?]

I know it's meant to be a short easy file but I feel there could be a little more to it to make it a bit more interesting.

Strikebeam (TC_Halogen)[+.]

The Crow's Newspaper (TC_Halogen)[+]

I can tell him in person. If anyone feels I'm being bias in my ratings due to who the stepartist is feel free to have another judge judge them.

-The Show- (ChessWizard)[-]

Major sync issue. It's really hard to judge the file when the notes are so far off.

Thrash the Plank (T-Force & Niala) [+]

Solid file no complaints from me. Nice job guys.

Try Harder (rushyrulz)[+?]

You have the running 8ths stepped in m10 and m12 but you don't have them stepped in m9 and m11.
m37 to m40 you stop following the percussion.
Missing some 12th notes at the end of m52.

Other than these little things the file is pretty solid. Just fix those up.

Wadatumi (condoct)[-]

First thing I would say is I think the intro could really use a cut. It drags on a bit long.
M46 on you end up with massive yellow note syndrome in the song.Thought it was a bpm issue but it looks like you may have just gone off on your own.

Xecus (TC_Cyrenics)[+.]

Overall a pretty solid file. I didn't really like m24 through m34, the music quiets down but you stepped it a bit more on the aggressive side. Other than that the jump/handstream gets to be a bit draggy at the end.

Xkur Top Secrut Preview (MarioNintendo)[+]

Well you already know this is my fave file from you. There's really not much to point out the only thing I see to mention is the jump at the end of the burst in m72 forces a mini-jack but it's completely doable so no big deal there.

XP Sounds (Arch0wl)[-]

The blank space in m24 really urks me.
m48 to the end is a huge difficulty spike from the rest of the chart.

overall some of the file is just really bland then it has that huge spike at the end. I don't really see this working as a V2.

XP Sounds[SHD] (Arch0wl)[-]

This file just feels way too overlayered. And again the blank space in m24.

You Goddamn Fish (bob bob)[+?]

You have some layering inconsistencies. You have some misplaced jumps and some jumps that are missing completely.

Energizer (Arch0wl)[-][!]

Not too sure about permission on this file. Other than that honestly it's just overall not a very enjoyable file to play.

Piano Practice (qqwref)[+?]

A lot of your PR in this chart is off. For a shorter piano song like this I'd really like to see that fixed up. Otherwise it's a pretty solid chart.


to the Heaven - Driven Beat Remix - (kjwkjw)[+]

Looks good. I like the overall flow of this chart.

{Lazy Summer Days} (Silvuh)[+.]

Really not much to say again. Straightforward easy file.

Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic)[+.]

Glad to see the 48th bursts gone. The overall flow of the chart feels nicer than it did before. A few little off things here or there but not too bad.

Chik Habit (AlexDest)[+]

Nothing new to say to this. Overall good file.

Disco 80's (bmah)[+]

Well stepped enjoyable file.

Famicom Selecta (MrPopadopolis)[<]

Famicom Selecta (Dark_Chrysalis)[+.]

You both did a nice job with this song but I still like the overall feel of D_C's better.



[++] 1
[+] 4
[+.] 3
[+?] 7
[?] 1
[-] 4

Energizer [-]
-What are all those notes for?
-I guess this means we have permission for zigzag?

Piano Practice [+.]
-I don't really like m12-14, it doesn't really represent the descending nature of the run at all
-m21 and 22, instead of 4 sets of minijacks it should be something to the effect of 11232234
-m28 differentiate those two notes somehow? maybe by making the second note 14
-random ass ending? lol

Rising Action [-]
-I will say the use of climax theory is a decent approach to stepping this song, but the execution is bad
-the fact that you have jumpstream at the end with random minijacks completely invalidates the beginning of the song where you have random 8th notes
-even if you're watering down your patterns, they still have to make some sense besides just copypasting random index-friendly patterns
-all of that would be ok except the random jacks completely throw off the flow during the streams, and then they're inconsistently used throughout the non-stream parts
-this isn't a bad candidate for a song being stepped in this manner, but you need some creativity in your patterns rather than copypaste and make it so that they actually represent what's going on in the music
-consider cutting if you must use this song

Route1 [+?]
-blue note syndrome, shift the whole song by an eighth note
-throughout the file, there are 16th notes that you miss (m11 for example, there are 16ths in between both sets of (24)s)
-to me, the jumps don't really follow the accents of the music and instead follow just anywhere there are chords. usually that's not a big deal, but in piano music there are usually 123498437 notes at any given point so you have to be careful which notes are important to accentuate with jumps and which ones are just chords

RunnyMorning (SGX Mix) v2 [+]
-in m60, there's a chord change that I think you should step
-green notes are kinda awkward (mainly in the streamish section), but that's just the polyrhythm I think
-other than that, good

Sigh [+]
-I think there are a few little quieter hihats or maybe they're ghosted snares that aren't stepped in the very beginning, but the whole thing is so fun I don't really care

Snow [+]
-m38 and 39 I don't agree with the PR in the hands, I think something like 134 to 234 would be better (there are a couple pedal notes and then the other two prominent notes go up from one chord to the other)
-m61 and 62, same sort of thing, two different chords with the same hand representing them
-fun overall

Sonic3 - Ice Cap (Remix) [+.]
-eh kinda boring for an easy file, and the length kinda takes away its replay value for beginners IMO

Strikebeam [+?]
-k so pretty much everywhere you have 24ths it should be xxx.x 32nds
-in m43b4 it should be xxx. instead of x.xx . same goes for that whole section, baasically
-in the double bpm section there are little inconsistencies throughout between stepping the little pickups to the notes or not. also the jumps in some cases are 2 notes instead of a chord
-some fun patterns, some really floaty ones

The Crow's Newspaper [+]
-my only complaint is that it seemed inconsistent between the different places you stepped the piano, because in some cases you put in jumps for the other stuff and even polyrhtyhms, yet other places were equally complex and didn't get the same treatment. but that's just me

-The Show- [-]
-offset was off by like 4 seconds lol
-the 16ths should run all the way up to those three jumps in m1
-misrhtyhms abound in the first section. the rhtyhm changes its orientation, so you have to be careful. double check it all. for example, the 12(34) at the end of m2 should be shifted up a 16th
-m16 b3-4, the flute plays the same two notes twice, yet once you use 24 and the other time you use (23)(24). keep stuff like that consistent (I'd just use 24 both times)
-m21 the 16th run goes until beat 3
-the whole second half of the file has sorta random jumps. take m28 and 29 for example. you have jumps for every note. however, there are some notes that are played by a single instrument and some that are played with two. you could use something like (starting a m28, using the rhythm you currently have): 3 4 (23) (12) 323(14)
-the file is pretty bad overall, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of the errors and whatnot, but most of it is just newbie mistakes that you will learn from experience. play more and step more and you'll learn

Thrash the Plank [?]
-there are a ton of missing drum notes throughout
-m5 and all of those repetitions, since you step jumps to snare pretty much exclusively you should put a jump on the second yellow note, especially because you do so later in the file too
-m9ish and all the sections similar to that the jumps just really don't make anything clear as to what you're following. you should probably keep the jumps to one specific thing and leave it at that because it feels like it jumps around
-m17 section, there are 32nds and little ornamentations in the keyboard that you step that are missing. I think the trill with the layered snare works well, but it's missing that element.
-m24 for example but throughout the file, you put jumps on basically every snare note except for the random times where there are jacks instead. jumpjacks wouldn't hurt the file with as many snare jumps as there are, but I think you could probably go for a more subtle approach altogether

to the Heaven -Driven Beat Remix- [+.]
-missing 32nds or 24ths or something in m34
-m44 I see why you took out the jumps, but I think you could fit a pattern around something that would work. I dunno
-m49 on I think you would be better served if the jumps followed that little synth riff instead of sorta halfass following some of the other drum stuff. same with the beginning
-fun patterns and fun overall

Try Harder [+?]
-in the beginning, there are those straight 8ths all throuhgout that part, but you only step it about half the time. pick one
-m34 misrhythm. throughout this section the jumps don't really make sense. also like half the time you step drums and half the time you ignore it. it'll work better layered somehow
-m47 the synth keeps the same rhythm, it doesn't quantize to the 12th, so you should end up with a polyrhythm there
-m52 random gap at the end?
-m57 to the end, the synth you're stepping jumps to changes notes, so there should be a couple more jumps per measure

Wadatumi [-]
-I'm not going to give too detailed of notes, because this song is way too long and there's too much stuff,
-pick some songs with consistent tempos to step before you pick something ambitious like this. the bpm changes and so does the time signature, but the chart doesn't. your first hint is that you have tons of yellow jumps on dominant beats. A dominant beat should usually land on red in most cases.
-there are misrhythms throughout the file. like I said, pick something less ambitious to step until you get the hang of it, and maybe edit some existing keyboard files so that you don't have to worry about sync

Xecus [+?]
-basically, you should take out the jumps on every bass drum and just stick with jumps for the various melodies throughout the whole thing. the section starting at m48 is the most clear as to what the jumps go to. the rest of the time it feels like the jumps are just fillers, but that dilutes the effect of the rest of the jumps. (this advice goes for the 8th note sections as well). I also thing song-choice-wise, you could pick a better song for something with more built-in variety.

Xkur Top Secrut Preview [++]
-fun as hell, like the red note thingies a lot

XP Sounds [+?]
-fun patterns overall
-the m27ish on part has some missing 32nds in there (first beat of m29, for example), which feels weird with the addition of the extra notes later in that section. I think the use of the extra notes to fill in those gaps works conceptually, but not when you're missing notes that you otherwise would have stepped
-m41 on, that run seems like it vaguely has pr, but it doesn't differentiate certain parts, like m41b2 and b4 are different pitches but are stepped identically, m42 has four different scales but 1 pattern used once and one repeated 3 times
-m48 the last set of 4 32nds should just be 2 16ths. also I think it would be better if you used a different pattern for b1 and b2 since they're different notes (even if you change it to something like 4321432142314231432131
-m49 trills don't fit, especially since you just stepped a similar run with rolls about 2 beats earlier

XP Sounds [SHD] [+?]
-basically same issues as the other one, and I think the other one is a better chart anyway

You Goddamn Fish [+?]
-the jumps through pretty much the whole thing don't feel like they add anythign to the file, because they're just stepping the crashy sound for the drums, but the crashy sound isn't really an accent and doesn't do anything more than the other drum sounds do. I think it would be better if you put jumps to the melody or something like that. and there are some inconsistencies where there are random jumps that don't go along with really anything else in the file
-in m32ish and that whole section, where there are 3 blues in a row, the note of the synth changes, so so should the note in the chart


[+] 3
[+.] 2 (1 [<])
[+?] 2

{Lazy Summer Days} [+]
-I guess I'm in a better mood today? lol I like the newer patterns

Above [+]
-there are some little PR things but it works overall for me

Beautiful Arrhythmia [+?]
-I still think the same sort of thing, where there are so many little buzzes you do step and so many that you don't step it feels inconsistent all over. I think it's as much a function of the song as the chart, because there's so many notes going on that you're never going to be able to perfectly represent all of them and if you did it would just be a mess :\

Chik Habit [+]
-I like the giga burst the old way better, but I like the other improvements

disco 80s [+?]
-the little 32nd one hand thingies are kinda weird, and all those big fills like that in general feel awkward compared to the rest of the file which is mostly really easy, but the intensity of the song doesn't really warrant the vast shifts like that IMO
-most of the patterns are good playability-wise, but I dunno. the file just doesn't have much impact overall

Famicom Selecta
(Dark_Chrysalis) [+.]
-see last notes
(MrPopadopalis25) [+.] [<]
-see last notes



{Lazy Summer Days}
nice easy file that flowed well spread. some awkward one hand transitions (62.467 and 63.921) but its still OK [+ 7/10]

cool easy file nothing else to say about it [+ 8/10]

beautiful arrhythmia
File felt really sloppy. id say get rid of the beginning 32nds leading into jumps in the beginning. go for climax instead of just stepping every little blip bzzt and brrt. missing jumps everywhere and just awkward burst patterns. this file could definitely be more refined than what it is now [? 4/10]

Chik Habit
notes were early by an entire 4th. not sure if thats just ddream or if it was an accident on your part. easy enough fix though. haha that was fun even though its a bit more than i can handle in terms of difficulty right now. at 45.633 those should be 12ths not 24ths. should be a jump at 57.824. extra 16th at 67.467. 123.014 should be 12ths not 24ths. also add an extra note at the end of the song plz. overall just some minor fixes here and there. liked the fact that you didnt just use 32nds for all of your buzzes made the file play a lot better [+. 7/10]

Disco 80's
notes were late by a 48th e-z fix tho. whats with the weird difficulty spikes in the beginning? liked the difficulty build up towards the end though. might want to not make the difficulty difference too great though i mean you go from like a difficulty 4 all the way to a 10 lol. id prefer seeing something like a 7-8 to a 10. [? 6/10]

Famicom Selecta
file was p iight. quick question though what does the 32nd at the beginning go to? same with the other 32nd that seems to be just in there. at 55.691 id like the see more varience in patterns there. lastly that 24th staircase you have is wrong. [+? 7/10]


Energizer (Competition Overdrive)
wow where to begin [--] i guess thats a good place to start. so many ghost notes i could probably step a completely different file with them. this file is just wow 0/10

Piano Practice
first section - that was nice
second section - started off good then got progressively worse
third section - just bad patterns
fourth section - great until the ending runningmen
fifth section - 24th spam
[? 4/10]

Rising Action
11 seconds of nothing in the beginning is a bit much. 8ths going to nothing and then later on you have 16ths going to nothing(the 16ths should be 3 note bursts btw there should be any stream.bad inconsistent jump usage. super long file should be cut btw. [- 3/10]

Route 1
lol this song. forgot to insert silence in the beginning. im not getting some of your layering. audible 16ths missing in places. give the file another look through so you can add them in. [+? 6/10]

RunnyMorning(SGX Mix)v2
notes are late by a 32nd which throws off the entire beginning 16th section. your jump usage is iffy and im not digging those 64ths at all. this file needs a complete make over. [- 3/10]

please explain layering in the beginning because i dont know what some of those 8th jumps go to. at first i thought it was hihat+piano but that doesnt make sense on some of those jumps. decent file. wasnt a fan of some of your pattern choices. [+. 7/10]

amzin [+ 9/10]

Sonic 3 - Ice Cap (Remix)
easy file. should add a note at the very end when the music cuts off imo. file needs more PR too [+. 7/10]

Layering dont know why you have giant sections without it and some small sections with it. [+. 7/10]

The Crow's Newspaper
silence in da beginning. file was fun no complains just some stuff i didnt like personally [+ 8/10]

-The Show-
jump usage is bad. overall cunstruction of file is iffy. you have a 64th burst in there lol. this file just needs to be reworked completely. feel free to message me on any of the messangers that are listed under my avatar or send me a PM for help pointers etc [- 3/10]

Thrash The Plank
unexpected good file here. add an extra note at the end plz [+ 8/10]

to the Heaven -Driven Beat Remix-
way better no complaints [+ 8/10]

Try Harder
work on the layering when there isnt a 16th stream going on. also at the very end you should step just the main synth [+. 7/10]

do we have permission? yns sync isues 32nds going to nothing.layering inconsistencies. i think i know what you're trying to do you're just going about it the wrong way. [- 3/10]

dont layer that pad synth please. its hardly audible and doesnt do the file any good.get out of the habit of adding jumps to the melody it makes all your files play exactly the same [+. 6/10]

Xkur Top Secrut Preview!!!!!
im sure this song has an actual song title rofl try getting it. file was fun and those speedups were a nice touch [+ 9/10]

XP Sounds
imo this song doesnt need a v2[-]

XP Sounds(SHD)
especially a hard mode[-]

You Goddamn Fish
layering, work on it especially when you could add jumps where it feels empty to balance out the difficulty. also i dont know what youre layering scheme is plz explain [? 5/10]


Judge Team 2


[New files - 20]
From "A Battle for the Sky" to "Connect", excluding "Cheeseburger"

[Resubmissions - 6]
From "Sexplosion" to "Mysterious Desert", excluding "White Walls"

A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh)
- Layering in the beginning measures was really confusing to follow for me when playing this for the very first time
- Jump usage in general is slightly confusing and funky to follow
- Interesting pattern usage
- Repetitive and dragging but decent as an easy file. Could use a few tweaks for the beginning and some jump usages.

A Quick Death (wc & CBR)
- Staircase like patterns in general that contain a lot of one handed trilly patterns are awkward for me to combo when playing through this.
- Layering is good and straightforward to follow.
- Fun for scoring. Patterns are generally AAA'able if you abuse FFR's timing windows.

Above (Silvuh)
- Played the 204 step version just as FYI.
- Multiple difficulty error. gg stepmania gg
- Simple, straightforward, easy-to-follow layering. Good for beginners and it's somewhat interesting.
- No real complaints.

AcidAce-Alliance (leonid)
- Beat 21, should change that [3] jack into just a trill or something. I find the transition afterwards very awkward and mental block inducing.
- M31+, piano chords on the 4ths could be emphasized as hands. Thought this would really add a nice variation to layering.
- M40 should be a cymbal crash hand.
- M162 should be a cymbal crash hand.
- Overall, layering is generally accurate enough and feels great to play. Fun and enjoyable.

Aim Burst (MrPopadopalis25)
- M27, not fond of the 8th jack patterns formed when broken up 16ths are used like this. Don't flow well and becomes awkward to hit.
- Beat 178, could use some 16th stream or trills leading all the way up until the [23] jump at M46. Feels very empty and flow breaking if you leave it like this.
- M47+ jumps on the 4ths to form jumpstream would've worked better IMO, but what you have is fairly simple enough to follow. Only complaint are the build ups when you start using 8th/16th jumps which creates some confusing patterns and layering to follow.
- Beat 258, same deal with adding 16ths to lead up to the jump placement at M66.
- M84, same deal as M47.
- M111, same deal as M27.
- Overall, layering is straightforward and simple. Jump placements were iffy and the file as a whole is very repetitive and lackluster. Could use a few tweaks for patterns mainly on M27 and M111.

Altair (CBR)
- M15, layering transition here is way too sudden and confusing. Would've been better to kept layering the piano with 12th notes and then possible adding jump placements to layer the percussion.
- Beat 69, I find this trill transition pattern very awkward, mainly because it focuses entirely on the left hand. Change in pattern usage so that it's two-handed would be better.
- M19, there are sync issues with the jump placements, due to wrong note intervals being used. some of them should be a 24th later than they should be. Lower rate, double check.
- M31, not fond of the C1 bass. jumps to layer bass would've been more effective and less awkward.
- M33, pattern transition is plain awkward and doesn't flow.
- Beat 133, same deal as Beat 69 with the trill placement.
- M35+, bass is very prominent. Jumps to layer it would've been an excellent addition.
- M51+, I'm personally not a fan of broken up layering. It's hard to follow.
- M58, hands feel sparse and random. They don't fit to what you want to layer and emphasize.
- M63+, jacks are a huge inconsistency and difficulty spike. They don't fit to what you're layering either which in turn feels completely random.
- M66, same deal about the hand placements.
- Overall, note placement itself isn't too bad. Patterns are awkward at times and don't quite fit to what you're layering. Layering needs more refining in order to keep the file more consistent and interesting.

Animus Intorqueo No.2 (MarioNintendo)
- M8+, jump layering is a bit confusing and doesn't emphasize much. There aren't any prominent piano chords playing that calls for this kind of dense jump usage.
- Beat 109, because of the 12th jumpjack usage beforehand, the transition to this layering is too sudden and doesn't flow. Either layer this as jumpjacks or water down the jumpjacks beforehand to match this layering if you want it to be consistent and flowing.
- Beat 135, there should be a jump placement on every 4th and 8th note for the piano chord. What you currently have is too sparsely spread out and again doesn't flow.
- Beat 163, same deal as above.
- Beat 182, you're missing piano chord jumps on the single 8th notes to keep your layering consistent and flowing.
- Beat 199, random note that goes to nothing. Probably an accident.
- Overall, a seemingly lack of pitch relevancy which is very important for piano songs like this. Layering is decent but needs more tweaks before it can pass off for me.

Ark (leonid)
- M19+, layering change adds nice variation. However, the broken up layering is a bit hard to follow. Layering in the 16ths you ignored would've kept this flowing a lot better, despite adding to the repetitiveness of the file.
- M43+, really needs some jump placements on 4th notes for bass and percussion to better emphasize the pauses. It'd also fill up empty gaps and give a much more solid feel to the pattern usage.
- Beat 206, the 2 hands are pretty random. You don't really need them.
- Overall, layering was solid and semi-accurate. Fun and enjoyable.

Banjo Kazooie Rap Beat (Elite Ninja)
- Jump usages in general are too sparse and inconsistent.
- You're also erroneously missing some notes to keep your layering consistent.
- Often times it phases in and out of layering percussion. Sometimes you layer it, sometimes you don't, which doesn't really define a structure to this simfile.
- M28, only one instrument is playing yet you're still layering in jumps in that don't emphasize or fit to what you're layering.
- Overall, needs major tweaks to layering in general. It's too inconsistent and doesn't really follow a defined structure. Arrows seem randomly placed without any sort of relevance to the song itself.

Blooming Electro Flower (Elite Ninja)
- M5+ once jumps kick in, I don't understand what any of those 16th jumps layer or emphasize. Would've been better to keep it simple and layered the bass with jumps throughout.
- M9+ definitely needs jump placements for bass, claps and other noises.
- Same deal at M17+
- Layering transition at M33+ is too sudden and sloppy, despite adding variation.
- M41, half of the jump placements don't emphasize or layer anything. Review this part carefully.
- Rest of the file pretty much all above notes are applied again.
- Overall, very repetitive. It was nice to see some change in layering choices, but it's too inconsistent to fit well together. Jump placements in general would've vastly improved the file. Needs tweaks to layering and probably some pattern variation to make this less repetitive.

botaru 2 -Hyper Euro Arrange- (TC_Cyrenics & bmah & Silvuh)
- M9, layering transition is too sudden and sloppy. Need a lot of key 16th note placements that are missing in order to transition this part better.
- M20 needs some more jump placements to correctly match the build up. Keeping it single notes doesn't quite do justice.
- M41+, the melody you were layering with jumps before is completely masked by all the different sounds playing here, therefore it's really hard to follow the layering. Would've been better to simply layer this part as 4th jumpstream instead of continually following the melody for: 1.variation - 2.easier-to-follow layering.
- M70+, layering transition here is also very awkward and sudden. Would work better if you kept layering in the 8th notes to keep this flowing and easier to follow. I also think that the melody is being way too over emphasized in this section when layered as jumps. \
- M85+ same deal as above.
- Very ending, awkward song cut and way to end the file. Too sudden and flow breaking.
- Overall, had a lot of interesting layering choices and it was fairly consistent. The only problem was the lack of layering variation cause the entire file you were layering the main melody with jumps and nothing else. And the layering transitions between sections didn't quite flow well. Needs tweaks to some layering transitions and choices to make this less repetitive and easier to follow.

Cest What (Ziergdsx18)
- 24th jacks were a bit much. Simplify them to regular patterns that don't form awkward jacks like these. The 16th ones are fine.
- M13, needs some tweaks to pattern usage. I find this completely aids to hit.
- Beat 53, you form a 32nd jack because of the [13] jump leading to the 64th burst. That jack is too hard to hit.
- M37+ needs some jump placements to emphasize and layer certain background sounds. It'd fill empty gaps and keep layering more interesting.
- File ends off suddenly. Weird time to stop stepping.
- For a lot of the 32nd/64th bursts you have jump placements in them. Jumps are verty hard to nail correctly when hidden in dense notes like these so it calls for boo rushing. I'd just leave the jumps out of the bursts entirely to make them less annoying and easier to hit.
- Overall, layering feels generally accurate. Needs tweaks to above notes to pass off for me.

Chaoz Tribute (cry4eternity)
- Sync issue. Offset was about 0.08 too early.
- Because your offset was off, almost all of the jump placements are completely inaccurate and in the wrong spots.
- M38, I don't get the layering transition here. There's no significant change and it's just outright sloppy and flow breaking.
- Would've been better to understand the 16th streams and kept them to emphasize the piano melodies, or at the very least use jump layering to emphasize the piano layering in what you currently have.
- M48, completely off sync and wrong note placements due to the wrong offset.
- 4th jumps to layer bass would've been very effective since it is very prominent in this song.
- Rest of the file should be pretty self explanatory based off of the notes above.
- Overall, needs a total rehaul.

Chekan Winter (Dossar)
- M25+, 4th notes falling on the measure numbers (M26, M27, etc,) and the last 4th notes of each broken up 8th stream can be layered as jumps.
- M49+ a lot of the hand usages don't really emphasize much and just feel simply there for difficulty factor.
- M63+ denser layering would've contributed nicely to climax.
- M65+ same deal as M25.
- I find the 48th burst patterns aids to hit.
- Overall, layering is generally accurate. It's on the repetitive side and is lackluster as a result. Could possibly use a few tweaks for hands and some more pattern variation to make this less repetitive feeling.

CIA Rave V3 (UnkownMan)
- 16th minijacks don't emphasize anything. Feels ctrl+R'd and completely random.
- M19+ why would you stop layering in the 4th jump bass?
- Entire file is boring 16th stream.
- 32nds at the end are huge difficulty spikes and don't even make any sense.

Colibri (Niala)
- Sync of the file drifts. Double check with DDReam.
- 16th minijacks added some nice layering variation however become annoying to hit.
- M35+ the jump placements become confusing to follow at times when you've got some 4th and 16ths jumps thrown in. Also the mini-jumpjack stuff are difficulty spikes and don't seem needed IMO.
- M58, very bad pattern transition from the jumptrills to the jumpjacks. Calls for boo rushing. Simplifying it would be a better choice here.
- M90 same deal as above.
- Overall, layering is semi-accurate. Jumpjacks and minijacks in general aren't really needed and need to be simplified. Also double check the sync cause it drifts offsync in certain sections of the chart.

Coloris (bobbob)
- M9+ missing a few jumps on 4th notes to layer synth.
- Beat 94, layering this part as a 16th stream leading up until the 8th [3] note before the [14] would fit nicely as a layering transition.
- M25, awkward layering transition. You should just layer the 16ths/32nds from the get go after you do the above note.
- M27 same deal as above.
- M37+ I feel that layering in the 16ths in the background that you ignored would've flowed nicely.
- Beat 174, needs 8th notes to consistently layer the vocals and to transition into the nest section better.
- The ending three 4th notes don't even need to be there. Getting rid of them all together and ending the file off at M47 would've been a wiser choice.
- Overall, layering was fairly solid. Had some nice variation. Could use tweaks from above notes before I can pass this off.

Composer (Dossar)
- I'm not feeling the hands in the beginning measures. Overemphasized and would've worked better if you watered them down to jumps and then layering them as hands as soon as the song picks up.
- Beat 98, single notes would be better as jumps.
- Beat 162, would've been better as alternating jacks instead of one straight long one. You could use layer in some jumps to emphasize bass here for layering variation.
- Overall, layering is alright. File is very repetitive and lackluster and feels a bit too technical and overlayered. Cutting down on the hand usages and using them in more moderation seems more suitable because there really isn't anything hard about this file aside from the bursts. Some revision to hand usages might be all this really needs.

Connect (wc)
- M58, thought you would've dumped some minijacks. Would've been an interesting variation to the layering.
- Layering transition at M91 is sudden and awkward.
- Overall, no real complaints other than the file being repetitive and generic.

Sexplosion (woker-x)
- Random note at the very end of the file.
- Bass could've been more heavily emphasized with more thorough 4th jump layering.
- Overall, no real commentary. Solid layering, and it's enjoyable.

Spacedust (Silvuh)
- Jump usage in the beginning measures feels strange to me but it eventually builds up nicely.
- No real commentary. Easy-to-follow and solid layering.

Through The Martian Hell (woker-x)
- Short and interesting file.
- Only minor commentary is that pattern usages suchs as [1][12][2] and the like gets awkward to hit after awhile, especially for beginners.
- Solid layering. Enjoyable.

When the Petals Fall (Silvuh)
- Solid as an easy file. No real commentary.

Where Ya Been Lars (MrPopadopalis25)
- Interesting song choice.
- Colour note vocals are slightly off at times but FFR timing will probably be lenient enough for it.

Mysterious Desert (cry4eternity)
- I'd much rather see the long jacks as trills personally, but they add a scoring factor.
- No real commentary. Solid layering and enjoyable.


Sexplosion (woker-x) [+]
I wish this had an easier chart, but I guess I'll continue wishing that about everything until we get multiple charts per song lol
the way you step the sweeps seems kind of gratuitous. like who's going to look up to you for stepping them super accurately, it's not something you can even figure out in real time
regardless good file

Spacedust (Silvuh) [+]
-to follow earlier conventions, place a 16th right before 76.057 (b/c you still place a 16th triplet even if the 32nds won't fit in
-the gaps in 78.057 on probably should be filled, since didn't you fill them earlier when it was about this dense?

Through The Martian Hell (woker-x) [+.]
kind of short
the jumpstream parts feel gratuitous given the 8thy nature of the song

When Petals Fall (Silvuh) [+]
imo steps should start earlier
jumps after 12ths could be something that's transistioned into later on, rather than done from the outset

Where Ya Been Lars (MrPopadopalis25) [+.]
any part that's five jumps in a row should be only three in a row
29.620: move blue note down to...purple?
32.953: move one note of the jump down a 16th, take out a note from the next [34] jump imo, it's not very strong without a vocal landing on it
47.120: take a note out of this if you followed the last instruction
the yellow and orange near 48.370 are wrong. feels like it should be a bit earlier and closer together
talky at 58 seconds is close, but could be improved with some careful syncing at 0.5x rate
67.537: remove a note from the blue jump, add a yellow below it
talkie at 70 seconds is also wrong, sorry. it's also -really- easy to do this one in ddream b/c nothing else is playing so you can just eye off the waveform
maybe step the rest of the talkie at the end, sinec it's short?

Mysterious Desert (cry4eternity) [+.]
I remember liking this file more last batch. I think it's because PRing it so strongly makes it feel rather uniform and takes away a large chunk of the pattern space.
also, the synth is inconsistently used in the beginning. won't cite any spaces, just watch where you miss and hit notes to it and where you use jacks to it and don't

A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh) [+.]
The beginning idle way too long - should be cut short to 1-4 measures.
When it's just doing triplets with silence between them, how about they each end on a jump?
For the slow part in the middle - the first part feels a bit strong-handed, throwing them right into an extra layered version of the melody before they've even heard and learned it. It just doesn't seem right to do it like that.
The middle part is well handled, except for the 'absent' 32nds - I know you meant to do it like that on purpose, but I think it would be more intuitive to see them anyway.
The third part is well handled - maybe make the first part more like it, and leave the middle part to be the 'streamier' version still?
For all three parts - the double 32nd triplets is technically correct but not the most intuitive thing to follow, as it's rather quiet and comes at you during a gap in the melody. I'd rather put 32nds to the melody.
Ending - more jumps?

A Quick Death (who_cares973 & Coolboyrulez0) [+]
At first I thought 'wow this is hard and gets way too fast and it hurts my wrist', but then I forced my wrists to move as little as possible and really focused, and suddenly !!fun yet hard file!! though still kind of dumpy at parts, especially the ending has super awkward pattern choice
The very beginning should have jumps on the yellow rather than the reds, imo. Also, it gets a tiny bit offsync? I swear it slows down briefly at the end.

Above (Silvuh) [+]
yes now can we add this file into the game already

AcidAce-Alliance (leonid) [+]
Some missed piano here and there that means some of the emphasis isn't there, but it's overall minor and it's a great song + file combo

Aim Burst (MrPopadopalis25) [+]
I'm not allowed to judge you on song choice so here's a +
one thing you could do: during some (or all!) of the 8thier parts, isolate a prominent breakbeaty/synthy part of the background and layer it in
I suspect other judges will say 'repetitive cut it' but I kind of like the feel it has as a marathony file - fast, energetic and very easy to follow, you just keep going and going and going

Altair (Coolboyrulez0) [+?]
First off, the chart is 50ms early, how do you not notice that ?_? wow
Borderline, the quirks of the file bother me too much but the structure is okay
Given the difficulty of the 12thy sections (jumpstream typically avoided etc) the super hard jack+hand chains and pattern choice for the 24ths, especially jump sandwiched ones, surprises me. You need to go one way or the other on the file. You can have difficulty spikes but not outrageous ones - imo I'd add bring the just 12th parts up with more jumps while toning the longer jack parts down.
In the beginning, you should have a note before the green parts, it feels a bit empty to miss that gallop like that
Perhaps some more filler-layering in the later parts of the chart too, and make the chart keep going? Is the rest of the song not worth doing?

Animus Intorqueo No. 2 (MarioNintendo) [+]
where'd you come from? this is really well synced.
I did notice one error: the 12th [14] jump at timestamp 44.749 should be shifted down to 16th at 44.788. Same for the 12th jump at 48.443
Also, the jumps used in the section 24.586-44.441 felt a bit iffy from time to time - play around with it, make sure you're placing them consistently to what's heard most prominently by the ear

Ark (leonid) [+]
check sound quality - sounds REALLY airy for supposedly 320kbps. unless it was deliberately recorded like that?
seek out excuses to step whatever that background percussion stuff is that you don't step is.
paraoka + leonid = automatic good file? theory pending...

Banjo Kazooie Rap Beat (Elite Ninja) [+.]
Song sucks but I'm not allowed to judge song choice
Chart is 30ms early, plz fix
-Every- yellow note going to the banjo needs to be replaced with a purple note.
-The 48ths into a [34] jump are too hard if you're not playing spread - I'd take out the 3 so it just goes 124, that way you can do it with one sweep using one handed style
around second 37 you missed one set of 8th claps

Blooming Electro Flower (Elite Ninja) [+?]
Good effort + everything is on sync (except chart is 10 maybe 15 ms early), but it suffers from a fatal flaw in that the song repeats more often than the steps change up to maintain interest.
When a section repeats, including the half-way mark, you should think 'is this still interesting or should I look for either a) a different way of arranging the patterns such that it carries a different feel for the player, or applies emphasis to different things, or b) find a different instrument or set of sounds to layer?' for instance, half way through the first long stream I'd swap to something or somethingS in the background.
btw I appreciate deliberately picking a dj max portableish stream pattern to be really easy, but it's kind of pointless if you're going to throw jumps all over it :3

botaru 2 -Hyper Euro Arrange)- (TC_Cyrenics & bmah & Silvuh) [+.]
The part you do at 11.279 I thought was setting up for something really awesome. Wow, faked jazzy patterns! But no, that's the only time you do something like that. Come on, this is the kind of song that could really use it - put flams and stuff to guitar wails, slur fast things, etc etc.
Downgraded from + to +. for doing the 'straight stream with jumps to a relatively unemphasized melody that varies wildly in note density' thing because I seriously hate that and it's out of whack with other areas, e.g. you miss 16ths in places like 53.897
It is a playable file, but I REALLY want to see it given a serious polish over and clever usage of faked/added patterns to go with such an emotive song. idk I'm probably asking too much so I'll go with +. instead of +?

Cest What (Ziergdsx18) [-]
24ths stepped as 32nds, 32nds stepped as 24ths, lots of dumb minijacks on columns 2 and 3 and random dumpy shit that jumps out at you. and it ends in a good part too. keep stepping it

Chaoz Tribute (cry4eternity) [+.]
your chart is a 24th, or 60 ms late. god damnit guys sync your offsets using ddream
chart's alright or something I guess. paragonx9 or something like that. see what you've done your inability to set offsets has ruined my will to live : ' (

Chekan Winter (DossarLX ODI) [+?]
this is a really obnoxious feeling chart lmao. chunky feeling all over the place to extract every drop of juicy juicy difficulty from it. what bugs me the way about it's constructed is how it feels like basically the same thing until the very end
you missed two 16ths at 6.139 - unless you took them out to make the combo 1337, you bastard you

CIA Rave v3 (UnknownMan) [-]
sorry but FFR has enough CIA Rave already. your file drags on and on and on without any kind of buildup, just like the song really

Colibri (Niala) [+?]
in a shocking twist, this file is not early but ~30 ms late to start!
sync needs fixing. can't accept like this, it's too iffy. check it using ddream or ask for help
jumpjacks will be hell on ffr (no chord cohesion, remember - the constant jump part will literally be harder than death piano) but everything else is fine except the very end
just a nitpick, but the part you made 12ths with jumps is probably meant to be 16ths with jumps going red yellow blue yellow red red. doesn't affect anything tho

Coloris (bobbob) [+.]
bit iffy, but definitely playable
problems I noticed:
-20ish ms early
-PR could be better I guess whatev
-yellow jump at 37.185 is not a good substitute for lack of a blue note - I'd either put in a blue note, re-arrange the columns or both
-38.669 does not go xxxxx.x. but xx..xx.. as in two gallops red-yellow. similarly 56.927 should go xx..xx.. not xx.xx.x. . also around this area use of pitch relevance and keeping consistent is iffy
-in the slow part immediately after btw, I love how it transistions between vocals and guitar, makes it feel really spacy in a good way
-ending inconsistently steps synth
I don't want to +? it because it's still playable in spite of errors, just that it could be much more polished as well

Composer (DossarLX ODI) [+?]
slowcore super keyboard file is a really weird mix. at first I thought 'this will be really boring because of the song choice' but then it was kind of hard and yet not really. I'm so conflicted but erring towards no

Connect (who_cares973) [+.]
that jumpstream at the end is just -lazy-. I guess jumpstreams are pretty fun but I was expecting something with minijacks given what I'm hearing
other then that there's nothing you can really do to make it better. niceness of the song makes up for relative blandness of steps

i love you

• = Actual notes/errors that I see in the file
+ = Things that will not count for judging rating (Just my opinions and subjectiveness on the file)

A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh) [+]
• Nice smooth PR
• Will make a good easy file
• File is slighty repetitive but not too bad

A Quick Death (who_cares973 & Coolboyrulez0) [+]
• Amazing pattern choices for a hard file
• I wasn't sure if you did this on purpose or not but on Beat 16.00 -- and how ever many times this sound repeats -- It should be a 64th note however the way you have it now is fine because it keeps the whole file in general consistent.
+ I ****ing love the song choice hehe <3

Above (Silvuh) [+]
• Cool PR
• Will make a good file for beginner players
+ I'm glad that you decided to make another easy file. We need more of that in FFR

AcidAce-Alliance (leonid) [+.]
• PR usage was pretty good
• You repeat the same patterns a lot. It's better to change them up once in a while when it get's repetitive.
• Since you were following those piano sounds, there should be a 64th note on Beat 10.06. I would also remove one of the 4th notes on Beat 10.00 since the piano is playing two different single notes. -- Repeat for how many times this mistake happens.
+ I think that you should layer some of those 16th notes you missed like on Beat 10.75 for example.

Aim Burst (MrPopadopalis25) [+.]
• Song is a bit repetitive and so are the steps most of the time.
• PR was decent but there were times when you used to way to much like on m39 or m135.
• Overall, file was fun and patterns were good but it dragged on just a little bit after a while.
+ I think hands could have been included to represent some of those louder sounds but it's fine the way it is.
+ Offset is wrong. Should be -0.670

Altair (Coolboyrulez0) [+.] ?
• Nice pattern usage.
• Layering was good but i feel that some places lost some flow due to the way you layered the patterns.
• Overall, pretty fun file. Some places felt a bit awkward though
+ Offset should be at 1.650

Animus Intorqueo No. 2 (MarioNintendo) [+.]
• Very nice PR usage and good use of layering
• I think layering should have more emphasis on m50 since you can hear it get louder there.
• File is pretty fun. I'd like to see this in game but anything could happen amirite?

Ark (leonid) [+]
• Amazing usage of PR and pattern usage.
• Layering was on point and the file itself was fun.

Banjo Kazooie Rap Beat (Elite Ninja) [?]
• Huge misrhythm issue -- all of those 16th notes are actually 12th notes.
• Layering gets inconsistent at times -- There would be times when you layer the base and there are times when you don't layer them at all.
• Overall, file needs to be fixed.
+ I think if you didn't have that misrhythm error, this file would have potential.
+ I didn't like the song choice at all.

Blooming Electro Flower (Elite Ninja) [?]
• Those 16th doubles you put on beat 16.75, 20.75, 24.75 and 28.75 should all be single notes.
• You missed a 4th note double on Beat 111.00
• I know what you were trying to do on m33-40 but it doesn't work that way. You still have to represent the previous bg sounds in some way or it'll look really awkward and VERY inconsistent.
• Cool patterns on m41-m48 however some of those 16th note doubles are going to nothing. You might wanna go back and recheck this.
• I have no idea what sounds you are going with on m49-m56.
• Remove the last the double note since it goes with nothing.
+ File has some potential but it still needs some work.
+ Don't get mad at me ;__;

botaru 2 -Hyper Euro Arrange- (TC_Cyrenics & bmah & Silvuh) [+]
• Really fun file. Definitely something i would want to put in-game.
+ The beginning stream doesn't go with all the sounds however it does seem like you were trying to be expressive so i won't count that against you.
+ Love the song choice too.

Cest What (Ziergdsx18) [+]
• File is pretty fun and challenging. I'm glad you made most of the patterns lenient to hit.
+ Song choice is interesting...(not in a bad way though)

Chaoz Tribute (cry4eternity) [+.]
• File was fun however the pattern usage near the end of the file got pretty random and repetitive.
• I thought some places should have used more emphasis on the piano rather then repeating the same double patterns over and over again. Check m33-m40 and some places on m41-m47.
+ Offset is wrong. (Just a warning in case this file get accepted)

Chekan Winter (DossarLX ODI) [+?]
• File was pretty fun and challenging however it's pretty overlayered so i would tone it down a bit.
• Nothing else to really say about this file to be honest. I thought it was structured fine except for the overlayering part.
+ Song choice was pretty cool.

CIA Rave v3 (UnkownMan) [<]
• Not sure what those mini jacks in the beginning were going to.
• m19-m26 you randomly stop layering in general. That tells me already that the file is VERY inconsistent.
• m27-END i have no idea what you're doing from here on out. This is a very bad sign.

Colibri - FFR (Niala) [?]
• Missing alot of 8th doubles throughout the file.
• A lot of places where PR could be used,
• A lot of mini jacks that doesn't go to anything.
• I don't like the layering choices you made. It definitely makes the file sightly overlayered.

Coloris (bobbob) [+?]
• m1-m2: I know what you were trying to do however if you're going to just place 4th and 8th notes like that then you should layer m3-m4 like that as well to keep the file consistent. From the way it looks, it seems like you wanted this to be more 4th, 8th and 16th oriented so what i would do is place the missing arrows on m1-m2 and layer the kick like you did on m3-m4.
• m9-m12 is just WAY too inconsistent. I can't even follow what you're doing here.
• Repetitive patterns on m13-m16 and some of those doubles arent need IMO.
• A lot of repeated mistakes with the inconsistency.

Composer (DossarLX ODI) [+?]
• This file was alright. Very overlayered thoughout the file. Should tad it down a bit.
• Pattern usage was well structured and stuff but should be changed up at times since the song is repetitve.
+ Song choice was so boring and repetitive which affected the file a bit.

Connect (who_cares973) [+]
• File was pretty fun. Very good layering choices and great PR on the solo parts.
+ Song choice was very smooth sounding 8)

[Resubmitted Files]

[Resubmission] Mysterious Desert [+]
• This file was rather enjoyable. Glad you fixed those errors.
• Very nice PR usage. Some of the patterns were kinda off but wasn't that bad.
+ Offset should be 1.575

[Resubmission] Sexplosion (woker-X) [+.]
• m3: Beat 11.00 is not supposed to be 24th notes. If you listen carefully, it's supposed to be a 4th, 32nd and a 16th note and then on Beat 11.50, it's supposed to be an 8th, 32nd, and 16th note.
• m27: 12th note on Beat 106.33 should be removed since it's not going to anything
• m31: 12th note on Beat 122.33 should be removed since it's not going to anything
• m34-m36: I still think you could have approach this differently so that you represent those sounds and to also keep the file more interesting rather than keeping it the same.
+ m38-m52: Well techinically, those aren't 64th notes but i guess you were trying to be expressive so i'll let this one slide this time.
• m55-End: Same repeated mistakes as i mentioned above but not nearly as much as last time.
+ I can tell you put effort on this file and you fixed some of the mistakes i've mentioned last time which improved the file big time and for that, i'll give you a better rating.

[Resubmission] Spacedust (Silvuh) [+]
• Again, this file was pretty fun. Nice usage of patterns and PR.
+ Song was slightly repetitive but that's not a big deal.

[Resubmission] Through The Martian Hell (woker-X) [+]
• Again, i still enjoy this file very much. Looks a lot more structured this time which is a bonus!
• Some places like the straightforward 4th and 8th notes near the beginning part kinda dragged on a bit but it wasn't that bad trust me.
+ Not a big fan of rock songs though lmfao.

[Resubmission] When Petals Fall (Silvuh) [+]
• Nice beginner steps and song choice. Something that will please beginner players.
+ Nice song choice as well.

[Resubmission] Where Ya Been Lars (MrPopadopalis25) [?]
• File is still inconsistent with your layering at times and you're still missing some jumps but it's better then before.
• Relook at those color notes on 36-38. (Also notice that from the way you were layering before, this part was inconsistent because you went from layering the bass and drum to randomly layering the lyrics which isn't the "right way" to do it. If you're going to make that part lyrics then the whole file has to go with lyrics and vice versa.
+ I honestly can not take this song seriously lmfao


(all numbers are time markers given through DDream.)
A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh)
Rating: [+?]

- Bit of a long wait for the first note to start, no? Not holding this against your rating, but something to think about.
- I do like how you manage relevancy without adding layering, although the focus of what's being followed is a sometimes little bit ambiguous.
- Syncopation to the rhythm guitar is nice, although not beginning it at 48.079 feels a bit odd, as much as it accounts for the accented clap.
- 60.079: being that the rhythm guitar's melody disappears into the bass melody later into this musical phrase, it seems weird to have it accounted for only once. The lead synth is a nice accent and could probably work on its own.
- 104.887: what are these jumps introducing that hasn't been there before? It seems strange to use this to accent a melody that you were using only single taps for.
- 116.196-136.301: while I personally do understand that the layering is a result of combining two instruments, some of the notes are a bit hard to hear (like the jacks in the melody, for instance).

This song could probably use a bit of a trim, it does take a little while to get going.

A Quick Death (who_cares973 & Coolboyrulez)
Rating: [+?]

- Ghost notes: 31.827, 42.927, 43.407, 46.527, 46.707, 48.087, 49.407, *51.447, *52.887 (*intentional for flow, possibly?), 68.067, 70.707, 70.767...not gonna list them all, etc.
- Missing notes:
**35.847, 36.327, 37.287, 37.407, 44.787-45.145 [interpretable], 48.747, 48.927, 100.407 (are these intentional?)
42.687, 72.867

- 38.547: you've been accenting snares the entire time, but this one is missed.
53.727: check your rhythm here, the 12th run actually starts on the 16th note before where you have it starting (you'll be using 48ths for this)
(subjective) - 93.627: that burst entry is absolutely disgusting
- 106.947/127.467/136.107: not against your rating at all, but if you're following snares, you missed one here
- 139.227-end: after the jump that represents the snare, you miss the note that's 1/16th of a note after each and every time (unsure, if it's intentional, just throwing it out there).

While I have a substantial amount of notes for this chart, almost all of them have to do with missing/ghosted notes, some of which seems to aid in the overall flow of the file (ghosting), and others are to avoid a lack of it (missing). Overall, this is a decent chart - it doesn't look very nice on FFR though at 250 BPM, though D:

Above (Silvuh)
Rating: [+]

- 67.859/68.459: why jumps here? not a big deal, just wondering.

Very nice, calm, mellow, and well stepped. Absolutely no complaints.

AcidAce-Alliance (Leonid)
Rating: [+]

- 11.555: not entirely sure about there being a polyrhythm, although with how much is going on here, it looks pleasing to the eye
- 16.657-16.861: misrhythm - should be a single 16th after the jump at 16.657.
- 50.138: there are two bass instruments here; not considering this an error because you did strictly follow only one, but just a note
- 51.770: any reason why you opted out of accenting the bass drum here, rather than later? as progressive layering, it does work, so no biggie

Sick file, definitely enjoyed testing file; file flows great and has some awesome accent features.

Aim Burst (MrPopadopalis25)
Rating: [+?]

- 48.459-50.029: While the jacks are nicely PR'd, the layering of the bass drum along with the jacks makes this really awkward and rigid
- 50.079/51.836: according the layering you had at the beginning of this section (bass drum + synth) this jump doesn't belong since only a synth falls on it, however...
- 52.228: regardless of the layering inconsistencies, I feel like all jumps is perfectly acceptable here since a running bass drum like this one (usually) indicates intensity
- 58.511-78.537: acceptable application of climax theory in my opinion, not sure how other judges will take it
- 83.642-103.747: this section is layered correctly ONLY if you were accounting for bass drum and bass line + lyrics, but it doesn't quite seem that way with patterns like 93.694 and 102.019.
- 105.003-127.621: weeeeeeeeeeee
- 188.720-201.757: you might want to mirror this since this exact same pattern set was used
- 203.014-246.993: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


This chart plays SO much like Blue Army, but more like Blue Army beefed up after taking some protein supplements and doing some weight lifting. I personally have no issue with the runs, but other patterns feel a bit strange to me. Has a very old-school feel.

Altair (Coolboyrulez0)
Rating: [-]

- 1.101-12.263: this pattern looks strange; you could try making the first note each 12th triplet pitch relevant.
- 22.031-23.426: this pattern is incredibly mean, no matter what style you play
- 25.519: "come on!" starts here, and is stepped the same way as 28.332; even though you miss it each time, it seems really weird because it's on the same arrow as the bass for someone reason
- 42.961-45.752: now that's just downright cruel...
- 78.791: I hear the piano, but it's a bit far in the background...
- 84.822: technically correct, but it looks downright ugly
- 87.612: odd place to switch from a snare accent to a synth accent
- 101.101/106.682/107.731/112.263: forced mini-jack is a bit awkward looking here, even as a by-product from pitch relevancy
- 116.915: technically correct also, another one that looks pretty nasty though
- 118.310-140.636: you're missing some bass drum sounds here that really wouldn't boost the difficulty much until the second half of the sections, but:
- 124.589-140.636: the distortion in the synth is barely audible at full speed, and some of the patterns used for them are bit rough
- 154.589: this is a bad place to stop, but then again, the song desperately needs a cut

There's a lot of poor pattern choice in this song, and the layering in some sections is just "layer everything" rather than using judgment to figure out what instruments can take presidence for accenting the most out of the song.

Animus Intorqueo No. 2 (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [+?]

- 7.246: arguably incorrect being that both left and right hand are playing at the same time; I personally think you made the right choice choosing the top instrument
- 9.447/20.254: being that you're accenting the louder notes, you could probably put a jump here
- 26.664: Pitch relevancy presidence over the top notes is a smart idea here, nice work
- 39.362-42.594: this area is a bit troublesome to layer because the left hand melody picks up a bit, which will lead to a ton of jumps.
- 44.479: this purple jump is actually a little bit closer to the running melody (more suitable at 44.788)
- 64.573/80.184: I would personally layer in both insturments fully here since it's a bit slow
- 98.611: these notes are punched out REALLY hard. Triples will work awesome here if you ignore the lower melody because they are being heavily masked by the pounding chords.
- 107.416: this note can be removed, in my opinion - too long of a wait and the triple makes it clear as the last note that this song is finished.

The pitch relevancy in this chart isn't all that bad, but there are a few areas that could use some boosts in accenting. Not bad at all, though.

Ark (leonid)
Rating: [+]

- 76.835/77.116: remove triples

Clear, easy to follow, and is short to avoid repetition. No complaints.

Banjo Kazooie Pause Rap Beat (Elite Ninja)
Rating: [?]

- From the beginning of the song to the end of the song, you choose jumps for certain snares and make others single notes (see: 7.800, where it's a jump vs. 10.200, where's it not)
- There's quite a few forced mini-jacks (some 12ths/16ths) - while at this speed, they're hardly difficult, it makes the chart just feel a bit forced.
- 19.700/22.100: that was actually kinda nice
- 27.600: in these five arrows, you see how you have the bass drum as an up arrow? the snare comes after it, and is a different sound, so it would not only look better, but feel a bit nicer and more "keysounded" if the snare was on a different arrow in this section.

Even with all of these errors fixed, I'm not sure if it would be queue-worthy because even with the short length, it drags a lot.

Blooming Electro Flower (Elite Ninja)
Rating: [?]

- nice job using jacks for the melody, as that is correct in terms of pitch. However:
- try following the lead instrument only - you're putting heavy focus on the main melody by adding jacks to it, so keep that the point of interest in this part of the chart
- 7.405-14.558: check your layering here, 16ths like 7.751 might do better as single arrows rather than jumps; try following the jumps/snares and adding on to your pattern that you built in the beginning of the chart
- 14.789-29.558: it looks like you were trying to put some pitch relevancy in here; it's partially correct, but not entirely - slowing down the song can help greatly in figuring out which notes are higher (move an arrow or two to the right for higher notes, arrow or two to the left for lower ones, dependent on distance between the two notes musically).
- 44.328-59.097: same as mentioned above, try to get the arrows to represent the melody visually - it's alright to keep the jumps for the clap like you have it, but try playing a bit more with patterns
- 74.212/77.905/81.597/85.289: there's no bass drum
- 73.866-88.635: this is another area where you might be able to sneak in your mini-jacks from the main melody, although you might be at some risk for nasty patterns due to the interval of the bass drum, so it's not entirely necessary
- 103.405-110.674: see notes for 14.789-29.558
- 110.789-118.174: if this is the rhythm for your melody, you might want to go check back earlier in the song where you used it and change it up a bit (or even better, apply this rhythm and layer in bass or snare or both, and see how it looks!)
- 118.174: jump isn't necessary - there's no sound here.

This chart has some potential, and with some work, I honestly think this could get queue'd later down the line.

botaru 2 -Hyper Euro Arrange- (TC_Cyrenics, Silvuh, & bmah)
Rating: [+?]

- awesome PR in the intro; rather than going off of actual pitch, it seems like each column as a specific note or set of notes that fall on the arrow regardless of the previous/following note being lower or higher
- 11.279: is the incomplete representation of the melody intentional? I can't quite figure out the layering for the first half - I know part of it is the higher notes of the melody, but what's the other? I can see it turn into hi-hat + melody once the 16th triplets come in, but I'm not sure about before.
- 16.869-28.047: layering choice and PR seems a bit off here...
- 28.047-39.225: if the jumps are supposed to be PR for the trumpet, take a look again because regardless of the jumps being PR'd on their own or each note individually, it's partially incorrect
- 55.993-64.377/134.242-138.958: would like to see a bit more relevance for either the trumpet, or the background melody (which is really hard to distinguish), like 75.555-81.144
- 89.528-95.177: this is an area that could benefit from pitch relevant accenting (although by no means required)
- 93.720-95.177: scaling doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go 1234 - just give it an overall ascending feel and it'll look better as long as it changes
- 96.510-106.296/117.474-128.652: a bit empty here, no?
- 128.652-134.242: whichever one of you three stepartists put this bridge together, you should probably take over on fixing patterns, because this flows so nicely

Lots of things need cleaning up here. Pieces of the chart flow really nicely, and some are stepped nicely, but others...not so much.

Cest What (Ziergdsx18)
Rating: [?]

- 8.293/12.290/16.286/28.276/32.273/36.270: misrhythm: should be 32nds - you do this misrhythm each and everytime but it doesn't seem intentional because the rest of the chart has 48th/64th bursts in it
- 17.286/25.279/41.266/49.259/57.252: this is where the 24ths would be (or possibly colors)
- 19.222/27.215: extraneous note
- 24.030: I'm all for accenting snares, but that's a pretty bad spot to do it
- 26.528: having that jump there forces a 32nd jack at 120 BPM (or a 240 BPM 16th), also, this burst is way overstepped
- 33.372-34.521/42.015-43.264/49.759-51.257/57.752-59.251/65.745-67.244: this entire section should be 24ths for the percussion (white note for sound effect is fine, though)

There are a massive amount of misrhythms in this chart; some approximations of 48ths are perfectly acceptable because the sound sweeps in, but 32nds/24ths are easy to tell apart and shouldn't missed that frequently.

Chaoz Tribute (cry4eternity)
Rating: [+?]

- 0.094-11.210: two things; first: it does seem like you're trying to use some pitch relevancy for the introduction, so check to make sure that when the key changes, that your set of 8th notes changes as well (you use the 123123 pattern, but you have two different musical keys in question); second, this entire melody consists of only a synth, so jumps are unneeded here
- 22.680-45.265: bold move taking the hi-hats for layering, not sure how that will go with other judges; I'm a bit iffy on it myself...one thing that irks me is the hi-hats stopping because of the melody accent
- 23.032-25.326: being that the hi-hats are the basis for your layering (your 16th runs), your synth line is serving as the accent. To make this visually appealing, pitch relevancy in the jumps can help. Since the hi-hats are a static instrument, don't be afraid to vary your patterns a bit. In this area, you have a melody that gives you the opportunity to use PR (as you do, slightly later in the file).
- 31.502-33.972: this is a good usage of PR in combination of the hi-hats.
- 39.442: jump causes a forced mini-jack.
- 33.796: missing the 32nds?
- 52.323-53.735: sudden stop of bass layering?
- 97.494-98.906/108.787-110.199: sudden stop of the hi-hat layering?

While a lot of the chart doesn't seem to sit well with me, it seems to play the same in sections at are similar; consistency is a good thing. I very much disagree with the hi-hat layering, but it's fairly audible and gives the chart an aggressive feel, which is an appropriate portrayal of the song's intensity.

Chekan Winter (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [?]

- I am all for accenting instruments, but accenting a snare that occurs throughout a majority of the song as a triple is a bit unnecessary. This chart would look a ton better with every percussive instrument losing one arrow of layering (bass drum being repeated taps, snares being two notes, and cymbals being three). That way, you'll have room to accommodate for the song's changing in themes.
- snares are 4 notes: you have: xxxxx, the song goes: .xxxx (although layering would probably add that 5th note)

To be perfectly honest, there's nothing "wrong" with the chart, but the lack of change in the chart when a new melody of the song comes is just enough for me to say no.

Cia Rave v3 (UnkownMan)
Rating: [-]

Mini jacks forced through jumps everywhere, nothing special about the patterns, and it's just the same stuff over and over again. The ending 32nds are atrocious.

Colibri (Niala)
Rating: [+.]

- 10.983: Don't entirely agree with the forced mini-jack here, although other instances play alright to me.
- 37.644-48.836: Love the run - perfectly indexable and has PR too; brownie points for you
- 81.713-82.412: a bit too rough here, although:
- 122.764-123.826: perfectly applicable here; despite the speed, the pattern is fairly easy to string together.

I can see an argument as to whether or not the jumps belong with the mini-jacks, but I personally think it flows pretty alright.

Coloris (bob bob)
Rating: [?]

- 24.927-33.185: some of the main melody is being masked; for an easier file, it might be best to nail only the notes that are most audible
- 37.185: if this jump is for the vocal - it belongs on 37.056
- 41.443-57.959/57.959-74.475: try to stay consistent in what you're focusing on.
- 74.475-90.991: this section is alright, I guess
- 90.991-...ffff: lotta jumps...


- 90.991-111.636...try to layer rather than assigning the vocals to jumps - gives you room to add some variation with the synth that comes in every once in a while

Layering inconsistencies hurt this file a lot.

Composer (DossarLX ODI)

- this file suffers the same issue as Chekan Winter in terms layering...
- however, at least this file has some interesting sections with minor changes, rather than major theme shifts, which makes your file a little bit more sturdy.

Nothing really wrong with it again, but the constant accenting of the snare is irking me pretty big time. In comparison to the rest of the song, the snare is loud, but not overpowering, which is why the layering is a killer. 64th bursts were a nice touch and actually flowed nicely.

Connect (who_cares973)

- ...did you speed the song up 20 BPM?

- It seems like this chart was just put together to follow rhythm and only percussion. It does it for quite a while...
- 82.340: forced minijack?
- 97.883-125.325: the jumpstream is alright, I guess...just goes on forever...

...this song desperately needs a cut.

Sexplosion (woker-X)

- 5.074: nice little color addition there
- 16.185: ?
- 95.286: first note isn't needed here, although it's not as noticeable as I remember.
- 138.852: remove that last note, not really necessary to have

MUCH better.

Spacedust (Silvuh)

This looks a lot cleaner now! I couldn't find anything that didn't seem to be done with good intention.

Through the Martian Hell (woker-X)

My requested fixes were taken care of. Not fond of the chart, but there's no inherent errors, so it passes by me.

When Petals Fall (Silvuh)

Nothing wrong here.

Where You Been Lars (MrPopadopalis25)

I had a pass on this last time alongside of my minus because I didn't want to make it seem like the chart was [-] worthy, and I won't affect the rating of this file again because of my extreme dislike to the song.

Mysterious Desert (cry4eternity)

It doesn't seem like there's much wrong, but the chart looks entirely PR-invested. With that being said, some of the patterns look a bit funky and are questionable in terms of accuracy, but they don't play very badly. I can see someone enjoying this.


Judge Team 3


Note: All beat values start at beat 0.

[?] Cheeseburger / Sanxion7 / TC_Halogen
Comments: PR needs a lot of work.
Errors: Offset: -0.386
The note before b20 can be removed.
You don't start stepping any minijacks until b160, even though that instrument is doing a lot of repeated notes in the first part... And they don't even seem to be being used correctly here.
The pitch relevancy isn't very good ... Like in the break, b103 and b014 should be on the same arrow and b104.5 and b105.5 should not be.
Before b207.5, you have three 192nds, but it's after b207.5 that the percussion really makes the gallop.

[++] Contain / Venetian Snares / dore
Comments: Very accurate, consistent, enjoyable to play (until the my ears were raped 359 beats in, but yeah)
Suggestions: b198–238: Consider removing the arrows from the jack for the softer sounds, e.g. b206.5 and b207.5, so there's less air in the soft section.

[?] Dracula / Renard / noise-or-e
Comments: A fun start, but mostly feels incomplete.
Suggestions: The jacks like in the opening ... the sounds aren't jacks, but it just wouldn't feel right either as straight stream, because the eighths are obviously more emphasized than the 16ths.
b20: Instead of having these 12ths all be jumps, maybe layer in the other sound thing.
Not sure if the minijacks starting at b134.5 are necessary.
b244: This part feels understepped, which is obnoxious with it transitioning into the most heavily-stepped section.
Errors: b20.5: These sounds are not minitrills. b21 is at a much higher pitch than b20.5
b80: These jumps should not be empty. They need to be distinguished from the same sounds at b96 which is empty.
b101 is a higher pitch than b 101.5 so it should be a right arrow.
b169: These 4ths have a gallop farther than a 96th before it.
More should be layered into the b196 section to distinguish it from the eight measures before it.
b243.25 doesn't have the same quality as the eighths around it, so that shouldn't be a trill.
b268.25 and later: There are a lot of 16ths like this one that go to a skip in the percussion and should be removed. Listen for that.
b303: This 16th roll seems random?

[+.] Duck Hunt / TAoD&BO / Coolboyrulez0
Comments: The percussion is stepped fine unless someone else finds the consistency stale. Only odd thing to play is the 16th jumps.
Suggestions: The arrows to the woofs are a frame off, so moving them to the 192nd closest to the beat could be better for that.
b51, 55, ... , 115 ... : That melody you jump to does jacks here.
b66, 74, ... , 122 ... : Move the left arrow to down.
Not sure about the colored note usage to the lyrics. That seems inconsistently done.
Errors: There's a skip right before b115 (61.24s) that causes the rest to be off.
Before that, the beats only get off by a negligable four milliseconds.
Then the last part starting at b147 gets a little funky sync-wise.
The 24ths at sections like b70 are innacurate.

[+?] Electronic Music is a Joke / kkrusty / AlexDest
Comments: Mostly just needs more jump consistency. Not missing too much. Fine to play.
Errors: The first five fourths all are on the same pitch and should be the same arrow.
b45.5–46 has the same sounds as b54.5–55, but 54.5 is a jump and 45.5 isn't. I'd suggest removing the jump at 54.5 so the jumps at the bass are more noticeable.
b51.5–b52.5 has more of those sounds you put jumps to.
b58.75 should be a jump if b60.5 is.
There's this melody starting at b84 that you step for a bit but start ignoring after a while. Not sure about that.

[+.] Everything Went Numb / Streetlight Manifesto / who_cares973
Comments: This file feels really awkward to play for me.
I'd like to see the file done differently, but what you have is good for what you're trying to do.
Errors: missed a 16th to the trumpet at 7.684s
96.300s: missed a guitar note here; it's on the 16th, not the 4th.
Don't forget to cut the .mp3.

[?] Fast Asleep / terminal 11 / Xayphon
Comments: There are a lot of little errors involving the grace notes. Could use more consistency.
Suggestions: 26.027s, 26.857s, 27.962s ...: There are jumps on grace note sounds. You could make one of the arrows a grace note.
62.521s: Are the jumps on the eighths necessary here? It's kind of soft.
You might could treat the grace note units as jumps in a sense of .. only having grace notes where it seems like the note is emphasized enough for a jump.
So only have a jump with a grace note if it's emphasized enough for a hand. There are some instances of this you could change.
Errors: Try a constant BPM of 108.513 with an offset off -0.040. The very first note will be too early, but the rest will be on.
Because it looks like you used ddream, you should know that the swing is on the 64th, not the 24th, throughout the piece.
I'm assuming you did step them inaccurately on purpose so everything wouldn't be green or something. I think it's fine, though, because the difference is less than a frame.
I guess you could ungreen the notes at the beginning and end for consistency.
11.651s, 20.498s, 29.345s, 47.039: The 32nd/16th here are more than a frame off the sound.
16.812s ... : The grace note should be after the 12th.
17.641s, 26.488s ... : Missed a grace note on the 24th.
25.935s: Grace note should be before the 24th.
36.533s: Now this is actually 32nds here. 64ths from the beat: XxXxXXXxX
37.086s: The first 64th doesn't go to the percussion. The sounds end on the 64th after the 16th.
37.915s: The 32nd is too early. At least one of the white notes should be on the loudest part of the sound.
42.327s, 60.032: Too many arrows here. (Remove the 64th then check the accuracy of the other arrows.)
50.494s, 62.935 ... : 16th is too early.
54.227s: The percussion has 5 sounds in this half-beat, not eight.
54.780s: The first note should be a little earlier, then have four 64ths starting at the 32nd.

[+] Foam Born / Between the Buried and Me / dore
Comments: Another well-layered, accurate dore file. Wooop.
Errors: In the intro, some notes are over two frames off. Would help to use ddream to sync this.
b162.66: Missed a note.
b237: Percussion doesn't have 24ths here.
b208: With the jumps on guitar here, should have a jump at b210. It also goes with the crashes. Same at b226.

[+] Gotta Catch 'em All / Powerglove / SKG_Scintill
Comments: The jump/hand usage is really good here.
Errors: Sync is a little rawr but it doesn't get too off.
b165: remove one of the arrows in the jump and put the 48th in that spot. The note isn't loud enough for a pseudo-hand.
b219.5: Remove the eighth; the guitar doesn't start until the fourth after.

[+] In the Wind / syatten / bmah
Comments: Good strict layering.
Suggestions: b155: The bass does have some notes between these hands here.
But I think it's fine to ignore them for that last-note emphasis thing.
Errors: Offset: -1.434

[-] Infernoplex / Dimrain47 / ChessWizard
Perhaps you should try stepping an artist who doesn't have any music in the game.
This just has way too much inconsistency.
Some of the PR is dismal, like b28, b42... The melody is obviously varying much more than the arrows.
You step some sounds then ignore them a beat later... like around b86.
Just like the first instance of the thing at b92, there are breaks in that sound you have 16ths to.
You indiscriminately ignore the piano in the b174 section.
And then there's just more of all this stuff throughout the rest of the file.
Offset: -3.437

[+.] Kirlian Changes / Flashbulb / AsphyxZero
Comments: Considering the difficulty of the rest of the file, the little bit at the end is too much.
Suggestions: Unlayer the end and cut the .mp3.
Errors: The beats don't get a whole frame off, but a constant BPM of 145.027 would be closer.
b30, b46: Missed violin notes.

[+?] Nighttrain / SSH / truemaestro
Comments: This will be a really good file, but it needs a good bit of touch-ups.
b75.75: I can barely hear this note at 1.0x. May be good to remove it because it's right after the louder piano stops.
b77: Doesn't make a trill sound here.
Seems like there are a number of missing jumps to the piano chords in the middle section ... Might be a layering thing.
With how ignored the percussion gets, things like the jack at b158.5 are a little weird.
Errors: There's some BPM variation in here, but 123.948 would be pretty close. The ending is off by a frame as-is.
b5.75 only goes to the piano. Should be removed.
b12.5: Guitar does a minijack here.
b20, b35: Guitar has two 16ths leading in to this beat.
b80: Here's a jump solely to the chord: no piano or percussion here.
b80.5: This note should be a minijack with the sixteenth after. Also has a chord and should be a jump.
b92–94: The four 16ths here should be on the same arrow. The next two sixteenths should be on the same arrow but different from the last four.

[+.] No Purpose Flour / SessileNomad / iironiic + wc
Comments: The jump consistency is really good and the percussion is all there.
Suggestions: Might should add silence to the .mp3 so it doesn't start awkwardly in the middle of a phrase.
Not sure about the choice of stepped buzzes. Seems like there are unstepped ones louder than stepped ones. Gets fine after the first break though.
In the breaks, you can make lone notes jumps just to make it "more interesting".
97.293s: Could make this hand a white note just because it goes to an odd sound.
Might want to have the final drown-out note earlier. Or make the .mp3 fade out earlier or something.
Errors: 10.452s, 20.557s: (192nds) should be XxxxXxXxxxX
147.741s: jump on this 32nd.

No Salt [PASS] Asked wc to look at it.

[+?] Obscene Amount of Steam / SessileNomad / iironiic
Comments: I don't like this file too much, but it's not bad.
Not sure if those clicks deserve more emphasis than the keyboard chords.
I don't get why little percussion taps should be emphasized more than the melody, but that's just me.
Makes a lot of jumps see random, unnecessary or inconsistent.
I don't get the jump choice at b88–b91, for example.
b206–: Not sure why you didn't step the buzzes all the way in this section...
If it's because it's soft, well, b221.5 is soft and has the buzz stepped.
Errors: Missed notes to the intro at b9, b17, b25
Ghost notes: b14.5, 24.5
Very inconsistent with the minijacks.
b31.5: These notes are 128ths, so 64ths or 32nds would be more accurate.
b74: The first 32nd shouldn't be there.
b75: All these 16ths should have some swing.
b186: The 48ths and stuff at the end aren't right at start of the sounds.
b262: This percussion that's jumped here is ignored often, like at b269.
(The jumps after b296 seem to all make sense.)
Gotta do something about the long drowning out part though.

[+?] Phalanx / Lonestar / customstuff
Comments: A bit better than before. Still needs a little work.
Suggestions: b86.5: Don't think the jacks need to be jumps here, either.
b246: You could have the down arrow alternate between left and down. The same percussion isn't on every 4th.
b277: Like here, remove an arrow from the jump when there's a grace note there when the beat isn't emphasized enough for a hand.
There are quite a few of these.
Errors: b55: Jump here.
The sound the jacks go to at b135 doesn't have the same pitch as the sound at b139, so the jack patterns shouldn't be on the same arrows like that. Only the first two 16ths in the sound really sound like a jack though.
b138, b146 ... don't need a jump with b142 not being a jump.
(Don't forget to look at all the instances of the pattern.)
b164.25, b322.25: Missed an arrow to that sound.
b165: Missed a wub.
b167: The sound you have the 12ths to is off-beat.
b187: The 4th jumps should be AAB, not ABB.

[+] Positively Inclined RMX / CanBlaster / DossarLX ODI
Comments: This is very accurate, but it gets long and repetitive and grating. Is there any way you could cut this?
Suggestions: Might want to split the long running man up.
Also at the end, may not want to step all the 16ths as it drowns out. Maybe just the pulse on the eighths.
Errors: Offset: -0.029
b371.5: Missed some sounds in here.

[+.] Ready to go / fen / bmah
Comments: Most of the layering is fine. The song itself feels like there should be more to it.
Suggestions: Kinda odd that as soon as the lyrics start in, the 16ths are ignored.
Errors: Offset: -1.946
b5.75, 13.75, &c.: Don't hear this 16th.
b18.5, 22.5, &c.: These beats have the piano and percussion on them and could be jumps.


[+.] Four Blocks Madness / The Plasmas / woker-x
"The single/jump placement in the ending (say m72 on) is iffy" Ah, there's instruments emphasizing the eighths and fourths here.
From beat 160, it's consistently eight measures to the snare, eight to the melody, repeated... So that's fine.
b247, b311: This jump doesn't go to the snare or the minijack in the melody and can be removed.
b251.5 the snare stops here so the two eighth jumps in the 16ths after can be removed.
"20.840: 16ths extend all the way to the next beat" How you have this part stepped is fine.
"If you're going to use PR, at measure 7, have the patterns as 123 instead of 132." : Should be an easy fix. Not the most pertinent of changes.
"Measure 27-28, have the snare layered in as jumps instead of the guitar riffs to add variety." I guess you can do this if you want to.
"For the difficulty, the hands feel abused." I'm not a good judge of difficulty, but I can comment on consistency and areas to tone down hands:
b16: You do step hands after 16ths, and this sound has hands stepped to it all around, so it could be hand. Also, distinguish this beat from the hands around it for PR.
b80, b88 and b96 have the same sounds but you only have one as hand.
b128–b160: Wow, this section is full of hands and singles. Some of the hands should be unlayered. The loud crashes, e.g. b130 and b132, are the most deserving of the emphasis.
b254, b286, b319: These have a louder crash and could use a hand if you like.
>>Other tiny things:
There are off-rhythm notes in the melody, but I guess it's fine all quantized.
b190: The percussion isn't quite making a long trill here.
b256–286: The jumps could be consistently minijacked to the melody here.
Everything you still need to do with this file should be easy to fix.

[+]Gene Gadget Zone / Richard Jaques / bmah and TC_Cyrenics.
The layering is strict but consistent. The jumpstream is fun.

[+?] -Glorious Morning- / Waterflame / ichliebekase
The sync gets a 48th to a whole 24th off. May have minor BPM changes, within like a .05 difference.
"some of the jumps at the start could be single notes instead of all jumps" Some of the jumps you removed, though, were emphasized enough to be jumps, like b16, b24, b27, b48
If you decided to ignore the melody here, may as well take out the 12ths at b158–159
I don't hear the 24ths at b190–192 or at b220–222
"imo 24ths shouldn't start or end in jumps" instances: b96, b199, b207, b215, b240, b247.
b96 is just too emphasized to not be a jump. But perhaps now that you've added 24ths in 12th stream, the difficulty is great enough that this isn't important.
Now that you're consistently putting jumps to the sound every two fourths later, that's fine, and you missed one at b225.
You don't put the jump at b231, which is inconsistent with the jumps near the 24ths I mentioned at b199, b207, b215 (so remove those or add the other one.)

[+] honki sentai majirenjaa / YU / bmah
This song makes me think of the Power Rangers, haha.
The solo was toned down, and awkward jacks were fixed ... the hand usage is very good now.
Changing obnoxiously hard parts and making it good hard and, yeah.
You worked with the judges' comments very well.

[+] Metro / Terminal 11 / DossarLX_ODI
Really good patterns. You fixed all the judges' comments good. Definitely kept me entertained through the file.

[+.] Scavenger / Rushyrulz / Plan_Bsk81127
Still needs a little PR work:
First chord is a higher pitch than the second one (make the first jump a [24])
b23.75: The jack should be with the 4th, not the 8th.
b91: The first two staircases shouldn't be exactly the same as the next two.
There are some different pitches in there.
b105.75: Shouldn't be a jump.
The whole ... unlayering for the layered parts is kinda weird, but it works for the most part.
I think jumps like b79.5 are unnecessary though.

[+] White Walls / Between the Buried and Me / dore
b159: Should these trills be double-speed like the other ones like this?
b525: Decided to keep these as one-handed trills, huh? Eep.
It seems though that the fast 32nd one-hand trills was the main factor in its not acceptedness, so that's good now.
Kinda obnoxious listening to a 14-minute song then afterward having no idea what the song was about.
Like at one point it sounds like he's saying "We need tampons."
But whatever.


Cheeseburger (TC_Halogen) - [?]
Playtest: The song itself is pretty cool. The patterns in the m32-m40 vocals section were very confusing to play and didn't bring out enough contrast between the vocals and the main beat, so it was really hard to tell what was going on.
Editor: Looking at the "16th" patterns overall, they're hard to understand too because they don't clearly match either the quiet background drums or the melody, so I'd say to mainly fit one (probably the melody). Same with the layering - do something more obvious, e.g. in the start up to m24 it would make a lot more sense to the player if you put jumps on all the 4ths (+ anything with vocals). The 8th jumps in m50-m64 don't fit and should be removed. The last part in m65 on should step all the notes melody part - even though it's quiet it feels really understepped compared to the rest of the file, and the full melody as single notes wouldn't be too much there.

Contain (dore) - [+?]
Playtest: Fun file, I really liked the use of the left arrow for that particular bass drum. The 8th jack / 16th trill section was very appropriate and had a good feel to it.
Editor: Overall there are a lot of 16th note you're missing but I'm sure this is stylistic so I won't hold it against you. m10-11 sounds like it's missing some notes, and the first 8th in the file shouldn't be on the left arrow. Flip the roll at the end of m13 so the quarter note after it can be on left (in general it would be nice to see a little more consistency on the left note drum, because it's such a nice pattern). The 32nd roll in m25 feels off, maybe you should replace it with just one or two 32nds leading up into the 8th. Remove the 64th gallops in m31 and m42, since you don't consistently put a 64th whenever that particular sond appears. The pattern in m112 doesn't fit with the more continuous burst in the music (perhaps it would be better to keep the first 3 notes and then go into straight 32nds for the rest).

Dracula (nois-or-e) - [+?]
Playtest: Interesting and fun pattern choices overall. The lone 32nd jack in m65 should probably be removed for difficulty reasons.
Editor: If you're going to put 64th grace notes in m42-55 etc., I'd really like to see them in places like the very end of m8 (and m24-25 and...) as well. Be more consistent with the 24th-like sections in m10-12, m66-m68, etc because they all sound nearly the same. I'd put a jump on the last 8th note in m69. The jumps in m81 are missing a note for the end of the sound.

Duck Hunt (Coolboyrulez0) - [+.]
Playtest: Very fun, I like most of the layering choices, although personally I'd remove some of the off-16th notes to the vocals because the rhythms you stepped don't mainly go to the vocals. The up-arrow 64ths to the barks was a nice touch. I think you should step the melody in m1-m5 because it feels empty.
Editor: You are missing some layered jumps in the 24th bits (and I don't think this would raise the difficulty too much because the song is full of 16th jacks).

Electronic Music Is A Joke (AlexDest) - [++]
Playtest: Very good use of PR in this file, for instance the placement of minijacks. In general the patterns in this file were really nice, adding to the music and not distracting from it.
Editor: No problems. I wasn't sure on the layering at first but when I looked closer it made sense.

Everything Went Numb (who_cares973) - [+]
Playtest: Minijack placement was pretty fun, and the difficulty level feels right for the song.
Editor: The melody isn't straight 16ths in m5-m7, and I think that should be taken into account since it's a main part of the song.

Fast Asleep (Xayphon) - [+.]
Playtest: Interesting pattern choices, but some of the minijack patterns (such as m18) felt really awkward, and should be changed. The music doesn't really make me think there need to be 24th minijacks, so try to avoid them to make the file feel closer to the music.
Editor: Looks fine to me.

Foam Born_ (a) The Backtrack (dore) - [+?]
Playtest: The purple and green trill in m31 was very annoying to read and I think it would have been way better if you colored it differently (I know it's 36ths but you can change up the BPM there). I didn't like the fast 24th trill section in m49-m58 at all - it was boring, and unpleasant to play, so I think it needs to be broken up a lot. It's also a huge difficulty contrast FC/PA wise (due to the speed) to the very slow early parts, so it should be more streamy.
Editor: I'd put a jump at the very start of m31.

Gotta Catch em All (SKG_Scintill) - [+.]
Playtest: Fun JS file. No complaints here.
Editor: There are a lot of unnecessary hands placed around the file - maybe half of the ones you used are no louder / more emphasized than the jumps in the neighboring area. I know this is a js/hs file, but try to tone down the hand use so they're only in places that really need the extra oomph.

In The Wind (bmah) - [+?]
Playtest: BPM should be halved because the song simply doesn't sound fast enough to justify 222 bpm. The last 12ths section should be mirrored for PR reasons.
Editor: I don't understand the layering used throughout this file. There are single notes that are clearly more emphasized than the surroundings, and hands that aren't. It might make sense technically, but it confuses me when I'm playing it, and I think a lot needs to be done to make this file more intuitive.

Infernoplex (ChessWizard) - [-]
Playtest: We already have an Infernoplex in the game, and it's full of stream, and this one really isn't much different. There are some unnecessary minijacks, inconsistently placed 32nd gallops, a lot of absent 4th/8th and 16th notes, and a lot of missed opportunities for layering stuff in with the stream.
Editor: Yeah, just a lot of missed notes. This song deserves a more thorough file, especially if it's going to be a v2.

Kirlian Changes (AsphyxZero) - [+.]
Playtest: This would be a really nice easy file if not for the difficulty spike in m42-44, so tone it down a lot. Otherwise it's fine.
Editor: Even though the background 8th melody skips some beats, I'd put a jump at each violin note in the start (for instance the middle of m8 and m12) to be less confusing.

Nightrain (trumaestro) - [+.]
Playtest: The layering of the foreground melody and quieter background parts was kind of confusing, because when playing I couldn't tell why some rhythms were there until I looked back on it later. Some of the 24th patterns were a bit boring to play, like the 24th trill in m41, and would be more interesting if you layered in some more notes like you do in the rest of the file (it wouldn't be too hard if you avoided tricky patterns).
Editor: The 24ths in m37 should probably extend longer. I think the rest is good but it's hard to tell because of the two rhythms being put together.

No Purpose Flour (iironiic + wc) - [+.]
Playtest: Nice burst usage, this is definitely a fun file. The speeding-up trill in m37 is too hard to FC and should be changed to a more friendly pattern. There are a few rolls and 24ths like in m66 and m70 that are a little toohard to hit. I still think you should mirror the very last burst.
Editor: I think the burst usage is somewhat inconsistent compared to the noises in the song, but it might be too hard if you made it more consistent, so I won't consider this a problem. Please remove that one note at the very end.

No Salt (Silvuh) - [+?]
Playtest: Overall the PR needs a lot of tweaking, for such a slow melodic song it really ruins the feel to not have it perfect. Considering the difficulty I'd replace the little grace note part at the end with a straight jump.
Editor: Fine by me.

Obscene Amount of Steam (iironiic) - [+]
Playtest: I really like that. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the one-handed 24th bits in m42 and m70, but it's a very reasonable pattern at this difficulty (so it's just personal preference).
Editor: The 48th gallops in m52-54 sound like they should be more than two notes. Maybe you should remove the very last note.

Phalanx (FFR Cut) (customstuff) - [+]
Playtest: I like the use of PR and minijacks. I still don't like the 44433322 patterns but it's really personal preference. I like what you've done with the whooshing noises but certain parts of the file like m59-65 feel empty, so maybe you could use a gallop or jump instead of a single 48th for those noises. It's up to you though.
Editor: I'm not sure about the 16th jumpjack pattern at the end of m23 (the jack should probably be longer).

Positively Inclued RMX (DossarLX ODI) - [+?]
Playtest: Fun file, with some interesting patterns. The problem is that many of the patterns are repeated note-for-note several times (e.g. m29-34, the end, etc) and this should be changed up to be more interesting to the player - you can keep the rhythms but at least shuffle it a bit. The polyrhythms in m68 are confusing and should be removed. I'd end the final stream a bit earlier, like at the start of m124 or m125.
Editor: I think you're missing an 8th note at the end of m52. There should be another 16th at the start of m78. In m82-85 I'd put another 16th right before the 4th note.

Ready to go (bmah) - [+.]
Playtest: Fun, and good use of sparse 8th patterns to not be boring. I would make the 32nd burst in m57 a more straightforward roll due to overall difficulty.
Editor: Up to the start of m10 I'd put a 4th/8th in every empty space. It felt inconsistent that you stopped putting 16th trills to the background parts after the beginning, and even though I know you're just layering different parts, I think it would be better for this file to stick with the same approach overall. Unlayer the start or put in a lot more 16ths in the rest.

[Resubmission] Four Blocks Madness (woker-X) - [+]
Playtest: I like the use of hands to emphasize notes. In general the patterns are pretty fun, without anything awkward. It's too bad the 8th jack patterns got broken up in the first half of m20.
Editor: No problems here.

[Resubmission] Gene Gadget Zone - Act 1 (bmah & TC_Cyrenics) - [+.]
Playtest: The use of different columns in the patterns at the start was really nice. Fun file, although the end seems to drag on a little. The 32nd patterns in m26, m98, and (especially) m82 were awkward to hit though, and they should be made more roll-like - don't worry, none are long enough to be boring.
Editor: The layering and rhythms are fine.

[Resubmission] -Glorious Morning- (ichliebekase) - [+?]
Playtest: There were some tricky 24th patterns here, which was nice to see, but many of them felt random (like you threw in notes in random columns wherever they wouldn't intersect) and that does make them kind of awkward.
Editor: If you have 24ths in stream sections in some places, you should do that in other places too (earliest is m26/28/30) - be consistent. Use climax theory in similar sections by adding jumps or making harder patterns, not by dropping rhythms. If you listen closely you can hear that some 24th bursts (like those in m50-54) are actually only 5 notes instead of 7, so be careful. In places like m33-39, you should step all 12ths in the drums and the melody, because given the difficulty the file feels incomplete without those notes.

[Resubmission] honki sentai majirenjaa -MAJI eurobeat version- (bmah) - [+]
Playtest: Fun file, but a lot harder than I expected. Some parts like m72-75 were really tough, but not so awkward or hard to FC that they would need to be changed.
Editor: I'd personally change around where you put minijacks, but the chart is consistent with the song, so it's fine.

[Resubmission] Metro (DossarLX ODI) - [+]
Playtest: Really tough file (obviously) but the patterns were diverse and friendly enough to be fun anyway. You seem to be avoiding long jacks a little more than before, which is nice to see at this BPM.
Editor: I played through the song and the patterns all make sense on a lower rate. Nothing to complain about.

[Resubmission] Scavenger (Plan_Bsk81127) - [+]
Playtest: Really fun file, and great use of PR (including 16th jack patterns). The left 16th jack in m32-34 was a bit awkward due to length, but it went with the song and isn't harder than the rest of the file.
Editor: I don't see anything wrong.

[Resubmission] White Walls (dore) - [+?]
Playtest: Considering this is a 14 minute long file, and this is FFR (i.e. combo scoring), the patterns you chose in some places were really awful. There were a surprisingly large number of really rough jack/trill sections, including some blazingly fast one-handed trills. A partial list (some worse than others): m23-24; m47-48; m52-55 and 58-61 and 68-71 and 74-77; m81-90; m91-94; m102-105 (what is that jump-onehandedtrill in 104); m110; m138; m145; m176-177; m318; m340-360 and 361-365; m483-494; m517-522. The 192nd section from 382-385 is also questionable. It's cool that you made a wall of white notes to "WHITE WAAAAALL", but it felt kind of dumpy and out of place in a serious file, especially since you didn't use color for effect anywhere else. Overall this file is an impressive work of simfile art, but I just don't think it belongs in FFR with the current selection of patterns.
Editor: Technically, this file is pretty much perfect - it was easy to follow the patterns as I played, and the layering all made sense.


Contain [+?]

-Since you're not layering for difficulty purposes, perhaps re-work some patterns to make them easier?
-end of m23 those 32nds need pattern changes
-m31 what's this 64th for?
-m50 you start layering the jumps for percussions, which makes me wonder why they weren't added before. rest of the file feels underlayered
-not a bad file in any way, just seems a little confusing difficulty wise.

Disco 80's [?]

-starting at m8 the layering here doesn't make much sense.
-some rhythms are a little iffy towards the 24th part.
-seems a little unstructured

Duck Hunt [+.]

-the parts with only vocals/drums seem really underlayered compared to the rest since there's no jumps
-pretty fun overall

Electronic Music is a Joke [+.]

-once the beat picks up, a few beats (16ths) are missed. they're not as loud but when they're missing the flow feels broken
-difficulty wise it's good, fun challenge

Everything Went Numb [+]

-the jumps in this are fantastic. jacks give a nice energy feel to it
-ska owns

Fast Asleep [+.]

-file is .02 late
-rhythm wise i don't see anything wrong with this, but seeing as it's ffr I'd suggest to switch up a few burst patterns

Foam Born [+?]

-start was really chill, then once guitar picked up it kinda fell from there.
-the 12th jump jacks are really really dull. maybe there's something else to follow here?
-the 24ths are nicely pitch relevant.
-the second guitar part i can't help but feel there should be jumps on the snares
-the faster 24th part, something other than trills would flow much better. it feels really awkward to play as is

Four Blocks Madness [+]

-This is good. Very fun and replayable.

Gene Gadget Zone [+]

-bet you anything this is bmah. yup
-the syncopated jumps are really fun in this
-I really don't see anything I can pick at in this.

Glorious Morning [+.]

-starting at m37 following the melody would be nice. it adds to progressive layering and prevents repetitiveness
-you follow lots of percussion, but if you want to step the song, sometimes it would be good to follow the melody.

Gotta Catch 'em All [?]

-File seems overlayered for the sake of being hard.
-some parts really could be toned down (m49 for example)
-not a bad file, but could use more transitions rather than just dumping jumpstream everywhere

Honki Sentai Majirenjaa [+?]

-m14 maybe place the jack in the first column, since it seems a little cluttered next to the 24ths
-m19 i'm not quite understanding your jump layering, especially with the 8ths
-the guitar solo with colored notes could perhaps benefit from being alone, rather than being overlayered with everything else
-m93 this part doesn't have 32nds. they should be 48ths

In the Wind [+.]

-m28 the 3rd 8th note should be followed by a 16th drum which you can slightly hear, same with the 2nd 8th at m30
-File is a little short and a tad repetitive but its a nice change

Infernoplex [-]

-m2 the jacks have alternating notes, thus shouldn't be all on the same jack
-m10 you randomly cut off the stream?
-m13 technically this should be a continuous stream too
-aside from being a 16th dumpstream I don't see much else this has to offer

Kirlian Changes [-]

-Uh very well made file, but why does it cut off so suddenly?

Metro [-]

-these 16th patterns are absolutely awful to hit, 32nds are even worse
-File could use a bit of pattern cleaning, since right now it just looks like a dump
-those rolls get repetitive really fast

Nightrain [?]

-those random gaps between the guitar melody are too empty
-I'm not seeing a pattern for those jumps. they just seem kinda thrown in at random
-rather than add jumps to the subtle synth bg, add them to some of the more prominent percussion?

No Purpose Flour [+.]

-song shouldn't start awkwardly like that. I'd add an extra measure of silence to be able to cue the song properly
-file is otherwise fantastic. You're the first I've seen in a while use burst patterns that flow like that

No Salt [+?]

-pitch relevancy should be pretty obvious here, yet i see some notes being in the wrong place
-not much to say otherwise. song is kinda dull

Obscene Amount of Steam [+]

-great burst patterns, nice difficulty. nothing too over the top

Phalanx [+?]

-might be repeating myself, but the bongo hits at m27 don't seem loud enough to warrant jump jacks
-Don't think my opinion changes much on this from last time

Piano Practice [-]

-m9 the jumps here are just thrown in progressively even though they're kinda incoherent to the song
-this song ends really oddly. buncha 24ths then bam the end.
-really nothing structured about this except the chopin part

Positively Inclined RMX [+.]

-start is great, but once the section repeats again you leave out some 16ths (after first 4th of m18 for example)
-very simple file but has some fun value.

Ready to Go [+.]

-first of all, jumps are inconsistent at the start. if you're following the melody that comes in, there's a few missing
-rest of the file is good.

Scavenger [?]

-m8 that first jack should alternate
-file's not bad, some jump parts are debatable because of the piano. m14 for example, the lower note isn't a chord so it shouldn't be a jump

White Walls [+]

-very fun, fantastic file.

Dracula [-]

-right off the start, the melody shouldn't be jacks. they're all different pitches
-some parts could use better pitch relevancy
-m13 those 12ths sound more like 16ths. if you're following those background vocal effects, they all fall on 16ths contrarily to later when they do actually fall on 12ths
-m14 this part is really underlayered since it randomly stops following the heavy bass drum hits
-m22 this is how i pictured all the measures before
-m65 that 32nd note jack could be a trill. seems kinda out of nowhere difficulty wise
-file gets a little repetitive but definitely has potential.


Cheeseburger [+.]

Other than the 64ths and the triples (nice touch on that, btw) this file didn't stick out to me very much. I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with it, but it's not something I'd want to play again.

Contain: [+.]

This file used technicality to draw attention to the small changes in the song, which I really liked. While this level of technicality may have made a more dramatic song boring, it works very well here. I can't strongly accept this, though, because the subjective experience of playing this file doesn't grab me totally.

Duck Hunt [+?]

I was conflicted when playing your file. I really wanted you to go to the vocals more, because they're probably the most intense part of the song. Instead, we're playing backup the whole time, which sacrifices a lot of the song's intensity you could have brought out. What saved your file from a "reject" though was that neat 24th run you used -- it was ridiculously fun and oddly appropriate in that section of the song.

Electronic Music is a Joke [++]

I liked your file a lot! You were carefully balanced in choosing how you wanted to bring out the song's dramatic elements; as a result, every jump *feels* like it should be a jump. For sure, you engaged me.

Everything Went Numb [+.]

Well, your attention to detail stands out here, and I had fun playing it. What really left me dry though was how little you brought out the "feel" of the song -- the instruments PLUS the vocals. You were very instrument-centric here, and as such I feel like you ignored the song as most people will feel it in favor of a safe technical route that people can't object to.

Fast Asleep [+.]

Interesting file. I enjoyed your rhythms, which were the the chart's strongest suit. The reason I'm not rating this higher is because you don't seem to use your jumps for any purpose other than technicality -- they're just... there. As such, I feel less engaged with the song.

Foam Born_a (The Backtrack) [+]

Interesting! Your build up was very smoothly done. I could definitely feel that things were about to get more intense. I normally don't like this sort of music, but you did a good job in attracting me to it.

Four Blocks Madness [+.]

Well, you definitely succeeded in following the melody. I'm glad for that. What I don't like is that there are so few difficulty spikes. It's pretty static, which isn't very engaging when the whole song uses a repetitive melody.

Gene Gadget Zone [+]

I've had food poisoning this whole day, and hearing so many intense rock/IDM songs prior to playing this was really killing my mood. This was nice and relaxing, which is great. I think the level of variation and drama you used was perfect -- this isn't the type of song that you cling to on the edge of your seat. You should "get lost" in this song, which is what I did, and I enjoyed it. Good job!

Glorious Morning [+]

Great file. There was a distinct buildup, and you used the drama of the song well. I'd love to play this on FFR. What's holding you back from a ++ from me is that this song has a *lot* of potential and you didn't utilize that. There were so many opportunities where you could have hit players in the face with big notes, forcing them to slam down on their keyboards to mimic the energy of the song. I didn't feel that here.

Gotta Catch 'Em All [+]

For however coordinated your jumps are, when most people play your song all they're going to see is a mess of 16th jumpstream. It's *good* 16th jumpstream though -- the intensity of the stream follows the intensity of the melodies, which I like. I was actually pretty engaged while playing this, so good job.

honki sentai majirenjaa [+.]

This file reminds me of playing IIDX. Having to do a back-and-forth 8th note rhythm for the whole song is extremely uninteresting. I liked the jumpjack thing you did though, which saved it from a "pending".

In The Wind [?]

This file is just so... 8th-y. The song is fun to listen to, but I wasn't engaged at all. I realize the song doesn't use many 16ths, but that doesn't mean you have to do the same. Change it up!

Infernoplex [?]

There's nothing really wrong with this file, but there's nothing exciting about it either. You really could have cut this--the song goes on forever. More importantly though, the style is just Generic Spread. There's nothing interesting here. Make me play something unique! Give me an original experience. I won't remember your file at all with the way it is now.

Kirlian Changes [+?]

Pending for one major reason: the song builds in the middle, but your jumps don't. They just... stay jumps. You could have used triples or something to make us feel the song's rising intensity, but there was none of that.

Metro [+]

This file does something that I have not seen in any other file from this batch: it uses motifs, and it uses them well. Classic files have memorable moments. The jacks in DDR's Paranoia Evolution, for example, *made* that song. In your case, the staircases you used were extremely memorable. I'm not going to forget your file.

Nightrain [?]

While your rhythms were certainly varied, your patterns weren't. I felt like the whole song was a variation on 1324 and 1234 patterns. You didn't take any risks; every pattern was in your comfort zone. This like the spread version of index files which are variations on 132423 patterns and nothing more.

No Purpose Flour [?]

You don't use much variation in this file. While your rhythms are solid, the song is static in feel. There are no phases in the chart -- it's just a constant barrage of generic spreadstream until it finishes. I was bored when playing it.

No Salt [+]

Thank you for not making every note a jump. This song could not have bored me more, but you made it interesting to play. The 32nds at the end are a nice touch -- it's a memorable moment in the song and something that, if you were a new player, you'd anticipate while playing.

Obscene Amounts of Steam [+?]

Well, you've used more variation than other IDM songs so far. I'm a little turned off though, because while it was interesting for the first half of the song I was bored for the latter half. I really feel like you could have cut this song.

Phalanx (FFR cut) [+]

I liked the descending jackhammer / 48th-note motifs you used here. For sure, I'm going to remember your file because of that. It didn't feel like a generic spread file, which is great.

Positively Inclined RMX [+]

Great file. I wholly expected to be bored when I played this, but I wasn't at all. Every jump and jack you used helped to immerse me in the music. My only quip is that you could have cut this.

Ready to Go [-]

I was really, really bored for this entire file. You basically made me play a very 8thy DnB rhythm for a minute and thirty, which is not the most exciting thing in the world. Honestly, this would have been a much better file if you had used some climax theory.

Scavenger [++]

I was really impressed with this. Every pattern you used was used for a reason, and not a technical reason.

You definitely brought out the feel of the song here and had some interesting pattern variation. I'm giving you a ++ because I don't think it's possible to step this song better than you did.

White Walls [-]

If this had been shorter (I know, I know) I would have given it a [+.]. Your patterns were okay. But -- and I know you probably expected to hear this -- a 14-minute file is not appropriate for a combo-based game like FFR where the slightest hint of lag in the middle of the song can mean your entire score. If FFR were more lag-free like Stepmania and had a Dance Point system that ensured you would get a relatively good score regardless, I might accept White Walls. But for now, I can't. Its a matter of the game's mechanics.

[Dracula(nois-or-e)] [+]

This file could have been REALLY boring. Thankfully, it wasn't. You gave me a clear sense of the song's buildup and didn't hit me with tons of jumps at once. The 64th thing was a nice touch. Good job!

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

February 7, 2011

Judge Team 1


12 Bar Bloops (aperson)
- Beat 210.5, consider shifting the patterns around to avoid the 32nd one handed trill.
- Hand usages are overemphasized at times but I'm cool with it. It's unique and fits.
- Beat 442, consider watering down the handjacks to jumpjacks. It contributes nicely to climax but as a result it's quite difficult to hit.
- Overall, well layered and enjoyed the pattern usage.

A Beautiful Storm (wc)
- Beat 173, note intervals might screw up people, but given that you used it before at Beat 167, I think this is fine. Jack just might be an issue.
- No commentary. Well layered, patterned, and enjoyable.

Altair (-Barista-)
- Offset was .04 too early.
- M13+ when you layer in the percussive jumps but then completely stop layering them after M15+ is a very awkward transition.
- M31+ bad transition here too.
- M32+, probably water down to 32nds. 48ths is pretty much vibrating at this speed.
- M69+, you could emphasize the percussive hits with hands to distinguish between this layering and bass.
- M84+ bad transition. Need the bass jumps.
- M89+, you layer the percussion with jumps when the measure before you layered them with hands. Awkward and inconsistent. If you flipped it the other way, it'd make sense because it'd be transitional climax.
- Beat 370+ double check on the note intervals that aren't 12th/24th. They seem off.
- M109, change jack to trill or something.
- Layering wasn't bad but there are a lot of things that need to be tweaked.

Analyzed (JX)
- File ruled.

Baby Still Too Fat (MarioNintendo)
- Alternatively, you could substitute long 16th jacks with trills. Just a note for future reference.
- Beat 211+ I would advise changing the 16th jumps to single notes to avoid the jump jacks.
- Overall, well layered and enjoyable.

Camel (bmah)
- Rainbow polyrhythms are tricky but they add a nice touch to layering.
- M29+ consider changing the [3][4][3] 48th mini-trills to something two handed.
- Beat 179.25, same deal here. Consider changing the 64ths to something two handed.
- Unique file. Well layered and enjoyable.

Chopsticks! (YOSHI)
- M7+ could use rainbow grace notes.
- M12, shift the 4th note somewhere else to avoid the 16th jack.
- M26+, should be a straight 32nd stream. No breaks in between.
- Beat 122+, avoid the one handed trills, especially when this speeds up.
- M87+ needs some pattern revisions to make it easier to hit. This part is a giant difficulty spike. Consider chaning the 32nds to 24ths instead.
- Well synced and layered. Needs minor tweaks to pass off for me.

Chrome Gadget Zone 8bit mix (Wyde)
- File's on the repetitive side.
- Minijacks added a nice touch though I thought you could've layered a bit more.
- Simple, straightforward, and enjoyable.

Comfortably Lost (MarioNintendo)
- Good layering variation.
- No real commentary. File's well layered and enjoyable.

Corrupted Minds (Dossar)
- M5, layering transition is too sudden and doesn't flow well. Would be better to continually layer what you were layering before while keeping those jacks.
- Same problem at M33.
- Really minimalistic in layering, but a few more jump placements wouldn't hurt. Accenting some of the bass hits would work.
- Kinda questionable as an easier file if you're going to put all those jacks and one handed focused patterns into this.
- Really short and lackluster. I don't find anything interesting about this file, but I guess it's mostly due to the song itself.
- Think some layering tweaks is all this needs to pass off.

Cybertron (cedolad)
- Needs 2 second silence in the beginning.
- Layering right away in a fade in is really awkward because you can barely tell what you're following unless you turn your volume way up. I'd recommend just getting rid of the first 10 or so measures in general and start once the song finally kicks at around M15.
- M26, really feel that you should emphasize the [1] jack here as jump placements.
- M37, awkward pattern transition here since it's too focused on the left hand. Shift the 24th patterns around to avoid the one hand bias.
- Beat 147 should be a jump.
- M41, you could emphasize the sound with a hand placement if you wanted to.
- Beat 162.5, change [23] jump pattern to something else to avoid the minijack. It's awkward when you lead into it from a 32nd roll.
- Beat 251, should layer the notes on [4] as jump placements to smoothly transition into M64 better.
- M71, for a break, I'd advise against the minijack usage. Probably change those to gallops.
- Beat 314, very awkward pattern here. I suggest removing and avoiding the minijack usage altogether here to make the 64th roll easier to hit.
- M81 should be a hand to link with the [134] hand placement over at M80. Keeps it consistent.
- M84, Probably avoid the jumpjack altogether and change it to a jumptrill.
- Beat 342.5, very left hand biased and as a result awkward. shift patterns around to balance it off and to make it easier to hit.
- Beat 351, hand placement should be on the 8th note right above. Technical error.
- Overall, layering wasn't too shabby. Needs technical and pattern tweaks.

Defection (Ziergdsx18 & wc)
- M2+ feel that there should be jump placements on the 4th notes and [1] 8th note before M3. Adds variation to layering.
- Beat 166, should be a hand placement to keep hand usages consistent.
- Very last note is questionable. Personally think you don't even need it there.
- Overall, well patterned and layered. Enjoyable.

Distorted God (leonid)
- M14, hand usage is questionable cause it feels much too overemphasized. Not enough jump usage to counterbalance the hand usage.
- M30, same comment as above.
- M56, missing the piano chord hands you were layering in the first half. I think it's crucial that they should be kept layered in to keep the file more consistent and flowing. In this section, the hands would work because you have enough jump usage to counterbalance it.
- Overall, well patterned and layered. My only concerns is the hand usage in this file because the sections I wouldn't have expect hand usage you used them, while on the other hand the sections that I thought hands were crucial you absolutely ignored. I'll still pass this off but I'd advise tweaking the hand usage.

Electrical Parade -Remix- (kjwkjw)
- Beat 6.75 should be percussive jumps.
- Beat 15, [2] notes should be jump placements for keeping percussion layering consistent.
- Beat 31, [3] and [1] notes should be percussive jumps.
- M12-13, 4th notes could be layered as jump placements for layering variation.
- Beat 127, [3] and [1] notes should be percussive jumps.
- M36-37, 4th notes could be layered as jump placements for layering variation.
- You stop layering in percussive jumps once vocals kick in but I can let it slide because the vocals mask most of the song. Also vocal parts are good layering transitions and keep the file more lively.
- Overall well layered. Could use minor tweaks for the percussive jumps.

Electrolosys (YOSHl)
- M45, sudden layering transition. Would've flowed better if you kept layering what you were before with jumps.
- M69, continuing to layer the synth with jumps when the song finally dies down wasn't such a wise choice and as a result the transition into M72 isn't very good. Should've layered this with single notes.
- Also, in the ending measures as the song continually gets less and less progressive, you could've layered less and less to fit the feel of the song.
- Personally speaking, I'd've focused more on the bass with jumps as it's prominent and consistent to follow throughout.
- Overall, decent layering. Lackluster mostly due to song choice but wasn't too bad. Could use tweaking to make layering transition better and make it less repetitive.

EuroMorroc (Clean Edit) (Dossar & Ziergdsx18)
- I find that layering the melody with jumps strangely awkward to follow when playing through this. Mostly because the bass and other sounds are much more prominent and easier to follow.
- Nothing really wrong with this. Just lackluster and some pattern usages that bug me.

Expand Life (Robert Hallgren)
- M18, could layer in bass jumps for every 4th note.
- M26, nice layering transition though I prefer if you kept the original layering from before and layer all those jumps on top.
- M34, there's a real lack of pitch relevancy. It'd add a much more solid feel to your pattern choices (which I have to admit are very index/pad influenced).
- M42, plenty to layer in the background which is completely ignored. Would've been an excellent addition to layering variation and to keep the file more interesting.
- M62, this entire pattern is awkward to hit and is begging to hit boos, especially for beginner players.
- M66, percussive jumps would be a good here. It'd also keep your percussive layering in the measures beforehand consistent.
- As aforementioned, there's a real lack of pitch relevancy in the file and the overall pattern usage is very pad/index influenced. Although not much of an issue, you've restricted yourself from several patterns to use and play with that'd make this file less repetitive and lackluster. Needs tweaks for layering and pattern usage.

Experiment (Championanwar)
- M16 is tricky. I'd suggest breaking this into a stream instead of a jack to make it easier.
- M17, percussive jumps would've made an interesting layering choice.
- Beat 186.25, way too sudden of a break.
- M61+, jacks are off sync. Lower rate and double check note intervals.
- Repetitive file mostly due to song choice. Layering was solid. Willing to pass off but I'd strongly suggest going over the notes I mentioned.

Feeling This REMIX (MrPopadopalis25)
- M25, density inconsistency. Way too underlayered in comparison to the measures before it so I'd advise layering more.
- Good layering variation in this although the transitions were kinda iffy and sudden. Fun and enjoyable.

Finders Keepers (i love you)
- Needs 2 seconds of silence in beginning.
- For the three 16th jumps alone, it doesn't feel right when you place them all on the same note. The scale and pitch is all different so shifting the arrows around to form different jumps would feel much more solid.
- Solid layering and patterning. Fun and enjoyable.

Flesvelka (bmah)
- Needs 2 seconds of silence in beginning.
- Some of the 32nd mini-trills are a little awkward to hit.
- Same goes with some jumpjack transitions.
- Overall, really digging this file. Layering and patterns flowed well and it's fun and enjoyable.

Frog's Theme (megamon88)
- Percussive jumps would've added variation to layering.
- Layering is solid and easy to follow. Pretty repetitive and lackluster though.

Giants in the Ocean (NocturneAunamic)
- M19+, percussive jumps would've added variation to layering.
- M27+, I don't get why you omitted the percussive jumps here. Part is inconsistent with layering and there's really nothing significant to emphasize.
- M31+, percussive jumps.
- Layering is solid. Those missing percussive jumps are my huge quarrel with this file but I'm willing to pass it off. Still advise you go over this again.


Ready to Go (bmah)
- Percussive jumps in the beginning measures would make an excellent addition.
- Layering is solid and easy to follow. No real commentary needed.

Scavenger (Plan_Bsk81127)
- Solid layering and patterning. No real commentary needed.

Sonic 3 - Ice Cap (Remix) (MrPopadopalis25)
- Awkward song cut.
- Good as an easy file.

Try Harder (rushyrulz)
- Needs a better quality MP3.
- Jacks in beginning measures don't feel all that natural. Broken up stream would work better IMO.
- M46+ polyrhythms don't really flow all too well.
- Layering is decent and easy to follow. I guess you can't really do much about the polyrhythms so I'll pass this off.


12 Bar Bloops [+]
-Fantastic. Great progression, excellent accents, wow.

A Beautiful Storm [+]
-yup. nothing to say. meets all standards.

Altair [?]
-you start layering jumps, then at m14 randomly stop.
-sync is early
-m32 these could be a little easier. it's a massive difficulty spike
-not a bad file but needs fixes.

Analyzed [++]
-Fantastic. I don't really give out these but in this case...

Baby Still Too Fat [+?]
-the 64ths at the end of m19 don't need to be there. it's justified, but isn't necessary in this difficulty
-song is very very repetitive.
-end of m55 I think these would have worked as single notes
-m60 the melody presents jack opportunities (2nd 8th note) and since you used jacks as such before, would fit in better here

Camel [+]
-pretty chill file, loving the color note theory (for once hehu)

Chopsticks! [+?]
-m7 there are a few piano flams missed
-m10 i'm not following your jump layering quite well, especially since at m12 you stop following them
-lots of piano runs with missing notes, I'd look over them carefully
-file has lots of potential, just needs a few fixes

Chrome Gadget Zone [+.]

-Excellent use of rhythms in this. Pitch relevancy is spot on
-I'm unsure about the long pause section near the end of the repeat. Feels like perhaps something else should be filled in
-otherwise fantastic file.

Comfortably Lost [+.]
-m6 if you're following percussion, after the 32nds the 4th note should be in too
-m52 you're following the bass at m51, but here it's like you dropped it suddenly for the rest of the song

Corrupted Minds [-]
-This file is incredibly generic to start with
-nothing really replayable about this, sorry

Cybertron [+.]
-end of m15 you should follow it like you did at m16 with the syncopated 16th jumps
-m27 I'd suggest making this 32nd pattern just two rolls since it's a tad awkward
-end of m56 you missed 16th notes
-m57 there should be a 4th note right before the 16th hand and a 16th before the 4th jump
-m79 the burst is fine, but at least place the 16th note before it in the first column so it's not so awkward
-a few fixes and this is pretty much all set to go

Defection [+?]
-PR is wrong right from the start
-Not a fan of dumpstream files but it's ok I guess
-m35 I don't think there's anything to warrant a hand here

Distorted God [+]
-don't see anything wrong witht his file, aside from the hands being questionable at parts

Electrical Parade [+]
-this was pretty fun. well structured and everything.

Electrolysis [-]
-sometimes you follow the bass drum, sometimes you don't, feels a little random
-definitely some beats missed once it picks up a little. might want to go over some parts
-file as a whole feels pretty generic and repetitive.

EuroMorroc [?]
-not sure if those colored note flams are very necessary, but subjective
-file feels relatively overlayered at parts (mostly with hands to crashes in the middle of jumpstream)
-some jumpstream parts could've been layered a little differently since the sounds aren't as prominent and it feels anti-climactic

Expand Life [+?]
-m26 since you're stepping the hi-hats, listen carefully and you missed a few
-m34 pitch relevancy could use some work
-m42 lots more could be stepped here, seems a little too odd just to step jumps to the synth. this section repeats quite a bit too
-m66 is definitely underlayered compared to the rest of the song

Experiment [+.]
-m9 I'm not exactly sure why you're placing jumps to the bass synth, single notes would've been fine
-m28 little mistake at the first 8th note. should be started on a 16th before, same at m34
-drags on a bit but not a bad file.

Feeling this REMIX [+.]
-m25 solo theory is fine, but still feels a little underlayered
-file would be more appealing if the layering was switched up a bit when the choruses repeat. it's mostly the same beats/patterns over and over

Finders Keepers [+]
-the way you're layering your hands, there's probably a few more opportunities for them but it's fine like this
-really really fun file.

Flesvelka [+]
-sync gets late
-m57 dat pattern is a little much. at least if the 16th wasn't directly above the 64th...
-otherwise very fun simfile. I'm just gonna rag on you cuz you're bmah <3

Frog's Theme [+.]
-pitch relevancy - +1
-my only complaint is that the 4th jumps vary a lot from part to part but it's justifyable
-song could've used a cut since it just repeats and gets pretty repetitive

Giants in the Ocean [-]
-m4 the 64th flams are inaudible here. shouldn't be there
-m5 perhaps the hi-hats would've helped make this section a little more interesting
-end of m14 you missed an 8th note to the melody at the very end
-m15 rather than just adding jumps to every melody note I still think layering the hi-hats would give a better feel
-everything after this section becomes inconsistent. I'm having a hard time following what you're adding jumps to
-needs a lot of work


Colibri [+.]
-second 4th of m16 shouldn't be followed by a 16th note. what would work better is to accentuate the noise snare by adding a jump to the 2nd 8th note instead. Same with m24
-during the slowdown at m25 there should be a note on the 70bpm mark (or around there) since you're following the bleep bloops
-m59 perhaps the jumps for the hi-hats is a tad excessive since you've really mellowed down at this point, but it still works. Just a thought.
-end of m74 the bass drum is a 16th sequence, so there should be 16ths between each jump. also at m75 there should be a jump to accent the transition and crash
-Couldn't have done the PR better myself.

Ready to go [+.]
-m10 I don't like that the percussions aren't being followed anymore, kinda anti-climactic
-m18 oh there they are.
-layering is a little odd but makes sense
-m54 the jumps are much more accented here, jumps on every note would be better imo
-really chill song, file is a tad repetitive but is still fun.

Scavenger [+.]
-m14 still don't like the bass notes being placed as jumps since there's still just one note being played on the piano
-PR is spot on.

Ice Cap Remix [-]
-PR a little iffy at parts but for the most part flows well
-this file is way too short and cuts off really ridiculously.

Try Harder [+]
-ah this file won battle of the bits V. great song choice.
-generic js file at parts but the variation makes up for it.


[+.] 12 Bar Bloops
Comments: This is good fun, and the layering style was interesting and it worked well for the most part.
Definitely got a style to this I haven't seen much of. Also, the PR is really good.
Suggestions: like at b14.5, the 24th minijacks are kinda obnoxious.
There are some grace notes you missed, like at b59, b225...
b196: I cannot hear any of this while playing the track. It's way too soft. Don't layer that much in this section.
Just put single notes where you have jumps. It just like kills climax theory to have this layered more than the next part.
b307: Maybe just step the first part of each 32nd thing? Having them all there on such soft sounds is kinda too much.
Errors: Offset: -0.026
b92: You step the three 16ths to that one sound, but ignore it in the first beat.

[+] A Beautiful Storm
the sync is ok i guess
Some jacks like ar 40.792s are unnecessary.
Some of the notes are really hard to hear, like the 12ths at 54.02 ... 64.86...
74.47, I don't hear the third note as part of the jack.

[-] Altair
comments: Surely you can find ways to cut this track. ex. 153.57–198.22 is a waste of space. And everything after that is nothing new.
Needs to be cut well if you want to stop the steps earlier.
Needs more pitch relevancy just, like, everywhere. I don't think that's something I can walk you through in judging notes.
b48: No need for jumps here until the percussion. But may as well not at all if you're not going to jump at b56.
b63: A hand in the middle of a 24th roll? No thanks. Especially because it's the 4th after that needs the emphasis.
b64–b96: In this section, you got the 12ths to the odd sounds wrong.
b99: These 24th bursts are inaccurate.
b121: The piano doesn't make constant 24ths, and the percussion isn't making 24ths.
b124: No. You don't need me to tell you why.
b158: Should have a 24th after this fourth, not before b159, and the pattern shouldn't be a trill.
b187: Not jumping these fourths is inconsistent. You're taking out a layer that adds to the hands.
b192–b256: Sounds in this section are stepped inconsistently.
b272: Maybe just step the percussion here. It's a soft section and doesn't need to be layered like this.
b336–b400: Annoying voice clips. You're missing gallops in this section. Patterns to odd sounds need to be looked over.
b400: You didn't PR at all here. Missing gallops.
b428: No. There's no sound there that's making a 24th trill. And no sound is making a 12th jack.

[++] analyzed
Comments: Great PR and layering. Good use of colors.
Just two percussion hits I think should be added: b23.75, 73.5

[+] Baby Still Too Fat
Comments: I love the opening. The way the steps build up with the track is great. Very smooth to play.
50.619s: Good PR here.
57.783s–64.947: And this bridge is great, too.
36.290s: It's a little odd which percussion 16ths you do and don't step, but I see how it fits around the melody.
There are no ghost notes and it's consistent, so that doesn't need to be changed.
107.932s: And then the same thing about the 16ths in this section.
92.708s: A 1234 roll here would be better. And it's only here that I start to question the file.
I don't like how the melody gets jumps throughout this section with other sounds being ignored.
I'd suggest layering the clap with the echo here.
(So like, don't put the clap and echo on the same arrow, have a jump when both sound, &c.)
And where you have the four 16ths jumps in a row, you can make those a single jack so they're distinguishable from the echoes.
(I'm being particular here, so you don't have to do that exactly, but that's what I'd do.
So you still get a + because I really enjoyed everything else about the file.)
Error: 79.387s: You don't step the other echoes like this so this 16th minijack can be removed.

[+] Camel
Comments: I would much prefer to see this as an easy file because of how mellow it is...
But this file is made very well. Listening to it, I don't hear inconsistencies in the steps.
Some of the arrows seem to go to pretty soft sounds, but it's done consistently.
Errors: The stop should be about .6548s long I think. Something closer to there. It's wrong at .6

[-] Chopsticks!
Comments: Any 32nd/48th stream should be looked over again so the patterns fit the music better. It's not just straight notes at the same rhythm.
I stopped looking at it because it was pretty messy and it needs to be synced better so you can really know what some of the notes are.
Suggestions: instead of starting with jumps, just start with the three sounds like at b9 as jumps.
b76: Patterns should follow the bass too. Do running-man-like jack-jump things.
Errors: Seems to be a live recording, so I'd suggest syncing this in ddream.
b24, b47 &c.: your grace note stepping is incomplete.
b28: too many arrows here.
b51: There are more notes after the 4th too.
b132: Not all these grace notes are the same.

[++] Chrome Gadget Zone 8bit mix
Comments: With all the sounds in this track, it seems like it would be confusing to pick out which to step,
but you do a pretty good job of simplifying that and keeping it relevant and interesting.
Nothing feels wrong or off when playing the file. The patterns are really fun.
Looking in the editor, it's easy to see all the jacks are well-placed and the layering is good...
Only comment is that the track is the same thing twice, but cutting it would make it only a minute long, so.
Not sure if that's necessary.

[+.] Comfortably Lost
Suggestions: 7.948s, 59.948s: All the jumps here get a little murky and takes away from the melody.
Don't think you have to jump the percussion or that lower melody here.
26.698s: Like how you have 24131 here, I'd change the pattern to that at the other instances of this sound,
like at 28.698 &c. to distinguish the hi-hats from the other percussion.
Especially because the next section ignores the percussion.
Errors: When the four minijacks in a row don't obviously go to the bass, the third yellow note should be removed to match the bass's rhythm.
42.948s should be changed like that, but at 44.948s the fist yellow should be removed, as it doesn't go to the percussion.
And then fix the repeats of this pattern.
78.448: Because the bass is the distinguishing instrument in this section, the 16ths should focus on it.
With all the gaps filled in with the percussion, full 16th stream feels like too much here.

[+] Corrupted Minds
Offset: -9.649
Comments: The intro is stepped well and the progression works.
Suggestion: The 16ths at b101.75 and 102.25 and repeats that go to the vibrating of the notes make the arrows to the other melody less distinct.
Remove the 16ths like that and play the file, and if you think the areas feel empty without the notes to the second violin, then that's fine.
Error: The hi-hats do triplets from b88 to b92, so some of those 16ths should be removed.
You can hear the hi-hats on the other 16th better at b92, so it shouldn't start as a complete stream.

[+] Cybertron
Comments: Really good percussion relevancy. Great layering. Fun to play.
Suggestions: Start the steps at b56 when the percussion comes in, because it's very soft at the start.
b104: Maybe change the starting note so it can be a perfect roll and end on the [14]
b160, b330: Hand here?

[?] Defection
Comments: I'm not feeling this one at all, sorry.
Errors: 12.654s: Remove this 64th (the second one).
13.612s: You don't have this 16th between the jumps at any other instance of this sound.
23.361s: I'm not feeling all these jumps at all. The percussion they seem to go to is much too soft.
I get the ones that go to the percussion every two fourths, but the rest, I can't hear at all when the 16th stream comes in.
Even before that, starting at 12.695s, the jumps only feel like they're keeping a pattern without actually going to anything.
50.024s: This slow section needs better PR. e.g. the 16ths at 51.858s should not be on the same arrow as the ones at 53.191s.
The layering in this section is good, though, except for the hand at 66.023s. This note certainly does not hit hard enough for a hand.
Also make sure to fix unnecessary minijacks, like 68.856s.
And again with the jumps at 74.022s, they only feel like they're keeping a pattern to the percussion that isn't audibly distinct.

[+.] Distorted God
Comments: For most of it, the layering is really good, and I like how the steps really build up at the end.
Suggestion: b192: The 24ths could follow the piano better. It doesn't sound like complete 24th stream.
Maybe the cymbal crashes in the last part after b316 could be given more emphasis somehow.
Errors: b173 &c.: Should be 16ths here. (May have a 32nd before each jump or something.)
b204: This section should not be harder than b220–, which has more sounds on top of what you stepped previously.
Maybe just ignore the hi-hats here, too.

[++] Electrical Parade -Remix-
Comments: b64–112: I really like this section and the repeat. Flows with the vocals very well.
The PR and layering work throughout the track, and I really like playing it.
The XXxXxX 16ths that went to that barely-audible background sound was a little odd at first, but it works.

[+?] Electrolosys
Comments: You follow the sounds in your music well, but the climax theory gets a little messy.
Suggestions: b40, b56: These jumps aren't necessary when you got the jumps on the other 4ths now.
After the break, at b80, you expect something new to happen, but it's just the same melody with a little more percussion.
You should write some more melodic motifs to make the composition more interesting.
b160–b208: I don't really like how this section is more dense than the first part. It's just a transition and not the "focus" of the track.
b256: This is too early for the layering to cut out. The percussion shifts again at the repeat of the motif, and that should be apparent in the steps.

[+.] EuroMorroc
Comments: The layering is well done, and the hand usage works. Just has some small errors.
There are some breaks in the stream, like at b248, but it can be hard to tell...
And there's all the percussion on top of it anyway, so I guess it's fine.
Errors: Remove the first note.
b38: I can't hear these 16ths.
b50: Didn't jump the echo here like you do a few beats later.
b66.75: I can hear a faint guitar making this 16th and at b67.75, but not at b68.75.
Also at b67.75 is some instrument that makes a minijack with the fourth, with the same sound at 69.75.
If b69–b70.5 are on the same arrow because of the sound at b68 being held, the jack would have to start from there.
b84: The sound making the 16ths stops here, so remove the last one.
b104: This arrow should make a minijack with the 16th before it, like at b108.
b230–238: The jumps seem to be inconsistent here. Half the XxxXxxXxX are jumped and it's not distinct why.

[+.] Expand Life
Comments: The opening works really well. I like how the b68 section is stepped. A little PR and layering could be tweaked.
Suggestions: Try changing the patterns in the b132 section, because the pitches aren't all the same for the all the 8th arrows in a row.
Even if it's a stylistic thing and you know the pitches are different, at least try it the other way, too.
Instead of just putting jumps to the melody at the b165 section, try layering it with the percussion.
b252: The alternating jumps with a jack is very obnoxious to hit and should be changed.
b264.5: This eighth has the same pitch as the eighth before it not after it. Those little trills should be altered to fit the pitch.
That also means moving b261.5 from the down arrow to probably a left.

[+.] Experiment
Suggestions: Unlayer the 16ths that don't go to the melody like 34.75 in this first repeat of this section, so when it starts up again at b64 there's some progression.
b127: layer the clap every two fourths to show progression from the section before without all the percussion.
b182.125: End this on this 32nd when the sound that's making the 3/32nds changes.
Errors: b60: should be the 3/32nds thing from this beat on; no 12ths.
b110.5: Make every instance of this pitch a different arrow, preferably a left. It's lower than the pitches before it.

[+] Feeling This REMIX
Comments: Playing it, I could really feel *almost everything the steps went to in the music.
With the progressive layering and colors, the file kept me entertained.
Suggestions: b54, &c.: I can't hear these 16ths well on normal speed. They may not be necessary. I can distinctly hear them at .4x rate, though.
b198, &c.: The sound you have 16ths to here is more of a hold than a separate note so the arrows can be removed.
Errors: Too many notes at the end.

[+] Finders Keepers
Comments: This is really fun to play. The layering and PR is good and your choice of when to step the percussion works well with the music.
Errors: The offset is about 40s and the BPM may fluctuate by an insignificant amount.
b103: I'm not hearing the 24ths here. Should just be a 16th.
b119: Swap the patterns; first half has the 24ths, second has the 16th.
b231.5: This last half beat should be 24ths.

[+.] Flesvelka
Comments: FFR needs more music like this. Wurp, the ending jumpstream is intense.
b51: Might could remove an arrow from the jump here because there's no melody note here.
b147: Maybe filling in the eighths in this section would help?
Errors: Offset: -0.052
b38.5: This beat doesn't have a crash on it and shouldn't be as strong as the 4ths around it.
b109.5: The instrument does a 32nd to the 16th here, not 24ths. And the percussion hits on the 16th, so.
b110.25: The 32nd should be after this 16th, not before it.
b119.5: The grace notes would be more accurate as 96ths, but the difference is less than a frame, so the 32nds are fine.
b207, b212: Not hearing the 32nds around these beats.
b214: If you step the 32nd to the percussion here, not sure why you're ignoring it in other parts of this section.
b251.5: Could use another 32nd before this eighth.
b252: The melody makes an offbeat gallop and sounds on the 12th after the 4th, not on the 16th. The 32nd is much too early.

[+] Frog's Theme
Suggestions: Consider cutting this. The track goes ABCADB'CCAA, with each letter representing eight measures.
There's definitely some repetition there you can cut out, maybe just the repeat C and A at the end at least.
PR may need a little work, like with the jumps at the end of phrases that are noticeably out of place.
But the layering is good.

[+.] Giants in the Ocean
Comments: b88: I really like this jumpstream part here. The layering is good overall, but more attention needs to be given to pitch.
Suggestions: instead of starting in the middle of a phrase, maybe start at the minijack at b15.5 or at the fourth after.
b70.75: This is the only time you step this sound here, so there's really no point in this arrow.
Errors: The jumps at b56 need more PR. Listen to which pitches are the same to help with that. e.g. b67, 68, and 69.5 are the same pitch.
b120: The pitches here go AEAEBFBFCGCIDHDHAEAEBFBFCGCIDHDH (it repeats), with A being the highest pitch. So your PR isn't quite right.
Obviously you can't get it "perfect" with there being nine different pitches, but you can at least make sure all Ds are on the same arrow, &c.
b160 and b168 are the same pitch but not on the same arrow. b176 is on the same arrow as b160 but they are not the same pitch.


[++]Ready to go
More 16ths, good. More consistent jumps, good.
And the 16ths make it more interesting, so that covers all the notes from the judges.

[+] Scavenger
Yes. All the major PR fixes have been dealt with, but I noticed two things I didn't earlier:
b36: The first and third two-beat 16th things should start and end on the same jump, and the second one should have two different jumps.
b87: Minijack with the 16th before the jump.

[?] Sonic 3 -Ice Cap (Remix)-
It's the same melody repeated four times for 27 seconds.
The PR isn't much better than last time.
Find a different remix to step. One that has a little more melodic variation in it.
If the other judges are fine with the file and track, I may reconsider.

[+?] Try Harder
Comments: Still has some layering issues that need work. Also some tiny things.
The .mp3 needs to be amplified. It's pretty soft. Have to turn the comp volume up, and then the SM sound effects are grating.
Notes: b71: Move from up to left.
b76: You have three separate triplets in the melody here. The PR shouldn't make too long of trills.
"m33-39: pretty incomplete layering here. " The layering you added doesn't work, either. Start from scratch.
Put in the percussion as single notes in different columns, and the melody in one column, and then mess with the PR from there.
"Wrong jump at m43 oops!" You removed the incorrect jump, but didn't add the right one.
The jumps should be added at 171.5 and 170. The melody echoes like that.
b176–192 should be layered more than b192–208.
You can keep the eighths in measure 45 as long as it's obvious what it goes to, maybe with different PR or more layering.
"There aren't as many [16ths] as you think." I dunno about this; I hear more 16ths than you have.
b180–b182 should all be 16ths. Also note the PR: b180.75 and b181.25 are the same pitch.
Was good to unlayer the melody in the roll at the end, but maybe step the last repeat of the melody?


12 Bar Bloops (aperson) [+?]
The 1st half of this chart is pretty good I really enjoy the solo section in it.
m50 to m54 - The layering here feels to be a bit much with the song being quieted down. (This isn't a big deal just a personal opinion)
m77 to m79 - The 32nd run patterns feel really uncomfortable to hit. I would switch them up a little bit.
m111 to m155 - These triples feel really unnecessary and are really uncomfortable especially the ones at m133
Other than that I would just recommend cleaning up some of the patterns in the end of the song some of them feel a little awkward to hit.

A Beautiful Storm (who_cares973) [+]
Not much to say here, just overall a really nice enjoyable file.

Altair (-Barista-)[-]
This seems like it could be a really fun chart but the difficulty is all over the place. The wall at m32 seems to be way too much for the chart. I understand why you have it but it makes for a huge difficulty spike. Then m 108 to 110 you have the mega trill and jack again this causes a huge difficulty spike in the chart. I would just work on softening up some of the sections in the chart to give it a better overall difficulty.

analyzed (jimerax)[+]
Really liked this file. A lot of fun to play.

Baby Still Too Fat (MarioNintendo)[+?]
The beg of this file is great but the ending gets a little rocky.
m35 - I recommend removing the jumps from the jack for consistency with the rest of your jacks.
m53 - 59 - The mini jacks within the jumps are just really awkward to hit and don't flow very nicely. I would recommend just making them mini jacks and killing off the jumps.
For the most part this is a really enjoyable file just polish up that ending a little bit.

Camel (bmah)[+]
I found this file really fun to play. The only thing that bugged me is the triple at m 51 feels kinda awkward. Otherwise really solid fun file to play.

Chopsticks! (YOSHl)[+.]
Some PR issues here and there but not too bad. I really enjoyed playing this file a lot. The only other thing I question a little bit is some of the difficulty spikes in the file.

Chrome Gadget Zone 8bit mix (Wyde)[+]
Nice solid mid level chart.

Comfortably Lost (MarioNintendo)[+]
No complaints from me

Corrupted Minds (DossarLX ODI)[+]
I'm so used to seeing hard files from you I wasn't expecting this XD. Overall a really solid chart. I didn't really like the runningman at m23 but I just personally find them akward to do.

Cybertron (cedolad)[+.]
Another file I found to be a lot of fun to play. Pretty tricky chart to get the AAA on I'm sure. A few of the burst patterns felt a little awkward for me to hit but overall I enjoyed the file.

Defection (Ziergdsx18 & who_cares973)[+.]
This file gave me a little bit of that generic jumpstream feel but the song isn't long and the little bursts and things make up for it.

Distorted God (Leonid)[+?]
I really loved the 1st half of this chart and a lot of it most of the way through.
m43 to m44 - Really not fond of the triples/quads here.
m76 to m80 - Polys -_-
There are lot of difficulty spikes in and out in this chart and the endings layering just feels like too much.

Electrical Parade -Remix_ (kjwkjw)[+]
1st thing I love about this is the song it's just so bouncy and full of energy. And the chart fits it perfectly. It's a lot of fun to play and just kinda gives you that happy vibe.

Electrolosys (Yoshl)[+?]
You have some layering inconsistencies throughout the chart. Try to fix those up a bit.

EuroMorroc (Clean Edit) (DossarLX ODI & Ziergdsx18)[+.]
This is another file that gave me a little bit of that generic jumpstream feel but still a good chart overall.

Expand Life (Robert Hallgren)[?]
There are some layering issues throughout the chart, like there are a whole bunch of jumps that I have no idea what they are going to. Also the jumps at m75 and m79 are miss-rhythms.

Experiment (Championanwar)[+]
This was a pretty interesting file. I'm not even sure how I want to put it. But it's a nice easier file to play.

Feeling This REMIX (MrPopadopalis25)[+.]
Pretty nice mid level chart. M25 through m40 feels pretty empty though. I think you should put some layering in this section.

Finder Keepers (i love you)[+]
Really fun file to play. Everything flows together really nicely.

Flesvelka (bmah)[+]
Really interesting song. The file is a lot of fun to play. I love how the chart changes up a good bit so it doesn't feel draggy or like you're doing the same thing over and over again.

Frog's Theme (megamon88)[+?]
The song is really repetitive making the chart seem to drag. I'm not sure if there's much you can do to vary it up but as it is right now it's just like the same thing for over 2 and a half minutes.

Giants In The Ocean (NocturneAunamic)[+.]
Pretty fun file to play. I really liked the back and forth in m27 to m29


Ready to go (bmah)[+]
Looks good, I found this file a lot of fun to play.

Scavenger (plan_Bsk81127)[+]
I was looking at previous notes/ratings for this and man were they all over the place for this file. File looks pretty solid to me, it's consistent and I think it's fun to play.

Sonic 3 - Ice Cap (Remix) (Mrpopadopalis25)[+.]
It's okay for an easy file.

Try Harder (rushyrulz)[+.]
Better. I find this pretty fun to play some of your run patterns feel great ^_^

Judge Team 2


Grasp Reality (FFR edit) [130 BPM Edit] (justin_ator) [?]
yellow note syndrome. understandable layering/structure.
patterns don't fit the pitch or instrument much.
a bit repetitive (due to the song), not very replayable imo.

Grateful Para-die-se (Coolboyrulez0) [?]
32nd bursts in m10 - want notes on 4th
m12 - jumps for the bass drum?
minijacks on parts like m12, 16, etc cause awkward patterns and not vert music relevant.
I think the part after m60 is a big repetition of the first half.

Gunkienen Tar Mercury (leonid) [+.]
technically almost correct. a bit overstepped-side and some parts look messy.
fun as a scoring file though.

Halloweenies (Flaming_Dingleberry & _.Spitfire._) [?]
overall long 32nd trills huge difficulty inconsistency and not fun.
on m38-45, can see where you put minijacks, but felt they are overused.

Heavenly Spores (Kommisar) [+]
m37-43 8bit melodies could be layered imo.
streams and color notes are enjoyable.

He's a pirate - F-777 ReMiX (MarioNintendo) [compare] [+.]
fast stream patterns on m27 are awkward, otherwise moderately enjoyable.
pretty close to megamon's quality-wise, the diferrences are length and
minijack-triplet vs jumpstream.
I personally prefer this ver by a bit more, but both versions can co-exist imo if it gets accepted.

Homosexual Love Scene (Niala) [+]
color notes for voices add some fun factors.
overall nothing wrong, decently done.

Humoresque No. 7 (woker-X) [+]
nothing wrong, easy piano file.

Illumination (Plan_Bsk81127) [+.]
short song, sync is ok, mostly acceptable pattern usage.
some hand usage is questionable though, overall decent.

Indignant Divinity (TC_Cyrenics) [+?]
felt a bit overlayered up to m16 and m25-28 considering the song, I can understand how it's stepped
and no major issue in technicality though. overall can be watered down and want more contrast.

Jingle Bells Hardstyle (justin_ator) [?]
kinda bad sound quality. needs work or pitch relevancy for song like this imo
xmas melodies are nice but getting a bit repetitive.

JULIA (bmah) [+]
m15-16 looks empty (unless you want to emphasize the rap voice).
some jacky patterns look a bit intense and cause small difficulty spikes (not a big issue tho)
overall great and pretty enjoyable file.

JULIAN (bmah) [+]
felt some jacky patterns are spike-ish (m32-38, m70-)
other than this, overall well done and nice structure.

Kirlian Changes (AsphyxZero) [+?]
on m15-22, 8ths are wanted. even with this middle part is relatively sparse, but acceptable.

Lawn Wake II (0) [+?]
m7-16, m36-40 overall not accurate/proper rhythms.
on m22, m62 bursts can be improved, if not putting notes on all sounds.
overall enjoyable structure, still need fixes/improvement.

Luna Ascension (TC_Cyrenics) [+.]
maybe grace note on m17 (and grace notes should be basically after the beat)?
other than that, ok file.

Mathsma Attack (Kommisar) [+]
m14-17 a bit offsync.
m164-176 not sure about those 24ths, but the way it's stepped is interesting anyways.
overall pretty amusing file.

Melons (_.Spitfire._) [+?]
m1-5 and m115- there's a more interesting rhythm choice I guess.
m14-21 layering change? felt like sounds are inconsistently stepped.
very long jack section looks ridiculous imo.
fun for scoring maybe and has potential, but need some tweaks for me.

Musicmaker RX (Kommisar) [+.]
overall consistently stepped and nothing wrong.
there're not many notable features though, could use some voice rhythms.

NaiNai 69 (Coolboyrulez0 & _.Spitfire._) [+.]
kinda old school style, overall structure is well-done for the song.

Nothing's Gonna Stop Me (kjwkjw) [+.]
m16 - slightly off.
m23 - maybe add grace notes?
otherwise, overall ok with an easy file.

Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! (0) [+.]
pretty short song/file.
It's a bit overlayered overall in my feeling, but not a bad way of stepping, and enjoyable.

Sun and Stars (who_cares973) [+.]
getting slightly long/repetitive, bass drums have some easy interesting rhythms to follow imo.
decent easy file though.


[Resubmission] -Glorious Morning- (ichliebekase) [+?]
12th melodies are mostly PR, jacks(in this case 12ths) can be used when they are useful.
m33-49 it looks steps are just going with the drums, want progressions/changes.
overall semi-decent, want a bit more improvement.

[Resubmission] In The Wind (bmah) [+.]
another gradius music that's prety similar to the original.
felt some parts are a bit over-emphasized, maybe I was expecting something easier.
overall, okay.

[Resubmission] Metro (DossarLX ODI) [+.]
basically stepping-all-sound type of IDM file.
pretty overdone but it looks okay technically, maybe good for scoring.

[Resubmission] No Salt (Silvuh) [+.]
Nothing wrong as an easy file. a bit weak replay value due to the song.


(all numbers are time markers given through DDream.)
(italicized notes are optional changes and do not affect overall rating)
(green notes indicate something I like or find particular interesting, in a good way)

Grasp Reality (justin_ator)
Rating: [?]

- yellow note syndrome; as a result, offset is very far off (you're late by about 120ms -- try -0.174, worked on my end on DDream), which is enough alone to reject it; however, I'll look over this file for you to help you out more in one shot

(after re-sync)

- 0.174-13.097: the introduction can use a bit more relevance in pitch, since you are only following a single instrument
- 13.097-35.251: layering here is fairly solid, but try to make your patterns a bit more clear as to what you're following. 8th mini-jacks make it feel like there's something outstanding in the background, or something to that extent. If you're able to figure out better pitch relevancy for your introduction, you can paste it into here and add the bass-kick (and flip around patterns for a bit more diversity)
- 38.020/39.866/41.712/etc: your pattern = xx (16ths), correct = x. (just a single 4th note for instances like this)
- 66.635-70.327/77.712-81.404/other instances: consider rethinking this layering, might come across as a difficulty spike
- 86.135-89.943: interesting take on this.
- 109.096-110.943: that's incredibly mean; mega difficulty spike
- 129.404-end: layering inconsistencies?

This song isn't that long, but the amount of repetition within the file makes it feel like it's well over 3 minutes. The yellow note syndrome issue is enough to drop the file, but I felt like you should at least know a few things about the file before blindly resubmitting.

Grateful Para-die-se (Coolboyrulez0)
Rating: [?]

- offset is off (change from -0.160 -> -0.227, consult wc for another offset and find a happy medium)

(after re-sync)

- 12.602/12.977: missing 4th note
- 16.352/22.352/28.352/34.352: shift this and the next three notes over a column (wrap around), that way, you won't have that mini-jack as a by-product of pitch relevancy
- 13.727-37.727: the overall pattern setup here isn't very good because of how repetitive it is, you might want to try and vary your patterns up a bit
- 37.727-61.727/: the layering here doesn't leave you much room to do anything else here, which is going to limit your overall fun factor
- 50.571: the sound that sits right here can help make this section feel a bit more active
- 91.727-103.727: direct repeat from 13.727-37.727? Change it up a little bit.
- 115.727-127.727: your layering here masks the background guitar as an important accent because this entire area is nothing but jumps, could be done better

Quite a few layering issues to be taken care of, and this is also another submission that is plagued with repetition.

Gunkienen Tar Mercury (leonid)
Rating: [+.]

- 5.245: you're missing this note and one other note in this fill, although they are fairly quiet, so I won't hold it against you
- 5.378-13.912: if you turn the layering of the guitar down to just a single note, you might be able to fit the bass that plays in this section as well - just a thought
- 13.912-22.445: there's a few ambiguous jumps here considering every quarter note is a jump for snare/hat hits, and at this speed, that could be a problem
- 21.645/21.912/22.178: not a fan of these triples, the sound isn't even coming in that strongly
- 50.178: what are all the jumps for? 50.312/50.445 are acceptable for the guitar, but not the other three
- 50.978: another ride hit that probably shouldn't be a cymbal
- 108.312-112.045: I really like this; adds difficulty, but is fairly accurate with the 8th jacks going to hi-hats

Pretty tough file. It carries the song really well in the chart with its intensity, albeit a bit overstepped.

Halloweenies (Flaming_Dingleberry & _.Spitfire._)
Rating: [?]

- made a slight offset change (from -0.040 -> -0.053; my notes will reflect this change as well)
- 5.864-6.694: a little mean, no?
- 11.674-13.283: that's a little too long, honestly
- 14.995-28.276: 32nd mini-trills just don't feel right to me; it feels so awkward and forced...
- 14.995-28.276: the direct layering here just doesn't sit well, especially when you're accenting the clap as a jump regardless
- 29.003: there's another note here, it's a slurred melody
- 46.539-48.199: same as 11.674-13.283
- 59.820-61.480: ^
- 61.480-74.762: with this involving a jack-section, you might want to leave out one of your layered instruments, otherwise it won't feel comfortable at all
- BPM is off, song drifts.

Song is neat, but the sim needs fixes with BPM and overall pattern choices.

Heavenly Spore (Kommisar)
Rating: [+]

- 47.448-47.981: check rhythm -- I'm mentioning this because it -can- be approximated as 24ths, but it's actually a 64th pattern
- 71.938-73.003: not quite 32nds here, and approximating to them doesn't seem quite right here either; maybe 24ths?
- 80.456-80.989: another one that uses 64ths, but can be approximated to 24ths as you have
- 92.701-93.234: ^
- 96.960-97.493: ^
- 136.015-136.991: ^

Very very fun, and hey -- even indexers will get a good kick out of this with the 32nd runs being friendly to their style!

He's a Pirate - F-777 Remix (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [?]

300 BPM for a majority? Not sure what to think of that.

- 10.054-15.654: check your PR here, it can be done a little bit better
- For all of the 300 BPM sections: it seems more like a syncopated rhythm, rather than you picking a specific instrument to represent. Nothing wrong with that because of how long the song is, but the ambiguity starts to detract from the enjoyability of the file.
- 30.054: oh god please don't PR that, just put a roll or something decently easy to hit
- 42.950: neat representation
- 43.654-56.254: because of FFR's engine, this section will end up being a bit inconsistent, with certain colored arrows aligning properly and others being a frame off, which doesn't look very nice
- 90.054: forced mini-jack?
- 132.454/140.454: another forced mini-jack, seems like a by-product of PR

This song is really long, and while the 300 BPM section is an interesting touch to the file, it's a bit tedious to play.

Homosexual Love Scene (Niala)
Rating: [+.]

This file can do a little bit better PR-wise in the melodic chorus areas, since it does seem like you're applying it.

[color=green]- I absolutely love the BPM manipulation to make the voice teal, and it's even more impressive at 55.912, where you manage to keep the bass drum in proper place while making the voices teal. Very well done.
- 57.380-70.807: this section is a little empty -- maybe you could throw in the hi-hat?

Fun, and the color manipulation is a very very nice touch.

Humeresque #7 (woker)
Rating: [+]

Not quite perfect PR wise, but very understandable and clear. No complaints.

Illumination (Plan_Bsk81127)
Rating: [?]

- PR on the piano is incorrect for a majority of the file.
- Mini-jacks are interesting, though.
- The jumps when the piano plays by itself are also unnecessary since it's a single hand playing on the piano.

Song is very short, and doesn't quite present a lot of variation for the length itself, which is problematic.

Indignant Divinity (TC_Cyrenics)
Rating: [+]

- offset changed from -3.080 -> -3.124
- 3.124-9.981: PR is a little iffy (it's not quite as bad with the layering put in)
- 44.266-51.124: dynamic change? I don't like how heavy your chart is in comparison to how calm the music is
- 57.981-64.862: see 3.124-9.981

Short song, but it holds interest throughout. Nothing bad about it.

Jingle Bells Hardstyle (justin_ator)
Rating: [-]

- offset changed from -0.085 to -0.060 (these times will reflect that as well)
- 17.203-34.346: to add relevance, maybe you could try using the pitch of the bass to your advantage? you start off with it anchored to the left arrow on every offbeat (17.417, 17.846, etc.); maybe you could shift the arrow it's on at 19.132/19.989 to accommodate for changes in pitch?
- 34.346-47.203: you could keep accenting the percussion here so that the chart isn't so empty (it also makes the layering more consistent.)
- 51.489-54.060: since this is the only instrument here, try to clearly represent this with some relevancy in pitch (left = low/right = high, or even mirror if you're feeling a bit adventurous; mini-jacks are present in the melody but it is up to you to use them or not for the sake of consistent difficulty)
- 57.382: because of the difficulty of the chart, the mini-jack is a bit rough in this particular spot
- 60.810: ^ - it's also a percussion instrument that's a little further in the background, so you can trash the mini-jack here
- 67.667: ^ - same issue here
- 74.417: ^
- 61.775-75.489: aside from strange pattern usage here, the layering isn't too bad; this is another area where you can use pitch relevance to your advantage)
- 75.489-89.203: go to 76.132 - you hear that hi-hat? You can use that to make your layering a little more complete here.
- 75.489-89.203: there's a lot of forced mini-jacks that aren't related to the synthesized melody, you might want to think about getting rid of those.
- 89.203-101.203: same as 17.203-34.346, although you might want to anchor the repeating note to a 8th note, rather than a 4th note
- 101.203-114.060: same as 34.346-47.203, again - be wary of using mini-jacks because of the overall difficulty
- 114.917-142.346: try to catch that hi-hat again; it'll keep your layering consistent
- 114.917-142.346: forced mini-jacks again (see: 75.489-89.203)

This song is riddled with repetition, and the chart has a lot of inconsistencies in layering/difficulties. Consider revising the chart, and also consider a cut when the song repeats the introduction.

JULIA (bmah)
Rating: [+]

- 2.145-25.951: very well done on this intro!
- 26.919-39.306: layering is a little unclear here - I see you following the vocals, but what else?
- 67.177-68.726: these forced polyrhythms might look a little sloppy, but that's a subjective opinion
- 73.371-76.080: ahahahahaha
- 98.145: correct, but a little mean, no?

Wasn't entirely fond of the layering for the first part, but it might be a slight misunderstanding and the parts that I do like entirely make up for it. Great technical file for upper level players.

JULIAN (bmah)
Rating: [++]

- 19.418: why didn't you apply the swing starting here? Not a really big deal because the snare is barely audible at normal speed.
- 73.143-82.555: your usage of flams is excellent here, awesome touch
- 85.692-114.124: it's great how you're able to fit everything here without compromising your layering - great job

Excellent file. Relevance is there, technicality is there, fun factor is there, there's something to keep the player interested, it's very challenging, and most of all, the song is great too.

Kirlian Changes (AsphyxZero)
Rating: [+.]

- PR can be a little bit better, but not too bad, especially seeing as how you're PRing two instruments in the same stream at once.
- I do not like the fact that the 8th stream cuts out into very long-distanced quarter notes, it does make the difficulty a bit inconsistent, even as an easy file.

As an easy file, this is alright.

Lawn Wake II (o)
Rating: [+?]

- 21.374-23.010: this filtered noise doesn't leave you a rhythm to follow, why not just use the main percussion
- 32.283: same issue here, it almost seems random because you weren't using it beforehand
- 37.601-38.010: the descending snare pitch/slight volume decrease makes these jumps a bit random layering wise
- 39.373-40.192: same issue here; there's better things for you to accent more clearly as jumps since you seem to be avoiding triples
- 41.555-50.282: ^
- 91.191/93.919/99.100: inconsistent layering?

The aforementioned problems do repeat themselves a few times outside of the times mentioned. The layering in this chart is awkward in some spots, and so is the representation. It's not bad at all, just could use a little bit more tweaking.

Luna Ascension (Cyrenics)
Rating: [+?]

- offset changed: -2.540 -> -2.569
- 5.402: this 32nd belongs after the 8th note, not before it
- 9.680-16.791: check PR in jumps
- 36.347: PR here shouldn't be the same as 34.569 - copy + paste is a BAD thing to be using in a file this short
- 41.680: check PR again...
- 42.680: no jack here
- 44.347-45.236: for the difficulty of this song, this run is pretty nasty
- 48.069: see 5.402

For a song this short, I expected more. I'm aware that I judged/accepted it on KBO, but I'm a little more lenient since I don't view the files in the editor.

Mathsma Attack (Kommisar)
Rating: [+.]

- 33.240: not liking that polyrhythm at all
- 51.018: missing 16ths? awkward place to stop considering you were just accenting it before...
- 64.307: triple seems unnecessary here with the sound being quiet like this...
- 89.156: another poly that I'm not fond of, but it's not that bad
- 132.063: ^

Those runs...are absolutely screwed up, jesus christ. It took me literally 20 minutes to choose between letting this pass/letting it fail...

Melons (_.Spitfire._)
Rating: [PASS]

yeah, I'm not judging this <_<

Musicmaker RX (Kommisar)
Rating: [+]

- 62.384-84.840: interesting color usage

Solid file. Nothing bad or wrong about it, although it does play a little longer than it should.

NaiNai 69 (Coolboyrulez & _.Spitfire._)
Rating: [+?]

- as short as the song is, dealing with this much repetition is a problem; the chart plays the same even in different sounding areas of the song
- 30.860: one-handed mini-trills at this speed is a really bad idea
- the clicks nearing the end of the song are barely audible and layering to them makes it awkward

Nothing really great about the file, it has correct layering, but is incredibly repetitive due to a lack of changing in layering schematics, and for a song that's only 1:30, that's not good at all.

Nothing's Gonna Stop Me (kjwkjw)
Rating: [+.]

- PR could use a tune-up aside from the intentional changes that I notice.

Overall, chart is solid, nothing really erroneous about it. It's a little repetitive and plays longer than the length of the song, which is slightly problematic. However, it does hold interest with multiple-instrument layering.

Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! (o)
Rating: [+?]

- chart feels over-layered (due to following both bass and snare + vocals)
- unfortunately, it's layered the same way the entire chart
- very repetitive, and short -- a bad combination

Another chart with technically correct layering, but it plays out a bit too layered out, and it's extremely repetitive.

Passage D

Rating: [+]

There's a great fluency in all of these patterns, everything just feels really nice pattern-wise. I also like the close attention you paid with certain patterns, like 66.733 and 68.066, where it's the same percussion line, so you keep the same basic structure, but then mirror it. The sub-division of the snare bursts are all very nice ones as well, especially because it seems like they're more/less aggressive based on how loud they are. You did a great job with this file. There are some layering inconsistencies, but they aren't extremely bad that it's distracting, because of the song's shifting intensities.

Rating: [</+]

I'm putting the + rating for this one too, along with the <, just to show that I really thought that both files were good. This was a tough choice. Both files are very nicely done, and honestly, I wish that we could use them both, because they both have some great details. This file seems to have a few missing notes in the minimal drum breaks, but again, it's not so bad that it's distracting -- the emphasis is on the moving breaks and not the stops in between them. Just like the previous file, the flow is very nice and the representation is good too. It's a shame that the files are very close to each other in difficulty...

Sun and the Stars (who_cares973)
Rating: [+]

p.s. this isn't a 1 :3

Glorious Morning (ichliebekase)
Rating: [+?]

- did you use Silvuh's updated .sm? It still feels like it's drifting a bit...
- 63.219-75.809: it seems like you're trying to layer the strings simply (by simply, I mean layer in a way that doesn't force jumps), and if so, you're missing a few notes throughout this entire section. If not, then you have extraneous notes and they need to be removed.
- 75.809-88.440: for a song of this difficulty, 24th bursts with jumps introducing them isn't quite a nice thing -- being that the snare over-powers the strings for those bursts, you might want to think about removing them.

Get the sync fixed on this -- I know Silvuh put an updated .sm but the file is still drifting for me in DDream. Chart can be cleaned up a little bit more based off of previous notes and notes that I've given you.

In The Wind (bmah)
Rating: [+]

- misplaced triple at 40.108? (not entirely sure, seems like all cymbals are triples in this layering scheme)
- really really really short...
- also repetitive

Nothing bad, really.

No Salt (Silvuh)
Rating: [+]

No complaints.

Metro (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [PASS]

Part of me wants to judge this, but I really really dislike this file and I have no idea what compelled me to say yes to this file before. Everything I have to say about this file is entirely subjective...I don't know.

i love you

• = Actual notes/errors that I see in the file
+ = Things that will not count for judging rating (Just my opinions and subjectiveness on the file)

Grasp Reality (FFR edit) [130 BPM Edit] (justin_ator) [?]
• The could have been places were you could have added 16th doubles to give more emphasis to that one synth sound playing. (EX: Beat 34.25, 38.25 etc)
• Song and steps are pretty repetitive, i would either give it a cut or not make the beginning of the file drag on with the same simple patterns.
• It felt like those double trills spiked up the difficulty too much so you can either reduce those or add in more layering to the parts that's more underlayered. (Ex: Beat 131.75, 150.75 etc)
+ I'll give you credit for putting effort on this file because i can see it.

Grateful Para-die-se (Coolboyrulez0) [+]
• Awesome pattern choice
• Really like some of the expressiveness you used in your steps
+ Sick song as well <3
+ Offset is wrong, should be around 1.300

Gunkienen Tar Mercury (leonid) [+]
• Techincal as **** but very well done with the pattern usage
• This file felt like Patashu and Roar collaborated on it lmao
+ i love you for stepping tarolabo <3

Halloweenies (Flaming_Dingleberry & _.Spitfire._) [+.]
• The only thing that i didn't like was the fact that you used those long 32nd trills on certain parts of the file. It's going to be ignoring to hit those in the FFR Engine which is why i'm counting off a point.
• Other than that, file was pretty awesome. Loved the pattern structure.

Heavenly Spores (Kommisar) [+]
• This file flowed throughout the song.
• Definitely can't see any errors in the editor.

He's a pirate - F-777 ReMiX (MarioNintendo) [compare] [+]
• Wow, really nice pattern usage and expressiveness.
+ Song choce was amazing!

Homosexual Love Scene (Niala) [+]
• Pretty fun song. Really digging your your layering choices.
• File was expressive and accurate

Humoresque No. 7 (woker-X) [+]
• This file was really good for a easy piano song.
+ I can definitely see this file getting into FFR because of how flowing it is hehe.

Illumination (Plan_Bsk81127) [+]
• Really digging this file. Pattern usage was used well.
• There was a sight PR issue near the end but other that that, definitely a nice, short, chill piano song.

Indignant Divinity (TC_Cyrenics) [?]
• This file literally just felt like a huge jumpstream mess compared with the nature of the song. I would just step the main melodies of the song rather than trying to layer everything you hear.
• Overall, file is overlayered and looks somewhat dumpy.

Jingle Bells Hardstyle (justin_ator) [+.]
• Nice usage of layering throughout the file.
• Song choice and steps were sightly repetitive so the file dragged on a bit. If i were you, i would switch up some patterns so that it doesn't feel as boring.

JULIA (bmah) [+]
• Nice usage of color notes and layering
• I honestly enjoyed playing this file. Definitely has replay value.

JULIAN (bmah) [+]
• Wow, this was one amazing file.
+ I got nothing else to say. Didn't see anything wrong in the editor.

Kirlian Changes (AsphyxZero) [-]
• Missing doubles throughout the file.
• File seems incomplete. Nothing interesting i see in the file
• File has different difficulty gaps which is never good for FFR

Lawn Wake II (0) [+.]
• This file was pretty fun and challenging to play
• Felt like some of those color notes were used dramatically
• Overall pattern usage could have been better

Luna Ascension (TC_Cyrenics) [+.]
• Pattern usage was good and the file was short and sweet
• The layering however could have been better on some parts. I honestly don't like the way you used those doubles on those 8-bit, bass noise parts. I would just leave them as single notes.

Mathsma Attack (Kommisar) [+.]
• This file was well-organized to the part where i almost had an orgasm
• The 24th part are questionable though however i like how much more lenient it is compared with your Stepmania version of it.
+ Song choice is eargasmic as fuc

Melons (_.Spitfire._) [+.]
• Pattern usage was fine and file was pretty fun and challenging
• My only issue are those long 4th/8th jacks. That is definitely going to be a issue for a lot of people. I would just reduce some of those and replace with trills just to be more safe.
• Hardcore sex song ftw

Musicmaker RX (Kommisar) [+]
• This file was well-organized and stepped really well
• Nothing else to say, don't see anything in the editor.

NaiNai 69 (Coolboyrulez0 & _.Spitfire._) [+]
• Wow, the pattern usage in this file is insane awesome for a challenging file.
+ Finally, a NaiNai69 file i enjoyed a lot hehe

Nothing's Gonna Stop Me (kjwkjw) [+.]
• File was pretty fun and replayable.
• Pattern usage could have been better but I like how you changed up the patterns to keep it interesting.
• Also thought that some parts should have more emphasis. (Beat 113, 115, 117, 119 etc)

Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! (0) [+.]
• This file was pretty fun for the most part.
• Thought there could have been more minijacks used in this file for more emphasis on certain parts of the file.

Sun and Stars (who_cares973) [+]
• This file was pretty fun and simple.
• This would make a good easy file for FFR.
+ Song choice was horribad


[Resubmission] -Glorious Morning- (ichliebekase) [+?]
• Fun was somewhat fun however i noticed some errors while playing it which is never good.
• You're missing places in the beginning that could have doubles added to 4th notes to represent those sounds. Also, you missed some notes as well throughout the file. (Beat 130.67, 134,67 etc)
• This file has some PR issues throughout so i would look at that
• This file does seem a lot better than before so i'll give you credit on that.

[Resubmission] In The Wind (bmah) [+]
• Nice slight fixes made in this file. I still enjoyed this file.

[Resubmission] Metro (DossarLX ODI) [+]
• Nice and challenging file
• I'm really glad you were lenient on most of the patterns in this file
+ Didn't really like the song choice

[Resubmission] No Salt (Silvuh) [+]
• Definitely like this file more then last time I tried it.
• Will make a great, easy file for FFR


Grasp Reality (FFR Edit) (justin_ator) - [+?]
Playtest: Most of this file was fun, like the minijacks in the beginning. The long 32nd trill section in m61-62 was too hard, though. Even at 130bpm, the FC difficulty of that part is just too high compared to the rest of the song, and I know that if this file was in FFR a lot of people would hate playing the file because of that section.
Editor: You've got yellow note syndrome, which bothers me because there are certain parts that are almost entirely yellow notes, so I'd say to make the file three 16th notes earlier. Also, while it makes sense to step the slightly buzzier sounds in m48-50 with 192nd note grace notes, it doesn't feel like it fits with the rest of the file, so I'd remove that part.

Grateful Para-die-se (Coolboyrulez0) - [+.]
Playtest: I liked this file, but the one thing that really bothered me was stepping the 5432111 melody in the song as 4321121. Short jacks could go well with this song, but your placement was kind of awkward and hurt the flow of the song because they worked against the melody rather than with it. Maybe 4321222, 4321212, or 4321323?
Editor: All good here.

Gunkienen Tar Mercury (leonid) - [+.]
Playtest: 225bpm heavy jumpstream bursts is one thing, but the 8th jack sections in m6-13 and m95-99 were really mean. Since this is after all a combo scoring game, those parts should definitely be toned down.
Editor: I don't see anything wrong.

Halloweenies (Flaming_Dingleberry & _.Spitfire._) - [+?]
Playtest: I liked the minitrill and minijack sections, but the four longer trill sections (at almost 145 bpm!) are just too much. The combo difficulty is insane and you will get a lot of people annoyed at this song. It's really important to break up those trills - at the very least, replace them with easier stream patterns.
Editor: Seems good, no complaints.

Heavenly Spores (Kommisar) - [+]
Playtest: Cool file; the beginning the weird layering made me feel I wouldn't like it, but the later parts of the song with the 32nd streams were very fun.
Editor: I have no idea why you put that last note there and didn't step the part before it, but whatever.

He's a pirate - F-777 ReMiX (MarioNintendo) - [+.]
Playtest: Fun file, especially the 12th/24th jumpjack bits and the extremely slow bpm sections. And thanks for making none of the 16th minitrills one-handed. The 300bpm 16th bursts in m27 and m35 are a problem, though - they have an awkward feel and would be better off as a simpler pattern like a roll.
Editor: Generally seems good. Why didn't you make the roll in m112 straight 32nds?

Homosexual Love Scene (Niala) - [+]
Playtest: I really liked the use of 48th notes for the "wa-hoo" sound. That made the file a lot more fun to play. The halved BPM for the slow parts was a good touch too.
Editor: I don't understand your 4th note layering in the part starting at measure 9 (I would have put a jump on each one) but it still flows well, so I'll assume it's stylistic. Personally I'd layer in more of those 4th note percussion hits.

Humoresque No. 7 (woker-X) - [+.]
Playtest: The file's a bit long, and while the note-jump gallops were fun in the beginning, it did drag on at the end. There were a few patterns that looked like they might be a bit tricky if they were faster, but I guess at this speed that's not really an issue. (3/3)
Editor: The 8th note burst in m7 is wrong, and some other ones bothered me too. Check the exact rhythm of the 192nd notes in the beginning gallops. I'd remove the last 8th note in m46. The 4th note at the very beginning of m54 should have a gallop. The 32nd thing in m63 would be better without the 16th jack.

Illumination (Plan_Bsk81127) - [+]
Playtest: Nice fun little piano file. Good use of minijacks.
Editor: Nothing for me to complain about.

Indignant Divinity (TC_Cyrenics) - [?]
Playtest: This file didn't flow well at all, probably because the patterns were so heavy. You didn't even let up much on the quieter sections. The 32nd stream bits were better than they could have been, but unless you want that to be the hardest part of the file they should have been much easier patterns. Overall there's nothing that's really awful to hit, but it doesn't feel right for the song and I wouldn't want to play it over and over.
(way overlayered; look at the 16th microjumptrill starts)
Editor: Same comments, really; the layering is seriously overdone, especially in the easier sections where you can barely even hear the 16th drum beat. Lighten it up and focus on the melody more.

Jingle Bells Hardstyle (justin_ator) - [?]
Playtest: The song itself bothered me, but I won't take off for it. I didn't like the minijack placements: sometimes you miss a jack that's in the music (like m23), sometimes you use 2 when it should be 3 (m23 again), and so on. It would be okay if you were consistent, but you start using longer jacks for everything later on in the song, so it feels wrong. There are some icky jack patterns too (22211). And, since you didn't add in much difficulty with layering, the jacks form pretty much all of the difficulty. Given the layering, I think you would have a much better flow (and file) if you turned all of the jack patterns into stream ones.
Editor: I'd like a bit more PR, but you don't necessarily need it. The file does need more layering, though - the music is pretty heavy, and so are the jacks, but the other parts of the file just don't match up.

JULIA (bmah) - [+.]
Playtest: This is a pretty fun file, but there are some awkward parts. The 32nd-24th section in m36 is icky to hit (note the fast 343 minitrill). The long colorful left-handed trill in m39-41 hurts the file a lot. The right-handed 24ths in m52 are a little unnecessarily awkward but it's not too much of a problem considering the difficulty.
Editor: Nothing I can really complain about, technically this file does make sense.

JULIAN (bmah) - [+]
Playtest: The gallop section near the start was pretty cool, and not too bad to hit either.
Editor: Again, nothing here that really bothered me.

Kirlian Changes (AsphyxZero) - [+]
Playtest: An accurate, nicely PR'd easy file with no bad patterns. What else can I say?
(don't check in editor)

Lawn Wake II (0) - [+]
Playtest: This time around it's a pretty solid file - the beginning parts are appropriately difficult and you broke up some of the uglier patterns. I think you should add a burst in m16, though.
Editor: There are some notes which might be slightly off, but generally this is a good file and there's not too much to complain about.

Luna Ascension (TC_Cyrenics) - [+.]
Playtest: Overall this file was fun and stepped well. You used the right amount of layering and the minijack placements made a lot of sense. For such a short and mostly pretty easy song, though, you should tone down the streamy burst in m24 to a pure roll - otherwise it overwhelms the file.
Editor: All good here.

Mathsma Attack (Kommisar) - [+.]
Playtest: Overall I'd say this was a fun and interesting file, and the stream patterns weren't all that bad. I think the part from m94-m115 feels a bit empty, though, and could have really used some layering of those high-picthed color notes. The rolls at m171-2 and m175-6 are really uncomfortable with the reversing part, though (that's a 168~ bpm mini 32nd trill there) and that should be removed.
Editor: No technical issues.

Melons (_.Spitfire._) - [-]
Playtest: I see what you were trying to do here, but this is way too hard for FFR and wouldn't be fun to play. A lot of the patterns are really awkward too: the 64th-48th roll in m7 and m11, the roll-jack section in m21-22, the changing 274bpm 32nd rolls in m30, 38, 47, 55, 79, and 95, the looooong jacks in m55-78, and the ending stream with rolls. It's just too much.
Editor: There are some smaller errors in the slower sections that break the flow a bit. For instance the "god" in m4 (and maybe other places) shouldn't be a 16th gallop. The use of 64th/32nd rolls (especially in the starting slower section) seems really inconsistent (on 1.0 rate, at least), and that long jack part is a really boring pattern in addition to its awkwardness to hit.

Musicmaker RX (Kommisar) - [+]
Playtest: Fun chart/song to play, and good patterns.
Editor: There are some layering choices that I'd change, but it's OK as is.

NaiNai 69 (Coolboyrulez0 & _.Spitfire._) - [+.]
Playtest: Pretty fun given the difficulty/speed, and I like the mini-jumptrills and 8th minijacks. But you should remove the swing-jacks in m18 and m65, and break up the jack in m58 (it's a lot harder to hit than the surroundings but the music doesn't justify it).
Editor: The 8th rhythm in the m66-m72 section is right now x.xx.x.xx.xx.xxx, but I think it should be x.xx.xxxx.xx.xxx, so add in the extra note (a single arrow would be best).

Nothing's Gonna Stop Me (kjwkjw) - [+]
Playtest: Definitely a fun file, with some patterns that really emphasize the music.
Editor: You could layer in more melody in m29-36, but you don't have to.

Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! (0) - [+]
Playtest: Nice fun little file. The beginning bursts are a bit awkward, but you can't really do anything about that.
Editor: Looks fine to me.

Sun and Stars (who_Cares973) - [+.]
Playtest: Decent easy file. Nothing stands out playtest wise, could be a little more PR'd though.
Editor: There are some arrows that don't really fit - beginning of m13 and beginning of m47. There might be noises there, but it doesn't go with what the file is trying to do, and those parts are pretty quiet so they should be less dense. Don't worry about having longish breaks in the song at this difficulty.

[Resubmission] -Glorious Morning- (ichliebekase) - [+?]
Playtest: Some of these 24th patterns are still pretty awkward and hard to read, like in m50/52/54/58/62. Go with something more streamy (a few minitrills) or just a roll/staircase.
Editor: There are some parts with wrong rhythms; like the 24th bursts from m50-54 which should be 5 notes (possibly with a grace note on the 4th before it - but don't use a 24th as a grace note at this speed). You're missing some 12ths before the last 4th note in m33, before the 24th pattern in m34, before the last 4th in m35 and the first in m36, before the 24th pattern in m36, etc. Compared to the nearby 24th burst, an extra 12th note does nothing to the density of the area (if you're worried about climax theory), and since it's clearly in the melody people will definitely notice if it's missing.

[Resubmission] In The Wind (bmah) - [+.]
Playtest: I still think you should halve the BPM and mirror the last 12th section (or at least the second half of it).
Editor: The layering makes a lot more sense than it did before. However, you're still inconsistent on hand placement - for instance, in m30 the hands go to a cymbal + melody, but two of the jumps in the end of m29 have that too. There aren't enough differences in this song's dynamics to call for climax theory.

[Resubmission] Metro (DossarLX ODI) - [+]
Playtest: Lots of diverse patterns, and nothing too awful to hit. No problems here.
Editor: Seems good.

[Resubmission] No Salt (Silvuh) - [+]
Playtest: Nice use of PR here. I'm still not sure if the 32nd bit at the end fits the difficulty, but it makes sense technically.
Editor: No complaints about the sync or layering.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Team 3


An Unwanted Magician and a Cheery Rebel / Silvuh
rating: [+?]
- between areas like 4.40-7.15sec or so are minor PR issues that you can get away with but they do still look a bit odd
- 16th at 9.35sec does not exist; the same issue is encountered later as well
- for the areas in which you avoid the 32nd trills, it's better to step the piano instead of generalizing the area as a whole 16th trill. For example, the trill near 17sec should have 16th jacks that follows the piano. That means there should be no 4th at 17.31sec. Watch out for similar areas such as near 20.75sec.
- triplets at 22.39sec and then again at 24.23sec have bad PR; this repeats again later on as well
- even areas such as around 28sec have bad PR
- 16th sections at 29.77-35.08sec and similar areas are rather confusing in that it's not easy to tell what they go to; you should either layer more or redefine your stepping to clarify this
- 12th areas like 35.31sec can have better patterns that are slightly more PR
- suggestion: I think it's far better to layer this song more, but even in a simplified file, PR needs to be better and some 16th streams need to be more well-defined. The file plays smoothly, but the steps are quite muddled.

Dance and Zeal / kommisar
rating: [+.]
- a 16th jump in places like beat 21.75 or 36.25 (or whenever drums are highly accented, like beat 40) is optional but feels more complete
- missing 32nd at beat 48.88, 56.88, 82.88, etc.; a 16th in a few places such as beat 152.50
- 32nd stream starting at beat 71 isn't continuous; listen to drums more carefully
- stepping to the melody at m20 sounds nicer than just a trill
- no 24ths at m24
- but 32nds at beat 135 should actually be 24ths
- minor PR at m59
- suggestion: fix the numerous little places with missing 32nds or wrong note type. There's a lot of those. File is very fun.

Fatum Anima / Silvuh
rating: [+?]
- yet another file with a ton of generalizations, but it's not as glaring as the previous one
- try gallops at places like 28.33sec and 29.83sec, while 29.08sec and 30.58sec can have a 16th to make a triplet. The latter can be ignored for simplification but the gallops are outstanding and should be used instead.
- 8th stream from 61.49-64.49sec (and another area later on) have poor PR
- around 73.68sec, you introduce some triplets, which is great, but why stop at 76.49sec onwards? Keep the triplets going and make some climax.
- suggestion: Same as "An Unwanted Magician and a Cheery Rebel". You can still retain the easy nature of your file, but there are still a lot of PR issues and potentially better uses of climax and slow buildup. If you fix that, you can still get away with thin layering - which is what novice players need.

I Remember When / psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen
rating: [+.]
- missing stuff: beat 71.25, 75.25, 79.25, 87.25, 243.75, etc. (check the whole file). You may have very well omitted this, but since the song repeats, even adding this for a slight build-up is nice.
- don't hear the lone 12th in m30 or later measures...?
- bass drum of m62 could be incorporated for interest
- m65 would be better to introduce the samba-style piano melody, instead of the usual lyrics and bass drum layering; future measures with this piano melody can be layered too, as long as difficulty is not too out of whack
- suggestion: a lot of 16ths on percussion are missing peppered throughout the file. The piano near the end could make for a more interesting ending. Overall, this is a very neat song. I'd love to see RnB stuff like this in the game.

Passage D / iironiic
rating: [+?][>]
- there are a number of areas with incorrect bursts where 24ths should be 32nds and so on. Some areas to point out: beat 19.50, 35.50, 44.00, 54.50, etc. Check all parts of the song.
- missing steps to hi-hats in m11
- m19 is not in any way 16ths, nor should it be generalized as such. Since the beats are faster than 16ths, it's probably best to fix this section with a different pattern as well as opposed to a trill.
- would like to see 16th and 8th jumps on the bass drums in places like beat 205.75, 206.75, 207.50, 210.75, 274.75. It's appropriate considering the difficulty as well.
- suggestion: there are so many errors in bursts that they do noticeably detract the file's merits. However, despite technicality, this file is very fun and I'd really hope to see it in the game.

Passage D / who_cares973
rating: [+?][<]
- much more simplified than iironiic's version, which is ok as long as consistency is maintained (but see third point)
- misrhythm of percussion at 10.73sec, 28.48sec, 53.48sec
- despite the simplification, there are some sounds that you miss according to your scheme of stepping (e.g. 11.31sec; loud sounds at 34.39sec). Check throughout the file and see if you can discriminate these sounds.
- 12th not 16th at 29.51sec, 35.51sec
- suggestion: Despite the simplification, the file still has a number of errors and questionable discrimination between utilizing and omitting certain sounds. This one's also fun and flows well, so there'll surely be competition if both files happen to be resubmitted again next time.

Peculiar Pattern of Circles / Championanwar
rating: [?]
- beginning shows great PR
- even for a fairly easy chart, more can be done to make it more interesting, such as more breaks within the streams of 8ths and different patterns (a common pattern involves [12] and [24] jumps with repeated 8th jacks on the down arrow)
- there are still dominant sounds that you've missed stepping, even with the simple scheme of your layering; e.g. should be an 8th jump on beat 62.50 (single down arrow doesn't represent the drum well)
- the repetitiveness of the song really works against you especially when making a simplified, easy file. If the song had more variety, simplification would be a viable choice. But here, it's better to layer more and utilize some climax theory in order to get the most variety out of this file. Step a bit more of the percussion for instance.
- suggestion: I'd make this a harder chart for the previous point noted above. Even a consistent, easy chart is going to be a bore to play for new players.

Pizza Butt / -Barista-
rating: [?]
- hi-hat sounds with an abraded touch doesn't really merit 32nds (e.g. right before m6 or m10)
- incomplete layering on vocals; need to add some jumps such as at beat 27.50, 187.50, 194.75
- the jacks at areas like m13 are doable but can probably be represented better as a different pattern
- m14: inaudible or nonexistent 16ths. Same with m17, but I see you're probably trying to follow the lyrics, which to say is a sketchy idea at best. You should step the lyrics more accurately here as opposed to generalizing it with 16ths. The same issue of generalizing 16ths to the lyrics follow in the upcoming measures as well, although slightly more agreeable.
- m24-25: layering to drums disappeared?
- no 32nd at beat 100.88
- check out the jacky area starting at m30; not all of them should be jacks. Also check PR in this area.
- m53 and similar sections: not 24ths
- suggestion: Not a bad attempt at a hip hop-based song. There are a lot of things you should touch up on, but the biggest is probably being more accurate in syncing to the lyrics and not loosely representing the lyrics as 16ths in many places.

Pokemon GSC Elite Four / megamon88
rating: [+]
- well-represented easy file with excellent PR too
- file drags on a bit, but you do use symmetry in patterns to differentiate things
- there were a few places in which I thought you should've added a few arrows, namely dominant sounds, but that's open to interpretation

Powerpuff Gabberz / HammyMcSquirrel
rating: [+?]
- missing 8ths in m5
- you really did a noticeable effort to use climax theory throughout the song. There are some places in which it can still be utilized to better potential. For instance, you could've started stepping the hi-hat beginning in m9. Alternatively, it's just as well to layer in the bass drum starting at m5. Climax theory is good but I think it's being followed too strictly throughout this song.
- this song is really repetitive even with your cut, so use whatever the song offers in addition to climax theory. You tend to miss a lot of drumrolls (e.g. m15,39), and I think can add some variety.
- patterns are rather repetitive as well, despite very gradual layering according to climax theory. The section starting at m33 is a good example of following PR too strictly, resulting in a limited variety of patterns.
- the jacks starting at m50 are fine, but represent a significantly higher difficulty than other parts of the song. Perhaps you should introduce the jacks later. The subsequent measures with added layering becomes rather intense.
- suggestion: You don't need to follow climax theory and PR to the degree you're doing in this file. The song's dominantly percussive, so you actually don't need to use PR all too much. Doing so results in repetitive patterns. You can still spice this file up, and I think it can eventually be a song that a lot of people will enjoy.

Rain / Kommisar
rating: [-]
- You've already mentioned that the holds were an error on your part, so you can pretty much ignore this review and try again next time.

Serenade of Storms / Silvuh
rating: [+]
- since the previous jump is also [23], you should change the jump at 17.25sec
- as emphasized as it is, there's likely only a two-note chord at 23.07sec, so use a jump instead
- minute gallops instead of jumps at 79.63sec, 80.57sec
- would be nice to have jumps on the chords at 112.23sec, 114.01sec, 115.79sec, 116.67sec, 177.54sec
- make hand at 139.43sec
- suggestion: just what I've noted above. What a lovely song.

Sleet / Silvuh
rating: [+]
- 11.84sec: down arrow
- 97.06sec: jump can be broken down into a tiny burst
- suggestion: just what I've noted above. Yet another very pretty song.

Subconsciousness / leonid
rating: [+.]
- rhymthically, the song doesn't have much to offer, but you stepped fairly well anyhow
- m10-18: a continuous 12th jumpstream makes this section blander than it should be. I can't tell what you're stepping for some of the single arrows, but in any case, you should probably decrease the layering here a bit.
- missed 12th at beat 209.67
- suggestion: just break up long-running 12th streams in a few places to make it appear less monotonous. Good cool-down chart.

System Failure / megamon88
rating: [+]
- from at least m20-28, the constant flow of 8ths should be broken up by stepping the drums and omitting the hi-hat, which can be added later for slight climatic purposes
- from m56 onwards, there's some melodic synths that you can incorporate as opposed to just the percussions and drums. Either that or you're not fully stepping to the melody. You might want to think about this since there's room for climax theory.
- suggestion: Break the flow of 8ths in the 1st half of the song; step the 16th melodies near the end of the song. Cool chart that has patterns like Nomina Nuda Tenemus.

System Split / ~Zero~
rating: [+.]
- slight incomplete layering with drums, such as at beat 35.00. Another example is m7, but I assume you omitted them for freestyling purposes.
- missed 8th at beat 61.50
- the area at m30-33 obviously has 16ths you chose to ignore, but since this section reappears at m70-73, why don't you fully step it there? I think it partially contributes to climax theory and variety.
- can make m45 interesting by stepping the main (not background) synth melody
- m46-49 can have better PR
- are hands necessary in m50-53?
- minor PR issue before m62
- stepping the hi-hats in m66-69 would've been a cool addition, and in m69, you could easily step jumps for the chord-like synths
- suggestion: Very fun file, but there's so much potential you could've used as well in regards to minor layering changes.

The Bird's Concrete Nosedive / DossarLX ODI
rating: [?]
- the note density distribution throughout this song is of course a function of the song itself, but the irregularity results in huge gaps of nothingness throughout the first third of the song. There are a number of wacky, hard-to-hit bursts (such as at m91 or m137) that'll easily break anyone's combo, and this is frustrating since everyone will have to play through a relatively empty file for a while until they reach those sections much later through the song. I recommend simplifying the bursts by not stepping them as 48ths or higher.
- suggestion: Pretty much what I've stated above. It's stepped technically well, but I don't think it's a great song to step due to a highly irregular note density.

The Final Hour / psychoangel691
rating: [+.]
- m10 has PR reversed, but can easily be fixed
- m23 could be layered more; but even in your current layering, beat 91.00 should be a jump
- many 16th streams should have better layering, such as m24 or m28. Current pattern scheme is generally ok though.
- m39,73: I'd try to layer in the 16ths if possible, for consistency reasons, but I won't hold you against this.
- m40-43 doesn't have to be strictly left-hand biased on the bass drums. Don't be afraid to move patterns around.
- the main melody repeats at m49-56, so feel free to change things up a bit second time around. For instance, you can add triples.
- no jump at beat 250.50, but missed a jump at beat 259.50
- a number of ghost arrows at beats 322.75, 331.75, 338.75, 134.94, etc.
- jump at beat 423.50?
- suggestion: There's a lot of questionable PR in patterns, as well as some missing arrows and ghost arrows too. Clean these up and the file will look even better.

The Gateway / Silvuh
rating: [+]
- beats 23.00, 247.00: better as a direct 2-3-4 pattern
- suggestion: Considering the deliberately light layering scheme, everything is pretty much consistent. To be honest though, Ikodo Moonstrife songs are boring me to death!

Thunderdome Got CRUNK / Coolboyrulez0
rating: [+?]
- m14: change up the patterns of 3-1-3-1 8ths; not the same drum sounds
- m18: don't change to the melody here if you stepped to the percussion all along previously; stay consistent
- m33 and 57 isn't one long trill - listen to the percussion more carefully. Also, don't forget the 16th jump right before the next measure.
- you really only need hands when the cymbals crash, so you can just convert some to regular jumps at m37-38, 41-42, etc.
- m44: should be 12ths here, not a 16th
- trills aren't the best pattern on m49-50
- the 16th streams starting on m59 aren't as continuous as you have them; some arrows go to nearly inaudible to nonexistent hi-hat sounds. Check over this section again. In addition, the soft-sounding nature of these hi-hats don't really warrant the intensity of a constant stream of 16ths anyhow.
- missing 16th at beat 283.75
- suggestion: Overall, the song is quite minimal and doesn't warrant such a difficulty, despite the presence of a number of 16th hi-hats. A lot of 16ths don't exist either, so check that again.

Tyomutyomepu / 0
rating: [?]
- weird jumps in m3, as well as in m7, 27 - check these over again
- some 16ths such as at beats 15.75, 95.75 aren't needed
- 32nds don't flow as well when they're trills (esp. left-handed trill at m21); try different patterns
- suggestion: song's too short, and it appears that there's probably a lot more to this song than what you've stepped. Also, try different 32nd patterns.

Unf / MarioNintendo
rating: [+?]
- song seems to go on FOREVER
- bursts right before m51, 146 are 32nds, not 24ths
- last two arrows in m160 should move downwards according to PR
- suggestion: This song's extremely repetitive, but your patterns are as well, so find different ways of expressing the song. The speed-ups are a nice touch, but unfortunately they don't contribute much to the file. If possible, see if you can cut the song.

Youshou 02 / leonid
rating: [+.]
- hands unnecessary in m7-8; better used for sharper sounds
- I don't hear some 8ths in the beginning such as beats 13.50, 17.50, etc.
- ghost 16th at beat 133.75? ghost 8th at beat 330.50?
- m42: first [124] hand and 8th jump necessary here?
- missed 8th at timpani drums on beat 273.50, 281.50, etc. There are a few more in the upcoming measures.
- hand is nasty at beat 362; just make it a jump
- suggestion: Nice file, but I'll admit that I found some sections rather boring due to the song.



A Battle for the Sky / Silvuh
rating: [+.]
- beginning seems to be a little shorter, but still rather long. Doesn't hurt to start even earlier (e.g. 8.29sec).
- PR is pretty good for the most part except for arrows that are repeated but actually represent two different notes. For example, the two arrows at 13.40sec and 14.60sec, or the pair at 67.86sec and 68.16sec.
- shift the PR a bit at 49.10sec
- I dislike the simple layering starting at 80.63sec to express a multitude of different melodies, because it can get really confusing. I think the previous reviews had similar comments about this, so please fix this section and clearly choose what melodies to step.
- suggestion: Nice easy file. Single layering representing multiple melodies is still problematic however.

Aim Burst / MrPopadopalis25
rating: [+.]
- still an incredibly long file, to the likes of Blue Army and Blue Noah - and hence, still very repetitive. I suggest you cut the song, but I'm assuming that the length is supposed to be a part of its charm...
- just a suggestion, but there might be a better pattern to the end of m30 than something that results in a right-handed trill
- beat 136.00: a jump is a must
- main melody at m35-41 and similar areas isn't completely PR but that's fine
- a lot of the 16th streams throughout this song aren't -really- warranted, but this is more of a freestyle file that's quite similar to the aforementioned songs.
- missing several key jumps within the 16th stream, such as beats 190.00 or 198.00. This occurs throughout many long 16th streams, so you'll be adding many jumps after all is said and done.
- m64 and similar measures: here, it's way better to follow the drums as opposed to continuing the long 16th stream (and it's something different!)
- 4th at beat 262.00
- would be interesting if you made beats 276.00-278.00 16ths that follow the sparkly sounds
- jump at beat 501.50?
- m135-150: Since there's repetition, there's also room for layering a bit as well. Why not introduce layering to the piano or drums halfway through at, say, m143?
- missed a 16th at beats 635.75, 639.75; probably should also continue the trill up till beat 642.00
- 16ths, not 24ths at m196
- suggestion: The biggest thing is that there are a lot of simple jumps within the large 16th streams that should be added. And of course, the song is super long and repetitive as a result. Light accept.

C'est What / Ziergdsx18
rating: [-]
- broken disco music? Really weird song, though I have to say that it's certainly more structured than other Terminal 11 songs
- many patterns are still complete aids to hit, especially the ones at places like m13 or m18.
- short 24th rolls at places like m38 are highly unimaginative
- also, I know for sure that the song is longer than this. It's not a great cut at all, as noted by previous judges.
- suggestion: find a different mp3, since the cut is somewhat random. As for almost all Terminal 11 songs, you have to be extra careful not to make patterns and bursts confusing to hit.

Colibri / Niala
rating: [+]
- should be one more arrow around the break before m27
- m38,58: aww, I really liked the jacks here, but they're gone now. They would've made perfect sense too.
- the arrows at m91-92 might actually be slightly off-sync
- suggestion: IMO, I'd love to see jacks go back in those two measures I've noted above. Love the file.

Fast Asleep / Xayphon
rating: [+.]
- yet ANOTHER weiiiird song by Terminal 11; not too long though
- as with most Terminal 11 songs, you have to make sure that your patterns aren't too awkward, and generally you've did a decent job on that. Except for a few places. m17 is fine as is, but perhaps you can make an even more comfortable pattern? But m25-26 is definitely awkward; please see if you can revise that section.
- m33: would be nice if you stepped the irregular modulated sound clip here
- suggestion: Fix the patterns for the two or so awkward areas. Actually pretty nice file now.


Resubmission:A Battle For The Sky - Agree with patashu on everything. the beginning is way too long. sometime the layering gets hard to follow and those 32nd bursts are a huge difficulty spike. make them rolls instead so it flows more? [+.]

Resubmission:Aim Burst - missing jump at 62.869 and every time this repeats. looks like you fixed up everything mentioned before. [+]

Resubmission:Cest What - file seems very very copy paste in sections and for a short file like this thats a no. [?] also song choice sucks

Resubmission:Colibri - seems like you fixed the obvious things but didnt take any of the suggestions into consideration. mini jacks still seem forced at times and the jump placement is still a bit confusing when playing. [+?]

Resubmission:Fast Asleep - you fixed what was told but this file still looks pretty bad on ffr. simplify the entire thing dont step all the bloops and blips. not only does this song not warrant a difficult file but the burst you use are still very awkward to hit [?]

An Unwanted Magician and a Cheery Rebel(Silvuh) - nice file felt empty with as little jumps as it had, maybe add more? try leading into the mini jacks with a different hand for example 12344 instead of 123122 [+.]

Dance and Zeal (Kommisar) - man those [14][12] jump jacks are SO GAY to hit. extra 32nd at 31.53. this file is just filled with aids man make it a bit more flow-y. [+.]

Fatum Anima (Silvuh) - cool progression. nice switch at 73.489... wait...wait...w-what's going on here why is it going back to how it was before the song hasnt change at 76.489 noooooooooooooooooo. [+.]

I Remember When (psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen) - missing note at 46.131,. couldve added the 16th+32nd here at 56.297. whats with the grace note at 103.131? double check to make sure you layered everything, cut the ending or step the rest. and stop layering once the fade becomes noticable. where you stopped layering it made it feel awkward. [+.]

Peculiar Pattern of Circles (Championanwar) - cool song. file kinda drags on a bit because the song is so mellow. aside from the huge amount of left hand bias and really hard to hit patterns ([12]2[12]2[12]) it was nice(ps fix up that left hand bias. [?]

Pizza Butt (-Barista-) - should not be 32nds at 6.712 and every time this repeats. the file overall plays like a dump file rofl. 24ths to nothing some awkward jump usage and those minijacks are pretty lol even though theyre right. [?]

Pokemon GSC Elite Four (megamon88) - WE HAVE ENOUGH POKEMON GYM FILESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssss. [+]

Powerpuff Gabberz (HammyMcSquirrel) - file needs way more variation in steps than what you have. [-](i was tempted to + just on song choice)

Rain (Kommisar) - got holds? [-]

Serenade of Storms (Silvuh) - 43.752 shouldnt be a jump same with 67.046. other than that though the song was beautiful ;____; [+]

Sleet (Silvuh) - some hands dont -feel- like hands but other than that again song is beautiful and so is the file [+]

Subconsciousness (leonid) - man this song is so dope and just chillax. try not adding jump to the melody, it creates some pretty dense difficulty spikes for what the difficulty of this song gives and for what you have in sections. maybe try the good ol' singles to the melody jumps the kick/drums backtrack w/e? [+?]

System Failure (megamon88) - you got ghost notes littered throughout this file(20.909 for example). so get those ghosts out of there. also i know what those 32nd rolls go to but theyre hardly audible actually a lot of those 16ths are hardly audible. adding jumps to the melody is also blah and doesnt fit this song well since theres enough to layer in the drums/backtrack. also shorten the fade out and add a note at the end [+.]

System Split (~Zero~) - add a note at 20.877, 26.065 for ~flow~. good file though [+]

The Bird's Concrete Nosedive (DossarLX ODI) - this is not music and those bursts are aids. the giant gaps of nothingness dont really help this file at all either. also that bns is ew(might be might fault though idk) [-]

The Final Hour (psychoangel691) - maybe pr the 8th note trill at 32.48 add a jump maybe a hand at 39.39 for the BOOM. those 16th to the synthesized vocals or whatever still feels so wrong when playing. still needs some PR tweaks here and there and some hands for the BOOM sounds but its better than last time. [+.]

The Gateway (Silvuh) - nice. some of those jacks felt pretty awkward when playing mainly the one hand transition jacks. try changing some around so the patterns before and after the jacks flow better into and out of them. [+.]

Thunderdome Got CRUNK (Coolboyrulez0) - lmao this song. notes are early by a whole 24th better get on that. last three notes are off sync. i dont think ffr is ready for crunk music. file is OK just feelt a lot harder than it should be but w/e nothing wrong with it [+.]

Tyomutyomepu (0) - i have a feeling this .sm isnt the right .sm [-]

Unf (MarioNintendo) - i think we both know how bad stress ended up looking on ffr with the DF engine and im afraid thats how these rolls might end up looking. up to you if you want to keep them or drop them though. file over all needs more hands to give it a fuller feeling [+.]

Youshou 02 (leonid) should just leave 132.892 as the 24th burst and change the other 24th bursts to broken jumpstream following the breaks. you tend to use the same break patterns alot when stepping stuff that isnt pianer in this file. vary of the patterns more. other than that though good and fun [+.]


Fun Factor/5
Objective Errors/10
Subjective Errors/5


AN: Please feel free to message me with any inquiries about my reviews. I'll be glad to hear out and answer anything you may have to ask, just be polite.

PASSAGE D - (iironiic) [+]


-File is well made and well structured.
-You also did a very good job making the steps appropriate, by which I mean, making sure you weren't using 192nd bursts and simplifying the patterns.
-Pattern relevancy was well done, however a couple times you used 24th bursts and 32nd bursts to represent the same drum riff. Not something you'd notice right off the bat, but you would notice if you played it enough (for example, look at your very first 24th burst and the 32nd burst that follows it, they're both 32nd hi-hats.)
-Something that might help with ^^^ that is trying to keep any sounds that are specifically 32nds or 24ths stepped correctly, and take more liberty with the drum riffs that are more obscure.
-Last note is the same sound used for the 192nd, and I feel as though having it be a jump is simply for poeticness' sake, where a single arrow would probably fit nicer.

Nothing too huge, but i'll point out a couple of things.
-The 192nd at beat 67 should be on the 16th right after (beat 67.250)
-You should probably place the arrow at beat 310.250, no reason not to.
-missing jump at beat 322.350

I could nitpick all day, but truth be told the file is quite good as is. Well done sir.

PASSAGE D - (wc) [<] - ([+.])


-Jeez, first batch I judge and first two songs and I already have to do this ;-;
-Sorry wc. <3
-I think because you tried to over-simplify the chart a bit you ended up missing arrows that wouldn't have changed the desired difficulty, which is why your objective score is so low.
-Quite often I noticed that you dropped an arrow going into a jump, why so afriad? It's not going to drastically alter the chart, and it plays more like an error in stepping than a simplification.

-Jump down to beat 72, those 16th gallops are timed incorrectly. Should be the same timing as the one you did correctly starting at beat 64 (Why'd you get the second one wrong?)
-Same issue at beat 90.
-Beat 136.250 should have an arrow there.
-Beat 154.750 missing arrow
-Beat 155.250 missing arrow
I could go on and on with this missing arrow idea but you should see the issue by now.

Last note here, it was a pretty tough decision choosing which file to give the [<] rating to, what it really came down to was whose file represented the song itself better.

PECULIAR PATTERN OF CIRCLES - (championanwar) [+.]


-Umm, I think there was a bit of a struggle on whether or not to step your bass kicks as jumps or not throughout the song, because there some I noticed were jumps, but most weren't, and that's probably because you naturally want to step them as jumps where you chose not to. I'm not going to tell you it's wrong by any means, but it does effect the play of the file fairly negatively.
-Look through again for a couple of missed 16th notes here and there, but that's not too big of a deal.
-Last thing, just because the notes go up directly each time doesn't mean your arrows should be 1234123412341234 (I'm looking all throughout the intro and the ending.) PR was well done, but perfect PR is more annoying to play than it is correct.

Just a couple things to note,
-44.667s why did you drop the 8ths? Maybe for inteded difficulty? Even then it's ugly to play, layer correctly please.
-Another layering issue at 47.333s, and there's no voice-squeak thing on the jump at 47.667s.
-^ Other areas similar to those in the file.

Nice structure, a bit flat but the song invites that. Not too shabby.

PIZZA BUTT - (-Barista-) [?]


AN: This file has a lot of repetitions, so if I say something it refers to the repetitions as well.

-I'd like to start off by saying lol song name is gr8.
-Charts'aight. Needs work.
-The biggest issue for this file at the moment is layering inconsistencies and ghost arrows. I'll point out some below.
-Some of they rhythms seem to be made up of nothing in the music, which is a big no-no in terms of stepping.
-You may also want to review your PR throughout the file
-Also you might want to find a way to implement climax theory into this, as it stands now it's very copy and paste.
-Also there are a lot of notes in this song that are stepped as 16ths assuming that's what the rapper is doing, but the notes are further off

-The intro section, I see what you're doing, but you can keep the down arrow for the hi-hat going even if it makes a jump with the synth, the layering works better that way. i.e. you should have a down arrow on beat 4, 7.5, 8, 12, 15.5, and 16.
-missing a jump at beat 27.500
-missing a jump at 43.500
-Beat 48-50 the 16th notes aren't jumps, and you missed the 16th at 48.250
-Beat 50-52 I don't understand where you got those jumps from. If it's from the vocals, however, they're misplaced. The jacks are also overkill.
-Beats 52.250, 54.250, and 54.750 are ghost notes.
-Jump should be a single at 58.000. Again, watch your layering.
-From measure 18-30 I couldn't even follow what you were stepping. Ghost notes everywhere and our layering scheme is basically non-existant. Needs reworking.
-As much as I enjoyed playing the minijack section, there aren't actually any minijacks in the music as far as I can hear, needs reworked as well.
-Nice build going from measure 36-38, however, the 24ths are nowhere in the music.
-During the guitar stream make sure you're layering your vocals properly, couple of missed jumps (i.e. beat 187.500 and 194.750)

Good song, has potential to make a fun file so don't give up. Work on your layering, PR, and making sure there are no ghost arrows, and try resubmitting next batch.

POKEMON GSC ELITE FOUR - (megamon88) [+?]


-Nothing strictly wrong step-wise, you picked a layering scheme and (kinda) stuck with it, so it's fine.
-My biggest issue here is that it drags quite a bit. 102 measures of essentially single-layering with nothing faster than an 8th note? Not exactly a riveting experience. That being said, easier files are needed ingame, but I think you may have pushed the envelope a bit too far.
-You missed a jump at beat 197.00 and repetitions. Not that big of a deal, though.
-I think if you had layered those snares more consistently throughout the file the flow would be better, instead of just adding them in when there's nothing else around. Not saying to "rawr make this a 9 where it belongs!@!@!" but just a bit more consistency in their layering would go a long way.

Good on you for trying to incorporate easier files, just don't make artificial difficulties from a file. This is kinda like a -dump (read: negative dump.)

POWERPUFF GABBERZ - (hammymcsquirrel) [+?]


-On a more serious note, file is actually quite good. Enjoyable, the only thing is I could see this losing it's edge after a couple games and losing replayability because of that.
-You also did a good job of applying climax theory in each individual section so that the file remained fun throughout.
-My subjective error is that minijack section. Kinda destroys the flow of the file due to the sheer amount of them.
-After the second talking section is where the chart gets a bit rough, missing arrows, layering I don't understand,
-The "YOU'RE BUBBLES" section (p.s. song is gr8 for making notes) plays nice and all but I don't get where you're getting the jumps from.. You might consider just adding jumps for the gabber bass.

-Beat 17.500 and 19.500 don't have arrows while 25.500 and 27.500 do even though nothing had added to the music by that point. You should drop the arrows the second time around for consistency. That being said, it's fine to have the arrows there when the hi-hats come in.
-The sync on the arrows between m.45-48 is kinda rough, they come up a bit late, so you should probably fix that.
-The second talking section has a couple sync issues, too, but it's just a couple individual arrows here (and it's probably fine given it's for FFR) but you may want to touch them up. You have a tendency to stick the arrows a tid-bit late.
-Heading into measure 96 missing many 16th arrows
-The JS is missing an arrow every round of the theme. Beat 421.000, 429.000, etc.
-Lastly, the drums going into measure 116 aren't 8ths, they're, I believe, 48ths. Check in DDReam, but that sections needs touch-ups.

Very fun file, steps are pretty good, just needs some tweaks before it's ready for the runway

RAIN - (kommisar) [-]

niec hold notes and mines mang.
Looks enjoyable though so resubmit it and don't eff it up next time. >(

SERENADE OF STORMS - (silvuh) [++]


-Haha SIKE! Like it'd withold your ++ for a single error. :P
-When I saw the song name my immediate thought was "PLEASE BE A SONG OF STORMS REMIX!" and then it was and Jeff was happy. :3
-The 192nds added such a nice touch. Even while playing I could feel the tension rise and lower along with the song.

-Measure 15, that gallop is just one note, same at measure 23.

SLEET - (silvuh) [+]


-Very nice stepping again Silvuh. Quite the well done piece of work.
-Beat 81.333, given the dissonance of the chord, I'd suggest adding a pseudo-hand, although nothing technically wrong with the way it is now.

There's definitely a missing arrow at measure 6, the chord is not complete by any means.

No real complaints, nice file, nice song. :3

SUBCONCIOUSNESS - (leonid) [+?]


-Pretty good file overall, but you have some pretty big missed elements.
-The PR in your chart in general needs some work. A lot of obviously misplaced notes and it irked me pretty badly. Specifically, look at the intro section, and towards the end (starting m.44ish.)
-The layering in general was quite faulty too. Everything except the intro was either done incorrectly with missing jumps, ghost notes, and misplaced jumps.
-If you think I'm misunderstanding your layering scheme, which is very possible, then your scheme is too complicated, because as is I can only kind of understand what you're trying to step, and the average player would think the same. You can kind of get away with it in a song like this where there are extra sounds everywhere, but don't let that fool you into stepping ghost notes and such.

-The biiiiig one is starting at m.18. Either your layering is just WAY off, or you've picked ambiguous 12th notes to place, or both. What I get is that you were layering the bells as jumps and everything else was drums added in, in which case there were quite a few ghost notes until you started the 12th stream and one of the jumps is misplaced every round. Beat 69.00 shouldn't be the jump, it should come on the 12th (beat69.333) right after it. In any case, take another look at your layering there, please.

Chart needs a fair amount of work due to layering and PR issues. However chart has a nice structure of how it builds, so work out your kinks without changing the theme and it should be fine.

SYSTEM FAILURE - (megamon88) [?]


-Sonny, DDReam or something 'cause your sync drifts dramatically. (hint: that's an auto -5/10 on objective score) The ending is where the sync gets off, I think you might have used the wrong BPM.
-There's a gross tendency in this file to overlayer jumps. By this coin, jumps lose what they represent and it's more difficult to understand what you're playing. (see m.20-35 for a good example)
-That being said, you even lose your climax at the end because the entire chart has been so jumpy you don't feel as though it's changed any.
-Noticeably good PR, so gj on that.
-Noticably wonky layering, so work on that, m.4-20 specifically. I don't get it there.

-Beat 139.000 where did that 32nd come from there's nothing musically to represent that.

SYSTEM SPLIT - (~zero~) [+.]


-For starters I like this file a lot. Creative without being @_@.
-That being said, you have some pretty huge errors in this.
-The 12th note sections (m.18 and again at the end) the PR is not right. Some of the jacks are right, some aren't, and it plays poorly because of that.
-The section starting at measure 30: What crack are you smoking and where can I get some? I get that you're just layering the main synth but you're still missing notes all over the place.
-Good climax right after but...
-m.37 yeesh couldn't have made that harder could you? xD It's fine but ~AAARaGeBaIt~
-m.72 same problem.
-Also I'd like to see you remove any 8th notes that aren't synth-based. While there are sounds that appropriate you placing notes there, doesn't fill the layering correctly. (for instance, see beat 237.500) {There were a couple others too.}

-beat 55.000 not a jump
-missing a note at 61.500
-I'm also tempted to say you should put a note at 65.500, but that synth thing is weird so is fine either way really.


but srsly [?]


-Admittedly I enjoyed playing this file, but I can imagine the 1 hour of snooze-fest at the start and retarded bursts at the end would piss people off and just ruin the replayability of the file.
-Objective errors belong to bursts craziness and one other thing I noticed: Beat 157.000, Why are you afraid of using hands? That whole section could have just hands and jumps, and there was one spot where you had a single that I expected to be a hand even (beat 189.500.) If not for this chart, use it for future reference that hands are now ALLOWED on FFR and using them for a nice effect is really cool.
-Low jump usage makes the file seem more boring than it needs to be, but you'd need to find a balance so it doesn't come out like an insane 13 or something.

THE FINAL HOUR - (psychoangel691) [+]


-Very fun, very well made. You climax'd well near the end (that's what she said.)
-The PR in your streams is ungodly amounts of awesome.
-Low replyability because songs has a lot of repetitions in it and is fairly long, You could get bored pretty quickly.
-m.48-49 I don't get it. Same thing with the other sections that are like that. Fortunately it's easy enough to do regardless, but still you might want to find something both interesting and easier to pick up on for those sections.

[COLOR="rgb(46, 139, 87)"]THE GATEWAY - (silvuh) [+][/color]


-Solid file, a little blah though.
-No errors in the file at all, however something I'd like to see implemented is the 16th hi-hats. It's one of those things that makes you wonder why you're not playing it because it fits the difficulty and song well.

THUNDERDOME GOT CRUNK - (coolboyrulez0) [+.]


-Holy early sync! 2.935 is where My setting would have been.
-You like your ghost notes. There were LOTS in the file, try to fix that up.
-Beat 103.000 has your jump on a quarter, according to what you did before, should it be a gallop with the second note on the 64th?
-Beat 172.00-174.00 I don't see what you're doing there. I think it's the hi-hats, in which case they're 12ths, not what you have at all.

-Ghost note at beat 76.250, 92.250, etc.
-You missed a jump at beat 131.750
-Missed a jump at beat 227.750
-And again at beat 263.750
-Missing note at beat 283.750
-Added jump at beat 292.000

Fixes, but all in all not bad.



-If possible I'd rather see the song cut at the end like it's ending as opposed to knowing the song goes on forever (which it does.)
-Also the jumps in the intro don't make any sense as far as I can see.
-What are those 192nds going to? It seems to me like it's when the vocaloid does a weird little quick vibrate with the voice, but I don't really know. In that case, it seems to me that you added some and missed some, but it's relatively unclear.
-SUBJECTIVE ERROR INCOMING: beat 80 whyyyy 1handed? T_T
-Nice layering n.n

File's fine overall, another short file to AAA wheee.

UNF - (marionintendo) [+]


-The signiature MarioNintendo red-note-rolls make their return!
-You may want to consider cutting. The file only really has two themes to it that just get things added to them, so it kinda drags once you hit the end at 3 minutes.

-beat 134.000 and 518.000, (3 more notes to it)

Nothing too big, son, good file.

YOUSHOU 02 - (leonid) [+.]


-Hands at beats 26 and 30 are no, not enough there to justify using hands.
-You should probably drop the note at beat 163, even though there is a sound to represent it, it doesn't close when the drums close so it strikes the player as incorrect.
-Those colour notes are a tad off, the 32nd is early.
-Starting at beat 248.000 those synth thingies should be stepped at the climax of the sound, i.e., a quarter note after they've been stepped.
-I find the 24th rolls starting at beat 358 confusing to play because the sound they're stepped to is so far in the background you can hardly hear it, you might want to switch it out for something more audible.
-Nice layering choices, and nice climax theory.

-ghost notes at beat 17.500 and 17.750. There's nothing actually there, but it's a pretty easy mistake to make.
-beat 22.250 and repetitions are ghost notes, stick with the minijack theory too.
-No hand at beat 324.00

~odds and ends~



-Low replayability and to be frank very generic and boring. Plus holy shit whoever wrote this song doesn't seem to understand that there are volumes lower than fortissimo.
-Your transition between which instrument you're stepping is pretty bad IMO, sometimes it's the bell synth and sometimes it's the heavy harpsichord synth. Seems mostly to avoid those trilllllls but I don't see why you did other than creating an artificially easy difficulty. Probably would have made the file less generic and given it more replay value, too.
-Aside from that there are no real errors in the file. It's just layering choices led to a subpar version of the file that could have been made better.

DANCE AND ZEAL - (kommisar) [+]


-Awesome file, no complaints.

FATUM ANIMA - (silvuh) [+.]


-Easy files batch huh?
-File is fine overall, keeps you entertained and you can play it more than once so gj there.
-Measure 40 (beat 156.000) you started applying climax theory for one measure and then just dropped it. You should have just kept it going, there's absolutely no reason not to and it just strikes you as random stepping having 1 measure of 16ths and then back to 8ths.

I REMEMBER WHEN - (psychoangel691 & tc_halogen) [+]


-Nice fixes guys, file is great. Well done.

MELONS - (_.spitfire._) [?]


-That's a pretty big no to me.
-Honestly, this file needs to be redone IMO. As it stands there aren't a huge amount of errors, but the way it's stepped is so overzealous that every bzzt brrp and zap is stepped, and it doesn't make the file very fun to play.
-That being said it's stepped fairly well, just don't overlayer it so much. It's Flash Flash Revolution, not Dump Dump Revolution.


A BATTLE FOR THE SKY - (silvuh) [+?]


-Once again, there's that issue with what sounds you choose to step and the transition between them.
-For example, starting at measure 34 (beat 132.000) there's a HUGE issue with stepping the main melody in conjunction with the background melody, there's almost no layering, and it seems like the background is just used when the main melody has nothing there. Continues until measure 50 (beat 196.)
-Work on layering stuff properly instead of just randomizing your steps and it'll be fine.

AIM BURST - (mrpopadopalis25) [+.]


-Something you miss frequently is the singer's actual timing. A lot of spots where she'll sing a 16th gallop and you'll have two 8ths jumped, I'll mention some but review it yourself and check for these
-I don't really like how you dropped those 8th notes around beat 478.500. Nothing technically wrong with it, but it kind makes the flow of the section messy. You actually do this a lot with the bass kicks which is something I'd personally like to see changed, but I'm not going to force you to change it.
-LOVE that section starting at beat 536.000. Very satisfying to play.
-Low replayability score because of blue army syndrome. (aka long song will piss people off)

-Beat 302.000 you have the jump without the 16th before it.
-beat 306.000 the singer doesn't do what you have stepped, listen again carefully.
-beat 309 the singer is a 16th before the beat, so not a jump but a triplet.
-Beat 312-313.5 you need to redo as well.

CEST WHAT - (ziergdsx18) [+.]


-SAYYYYY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT! (c'est what haha french jokes)
-But seriously, to the review: too much colour theory. It hits a point where it's hard to tell what you're playing because the colours have no sense of what the song is indicating.
-Other than that I don't see much wrong with it, and I don't see why so many judges complained before...
-Also, at the end, you could have layered in those heavy chords as jumps for effect, as it stands there's no development in the arrows based on what the music says to do.

-those 32nds at beat 68 are 24ths, please fix that it's awkwardly wrong.
-Also, you did ^ that quite a few times in the file. e.g. starting again at beat 84, the 32nd at beat 88, etc.

FAST ASLEEP - (xayphon) [+]


-Too much colour theory! It's annoying to play, but for some reason, this file get's away with it. Still, I'd prefer to see colour theory used to reinforce a sound as opposed to reinforce EVEYTHING in a file.
-Only thing I noticed is why are those cyan (48th) arrows even in there? There's no sound for them as far as I can hear. They needa go bye-bye.

METRO - (dossarlx odi) [+.]


-Holy hard file.
-You could have used some BPM changes in this file to make the slow parts more interesting, but I'm not deducting points for that.
-from beat 47-64 you just completely dropped original layering for no reason. The song is building and starting to get hard, not slowing down to nothingness.
-The stepping in general is fine, but it's VERY long and repetitive in it's patterns, particularly towards the end and people aren't going to really want to play it any more seriously than the average person plays RATO or Death Piano.
-Some of the pattern choices in the beginning, particularly around the 32nds, are very hard to hit and you've altered pattern relevancy to make them harder which I'm not a huge fan of...


An Unwanted Magician and a Cheery Rebel (Silvuh) [+.]
interesting layering in this, since it switched from one melody, to another, and then 16th snare rhythms. Still a pretty fun easy file, just a bit repetitive (e.g. 213 213 213 patterns)

Dance and Zeal (kommisar) [+]
- why have 16th jump jacks, and then switch to alternating jumps? It ruins the flow, imo.
other than that, really nice file, nice heavy rock music to go along with it the intensity of the 16th jacks and 32nds, too.

Fatum Anima (Silvuh) [+]
neat easy FFR file, the patterns made it flow nicely, well done.

I Remember When (psychoangel691 & TC_Halogen) [++]
I'm not going to lie, I really liked this. This makes a really great beginner file. A really unique and cool song choice too. FFR needs more songs of this genre. Really well done.

Passage D (iironiic) [+?]
measure 19 - not 16ths, should be 24ths instead
measure 36 beat 4 - seems a bit watered down, incorrect rhythms
measure 41 - random unnecessary 48th gallop
measure 72 - those 192nds aren't needed
measure 79 - that particular pattern seems off, fix that

the file was fun in terms of patterns, but fails in technicality. some rhythms were off and had ghost notes in there.

Passage D (who_cares973) [+.]
measure 62 beat 4 - kind of questionable about the 24th notes

not much to say, but this feels too watered down for my taste. lacks a lot of the clearly audible 24ths and 32nds in the background, but this still makes an okay easy Flashbulb file.

Peculiar Pattern of Circles (Championanwar) [+?]
- it seems overlayered and underlayered at the same time. For example, it's missing a few 16ths from the hi hat, and sometimes the layering gets a bit overboard with jumps like at measure 35.
- I see what you're trying to do with the 16ths, but it just doesn't feel right to me, it should be 32nds
- some patterns were fine and dandy, I just feel like the difficulty needed to be boosted up more because the song demands it due to a lot of hi hat 16ths and 32nds. Fix this up and I'll accept it, not a bad song choice though.

Pizza Butt (Barista-) [-]
would be great for a Stepmania dumpfile, this isn't suited for an FFR file though. Inconsistent rhythms, unnecessary 32nds and random 24ths, random jacks to vocals, etc. Funny? Yes. Accepted? No.

Pokemon GSC Elite Four (megamon88) [+]
nice layering on this file. good clean easy file.

Powerpuff Gabberz (HammyMcSquirrel) [+?]
-16th mini jacks killed the flow of the file
-random 8th jumps at the section starting at measure 81
-section at measure 124, 16th notes are off/unnecessary

interesting song choice right off the bat. I love the symmetry you put in those 16ths in the beginning. Unfortunately, liked it up until the 16th mini jacks, then it just kind of fell apart with the misrhythms. I would like to see this file on FFR though, so keep at it!

Rain (kommisar) [-]
auto-reject for freeze arrows, sorry.

Serenade of Storms (Silvuh) [+]
cool easy file, nice slow piano song. layering is well done, only thing that irks me is that one random gallop/note at measure 15.

Sleet (Silvuh) [+]
look at all the pretty colors. another good slow piano file, reminds me of TGWP. excellent.

Subconsioucness (leonid) [+.]
-just a suggestion, would have been nice for the beginning up until measure 18 to have the notes as 16ths instead.
-beginning 12ths are really repetitive. would like to see some pattern varierty.

not a bad file, but it doesn't phase me much.

System Failure (megamon88) [+]
pretty neat file. layering was good and the patterns were alright, it flowed nicely. I think colored notes synced to vocals are overrated but okay.

System Split (~Zero~) [+.]
-measure 37, those jumpjacks kind of felt a bit too much
this file was pretty fun. nice pattern usage in this.

The Bird's Concrete Nosedive (DossarLX ODI) [++]
joygasm file right here. very unique song choice, nice flowing patterns, specifically at the climax buildup starting at measure 86, bursts are easy to hit, nice challenging file with its difficulty increase as the song progresses. I love this, I just LOVE IT.

The Final Hour (psychoangel691) [+.]
honestly, it felt a bit too "jump-heavy" for the overall difficulty, but it still makes a pretty sweet jumpstream file. It flows alright.

The Gateway (Silvuh) [+]
good clean easy file. I would have prefered if the percussion was layered instead of the melody but okay.

Thunderdome Got CRUNK (Coolboyrulez0) [+?]
- starting at measure 37, those vocals aren't straight 8ths.
- misrhythm at measure 44
- the 16th hand felt a bit too heavy at measure 46. I wouldn't use them at all for this file.
- measure 49 beat 4, I think those jumps are unnecessary
- measure 71 beat 4, missed a 16th before the [14] 4th jump for the kick

pretty cool song choice, but it needs fixing. Please resubmit this.

Tyomutyomepu (0) [?]
layering is a bit inconsistent (if you're doing jumps to the piano melody, there are a few jumps missing. Also, not all snare sounds go to one arrow, sometimes you change it up.)
the file could have been longer, it feels too short to me.

Unf (MarioNintendo) [+?]
- for the beginning section, starting at measure 18, I would prefer you layering the synth sound/melody instead of the clap.
- layering is sloppy at the section starting at measure 73
other than the flaws I mentioned above, not a bad file. the crazy BPM change bit makes it interesting. please fix this up a bit.

Youshou 02 (leonid) [+?]
- the section starting at measure 11 was repetitive, too many of the same pattern
- measure 42, I think that first 4th hand was unnecessary, since it didn't feel as heavy as the other 4th note on the third beat.
- part starting at measure 63, it felt weird hitting those 4ths since the sound comes in a lot later.

it's an okay file, but it needs to be fixed up a bit.


A Battle for the Sky (Silvuh) [+?]
- starting at measure 34, the layering kind of wobbles from the main melody to whats being played in the background.
- like Gundam Dude and TC_Halogen mentioned, the layering is off the place. Starting at measure 50 specifically, jumps are really inconsistent.

Still needs to be fixed due to layering issues.

Aim Burst (Mr Popadopalis25) [?]
- those 16ths at those sections (measure 19 and 103) are barely audible so I suggest you remove those.
- section at measure 35, keep that part in, really nice flow in there.
- measure 47, too many unnecessary 16ths again.
- misrhythm at measure 64 and 101.
- again, more random jumpstream that goes to nothing at measure 84.

nothing really special about this file, it's just too damn long and too damn repetitive, but I will say that this has potential, it just needs a cut and better layering.

Cest What (Ziergdsx18) [+?]
- the very beginning 16ths, why not have them as 16th mini jacks like the other ones?
- good fix at measure 13 but that pattern kind of throws me off a bit.
- measure 37, good layering, but I think those 24ths should have alternating patterns such as [321312321312] instead of straight [123123123] or [432432432]
- Like Gundam Dude said, the file kind of ends abruptly. You should have a fade out effect on the mp3 file.

This still needs to be tweaked to be accepted from me, not a bad file though, it has potential.

Colibri - FFR (Niala) [+?]
- good that you fixed Gundam Dude's suggestions with the patterns at measure 58 and 90.
- i love you mentions having mini jacks that don't go to anything. They do go to the "crash" noise on the 16ths, but they should be registered as 16th mini jacks.

honestly, from my perspective, it looks like a good challenging file, even though layering is a bit "iffy", but still needs just a tiny tweak.

Fast Asleep (Xayphon) [+.]
- the random gallops are a bit iffy (the gallops going to the "click" sound like at measure 14)
- I don't see much wrong in this file, really. I will lightly accept this.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

June 1, 2011

Easy Songs Batch
link: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/...d.php?t=118952


45 (nois-or-e)
- Sudden change in layeringand percussive patterns might throw people off but this is good.

Above the Clouds (nois-or-e)
- Easy to follow. Just uninteresting.

Above the Clouds (cry4eternity)
- Once 16ths kick in, it becomes slightly disorienting. Even more so when you add that 24th roll and rainbow notes.
- Possibly spread patterns out more evenly? A lot of one handed oriented patterns which aren't too beginner friendly.

Another Day (bmah)
- Layering piano chords with jumps was a good choice.
- Liked the transition from vocals to piano. Gave it more interest.

bitmapstar (Ziergdsx18)
- Straightforward layering. Easy to follow.
- Don't really like the 8th jacks but that's just me.

botu1 (MarioNintendo)
- Nice pitch relevancy.
- Straightforward and easy to follow.

Break Fast (OneHandNow)
- This definitely needs a DDReam sync job to snap to standard colours and note intervals. The colours are way too random, confusing and disorienting for beginners to follow. Sync wasn't bad at all though.
- There's a line between colour theory and just taking a rainbow dump without proper syncing. You can probably guess which of the two this file falls into atm.

Carrots (Yo Man I'm Awesome)
- Completely off sync for whatever reason? Had to make correct syncing adjustments before playing.
- M15+ the transition is sudden and awkward. You just suddenly stop layering in piano chord jumps and switch layering which is confusing, especially for beginners.
- Beat 94 and elsewhere, I don't get the jump placement. It doesn't emphasize anything consistently and seems completely random.
- Later on, avoid the one handed oriented gallop patterns (e.g. [4][3] [3][4] etc.). It becomes disorienting, especially for beginners.
- M68+ sudden layering of piano chord jumps is an awkward transition since you randomly throw them in and go with it.
- Overall, there's too many awkward and sloppy layering transitions and layering inconsistencies. Also, some of the one hand oriented patterns need tweaking.

Chimes (Thatskier)
- Completely offsync and notes aren't even relevant to the song.
- Needs major revamping.

Counting Snow (0)
- The white note concept I found very cool and fitting for the song.
- Only problem is that the grace notes will give people a hell of a time AAA'ing, lol.

Dance Trigger (XCV)
- Offset is 0.04 too earlier (global offset problem probably).
- A lot of jump placements don't really seem to emphasize or accent much in the song. Could throw people off easily.
- There's a bit of a lack of pitch relevancy. Not a major problem but for easy files it contributes better to capture the feel of the song.
- M23+ is a weird transition. It's a bit too empty and there's a density inconsistency as soon as M31+ comes up.
- Beat 202+, awkward and sudden transition. Very flow breaking and it's disorienting.
- Overall, a lot of layering transitions don't flow well. As a result, file is very inconsistent and would be too confusing for beginners. Layering wasn't too bad.

- M30+ jumps don't really emphasize anything. Rather them being single notes.
- The note intervals of 4th, 8th and 12th being jumbled together is a little hard to follow.
- M50+ same deal with jumps.
- Layering in this was pretty solid. Jump usage was just weird for me.

Deadly Daydream (leonid)
- 48th rolls are way too much for this kind of difficulty. Simplify them.
- A lot of jumps don't really need to be layered in. Simplify them and restroct them to only important sounds worth layering.
- M60, the long 8th jack hihats are awkward in the sense that a lot of the patterns are being focused on one hand. I'd rather have this section as spread out as possible. If this were a denser file, I'd be okay with the 8th jack hihat but this is really pushing it for an easier file.
- Beat 242, that 16th jack formed on [1] transitioning into a [14] jump is bad.
- Layering is excellent. This just really needs tweaks on whatever I mentioned.

Ding Dong Song (Dossar)
- Good flow. Straightforward and easy to follow.

Endless Handbag In Asia (MaxGhost)
- Well layered.
- Only commentary are those 8th jacks you formed in the beginning measures don't seem all that necessary.

Eulogy For Nick Galvez (Emulord)
- The jump usage transition between M33+ to M40+ I liked, though it might throw people off at first.
- Well layered and flowed well. Straightforward and easy to follow.

Fall into Night (0)
- Interesting and well layered.
- Decent practice for grace notes too.

Finding A Way (00Razor00)
- Long and repetitive, but solid layering job.
- Not keen on those jump placements that are supposed to emphasize vocals. Would rather emphasize some percussive hits instead.

Hana Yuduki (jimerax)
- Great layering. Easy to follow and good flow.

Happy Happy Shining Star!! V2 (MrPopadopalis25)
- Very good flow and layering. Not too difficult either.

Hoax (Midnghtraver)
- A lack of pitch relevancy, but that's not too major of a problem.
- M33, found the layering change here a little hard to follow at first.
- M47, when you throw in 16ths here, they're slight difficulty spikes. Especially with Beat 190 when you have that 8th jack going on [1] and [4] transitioning into a 16th staircase pattern.
- Jumps at the end of the file feel a little too over emphasized, but I guess it's okay because it adds layering variation and interest.
- Layering is passable. Like to see tweaks to that 16th part I had an issue with.

Leaves in the Wind (iironiic)
- Beat 133.5, I'd underlayer it as a single trill rather than a jump-trill. It's a slight difficulty spike, despite being easy to hit.
- Same deal with the [12][34][12] trills later on in the file.
- Great layering. Easy to follow and good flow. Rainbow grace notes and the minor minijacks might give beginners a tough time, but it's good practice.

Link's Awakening (Childhood Memories Remix) (MaxGhost)
- The jump layering threw me off slightly at first but I got it after awhile.
- Layering changes in this were good and added interest. Might throw some beginners off though, so you gotta be careful about it.
- Straightforward, and well layered. Interesting to play to say the least.

Louder than Thunder (qqwref)
- Good flow and well layered. Interesting to playthrough.

Love, The Elephant (MarioNintendo)
- Upbeat and well layered. Good flow and easy to follow.

Maintenance Bot (woker-X)
- Upbeat and well layered. Good flow and easy to follow.

Minimal Effort (Thatskier)
- Completely offsync. Wrong note intervals.
- Needs major reworking/revamping.

Minuet In G (Reshiram)
- Piano chords were well layered. Straightforward and easy to follow.

Morning Grory (bmah)
- Well layered and easy to follow. Wouldn't have done this any differently as an easy chart, lol.

Oliver (OneHandNow)
- M13+, you layer the bass and that other noise on the same notes which is weird. It'd be better to differentiate the two as two different jump patterns rather than layering as if they are the same sound.
- M16 is way too sudden of a break it disrupts the flow. Should've kept layering up until M17 for a better transition.
- M28+ you stop layering that drop sound with jumps. I found that weird and inconsistent when nothing really changed up in the song.
- M33+ the 8th jacks don't seem to fit well. Broken up 8th stream with those jumps would be better suited IMO.
- M41+, another way too sudden and awkward of a break that disrupts flow. There's also a huge difficulty and layering density inconsistency once you start ignoring sounds and jumps.
- Beat 190.5, the 16th minijacks are pushing it for difficulty spikes.
- Beat 221+ missing 4th jumps?
- M61+ the 32nds are also pushing it for difficulty spikes. Stick with jumps to represent the drop.
- Overall, layering wasn't too bad but there are a lot of inconsistencies such as what you're following and the jump usages. There's no real transition each time you switch up layering which just becomes really awkward to playthrough. Needs some reworking.

Op 71 IV Rondo Allegro (Thatskier)
- Completely offsync and notes aren't even relevant to the song.
- Needs major revamping.

Passage D (qqwref)
- Good layering. Thought there could've been a lot more jump placements for prominent piano chords though.

Pastel Candy (JSH)
- There needs to be more notes to layer vocals. What you have is hard to follow and I had no idea what half of the notes even went to since it's so spread out and sparse.
- Adding onto hard to follow, you keep phasing in and out of boring 4th notes to 8th vocals which is disorienting. I understand wanting to have variation in layering but for an easy file you want to make it as simple and easy-to-follow as possible.
- With all honesty, I think this needs reworking. Either thoroughly layer the vocals or stick to boring 4ths. Trying to merge both together doesn't seem to work out well.

Playing With Yourself (MaxGhost)
- Very first 12th jump is barely audible and seems completely random. I'd just get rid of it all together and leave the 4th jump alone.
- Beat 98, flow disrupting when you all of a sudden choose to ignore percussive element.
- The long jacks later on in the file -might- be a little much. Would rather keep them as mini-jacks or broken up stream.
- Some jump layering in the first half of the file is a little questionable for me.
- Layering was more or less passable. Wasn't too hard to follow and it had some nice variation and interest. Could use a little tweaking for above notes.

Purity (T-Force)
- Would like to see the synth chords more thoroughly layered with jumps. Easier to differentiate the sounds you're following and it -feels- better to hit all of the synth chords as jumps IMO.
- Layering is passable. Just wish there were more jumps for the synth chords.
- Weird song cut.

Rill Rill (Dr.Ozi Remix) (Coolboyrulez0)
- Offset was early by 0.04 (global offset issue probably).
- The very beginning I found the layering strange. Was hard to tell what the notes even went to on a first playthrough.
- Beat 137.5, missing a 12th right before the [34] jump.
- Beat 249.5, missing a 12th right before the [34] jump, again.
- Layering was alright. Easy enough to follow and it had some nice variation here and there.

Sea Breeze (Silvuh)
- Good layering. Straightforward enough and easy to follow.

Shadows of my Lost Memories (Plan_Bsk81127)
- The 32nd rolls I would simplify to a rainbow grace note to make it much easier to hit and less of a difficulty spike.
- Layering is good. Easy to follow and straightforward.

Shu Kurimu no Uta (jimerax)
- Excellent layering. Straightforward and easy to follow.

Skate or Die 2 (Reshiram)
- Offset was 0.04 too early (global offset issue probably).
- Layering is good.
- Emulord's file(s) were a little better though.

Skate or Die 2 [Beginner] (Emulord)
- Layering is good. Straightforward and easy to follow.

Skate or Die 2 [Light] (Emulord)
- Layering is good. Straightforward and easy to follow.
- More interesting compared to beginner (should be a given, lol)

Sonnenuntergang (Xayphon)
- Layering is good. Straightforward and easy to follow.

Space Entropy (cry4eternity)
- Picked up on a few missing synth jumps. Not sure if you left them out on purpose.
- Layering is passable.

Steel for Pappa (OneHandNow)
- Beat 8.5, not sure why you didn't place a jump here.
- What you could do to make this less repetitive and boring is layer some rainbow grace notes to accent some of the prominent acoustic guitar hits that can't be layered with just a single jump.
- Repetitive, but it's good enough.

Subconsciousness (leonid)
- Awesome song. Well layered and straightforward.
- Ending will probably throw people off.

Sunless Daybreak (psychoangel691)
- The broken up percussive jump layering I found a little strange.
- Great layering variation and interest. Made the song and file more enjoyable.

The Degredation of the Soul (Silvuh)
- Straightforward and easy enough to follow.
- Empty beginner chart?

Town Theme 1 (Reshiram)
- The pitch relevancy in this is quirky.
- Weird song cut.
- Layering is good.

Tutti Frutti Summer Love (Dossar)
- Good layering. Straightforward and enjoyable to playthrough.

Until Tomorrow [Light] (bmah)
- Great layering. Enjoyable to playthrough.

Your Thoughts Disgust Me (nois-or-e)
- Good layering. Easy to follow.
- Nice consistency with the percussive layering.

Yukitsukiyashou (leonid)
- The 12th jump chains are definitely not all that beginner friendly. Especially with the 12th jacks formed.
- A little bit too hard for this batch (definitely the hardest submission in the batch).
- The layering is good and interesting though. Save this for the regular batch.


AN: hi again, have some notes. I'm more than willing to elbaorate if you have a problem with it, don't be afraid to ask just because I'm the FFR Simon Cowell. :3
P.s. I was super lenient with this batch, questions comments concerns to me and not in the batch thread otherwise I'll just ignore it.

45 (SHORT EDIT) - (nois-or-e)
Not very dynamic, the idea of stepping solely a main synth melody doesn't really appeal to me, particularly if the PR is the same for a lot of it.

ABOVE THE COULDS [CUT] - (nois-or-e)
Not much to say about a 1, but I really think difficulty 1's are unnecessary, so the other file gets the edge.

ABOVE THE CLOUDS - (cry4eternity)
Short but I liked it, it was interesting and compelling to play.

ANOTHER DAY - (bmah)
The file overall is pretty solid, but the area starting at measure 35 is weak in comparison, the jacks seem incredibly barbaric, and you're missing a lot of arrows. If this get's accepted fix that area up please.

BITMAPSTAR - (Zerigdsx18)
Feels a little undersaturated with all the long breaks, but it was alright.

BOTU1 - (MarioNintendo)
I'm sad to say I expected a bit better from you, this is just okay.

BREAK FAST - (OneHandNow)
Between the rainbow-fest, poor pattern choices, and random jumps it's really poor. IIRC this is your second simfile, or something like that, you might consider a bit of coaching, or read up on one of the guids, so that you understand the basics next time, I'm always happy to lend a hand if you need it.

CARROTS - (Yo Man I'm Awesome)
For a first file it's not bad. I think the main issue with this file is there are a lot of arrows stepped to not really any specific sound. There are ghost notes, and missing arrows as well. It could really use cut, as well.

CHIMES - (Thatskier)
Inccorect BPM.

lol cool idea, it's short which is kinda annoying, but cute I like it.

The difficulty spread is really wide in this file, it goes from a 3 to a 1 to a 7 to a 4 to a 2... etc. It's all over the place. I think this could have been done better.

This could have been done a lot better. Most of those 12ths aren't actually 12ths. Lots of quirks in the music to work with, too, which would make it a lot more fun to play.

Sadly this is like a 10 and can't be accepted for this batch (okay maybe a 9 but still.) I liked the file, though. A little jump heavy I'd say but I'm content.

Not perfect but more than satisfactory for this batch, well done.

I think the problem with this is the song and not the file. They don't mesh well together, and there's an issue with consistency.

First of all, there's a lot of empty space at the start which is a huge turn off, and it goes on for a long time afterwards, I think you should consider cutting this big time. This song isn't really suitable for an easy file, either, there's too much going on and stepping any two layers would probably 'cause it to be too hard no matter what you do.

Is that it? Easy files don't really matter if Kayla and AJ's kid could sightread AAA them, doesn't help new players improve by playing interesting and balanced files.

FINDING A WAY - (00Razor00)
This one deserves some notes:
-First of all, it seems to me that you were a bit afraid of overstepping, which is reasonable given it's an easy song batch, but you downstepped it just a tad too much.
-I think what this file really lacked was structure, trying different layering schemes and seeing what works best to give that file the feel that you're playing the song, not just arrows timed to the song.
-Overall it was actually pretty good, though, fairly fun, but significant improvements can be made.

HANA YUDUKI - (jimerax)
Feels undersaturated but it's nice nonetheless.

VERY good. I'm impressed what you did with it, a couple little areas that I thought were iffy, but really it was great. Also add an 8th note at the end or I'ma keel juuuuu! D:

HOAX - (Midnghtraver)
You should really get points deducted for mislabeling your file... Anyway, I really like the song for an easy file, but you need to cut it and give it more dimensions, right now it's just the melody line at any given point of the song. Also, there's like a 25 measure break in the file please don't do that. Finally, that roll at the end has no place being there.

LEAVES IN THE WIND - (iironiic)
A couple little sync whoopsies but pretty cool in general. I didn't like that you tried to sync those 32nd jumps to 32nds instead of just leaving them the natural grace notes, it feels too orchestrated.

The main thing lacking in this file is some sort of structure. It jumps in and out of stepping sounds at the start of a phrase for what seems like "just to change it up."

First of all, amazing song, nice to have something like this coming into the game now. There were times where I felt you "missed the point," per se. Like you were stepping everything but the vocalist and it took focus away from the song instead of immersing you into it.

LOVE, THE ELEPHANT - (MarioNintendo)
I'm glad there's a comma in that title... Anyway, you seem to have the same problem as most, with being afraid of stepping too much in fear of making it too hard. There were some areas I could tell were stylistic differences, but, for example, the 16th blips at the start you negated wouldn't have affected the file so much that it would have raised the difficulty, and not stepping them makes you feel like something is missing.
P.s. commas are the difference between "watching my little sister showering and going to bed." and "Watching my little sister, showering, and going to bed."

PFFFFT HAHAHAHAHA 'dat song XDD. Definitely not your best work, the jumps are strangely placed, and there seem to be a lot of ghost notes. A fixer-upper, if you ask me.

MINIMAL EFFORT - (Thatskier)
Incorrect BPM.

MINUET IN G - (Reshiram)
Bleh, uninteresting but at least it's well done. For some reason, people seem to think easy files need to be really short, too...
Also, I'd prefer if you did the slowdown at the end with BPM's instead of coloured arrows to show that it's just the tempo slowing down, not that the tempo is staying the same and the notes are mistimed.

Typo? <--(nope.) Anyway, ME GUSTA @_@. I really liked this. The only thing that I found to nag about ('cause I like to nag) is the difficulty spread. IMO your low (when the drums cut out) wasn't low enough and your high (when the drums were in) wasn't high enough. Admittedly that'd be probably impossible to do well when making a file of this difficulty... regardless. :P

OLIVER - (OneHandNow)
How are you and Break Fast the same person? Anyway, started out really cool, and quickly turned messy, and got progressively messier. Instead of making up patterns, you should focus on stepping the sounds that are there, and layering them in correctly, the file would have turned out a lot better that way.

OP.71 IV RONDO ALLEGRO - (Thatskier)
Sorry bro, you need to get those BPMs down before you can start stepping.

PASSAGE D [LIGHT] - (qqwref)
I like the idea of doing a light version for this, but it feels empty and has issues with whether or not to step the left hand of the piano. All in all, just monotonous and lacking anything to make me want to accept it.

This file lacks structure a lot, instead of having a scheme of what to step, there are just basic arrow spreads thrown in in an attempt to make it easy. The easiest thing to remember is to step the music, you still could have made an appropriate difficulty while giving the sense of playing the song instead of playing random arrows.

This is pretty okay. You have some mistimed arrows, but there are few. The biggest problem is continuity and layering with it. There are times where you had jumps on the first repeat of something and got rid of them the second time for no reason, or if you did a jack one time and forgot about it the next time. Overall it's pretty okay, but I'd like to see it improved before let ingame.

PURITY - (T-Force)
Abrupt ending is abrupt. Take a better cut and step the rest well and this would likely be accepted, because there's nothing bad about what you have now.

RILL RILL (DR.OZI REMIX) - (Coolboyrulez0)
Very nice file, a few arrows that I'd say are missing even if you left them out purposely, but all in all very good.

SEA BREEZE - (Silvuh)
You know, given it was understepped I still thought it was fairly well done. I think you could have made it ~just~ a tad fuller, instead of cutting so many arrows, it would have made for a better chart, but IMO fine as is.

Ended very randomly haha. Um, I really dislike this idealism that easy files means finding something with essentially quarter notes and just stepping the quarter notes. Even if it's done well, it's not particularly fun because there's no variance in the steps... Still it's well done and meets a lot of my criteria for a file, so you get a light accept.

Cute, liked the song, the file fit it quite well. As I've said countless times in this, I believe a few extra arrows would have rounded it out nicer, but I'm quite content with this.

SKATE OR DIE 2 - (Reshiram)
Short but effective for it's length, was relatively happy with this.

SKATE OR DIE 2 [BEGINNER] - (emulord)
I'd pick this over the light chart, but I feel Reshiram's represented the song better.

SKATE OR DIE 2 [LIGHT] - (emulord)
Again, Reshiram's file represented the song better.

The main thing that jumped out at me for this file was jump choices were all over the place, at first it seemed that chords would be jumps, and then it was bass notes are jumps, and back again. Sticking with 1 base representation per phrase would make a stronger file.

SPACE ENTROPY - (cry4eternity)
Attaboy, good file. A few missing jumps it seemed but I'm happy with this.

Just shocking how you go from one end of the spectrum to another haha. This was amazing. Fun, really got you into the music. The timed notes at the end could have been done a little better, but hey I'm not expecting perfection. Well done.

I really liked this a lot more than your original version of it. One thing that I think would have really improved it is if you had opted to step the snares instead of the bass kicks, would have been a little more representative of the music. Otherwise, it's good.

SUNLESS DAYBREAK - (psychoangel691)
HEY I STEPPED THIS TOO 8D. Your rendition is quite good, the PR isn't very good, though. Good job keeping it intersting for the entire file, it's hard to do with something as repetitive as this song, but I wasn't bored, for sure.

Nice effort but I think you missed the mark. Stepping easy songs is to give new players a foundation of how to play the game, and there were quite a few sections in this, read: the intro and DNB sections, that had a lot of touch to decipher arrow placements. I don't think it's suitable for ingame play.

TOWN THEME 1 - (Reshiram)
I'm not sure what to think of this. On one hand, what you have stepped is theoretically correct, and the simplicity of the music fits the file nicely. On the other hand, there's no dynamics to the file, it's literally 60 seconds of the same pattern. I'm very tentative to accept something like this, but I think I can let it slide...

Should have gone on until the start of the next verse IMO, but I suppose on FFR that'll be a cute ending. Overall, pretty fun and kinda cute, but a few added/missing arrows seemed to throw me off a bit. I like your style, thought, for beginner stepping.

Incredibly solid, and ++ for best file in batch. This is the only file I feel wasn't afraid to step itself, instead of just understepping everything, fantastic job.

This was simplified too much, and it's very repetitive. Not something I'd like to see ingame.

Took me like 15 minutes just to type the title of the song... The intro is a bit repetitive because you opted to step constant 12ths for a lot of it, but the file is well put together. I'm afraid, however, it might be a bit too hard for this batch as well. I'd also like to say I respect how just because it was an easy files batch you didn't opt to step everything like a 2, you opted to step the music regardless.


45 (Nois-or-e) [+.]

Would like to see the bpm doubled to kill of the blue note syndrome like ending. Otherwise no real complaints from me.

Above the Clouds (Nois-or-e) [<]

I liked cry's a bit better but if JX is cool with a light and standard of this song then this is perfect for the light/beg.

Above the clouds (cry4eternity)[+]

Another Day (Bmah) [+]

Nice easy chart I liked the song a lot too

bitmapstar (ziergdsx18) [+]

Botu1 (Marionintendo) [+]

Break Fast (OHN) [?]

For being new to stepping this file is actually pretty good. Your bpm is wrong though :/ also this chart is def too hard for the easy batch but I'd say fix up the sync for the next batch and try it for that. It's a fun chart.

Carrots (Yo Man I'm Awesome) [?]

I can't really judge the chart properly because the sync is way off.

Chimes (Thatskier) [-]

Unknown artist? Also what are the steps going to?

Counting Snow (0) [+]

Such a cute file XD

Dance Trigger (XCV) [?]

Your jump placement is in and out. The difficulty is kinda unbalanced as well. I'm also pretty sure the 16th stream makes the chart too difficult for the easy batch.

Darling (JSH) [+]

Deadly Daydream (leonid) [?]

Didn't play all the way through. Looks like a good file but it's at least an 8 just from the bit that I played.

Ding Dong Song (Dossar) [+.]

The only thing bugging me is you go in and out of what you're following which I think might be a little confusing for a newer player.

Endless Handbag in Asia (MaxGhost) [+]

Eulogy for Nick Galvez (Emulord) [+?]

I really don't like that huge gap that has no steps to it. Perhaps a cut to the song? The song does kinda drag anyway.

Fall into night (0) [+]

Finding A Way (00Razor00) [+]

Hana Yuduki [+]

Happy Happy Shining Star!! V@ (MrPopadopalis25) [+?]

I think this file is just a little too difficult.

Hoax (Midnghtraver) [+.]

Pretty good chart I'd really suggest a cut though. There's like a really empty spot, I'd probably cut there somewhere. Also the roll at the end is a bit mean for the difficulty.

Leaves in The Wind (iironiic) [+]

Link's Awakening (MaxGhost) [?]

A bit too difficult for the easy batch.

Louder than Thunder (qqwref) [+]

Love, The Elephant (MarioNintendo) [+]

I think this might be pushing the difficulty a little bit. But good chart.

Maintenance Bot (Woker-X) [+]

Minimal Effort (Thatskier)[-]

Are you using ctrl R to step? Again the steps don't really seem to go to anything and if you're using ctrl R that could be why.

Minuet IN G (Reshiram) [+]

Morning grory (bmah) [+]

Oliver (OHN) [?]

Again not a bad chart but too hard for the easy batch.

Op 71 IV rondo allegro (That skier)[-]

Same as the other 2

Passage D (qqwref) [+]

Pastel Candy (JSH) [+?]

Don't know what you're following most of the time. I think you switch around but it's hard to tell.

Playing with yourself (MaxGhost) [+.]

Just a little iffy on the longer jacks for difficulty reasons.

Purity (T-Force) [+.]

I really liked the song and enjoyed the chart then all of a sudden abrupt end -_-

Rill Rill (coolboyrulez0) [+?]

I feel this is more of a 7 but I'm not 100% if the other judges think it's fine difficulty wise then it's fine with me.

Sea Breeze (Silvuh) [+]

Shadows Of My Lost Memories (Plan_B) [+.]

Gah all the songs/charts I'm really liking end up stopping abruptly :/

Shu Kurimu no Uta (jimerax) [+]

Skate or Die 2 (Reshiram) [+.]

Skate or Die 2 [beg](Emulord) [-]

Blue note syndrome........

Skate or Die 2 [light] (Emulord) [-]

Again blue note syndrome......

Sonnenuntergang (xayphon) [+]

Space Entropy (cry4eternity) [+]

Steel for Pappa (OHN) [+]

Subconsciousness (leonid) [+?]

Again a good file but I think this is more of a 7. If the other judges or JX is okay with the difficulty then I'm fine with this file.

Sunless Daybreak (psychoangel691) [#]

The Degredation of the Soul (Silvuh) [+]

Town Theme 1 (Reshiram) [+]

More abrupt stopping.....

Tutti Frutti Summer Love (Dossar) [+.]

Again switching what you're following might be confusing for easy players but not bad.

Until Tomorrow (bmah) [+]

Your thoughts disgust me (nois-or-e)[+?]

This could really use some variation.

Yukitsukiyashou (leonid) [?]

Way too hard for the easy batch


All times are listed in seconds. I've italicized reviews for songs that I think might be slightly too hard for the batch.

45 [Short Edit] (nois-or-e)
Rating: [+.]
Two things irk me about this file - 1.) while relevance is always a nice thing to have, it would have been alright to just shift the notes over for the first half rather than repeating the same exact pattern over and over again until the breaks come in, and 2.) I personally think the BPM should be doubled (in this case, all of the notes at the end would be 4ths). Other than that, this is alright.

Above the Clouds
Rating: [<]
I personally dislike this file simply because it seems like this file was made with absolutely no effort, it's just 4th notes spaced a measure apart sans the ending. Far too little for this song in my opinion; however, it can very well serve as a new difficulty 1 chart.

Rating: [+]
Much better. I actually appreciate this chart since it's able to keep relevance to the music, without entirely being lackluster. The ending percussion could have been filled out at 52.398 to the end (or just the bass drum, even). 24th flurry is a little bit of a spike, but not too bad.

Another Day (bmah)
Rating: [+]
Great song, great chart. Those 8th jacks in the middle of the song will surely trip up some players. Fairly dense for an easy chart, but not too hard because the patterns are a bit repetitive.

bitmapstar (Ziergdsx18)
Rating: [+.]
Slight PR issues (obviously not a big deal for an easier chart), and fairly repetitive -- patterns could have mirrored rather than using the same exact ones again. Not a big deal, though. Is that jump at 114.763 seconds intentional? I ask because it's the only one in the melodic portion of the song.

botu1 (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [+]
Another chart where the PR could have been done slightly better, but it's perfectly fine the way it is now; there's enough detail for people to pay attention to in the melodies. Nice job incorporating the timpani hits without completely butchering your chart layering.

Break Fast (OneHandNow)
Rating: [-]
It's so odd. Your BPM couldn't be more off than it is. However, looking in DDream, you have MANY of the steps placed properly in accordance to the waveforms, which is actually quite amazing considering that your BPM is so off. Because of the amount of effort you gave for putting this chart together, I'm going to give you a proper offset and BPM: try using 155 BPM with an offset of -0.024. Here, you should be using mostly 4th/8th notes.

Carrots (Yo Man I'm Awesome)
Rating: [-]
Your offset is WAY off. Nothing I can really say because I can't entirely figure out where the first step is supposed to belong with your chart stepped the way it is.

Chimes (Thatskier)
Rating: [-]
Looks like you Ctrl+R'd in Stepmania. Try manually placing steps to the music rather than tapping out the notes.

Counting Snow (0)
Rating: [+]
Nice color gimmick. Very short, but I hope that's not a problem because you did a good job charting this.

Dance Trigger (XCV)
Rating: [+?]
Your offset is early by roughly 5/192nds of a note (or 45 milliseconds). Those 16th runs are a huge difficulty spike, and the chart seems to waiver from being extremely simple (see: 38.911 seconds) to extremely difficult (see: 52.197 seconds) - try to level it out a bit more. There's also a few scattered minor misrhythms in the chart.

Darling (JSH)
Rating: [+?]
Rather than using a stop at the beginning of the chart, use the offset function to make your note land where it needs to. Chart was a little drifty; perfect sync seems to be at 121.206 BPM with an offset of -0.137. Almost every instance where you use a 12th note should be replaced with a 16th note. Aside from the misrhythms, it seems like you captured the song well. Add a bit more variation in patterns and this song will be good to go! (Side note: I really like this song; perhaps your easier chart can accompany my possibly more difficult chart in the future?)

Deadly Daydream (leonid)
Rating: [+]
File is great. Unfortunately, this is too hard for the easy batch.

Ding Dong Song (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.]
Couldn't get an offset check on this. The switching back and forth between instruments/vocals is good for keeping variation, but it could get a little confusing for players trying to keep up. In general, the syncopation in this chart is understandable, even through the switching. I'm not a fan of the 24th swing notes; the sound can easily be represented without the 24ths and it makes the chart a little bit less awkward as a whole.

Endless Handbag in Asia (MaxGhost)
Rating: [+.]
Offset should be -0.750, with a BPM of 90.000. Your current chart is slightly drifty. Anyway, another chart that seems to have switching between instruments, but in this case, the switch doesn't change difficulty too much and is easily distinguishable. Decent job with pitch relevancy, and while -technically- the colored patterns following the flute/strings are incorrect, they are close enough to be tasteful. I really wish you could have found a way to vary the chart a little bit more, but it's fine once the sync changes are applied.

Eulogy for Nick Galvez (emulord)
Rating: [+?]
Offset should be -0.024. Chart is a little lacking in song representation. There's a gap from 25 seconds to 33 seconds where you could have found an excuse to use something like the bass drum to fill the gap through all of the chaos. The section that comes right after the huge break is actually not bad; maybe you could use single taps like you do a little later? This actually isn't too bad but it could use a little more consistency and variation as sections change.

Fall into Night (0)
Rating: [+]
elegantshortsong.swf - no seriously, this file is really nice, just a little too short

Finding a Way (00Razor00)
Rating: [+]
...as an easy file, this REALLY appeals to me. Even with the varying densities in the file in comparison to the file, it doesn't feel like anything is missing. It's far from perfect in terms of chart accuracy, but the chart plays very well as a whole. I don't think the section at 122.447 seconds could have been done any better, honestly.

Hana Yuduki (jimerax)
Rating: [+]
Very good. I think you could have pulled off some more 16ths in the vocals without dramatically increasing the chart's difficulty, but it's great the way it is.

Happy Happy Shining Star v2 (MrPopadopolis25)
Rating: [+?]
200 BPM 8th note jacks don't sit well with me in an easy chart. This is a bit fast, too, although I think this would fit well on the higher end of the 6s...tough to call.

Hoax (Midnightraver)
Rating: [?]
Offset should be -0.029. Normally, I would say to add pitch relevancy to the introduction, but being that it's nearly 30 seconds long, mirroring/flipping doesn't really solve the repetition problem. Cutting the song might alleviate this. When the percussion comes in, it would be a lot better to syncopate to the prominent snare to avoid the same quarter note pattern; nearly a minute of that is far too long. The 3/8th note sync to the bass instrument is a nice touch; that part is definitely worth keeping. The usage of small 16th note runs is a little risky in this chart considering that there is nothing even remotely close to that in difficulty outside of those sections. 132.443 might make for a good spot to end the song, since the song continues to carry the same basic concept.

Leaves in the Wind (iironiic)
Rating: [++]
Minor offset adjustment to -3.086 syncs nicely for me. Sync is very clean, and as an easy chart, it's very demanding of a player's attention with all of the gradual speed changing. Layering is smooth, and the PR, while not direct or globally relative, is noticeably correct within sections, rather than multiple sections. Just like 00Razor00's file, it's not perfect in terms of accuracy, but this file plays very nicely as a whole. Well done!

Link's Awakening [Childhood Memories Remix] (Maxghost)
Rating: [+?]
Minor offset adjustment to -2.106. This file starts off pretty light but then picks up to a pretty heavily layered easy file; you go in and out from having jump/tap 8th notes to having just normal 8th notes and it's a little awkward, at least to me. The difficulty discrepancies could have easily been avoided to make a smoother, easier chart.

Louder than Thunder (qqwref)
Rating: [+]
Minor offset adjustment to -0.135. Chart seems to deviate in layering scheme (back and forth from piano to bass drum/hi-hat? a little hard to tell), but it's not major at all. Solid chart.

Love, The Elephant (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [+.]
Very minor offset adjustment to -6.064. Good use of syncopation in this chart, although I really do not like 58.426-81.699; the song seems to be more dull than previously let the chart is quite a bit more aggressive. Other than that, this is fine.

Maintenance Bot (woker-X)
Rating: [+]
Nothing erroneous about the file at all; this file is a bit tricky but probably could fit at the high end of the 6s.

Minimal Effort (Thatskier)
Rating: [-]
Set your offset to -0.134; that syncs up to the kick of the song. Try viewing previously made charts so you can understand how certain rhythms pertain to certain songs, and practice using offsets.

Minuet in G (Reshiram)
Rating: [+.]
Sync/offset slightly off (this isn't in regards to the color notes, either) for the chart; if I have your permission, I'd like to replace it with the resync I did while making notes for this - this does include the colored notes being removed at the end.

morning grory (bmah)
Rating: [+]
Minor offset adjustment to -1.738. Simple and clean. Good chart overall.

Oliver (OneHandNow)
Rating: [?]
Minor offset adjustment to -2.074. Not a bad chart - lacking in relevance but alright in terms of accenting in layering. However, this is at least a 7 in difficulty with all of the streaming. Not too bad considering that you're a first time stepartist.

Op.71 IV Rondo Allegro (Thatskier)
Rating: [-]
Offset adjustment to -0.062. Incorrect BPM; as a result, chart doesn't follow the music.

Passage D (qqwref)
Rating: [+]
Minor offset adjustment to -5.410. File is great as a beginner chart. Captures what is important to the newer players, ignores everything else. There's a few missed piano notes (not sure if they're intentional), but they aren't a big deal.

Pastel Candy (JSH)
Rating: [?]
Removed the stop from the beginning and changed the offset to -0.133. This chart is really strange in terms of what's being followed; it goes back and forth from vocals to just regular syncopation, which is slightly distracting. This chart also uses 12th notes instead of correctly placed 16th notes. It's another one that could use a few tweaks to make a good easy chart.

Playing With Yourself (MaxGhost)
Rating: [+.]
Minor offset adjustment to -1.724; minor BPM adjustment to 94.70 BPM. Chart is alright; not fond of the overall structure, but it does make sense.

Purity (T-Force)
Rating: [+]
ABRUPT ENDING >=( chart is another one of those not-quite-perfect but very well structured as a whole

Rill Rill [Dr. Ozi Remix] (Coolboyrulez0)
Rating: [+]
Offset adjustment to -0.083. I think this file might be slightly too hard for the batch, but I'm not sure. I really hope not because it's a very interesting file, even with how toned down it is. Also, if this does get in, consider this a Standard chart because I would not mind making a tougher chart for something like this.

Sea Breeze (Silvuh)
Rating: [+]
The master of easy file creation strikes again. Nice job condensing the chart and still leaving pitch relevancy while doing it. The nice thing about this file is, even as easy as it is, it still has a decently tricky section for players who are learning how to play, and in that section, there's also proper pitch. Great easy chart.

Shadows Of My Lost Memories (Plan_Bsk81127)
Rating: [+.]
Offset adjustment to -0.062. Grace notes are risky to put in an easier chart, and you actually made them a little tricky to hit by not putting the first two notes on the same hand (in essence, splits are more likely). PR is a bit shotty in some spots, and I'm mentioning this because it did seem like you were trying to go for good layering while keeping consistent pitch. Chart is pretty decent, otherwise. Random little thing: the 16th note at 47.553 should be a 64th note (I'm sorry, I'm too nit-picky ).

Shu Kurimu no Uta (jimerax)
Rating: [+.]
Very nice PR. However, I personally find the file a little lacking in accenting, which makes it play the same for a good majority of the song.

Skate or Die 2
Rating: [+.]
I got my best sync results at an offset of -2.065. This song has some really choppy samples, and the sync goes all over the place no matter what constant BPM you use. The chart seems fine, but it might be a good idea for a real resync of this chart to happen before this song goes in game.

Rating: [<]
Blue note syndrome. Incredibly lackluster, just a few notes sprinkled about.

Rating: [<]
Blue note syndrome. I do like the attention to PR in the introduction, but that was all that appealed to me; the rest of the chart was fairly plain.

Sonnenuntergang (Xayphon)
Rating: [+.]
Pay a little more attention to where the chords come in for the first half of the chart. The second half is missing notes, but it's a little bit betetr that you missed notes for the second half in an effort to not boost difficulty too high.

Space Entropy (cry4eternity)
Rating: [+]
Slight offset adjustment to -0.230. Nice job on the layering; you also did a good job of varying the chart up a bit - it definitely looks intentional when changes happen.

Steel for Pappa (OneHandNow)
Rating: [+.]
Slight offset adjustment to -0.060. Not bad at all. I'd like to see the BPM cut in half for the entire song, and I'd also like to see a bit more consistency on the harder guitar strums. There's not really a consistent pitch relevance in the song, but the accenting is fairly consistent.

Subconsciousness (leonid)
Rating: [+]
Slight offset adjustment to -0.829. Unfortunately, I think this is a 7.

Sunless Daybreak (psychoangel691)
Rating: [+]
Filled with relative PR that changes in different sections, which is alright in an effort to avoid repetition. 8th note mini-jack at 24.194? Solid chart.

The Degredation of the Soul (Silvuh)
Rating: [+.]
What's being followed in the first 10 seconds of the chart? For a chart that's usually only following 4th/8th notes, the 16ths are out of place, but that's just my opinion. Otherwise, this is alright - I've definitely seen better easy files from you.

Town Theme No. 1 (Reshiram)
Rating: [+]
Offset adjustment to -2.084. Nothing erroneous, nothing special, just some PR on an easy file.

Tutti Frutti Summer Love (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+?]
Back and forth instrument switching again, just like the other file. The out of nowhere 16th run concerns me for an easy file, but the thing that's really glaring about this is the song cut.

Until Tomorrow (bmah)
Rating: [+]
Slight offset adjustment to -2.053. This song is pretty sweet, sounds very disco-esque. Diggin' those triples, by the way - lower level charts need to start introducing triples to players so they don't get completely destroyed when moving up. Nice work.

Your Thoughts Disgust Me (nois-or-e)
Rating: [+?]
The chart is incredibly repetitive, even though the song takes fairly noticeable changes. BPM changes could add a bit more of structure to the chart (like when you go in and out of the percussion), too.

Yukitsukiyashou (leonid)
Rating: [+]
Another great file. Also another one that's way too hard. 12th jumps at 120 BPM isn't exactly something a low level player will be prepared for.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

August 21, 2011

Judge Group 1


{Evolution} Out Stage / rushyrulz
rating: [+?]
- Two areas with 24th rolls are not at all in sync with the song. I understand you did this to avoid a large difficulty spike, but if changing the rolls to a slower rhythm doesn't seem to fit well with the music (which seems to be the case IMO), then you look for alternatives. As m2 starts for instance, it'd be just as interesting if you've stepped the drums instead.
- m4-7: I think the focus here should be jumps to the cymbals around m7 as opposed to high notes of the music. In fact, you did the same at m28-32, which I recommend you follow. Afterwards, the melody plays in chords, in which jumps seem a lot more appropriate.
- there were a few areas that could've been neat to step: quick drum roll at m16; piano at m22,26
- m20-27: a lot of these jumps don't seem to step to anything particularly noticeable. I think you may have mistakenly assumed these were emphasized sections of the melody. I can follow what you're doing for a few of the jumps, but many of them I cannot. In any case, I would recommend stepping to the drums if you want jumps.
- minor: 16th note jump at cymbal crash: 25.40s
- minor: no arrow at 33.63s
- minor: cymbal crash at 56.79s
- minor: drum kick in m36 starts at 78.98s
- Summary: The main issue I had were several jumps that were stepped to weakly-emphasized parts of the melody, or stepped to apparently nothing at all. Players will wonder what's going on. Actually, good PR can help make emphasized parts of the melody stand out without the use of any jumps. The main scheme of the file was fairly decent and fun however.

0 (piano version) / jimerax
rating: [+]
- minor: a jump is suitable at 37.44s,38.51s,39.14s,39.49s. Same applies with the identical jumpstream around m70.
- missed piano at 112.80s
- Summary: Wow! For a complex piano song, you did a good job in picking out what parts to step and which parts to omit. As a minor suggestion, you should look at adding a few jumps in those two jumpstream sections I mentioned above. Great file.

タ Correspondances Illumit馥s / nois-or-e
rating: [+.]
- m2-3: you stepped the echoes in the next few measures, but why aren't they here?
- the 16th at 5.78s and 9.21s are out of sync
- Various jacks throughout the song such as in m9 is fine for a while but gets rather repetitive. The percussions they step to actually don't sound all that appropriate for jacks. Try some other patterns and vary it up.
- Missed some notes in m20-21.
- m29 = wat. Instead of jumps, I recommend single arrows; they're far more doable.
- Summary: Very interesting file, but I recommend changing some of the jack patterns, as well as that small 280bpm section.

Abyssal / DossarLX ODI & icontrolyourworld
rating: [-]
- I honestly am not at the level where I can play this file with any sort of pleasure. However, I've noticed that several patterns were more awkward than they could be. Some examples:
- Around m23-24, a few hands create this 42424 jumptrill pattern that's very awkward to hit, sort of like those awkward jumpstreams at the end of A Kidney Stone. The emphasis for hands is really quite minimal and doesn't warrant them IMO, despite the layering scheme.
- Should probably ignore the echo around m35 before the jumpstream.
- Crossover patterns such as those in m45-47 at this speed is not fun to hit at all.
- The length of many 16th jumpstreams in this song doesn't leave much to the imagination, such as the one beginning on m81
- Summary: Can't really say the file is terrible, because you did step it as the song pretty much suggests, and I know you meant to step it like this. Regardless, I can't see many players enjoying this file except to the most hardcore speedy players, or mashers. Even so, there are a ton of awkward patterns within the fast streams.

Alpha Device / leonid
rating: [+]
- At first, I was curious as to why you'd step the soft instrument and then was about to suggest you step the percussions. However, you did add the percussions later as part of your overall layering. Although some people might not hear everything you're stepping, I think it actually works out to be more interesting.
- Summary: Layering was pretty good, and everything pretty much turned out fine. A good mid-level file.

Back to The Kitchen / TheEvilHobo
rating: [+.]
- Several of the 16ths you've stepped in the drum'n bass sections are sketchy; they either go to really quiet 16ths or sometimes none at all (e.g. m8,12).
- Also sketchy is a drum roll in m48...it should start a bit later, as it fades in for a bit.
- The jumpstream sections get rather boring after a while. You could step a bit more fully to the drums within the jumpstream later on for a bit of climax theory.
- Summary: The song itself doesn't provide much to step, so you should utilize climax theory and a lot of pattern variations to make this more interesting.

Beware the Purple Water / TC_Halogen
rating: [+]
- m55-57: the 24th patterns here are sort of awkward to hit, but the only one I really have to complain about is at m57
- m76: not sure if the jumps at around 134.25s are really necessary
- Summary: There's a lot of variety in here. This song is really fun to play.

Black Apple / megamon88
rating: [+?]
- Stepping should be more focused on the obvious melody instead of the hi-hats in many places, such as m20,24.
- m48-50 has 32nd rolls that are tight to pull off because they end in a [23] jump. Try placing the jumps differently.
- Hard to hit 32nd patterns like m68 should be changed...they're also prime targets for framer issues on FFR.
- m70,74,etc.: You have 32nd rolls here, but also tried to fit in 12th note polyrhythms. How about just focusing on one of them? The patterns aren't entirely palatable. m104 is better-stepped for instance.
- Summary: A bit too much going on in some measures. Also, might want to change some of the 32nd patterns. It's rather fun though, so I'd like to see this file again.

CastleCrashers - Creature at the Mill / hi19hi19
rating: [+.]
- m3,6,26,28: Don't know why you omitted some jumps. For instance, see at 2.43s,5.59s.
- m6,7,29,30: There are actually more 16ths here that the main melody plays. Listen for that. Also, not sure what all of the jumps go to.
- m20: The trill here is pretty faint compared to the violin trills you hear. Maybe omit this.
- why not finish that last timpani drum on m33?
- Summary: Just a few things to fix here and there. The premise of the file is quite fun.

rating: [?]
- not PR for the most part, but that's not really the issue
- m4: Empty gap is missing the intro melody before the main Chocobo theme begins.
- m13-20: For a file that's actually rather difficult, you might as well layer this part a lot more, because it's pretty empty. Whereas a single focus on one melody is suitable in other files, the difference in difficulty here is quite great. Smooth out the difference by layering empty areas.
- Maybe you saw this coming, but there are several aids patterns that not many people will like: m26,30,34,35
- The up-down trill at m33 doesn't even exist...no 16ths here.
- Summary: This needs a fair bit of reworking, especially for a short file. If you must make the file at this difficulty, choose some better patterns to hit. It'd be really great if you fix up some of the PR in the first half as well.

Chopsticks! / YOSHl
rating: [+.]
- the syncing might be slightly off in some places, but still quite impressive to me
- I'm more of a stickler when it comes to piano pieces, so please bear with me (it's probably the one genre in which stepping as accurately but reasonably as possible gives the best results):
- Some piano rolls are faster than you've put them, but many can be fully stepped without compromise and still feel reasonable. While it may feel like you're evening out the difficulty, instead it feels weird to play fast piano rolls slower. I've picked them out for you: 18.83s,37.03s,50.09s(!),86.46s,152.87s(!)
- jumps at the piano chords: 25.07s,25.31s
- the section starting at m14 (38.95s-43.53s) has pretty incomplete layering; listen carefully
- no jump at 60.63s
- m25 (68.03s) should have a better "flowing" pattern than back and forth trills
- at 95.82s, I highly recommend you focus on finish the fast piano instead of switching out to the chords which were already present throughout this part, despite being more emphasized.
- m36 (104.18s): better if the jumps were minijacks both times after the 32nd jumps.
- around 119s (and a few other places like 146s) it gets pretty "green"; i.e. you're syncing to 64ths. I recommend you change the sync slightly so that it represents the correct note colors, but this suggestion is purely aesthetic. Maybe if you do fix the sync, you can address this as well.
- missed jump at 135.72s
- single note at 137.42s, but jump at 139.69s (according to the melody you're focusing on). Jumps also at 140.92s,141.23s.
- should be all jumps at around 147.56s-148.34s
- Summary: Don't be overwhelmed by the stuff I wrote above...to be honest, I was very impressed with the syncing, layering, etc. and it was quite fun to play no doubt. However, if this does get accepted, I really hope you look at all the suggestions, as a piano song that plays like a piano is a really wonderful feeling. I'm sure people will love this file once you clean it up.

Clash On The Big Bridge / hi19hi19
rating: [+]
- Nice job smoothing out the difficulty compared to what the file initially looked like.
- Only suggestion I have is adding a few jumps to some cymbal crashes throughout the song.
- Summary: A potentially harder song that is well-generalized to represent an easy chart. Nicely done.

Clematis / 00Razor00
rating: [?]
- I don't know if this is a conversion error or what, but what's with the 192nds at 6.36s,16.03s? Maybe these were supposed to be jumps.
- It's not always that easy to follow your steps, partly because of the song and partly because of what you choose to step to:
- The song: multiple piano melodies, not to mention emphasis on select notes. You tend to step only the emphasized notes as opposed to the whole melody, and this becomes confusing when the partially stepped melody is accompanied by steps going to other instruments/another melody.
- Your choice of layering: many places have incomplete layering, which creates a lot of inconsistencies.
Example 1: Starting at m21, you attempt to step both emphasized piano sounds and some percussion. Yet there are many -emphasized- piano sounds you neglect to step, such as at 27.70s,30.36s,36.20s,etc.
At other times, you choose to step to really quiet percussion which will seem strange to the average person who doesn't hear these sounds. Example 2: m31 has a piano melody, a few drums, and quieter percussions, the latter of which you step at 40.20-40.53s. Step to the more dominant sounds instead.
Finally, there are places in which you try to acknowledge several instruments, but do not layer them simultaneously. This results in a chart that's confusing and hard to follow. Example 3: see m33-36 (42.70-48.03s). I have no clue what's going on, other than it appears you're trying to step multiple things. Example 4: similarly at around 108s, you're stepping to the piano, but at 109.03s, you step to the drums without layering in the piano. This is an example of stepping to one instrument and then stepping to another, instead of stepping to both instruments simultaneously.
- 69.36-59.70s: Stepping a quick roll to the quiet hi-hats but ignoring the obvious drums instead?
- There are a few questionable bursts here and there, and then there are some which just doesn't fit the difficulty of the chart at all. See 84.03s,138.03s.
- Summary: The stepping is far too sketchy for people to easily understand. The non-simultaneous (i.e. incomplete) layering, along with some hard bursts is confusing. I -get- what you're trying to step, but the message isn't conveyed very well. What I'd suggest it to focus on a few instruments and layer them in a more complete fashion.

CmR / hi19hi19
rating: [+]
- single arrow at 95.28s?
- m9,etc.: I think it's a lot better if you step a bit more to the piano in these parts. For instance, add an arrow at 19.81s,21.01s.
- Summary: Another nice easy file. Just add some arrows to the piano sounds as mentioned above.

Colorful Course / kjwkjw
rating: [+]
- This song reminds me of the Mario Kart series.
- m41: the 24th rolls actually begin on the 8th note at 61.57s
- A few parts of the song suffer from a "flatness" in the layering. Consider m10-16: layering or sometimes the emphasis of certain sounds such as louder drums should add jumps to the scheme. In this section though, you're stepping to several sounds but they're all single arrows, and it's harder to distinguish the "topography"/actual nature of the song. In m50-55, I'm not sure what all of the 16ths go to. The song though sounds jumpy because the drums are playing in a "back and forth" sort of pattern, and the current patterns do not illustrate this sort of energy. It's what someone might say "I'm not totally feeling the beats." In this case, I would've expected more jumps.
- Summary: This song is really fun. I'd suggest you look into how to make some of the flatter areas of the song feel more dynamic, however. Simply put, those areas are a bit underlayered.

Crash Up Against The Inevitable / Xayphon
rating: [+]
- m54-57 (110.33-118.50s): it's a little empty here, but you can definitely step a bit more.
- m70 (143.01s) is pretty awkward. Any other ways to change it?
- Summary: For a hard bursty file, this actually worked out pretty well and was overall highly replayable. Cool!

Creative Happy / MrPopadopalis25
rating: [+?]
- The layering is overly heavy in many places. A lot of this is due to the fact that hands in 16th jumpstreams are common, such as m6. In other cases, I just think it goes on for too long and doesn't seem to fit to the rest of the song, such as m11-14 or m29.
- There are also a lot of weird patterns that aren't preferable to play, such as runningmen 16th handstream at m14, or alternating trill handstream at m25.
- m15-21: I see that you're deliberately underlayering this to build up after these measures, which is a good idea, but the fact that many other parts of your song is heavy jumpstream makes this section look really empty. That's why I suggest you tone down the jumpstream so this section looks more agreeable.
- missed 16th at 24.55s,29.97s. A similar case exists at 78.47s,83.80s.
- m27-28: these are 12th notes, not 16ths. m34 is similar.
- m37-44: IMO, I don't think the thumps deserve an entire jump on their own; a single arrow for each should suffice. Also, there are other interesting things to step here too.
- Summary: I enjoyed playing this file actually, but the sections saturated with weird patterns and handstreams, not to mention some misinterpreted sections, bog down the file.

Cutthroat / TC_Halogen
rating: [+?]
- m28: don't think these 24ths are needed at all
- m39: 16ths should stop here. In fact, I can't hear the majority of these arrows.
- m39-40: The green runningmen section should be represented in a simpler way, as the sound being stepped doesn't represent this many notes.
- m61-62: This pattern is aids, especially when you have to switch from left-right rolls to right-left rolls, closely followed by 16th jumps.
- m71-80: Ahahahaha...no. (could be much simplified but still be climatic)
- Summary: For an FGO song, this wasn't stepped all that bad, but I'm sure you're aware this does feel rushed. Some arrows to sketchy sounds, and a couple of bad patterns. Why not submit this for the hard songs batch?

Dark Random 1 / conduct
rating: [?]
- You could definitely add arrows to drums between the jumps in the beginning, such as at 0.50s,1.25s.
- There are quite a few ghost notes that don't exist, such as at m9-10,18.
- m19-22: Completely wrong rhythms to the drums.
- Summary: Probably what hurts the most is the extremely short length of the file. The shorter it is, the more concise and less erroneous I expect it to be. Just as well, it shouldn't take as long to make the corrections too. Take a look at it and give it another shot later.

Das Ist Muzik / _.Spitfire._
rating: [+?]
- The two main problems:
1) the difficulty spikes are separated by large swaths of pretty easy sections; seems monotonous at times
2) some of the difficulty spikes are really aids to hit, such as m14,20-21,etc.
- don't hear the arrow at around 6.05s
- 32nd buzzes at places like m21 can be simplified, but optional for your difficulty I suppose
- jumptrill sections like m111-112 get pretty unimaginative. You can probably do some pattern variations if you've changed them to individual arrows.
- m151-end: I know this part is underlayered to signal the end of the song, but I really think it should be developed more. Actually, I really like this part of the song...why was it cut? ):
- Summary: Didn't like the file at first, but it's not as bad as it seems after a few plays. You should probably look at the awkward patterns in the first half of the song, and those jumptrills in the latter half of the song.

Deranged / justin_ator
rating: [-]
- The first issue that comes to mind is the lack of variation. The song offers more to step, but in the first and last bit of the song (e.g. m10-22), you choose to step to the 16th percussions entirely. Why not step to the other drums and instruments for a while? It gets boring fairly quickly. The middle of the song is just as boring (m27-28,30,etc.) with 16th handstreams.
- The color theory for certain sounds (e.g. m31) is cool. Check m41 though...doesn't seem to be synced right.
- Change patterns to eliminate a few residual jacks: m22,86
- The other major issue is the buzz noises you're stepping rolls to, and then those 32nd trills. Avoid stepping obsessively to buzz noises. At the very least, you gotta make the patterns flow a bit better. Having the rolls switch from one side to the other such as in m29 results in a jack that'll cause framer issues. And then those 32nd trills starting in m42 are a big no-no. Just because Magical 8 bit Tour and Almost There have them doesn't mean it's a good idea to step this sort of pattern. Instead, represent the buzz noises by single arrows instead.
- Summary: I'd recommend more innovation for your patterns, and a complete makeover for those buzz noises. You did make the steps quite Deranged.

Dove / leonid
rating: [+?]
- There's quite a bit of empty space in this song. While you may be highlighting certain aspects of the songs such as the lyrics (e.g. m10), it contrasts greatly against the more dense areas (e.g. m22). The drum patterns are repeated throughout the song, and you may have avoided layering this to reduce repetition, but the song feels empty without a little more input. Try layering to some drum kicks to add a bit of substance.
- I also find the steps to the singing questionable. It feels like there are more steps than necessary for the singing (e.g. 40.48s, 53.68s when girl sings legato from a low to higher note). The steps are also questionable for other sounds throughout the song (e.g. the 16ths at m33).
- Summary: Unusual song! But there's this emptyness in the chart and a vagueness in the steps that make this file feel sort of wishy-washy. The song can easily be made into a low-difficulty file.

Dr. Mario Pt.1 / woker-X
rating: [+.]
- m2,6: It's not entirely clear what you're stepping. Just either focus on one thing or step to a few more sounds.
- The main body of the song is fine, but you can make it a bit clearer by stepping a bit more fully. The steps seem to seamlessly go between drums and the lyrics, but it's not always clear which one you're stepping to.
- Really short song, but there's little wrong with it.
- Summary: That's all?

Drops of Water / 00Razor00
rating: [?]
- 0% of the 32nds are needed. None whatsoever. It is far better to represent these sounds with single arrows instead (in SM, you'd probably use holds instead). Even for shorter sounds such as at 12.45s, the rolls don't extend fully to the sounds.
- For these empty areas with 32nd rolls, such as the beginning to m18, there are other sounds you can step to instead, such as the background melody.
- m16: Listen for 16ths in the drums again.
- Even for atonal instruments such as drums, you can still predict their high and low points. With this in mind, take a look at the jacks in m20,22,24,etc. again.
- Several steps go to the percussion, but I wonder why you weren't consistent on it. For instance, nothing's stepped at 31.87s, but you did step this at 38.27s. Another example: 43.37s.
- Summary: Step something other than 32nd rolls and it'll be a lot better already.

Eight / MrPopadopalis
rating: [+]
- Shouldn't there be a jump at 146.54s,154.04s,161.54s?
- Some parts could be more PR (e.g. m12-16), and for an easy song, this shouldn't be too hard to do.
- Summary: Not too much to say; would make a nice easy song and an Earthbound tribute. Fix up the PR a bit and it's good to go.

Elektrik shiivers / nois-or-e
rating: [+.]
- The main body of the song from m3-10,14-20 is nearly straight 16ths with a few jumps. There are many other sounds you can layer in and I recommend doing this since this section repeats.
- Summary: Weird song, but stepped pretty well. It's also short, so it doesn't hurt to make the 16th runs more varied.

Epicity / ScarletSky
rating: [+.]
- m54: Try stepping the drumroll here.
- m66: I still recommend stepping the more dominant drums than the guitar trill.
- m67-78: The measures with repeated jumps would feel a lot better if you added the drum kicks. The drums do help drive the energy of the song. Also, missed a jump at 72.01s.
- single arrow at 83.26s, and on several occasions from m91-96. I know you're stepping to a different drum set, but that drum set does not define the song's energy as much as the more dominant kick on the 8th notes.
- m90: runningman pattern still rather weird to hit
- m135-150: jacky patterns make for a different scheme than the previous measures in this repetitive section of the song, but they're aids to hit. If you cut the song a bit more, it would be sections like these I would take out to avoid having to resort to potentially more awkward variations.
- the last third of the file has some empty sections between the guitar solo, so I'd still recommend filling some of these in.
- Summary: A great improvement from before, but still requires a few more tweaks. It's coming along nicely.

Failure / NetJet!
rating: [?]
- In regards to aesthetics, the song should be at about half the BPM. Otherwise, most of the arrows will be red-colored 4th notes.
- PR needs a lot of work. PR isn't always an issue, but it's more noticeable in piano songs, and can easily rub people the wrong way. For a few examples, see m15,51-62.
- Layering to the piano melodies is inconsistent in places, such as m28,67,73,85. There are some other areas I didn't mention.
- As a general suggestion, when layering multiple melodies, I try to make as few jacks as possible when melodies intersect, creating jumps. The chart just flows better.
- Summary: The chart needs to feel more like a piano file. See the above suggestions: PR, flow, and proper layering makes all the difference. The difficulty is nice for easy players.


[+?] {Evolution} Out Stage / rushyrulz
// Most of the file flows okay except for the two over-jumped parts, but then there's some jumping inconsistencies and stuff that needs work.
13.38・3.94s: I can see why these four jumps are placed like this, but it may be better to change the pattern a little to avoid minijacks.
12.26s, 12.96s: Shouldn't be on (34) to differentiate them from the notes you were jumping on (34)
14.77s: Move this arrow to 4 to avoid a minijack.
16.24s should be a 3/64th thing like 25.17s. But this one also has a sound on the last 32nd, at 16.52.
16.17s: Don't think this arrow needs to be a jump, because it's neither percussion nor that higher-pitched sound you're jumping.
21.61s・3.29s: Jumping the 16ths to that pitch makes these patterns messy, and you don't need to do that.
25.52・2.12s: This section feel inconsistent, because sometimes both notes in the gallop are stepped, sometimes the first, sometimes the second.
When you step notes that only have percussion and not melody in the stream, that's kinda odd because of how you never follow the percussion.
And then there are notes like 33.6s that don't go to any sound.
34.03s: You didn't step this 48th thing but you stepped the next one.
43.38・6.73s: I can't hear a single obvious sound that these jumps go to.
44.36s: Because the last note of the melody is on this 16th, having the jump on the 4th feels late.
47.58s: This (12)1 pattern is weird. Don't hear why the 8th is a jump and why it should be a minijack.
50.63・1.19s: Messed up your jumping here.
52.31・6.77s: Same thing about the jumps and minijacks being weird.
63.47・5.15s is accurate, but you keep using the same three arrows for another three beats, and there's more variation than that there.
69.82s: Same as 16.24s, that it should be three 3/64ths with a 32nd on the end.
79.10・3.56s: Unjump some of this so it's not so sillishly difficult.
85.80・6.91s: The 4ths and 16ths should be on one side of the jumps and the 8ths should be on the other, to better follow that one melody. I don't hear a melody or percussion note on this first 8th, and there's only a percussion note on the second. So you may want to remove one or both.
87.47s may as well be a jump if the next three 16ths are going to be, because they have the same percussion.
90.54s: The soft beepy things are 3/16ths starting on this 8th.

[+.] 0 (Piano Version) / jimerax
// Something about the layering and the sudden difficultness at parts kinda ... is iffy to me. The grace note things aren't all done very well...
// I found this hard to judge for some reason...
4.38・.17s: Mirror this section for better PR.
9.92s: This jump here is like the note at 4.21, so removing an arrow at 9.92 would be more consistent with your layering.
24.47s and 24.92s: These two ABA 16th patterns are reversed in their PR; don't think fixing them would cause any pattern problems.
25.19s: This chord is barely split, so if you must put a grace note, make it a 192nd away. The previous note also goes to a chord, and if you're not layering anything here, then you really don't need this 16th being a (pseudo)-jump either.
25.63s: This pseudo-jump has a higher pitch than the one before it, so move the 4th to 4. Also, the grace note should be a 96th.
27.87s: Grace note on this arrow is after the beat, not before.
29.21s: This jump has a grace note a 96th earlier if you want to put one of the arrows there.
30.90s: Similar to 25.19s, any grace note here should be the closest possible, but the note is barely emphasized and doesn't need to be a jump anyway.
32.24s: Not sure why you ignore the bass here when you were making gallops with it earlier. These notes are much more audible than the one you step at 35.72s.
39.92s: Don't think you need a pseudo-hand here. The grace note is really to the previous 16th here, but that's unnecessary in this stream.
Some of these grace notes might should be closer than a 64th. Don't need them being any more frames away than they need to be.
I think from what I have said, you can figure how to improve the rest of your file ... more of that pianoy stuff, so..

[+.] タ Correspondances Illumit馥s / nois-or-e
// Most everything I thought could be improved was something done consistently ... And some other little stuff.
2.67s: There's the same percussion here that you don't step that's at 9.53s. Maybe remove the 4ths after 9.53 and only keep the ones after 6.10s when that other sound echoes. Or, step the 4ths at 2.67s too, and make sure the 4th patterns to the percussion don't match the ones at 6.10s.
12.74s: Move the 8th to a down arrow, to not share an arrow with the 4th before and after.
The clap at 14.67s is on every other 4th, but only jumped on the first one. I don't think adding the jumps at like 15.53s would be too much, but at least they're ignored consistently now.
There's a soft percussion sound like at 14.78s and 15.64s that you can step, but it's ignored consistently, so hm.
The percussion sounds on the 16ths at 14.99s and 15.21s &c. are the same, so you should have a ACBC pattern with the steps instead of minijacks in all the patterns like this. All the unnecessary minijacks are a turn-off.
The minijack at like 15.74s is fine, but there are a lot more instances of the minijacks mentioned above that should be changed.
21.53・2.81s: The two 8ths shouldn't share an arrow with the jump between them or with the single fourth at 21.53s. The white notes are placed fine.
23.38s: The 64th should be a 192nd earlier, and on left or right, sharing a note with the 4th instead of the 8th.
24.96・7.96s: Same thing about the second clap and the minijacks and the soft 16th percussion here.
28.82・9.10s: The soft notes are stepped inconsistently here. It's a little odd putting the jump to the bass when there are other notes that are louder.
39.6s: Doesn't need to be a jump.
41.67・2.10s: Shouldn't be hands.
42.53s: Same as 24.96s.
44.67s: These are more reasonable as hands, but you might want to reconsider if they're necessary. Don't need to be creating a minijack with the jump on the bass.
45.53s and 45.96s should either both be jumps or singles.
46.39s, 50.24s: Same as 24.96s.
48.10s: Just do singles here, please. The jumptrill is silly.
56.67・7.53s: Step the other sounds here instead of having jumps.

[pass] Abyssal / DossarLX ODI and icontrolyourworld
Passed this one to TC_Halogen, because he can actually play at that speed and could judge a file like this fairly.

[+] Alpha Device / leonid
// Hm, not much to do in this track... It's all stepped fine, except that sixteenth stuff at like 50.10s is really vague. It's nice having the variation, but it just doesn't all feel right.
Need to do one of the following to make the majority of the file on-sync (the arrows are 25 ms late starting at 24.4s):
1. Make the offset -0.809 and step the opening fourths as off-beat.
2. Somewhere between 21.6s and 24.4s, create a stop of -0.025 in the .sm file.
3. Put a 185 BPM at 24.4s when the file starts up, and make the BPM 186.775 at the last 4th of the intro (or some other variant.)

[-] Back to the Kitchen / TheEvilHobo
// Very uninteresting track ... The same synth stuff and bass throughout almost the whole thing ...
First play through, I couldn't follow the jumps at the beginning. I see now that they go to the bass and another percussion, but maybe you can make the jumps more relevant, because right now it's a little random. There are a lot of unnecessary two- and three-note jacks ...
Around 9.03s and such, I can't hear a sound these 16ths go to that's specific to these notes.
The trill at 17.44s doesn't work well. You can hear a higher-pitched that comes in, and doesn't start out that fast.
Nothing about all this 16th stream makes me feel like I'm actually playing to the music; all I can feel from it is the bass that you jump.
And maybe it shouldn't be straight 16ths? You can feel a rhythm in that synth sound that you're stepping to...
This 16th stream is literally over half the track, and it needs a lot of work.
The section that starts 48.04s has really inconsistent steps to the softer percussion ...
You could have really shown you knew what you were doing at 45.64 when the bass goes away, but you just fill the section with rolls and runningmen.
This section that starts at 61.24s, the jump trill in the intro should only be four notes long. There's no bass on the last 4th. And because the bass gets softer, you might could unlayer the 16ths and the 8th.

[+] Beware the Purple Water / TC_Halogen
// I really don't like this track as a remix, because it starts out with the exact same melodies and then goes into some crazy irrelevant solo, but whatever.
// The layering is good and the patterns are relevant. The music has those weird rhythms with all the 16ths, but they're stepped well.
77.36s: Don't think you need to ignore the melody synth thing here.
81.80s: Here, I hear a XXXxX pattern, so having a jack there is odd when it doesn't sound like there should be an arrow on 82.13s.
96.02s: These are hard to hit, haha, but if you can do them fine even with the polyrhythm, then alright.
134.25s: Oh man, layering in the 12ths in the 24th then the 32nd stream .. heheh.
I'd say that 181.36 and like beats could be a hand, but the sounds are also at the end of that 32nd stream so, haha, no hand needed there.
And in this section, I'm not sure if it's completely necessary to ignore the percussion completely ...
183.13s: Heheh, this 32nd thing is a little crazy. And it seems like all I'm doing is pointing out the hard things. oop.

[-] Black Apple / megamon88
// Really repetitive track... Only takes 98 seconds to get to something different, but even then it's still the same. There's no fun factor.
// Seriously. Cut the heck outta this or find a better track to step. I can't accept this.
Does the melody really need to be all jumps like this? That just shoots yourself in the foot, because you can't layer over it if you don't want to use hands. But I guess there isn't much layering to do if the clap and melody aren't ever on the same beat and there's just the soft percussion in between... so never mind.
11.22s, 20.67s, 30.42s are all the same sound, but the first one is stepped differently. .
Some off-beat rhythms are off like 16.47s and 18.72s, but I guess it's not much of a problem when the difference is less than a frame ...
57.12s: Some of your buzz rolls like this one cause a 16th minijack, so you should start your roll on the arrows of the ending jump, even when it splits the rolls.
64.62s, 74.22s, etc.: Don't do three-arrow chains like these.
98.37s: This is a new section, but the steps feel exactly the same. Bluuhh.

[?] Creature at the Mill / hi19hi19
// Some layering feels rhythmically inaccurate, and some feels like too much for the music.
There's bass that comes in at 3.20s that is ignored (apparent by the layering being the same at 0.04s), but this bass is more prominent than the fact that there's a percussion and another instrument at the two 8ths like 0.44s where you have a hand.
0.44s and 1.23s don't feel like they should be hands, because the main melody is not on them.
The first 8th, 0.24s, only has that main melody on it, but you're layering the main melody as jumps, which leaves less room for the more layering that can be done at 3.20s with the bass.
The notes at 1.62s are actually swung 24ths, not 16ths.
Because of the bass, the section starting at 6.36s is the most confusing.
The jump at 6.56s doesn't seem to have a purpose. If It's layering the thing that's making 16ths, then that's unnecessary.
The jumps at 7.35s and 8.93s feel odd because it goes to a gradual increase in volume of the instrument, ending in the loudest note, but it's still just the one note and doesn't make sense as a jump when there are bass notes before it that can be layered.
In 7.74s・.33s, I hear 16ths more prominently in the two slots they aren't there than in the one you have stepped.
The jump at 9.32s goes to nothing at all and should be removed.
With how you were using hands earlier, why not use one at 9.52s where the crash is?
11.88s sounds like it could use a jump more than 11.49s.
Not sure if the jack at 12.68s is really necessary, even if it is technically accurate. If you want to layer it all in, maybe have it be like ABBBABBB, moving the first note out of the jack because it's more emphasized or something.
I don't think you really need to layer in all of 12.68s・8.99s, because the next section has another instrument come in that makes it all louder than the previous section. Having the previous section thickly layered takes away from that.
Only 12.68s and 15.83s should be hands in the first section, so remove a 4th from where the 48ths are to not have pseudo-hands.
The sound for the 16th at 23.82s is actually earlier; should be a 24th. The second 16th there can be removed.
Maybe layer 26.09s・6.89s a little more. The crash could use a hand. Especially if the three notes at 29.65s are all going to be hands.
The trill at 26.89s is also swung 24ths, instead of 16ths.
The trill at 28.46s is unnecessary; sounds like it would be a hold.
Same all as before in the repeat of the chorus.
The BPM speeds up a little at 46.62s. Try 159.014 at that beat and 165.375 at the next beat, then you can either have the next beat at 135.11 to keep the beat at 47.80 on the same spot (and have the final notes be off-beat) or have the BPM at 47.36s be 116.134 and on the next beat (where there's now a percussion sound) be 139.205. On this loud note, the BPM can be 154.561 and the final note will be on-beat. (These are the values I listed at the top.)
Also with the BPM changes, the final note of the last stream is on a 16th instead of the 4th as you have it.
(As you have it, 48.20 is too early. The grace note is on 48.268s and the loud sound is at 48.312s. Then there's a final note at 49.09s.)

[-] CHOCOBREAKS / I like it
// PR is non-existent, jump inconsistencies, wrong/missing arrows ...
There are only four pitches in the bass melody at the beginning, so there really is only one answer here. Hint: This isn't it.
4.45s: The same four pitches repeat here.
6.55s: You don't need to ignore the last two notes of the bass here.
6.85・.65s: There are four pitches here. Hint: You have 7.45s on 4, but it's actually the lowest pitch and should be on 1.
8.05s and 8.65s are actually the same pitch and should be on the same arrow unless you think the fact that the second note is held longer makes it different enough.
9.10s is actually the same pitch as 9.48s (the 16th), not 9.70s. Your 2x232 pattern is good, though.
9.55s and 99.85s: Same thing with 8.05s that these two are the same pitch but different note lengths.
10.30・1.05s: This is the first phrase that has more than four pitches. The most obvious PR issue is that the notes around the 16th should not be on the same arrow, because the pitches are ascending this time.
11.65・5.85s: Same pitches repeated here.
16.45s: I suppose it's fine you start ignoring the main melody here, because you ignore it when the percussion comes in, and it works well as a transition, but it's odd because of how much more difficult the next part is.
16.90s, 17.50s and 19.30: The 8th beats are actually higher-pitched than the 4ths, so the 8ths should be to the right of them.
23.20s: These pitches start descending.
23.65s, 24.25s, and 24.85s should all be minijacks with the eighth after (and you're missing the eighth on the last one). They're the same pitch in the melody.
26.35-26.80s: The first 16th should be removed. The middle four beats should make a minitrill, and the first and last beats should be on the same arrow.
28.60s: If you're going to have the long jack before the percussion section starts, you can make these three 8ths a jack, because they go to the same sound.
29.05s: Finish your roll.
30.10s: The notes here are 64ths from the 8th to the 4th, so I'd suggest 32nds here so the burst can be the correct length without having too many arrows.
32.65s: More 64ths, another unfinished roll. You have a 16th minijack here which, at 200 BPM, isn't very pretty. And that pattern makes it look like the second roll starts on the 16th, which it doesn't.
34.90s and 35.05s: The bass you put jumps to sounds on these notes, too.
35.05・5.58s: Excluding the bass, there are only two percussion sounds here, so that pattern should be more relevant. Also, you missed the last 16th.
35.73s: Remove the 16th; there's no percussion sound here.
37.53s: Missed a 16th here.
37.67s: The percussion does 32nds here, no faster.
39.25s: You step this big jumptrill thing here, but you don't jump any of the 16th patterns to that percussion before this. Odd inconsistency.
41.05・1.58s: There are no percussion sounds here on the 16ths in the trill. And the 8ths don't all go to the same percussion and shouldn't all be on the same arrow.
41.65・2.18s: The first two 16ths go to the same percussion sound and should be on the same arrow, and the last two don't go to any sound and should be removed.
42.55s: Finish your roll and don't cause 16th minijacks.
43.30s: Same as 41.05s. And this 16th minijack is doubleplus-unnecessary because there's no sound there.
44.65s: This jump goes to a clapish sound you haven't been jumping at all, so either remove it or add the jump to 44.95s for a little more consistency.
45.25・6.45s: The first notes are singles to a sound you've been jumping, and the 12ths are jumps to a sound you've been putting singles too. A little odd here. And you don't put the jump at 47.35s that has the same percussion as the 12ths.
50.05s: This last pattern is a little awkward being after that trill. Also complete the roll to the 8th.

[?] Chopsticks! / YOSHl
// Oof, I feel awful about not looking at this when you sent it to me back in like March. And then I didn't get around to it and didn't even say anything else to you ... If you would still like my help with syncing this and whatever else, please pester me on FFR or through IM until I work with you through it.
// For the sync, I try to point out all the arrows at least 33ms off, because those are the ones most likely to end up on the wrong frame. There are more areas that can be touched up, but yeah.
You seem to have lost the first note somehow.
I'd kinda like to see how this file would work without all the chords getting auto-jumped at the beginning, because you can't do any more layering if you don't want to use hands.
7.62s: The transitional 12ths should be the reverse of the ones at 6.092s, because they are the same two chords mirrored.
8.12s・1.94s: There's no single pitch that's being played throughout this section, so the long jack should be split somehow.
20.05・4.78s: All these grace notes and white arrows are more closely following the keytaps (what sounds like a computer keyboard) instead of the piano, and I don't know if that's what you want to be doing here, because the computer keyboard is not supposed to be the main instrument.
Especially if you want these to go to the piano, you need to look over all the patterns again. Note: On ddream, when you use the wave filter, it's the keytaps and not the piano that's more noticeable in red.
29.58s: Make this jump (13) so you're not continuing a jack on the 2.
33.28s: There's no sound on this middle note, though there is one after the next one.
33.93s: Some of these patterns aren't just straight rhythms: they're swung. So this middle note should be a little closer to the next note.
34.61s: Same as 33.28s.
35.12s: Remove this 48th and add a note between the 24th and 12th on the piano sound.
35.91s: Missing the third note around here.
36.45・7.12s: These notes are all too early.
37.61s, 37.66s: Remove these two notes. (the 24th and the white note before it). Yes, there are four notes in the last burst there, but the 24th is too early.
51.52s: These two jumps are more than a frame earlier than the piano notes.
55.58・8.60s: Oh good, you fixed this. But change the jump at 55.41s to anything other than (12) because they're not the same chord.
58.60s: Should be a single note, and the 48th jump should be on the previous 12th.
62.78s: The pitches here for the next three measures go 1234/2345 etc. so 1234/2341/3412/4123/1234/2341/341 would be PR, for example. The pattern starts on the 32nd right after the beat, not on the beat as your steps show.
Also in this section, because the performance isn't perfect, some notes like the 32nd at 64.85s are over a frame off from the sound they should go to.
It will be easier to sync correctly when you fix the pattern, so you're listening for the right notes. The piano before the jumps is easier to hear than the first part, so working backwards will help.
70.49・2.78s: This section is a little funky.
73.23s: There is a piano note on the 32nd here.
75.28s: Having these 16ths be 1212 makes it look like they're a part of the pattern that starts at 75.95, but it's not.
75.53s, 76.03s: Even though there should be, there's no high piano note here, so the 32nd can be removed. The 32nd on 3 between the above notes can be a 4 now.
80.56s: There's a fair amount of variation in these bursty patterns, but the first four are all stepped as 3431. The first one is a descending note pattern of three notes, so remove the white one.
81.82s: These pitches are lower than the next group's, so the pattern should be changed accordingly.
83.10s: These pitches are the most suited for 3431.
84.07s: These are also lower-pitched, so move them to whatever pattern you change 81.82s to. Also, the fourth arrow is actually where the third sound is. The second sound is between the 64th and 32nd, with the fourth note being near a 16th.
84.73s: This arrow is two frames too late.
84.86s: The fourth arrow of this pattern is almost two frames too early.
85.56s: I don't hear a sound for the fourth arrow this time.
86.34s: This roll is fine after 86.66s, but the 4th arrow is a little early, and the next three arrows should be in 86.486・6.614s. (So right now, your first 48th is 57ms early)
89.43s: This 48th is two frames early, and the next 24th is one frame early.
90.67・1.31s: Listen to these notes closer...
92.62, 92.69s; 93.09, 93.17s: I don't hear these four arrows. (all 24th and 16th)
93.78, 93.91s: Or these. (48th and 16th)
96.31s: Huh ... you have a BPM change on the 12th, right where the sound is, but you put the hand on the prior 32nd.
97.73s: This note is really hard to hear at 100%; maybe make it a single (and not a jack)?
99.14s: Having these notes so close together all be jumps is kinda silly. Also, the 64th and 48ths are both at least a frame too early. With this sync, having them be a 8th and 12th would be fine.
100.38s: There are also three sounds here, not just two. 12th-8th-12th would also work here, though the 8th would be a little early.
100.70s: The trill starts 24ms later, and the third note of it is 47ms later than where you have it (the 16th).
Right where you have the 32nd at 101.19s is actually the seventh note of the trill, but it's the eighth arrow in your steps (not counting grace notes, which would be obnoxious to step here). But there should be four more arrows after the one I just mentioned, as you have. (These arrows are just a little early.)
105.86s: There are some early notes in the parts before this, but these three jumps starting here are definitely more than a frame too early.
111.02s: The piano does an ABABB (each letter being six 16ths), so change the trill patterns at 111.66s and 112.63s to reflect that.
114.34s: I only hear one note here on the 4th. And you don't need to make it a quad.
117.39s: Having this white note on the 4th would be fine. Having more control with sync with ddream, you don't need to use off-beat notes so much.
It's a little silly having everything between be white in this next section. I think that makes it harder to read. And like, the white note at 120.75 's sound is on the 4th, and the 4th's sound at 121.34s is a 96nd later. And then you go back to normal color at 125.97s, even though it's still the same stuff. So that white is unnecessary.
131.76s and 132.07s should not be jumps. The first three fourths have bass, and 132.37s are obviously chords, but those eighths are neither.
133.89s and 134.04s are the same chord and should be on the same arrows. And again, unlayer those two eighths.
137.22s is a prominent chord, different from the 4th before it, so it should not be lost in a jump-jack like that. Maybe unlayer a note from 137.37 because there's no melody there.
139.65s: Same as above with this 8th. And then the 8th at 139.96s shouldn't be on the same arrows as the next 4th.
144.65s: Stream ends here, so remove the next three arrows.
147.36・48.93s: These arrows are all around 25ms too early.
151.48s: On these rolls, it does start out as 32nds and get faster, so maybe you could do 24ths and then 32nds to show the change in speed? And then it would end on the beat. Also, the 8th between the two rolls is 40ms early.
156.21s: Got a long one-hand trill here that isn't PR and should be changed.
157.75s: The 16ths don't sound like they should all be on the right. 158.04 and 158.23s sound different than the next two yellows.'
158.23s: This 16th is 40 ms early and the notes get too off until the 16th at 158.81s, and the following 4th is fine.
160.78s: You can jump the chord here like you do the next time.
162.06s: The bass in on the 8ths, so you can listen to them to help sync. The notes at 162.43s・64.84s all get like 20 to 55ms too early.
165.25s: I only hear, at most, one grace note to these sounds here. Having three notes for these chords is silly.
172.90・76.87s: The notes here, too, are all too early. These two mini-jumpjacks at the beginning, the first notes' sounds are actually right between the two arrows. Also, the second one doesn't make a jack that fast.
177.67s: Not sure why you stopped layering at this one.
Not really going to look into the accuracy of the stream here ... but he jumps at 180.17s 181.81s shouldn't be the same.
184.4s: I don't really start to hear any notes that would go to the stream until here ... The higher-pitched ones. The low ones are hard to hear.

[+] Clash on the Big Bridge / hi19hi19
The BPM after the intro should be 170.027. (Because the track is so long, the milliseconds do make a difference.)
// I don't think we really need another long Big Bridge file, but because this one is easy, at least it's not the exact same thing again. But I don't know if a long easy file of a track we already have three of will be the most exciting thing.
// You could probably cut some of it. Certainly the nearly 20-second intro is unnecessary. 45.20・6.25s is all just repeated right after at 79.08s...
// I really do like this file. The PR is good at it all flows well one-hand, except for the 12th streams ... Maybe ask someone who plays one-hand well if those patterns are okay.
74.14s. 108.01s, 220.94s: Remove this 4th.
112.95s: Because you do have these jumps here, you can afford to jump some more of the following fourths for layering.

[?] Clematis / 00Razor00
// Starts out okay, gets too-difficultishly wubby, PR isn't great, percussion gets lost, ends not so okay.
6.36s: You seem to just be layering the bass, so this doesn't need to be a pseudo-jump.
8.02・.69s: The 4343 thing isn't PR.
14.86s: Should be on 4 with how close in pitch it is to 13.86s, and it's higher pitched than 15.36s.
18.02s: Should be on 3: same pitch as 18.52s.
18.69・1.36s: All could use more PR.
40.02s: You start to step the clicky thing here, but then you don't again at the 42.69s part.
69.86s: The roll is missing its 4th.
71.23s: This first 32nd doesn't go to the clicky sound the second one does and can be removed.
77.19s: A little missed percussion here.
80.02s: Was pretty nice up until here when you start stepping all this wubby stuff. A lot of this is just really bad.
82.19s: Like there's barely even a wub sound here, so it should just be 16ths.
84.02s: This 48th roll is silly.
86.36s: You really don't need any more than three 16ths here.
87.90s: This is difficult to follow.
96.02・17.36s: Because this is supposed to be the piano section, maybe you could layer some chords in?
96.69s: This is a higher pitch and should be on 4. 97.19s is a lower pitch and shouldn't be on 4.
99.02・9.94s: Iffy PR here.
101.77s: There's no piano note on this 16th, and the next 8th shouldn't be on the same arrow as the prior 4th.
102.69s, 105.36s: These 3/16ths should actually be 2/12ths.
104.19s: Got three 8ths in a line here, but they shouldn't be. The pitches aren't like that.
110.02s: Missed a note here, and again the 3/16ths should be 2/12ths.
113.02s: Same pitch as the next 8th and should be on the same arrow, with the last 4th being on a different one.
115.27s: Missed a piano note here.
117.36s: Your stepping to the percussion gets a lot more inconsistent from here on.
137.36s: This is silly. The turn is obnoxious.

[+.] CmR / hi19hi19
// Mostly just needs some PR work.
The single notes in the beginning are different pitches so they shouldn't all be 4s. Perhaps make the first jump (34) and the third (24) and have the second single note be 3.
12.15・2.75s: The pitches on the 8ths go up here.
In this next section, I'm fine with the 4th and 16th being on the same arrow even though they're not the same pitch, but the pitches of 21.75・6.55s aren't the same as 26.55・1.35, so the patterns should be different.
35.55s: The 4th is the same pitch as the 16th before it, so try 4x34.
39.90s: The two 16ths are the same pitch and should be on the same arrow. Take into consideration the pitch of these 16ths is higher than the next 32nd/16th.
40.88・4.96s is all good.
64.96s: Even though I can see how the jumps here are technically correct, they feel off from the flow of the file. Try removing the jump on the 4th, because the bass isn't layering with the melody.
67.66s: Jump should be on the 16th instead of the 8th.
69.01s: Don't need to ignore the background 16th here; adding it won't break the flow, and adding it would be more consistent anyway.
73.05, 74.26s: Bass note on the 8ths here.
74.56・7.76s is good.
88.36s: The pitches of the two 16th patterns are different, so there shouldn't be a four-note-long 8th jack.
128.72s: See 39.90s.

[+.] Colorful Course / kjwkjw
// The repetition in the track kinda gets obnoxious. The file's mostly good, though.
2.13・.16s is all just two chords, but this is fine if you think the variation is necessary.
12.44s: These jumps shouldn't be on the same arrows as the previous blue note, though, because this has the bass added to it.
14.41s: Don't hear a 16th here.
28.95s: There is a note here between these 16ths, but you don't have to add it, because the note itself is not very audible, but you can tell the difference between this and the other 16th things.
30.63s: You can consider removing the 4ths like this one where there's no sound to the melody.
48.63s: Missed the 16ths here.
56.13s: In this new section, when you ignore the 16ths to the percussion, it makes me confused as how all the 8ths between the melody are supposed to work. Maybe do something to make the 8ths seem less like filler?
62.13s: The jumpstream in this section is pretty smooth, good. And I can sense some PR.
74.04s: Can put a 16th here, 'cause there's an obvious percussion thing.
74.13s: The 16ths in this whole section here kinda need to be looked at again... Try adding/removing notes around and see if you can find patterns that work better ... Having a note at a soft sound does make you want to hear it more, so playing through with notes removed will help you feel if some of the extra notes are necessary. Like, try removing the 16th at 76.29s and adding the one at 76.48s. Stuff like that. A lot of this section is fine, but it won't hurt to look over it again.
79.19s (91.19s): Jump here to the melody instead of at 79.57s (91.57s).
98.13・21.01s is all repeat, so same stuff applies there.
123.63s, 125.13s, &c.: Jump to that guitar sound thing you're layering here.
124.57s: This could be a minijack with the 16th after it, so you may as well step that if you're gon'na have all those minijacks later.
142.85s: Would work better as a triplet like at 136.85s.
147.62s: And it's basically all repetition for the last minute, so same stuff.

[+.] Crash Up Against the Inevitable / Xayphon
// Hm, in the .sm file, the MP3 link is missing the single quotes from the title, so I had to edit those in for the .sm to find the .mp3 in ddream.
// I did like most of the patterns, but some were a little odd. Also, hand usage is a little crazy and doesn't always emphasize the right stuff.
6.67s, 10.74s, 14.84s: I'd say these notes should be a 3 because it's on the same pitch as the up arrow before it, but being on 4 differentiates it from notes like 4.10s ... you can decide if you want to change that.
17.63s: This rolls like this are kinda odd-looking, but of course anything too accurate would be too many arrows, so yeah, they work.
24.52s: Are all these 16th hand-jacky things like this completely necessary?
25.03・4.73s: Glad you didn't try to step these buzz sounds right after the hands. I really like the patterns in this section.
107.75s: I think you can replace the 24th and 48th with a 32nd and remove the 12th here.
108.58s: The 32nd should be here instead of at 108.71s.
109.54s: This is a little messy. That stray 48th makes it more awkward.
127.03s, 135.20s: Couldn't these be fine as jumps and not hands?
135.84s: This note is much more deserving of a hand than the ones around the 32nds.
143.37・44.01s: This thing here, this is really difficult to hit.
146.05・49.50s: Layering in this section is particularly weird.
177.46s: These jumps shouldn't share arrows with the notes around them, so like make this one (13) and have 179.50s, 189.71s, &c. be (14)

[+.] Creative Happy / MrPopadopalis25
// There's mostly just tiny problems here, and the file flows well. A little more layering work can be done.
// Biggest nag is just those 12th hands at the beginning and the jumpstream at 14.38s.
7.80s: Can remove this 16th because there's no noticeable percussion sound here. You can kinda hear the one at 8.13s, but removing it would make the arrows to the more prevalent percussion sound more obvious.
8.05・.05s: You really don't need to be this strict with layering. The bass itself isn't really deserving of hands. They're fine on the crashes in the opening, but like 8.05s and 8.38s are too much. Even though the 12ths are crashes, having them all hands is just silly. Like, there's no melody layered there like there was before.
9.55・0.38s All have the melody and that other sound, except for 9.72s which doesn't have the melody. So they can all be jumps given your layering, but you may want to unlayer the one at 9.72s.
14.38s: Don't think you need to jump to all the bass in the stream here; just the melody would be fine.
18.38-19.72s: The hands could use some PR.
29.72s: At least unlayer this jump here where there's no melody. I can understand the jump at 30.05, but you can try removing an arrow from it.
49.69s: Especially if you're going to do the minijacks when it's at 180 BPM, there's no reason not to make this 16th a minijack to the bass with the hand.
51.38s: Move the up arrow to a down. There's no three-note jack in the melody, so that's weird like that.
55.88s: This section is kinda silly. You strictly jump to the bass, even when the bass is the only note there, and you fill in every 4th, which takes away from the melody. You didn't auto-jump the bass in the slow section before this. Just think that'll work better here.
72.21s: This note is emphasized enough to be a jump.
72.96s: Maybe remove this 16th? It sounds like that percussion starts louder on the 8th, and removing it would make the previous 16th more obviously going to that not-percussion sound.
78.88・6.88s: It's odd that you start jumping the synth here and not the piano, even though it is still playing. Maybe put jumps to both or do a layering thing where it's only a jump if both are sounding?
100.71s, 101.88s: Wouldn't hurt to add jumps to the piano on these two beats, either.

[+] Cutthroat / TC_Halogen
// I really can feel all the notes being relevant to the percussion ... well, on 0.9x, when I can actually play it, but yeah. A few messy sections.
8.96s: Probably should ignore the buzz sound here (remove the 48th) and only have two white notes after the fourth instead of three.
10.37s: Don't need this 8th.
13.9s: Doesn't have the bass the other two hands have, so could just be a jump.
17.33s: Try removing the down arrow from this hand so it doesn't continue the trill.
19.20s: This beat has a sound you've been jumping, same sound as 18.06 and 18.48s.
25.91s: This looks kinda messy.
29.77s: Don't have the third jump share an arrow with the two before it; totally different percussion sounds.
30.48s: Especially here, because the next two arrows are continuing the same jack.
44.91s, 48.34s: The 32nds here causing the 3/32nd minijacks might make playing those a little weird?
73.91s, 76.20s: These rolly things start getting confusing to me ... haha. The first one of those having the jumps right after the roll, the second one having one-hand trills and a turn all in white ... urp.
It's a little long of a wait at the end there.

[-] Dark Random 1 / condoct
// This is all kinda messy, sorry. Needs more PR and consistency and all that.
0.00, 4.03s, &c.: The first four jumps are all the same pitch and should be on the same arrows.
0.53, 1.28s, &c: Should put a single note to the percussion between the jumps.
7.78s: Missed note to the bass.
12.03・6.03s Missed notes to percussion, random jump patterns.
16.03・0.03s: None of these 16ths go to actual notes.
In the 16th stream, the jumps need to be more consistently relevant to the guitar.
Don't know what to say about the 16th stream itself because it just goes to all the same sound with no variation.
The 32nds are unnecessary. I can kinda hear the one at 25.97s, but not the one after it.
28.03s: The jump should not share an arrow with the jack before it, because the percussion sound is not there.
Same stuff about the PR and stream and whatever here too.
35.28s: The snare has three hits and should be visible in the steps with a three-note jack.
This whole section doesn't match the percussion very well.
The second 16th of the bass (e.g. 37.19) is always ignored, but should be stepped, maybe with removing the 4th between them.
The jumps in this last section have no clear focus.
The final jack shouldn't be there. Track is cut abruptly.

[?] Das Ist Muzik / _.Spitifre._
// That was ... ouch. No fun to listen to, no fun to play, a lot of repetition ...
// It'd be easier to look through and suggest ways to make it better if it didn't kill my ears.
// Sections with lots of missing notes, patterns that are obnoxious and grating ...
// Some of the patterns aren't as hard as they could be (which is good), and some rhythms are fine, but that doesn't make up for the rest of it.

[-] Deranged / justin_ator
// 1. This music is gross. 2. What. 3. I hope you're not surprised.
You go straight from the barely-any-notes to the melody to layering it all into 16th stream, totally ignoring percussion .. that's kinda eh.
The 16th stream doesn't seem to go to anything except the fact that there's a hi-hat every 16th. It's not relevant to the other percussion. That's silly.
41.41s: Now you're just jumping all the percussion that isn't the 16ths so, ... eh. Same stuff repeating until 66.23 ...
67.26・1.89s: No. This is just ... no.
92.72s・44.85s: And this is all just repetition.

[-] Dove / leonid
// Huh, this is a really interesting track. I like this song, buutt not the steps so much.
// Should use easier steps, I think, to match the feel better. Because right now, it's much too uneven, with the slow easy sections that go to the vocals, but then there are 32nd and 24th rolls ...
Everywhere: Those 64ths to the percussion really are just 8ths.
If you want to make it easier, for the intro and like-sections, just remove those 48ths.
22.93s: These notes don't start off as being distinguishable.
44.11s: It's weird when you don't fill in any of the percussion in the previous area, and then you layer lyric notes right on the percussion.
52.23s: Should have the jump on the 8th like before, and remove that 64th.
58.58s: I barely hear any of this stuff...
71.17s: The 32nd grace note on this percussion is even sillier than the 48ths.
77.99s: This is a mess.
84.70s: The strings sound is so weak it doesn't feel like these should all be jumps.
89.99s: wub wub, I don't hear why these 16ths should be stepped.
103.40s: More ghost notes, at the beginning and end of this 16th stuff.
111.17s: You can keep the first part of this if you want to make the whole thing a harder file, but after 112.58s, it gets too soft.

[+] Dr. Mario. Pt. 1 / woker-x
// Is there a part two? With how short this is, they could be combined.
// The jumps are good, going consistently with the percussion. Steps are accurate to the lyrics and percussion, it all flows well.
4.30s: This is the only time you step this sound in the opening, so you should probably remove it here to not confuse.
8.32s: Maybe make this arrow white so it matches the next two white arrows to this sound.

[+?] Drops of Water / 00Razor00
// The rolls and jump-jacks are what make the difficulty in the file, but both are silly. The other stuff isn't so bad.
// That percussion sure does repeat a lot.
These long wubs at the beginning aren't actual notes, so the two-beat 32nd rolls are unnecessary.
6.05s: And these half-beat wubs would be better as full-beat 12ths.
20.85s: Notes here aren't emphasized enough for a jump.
32.86s: Makes no sense avoiding 8th minijacks with this pattern when they're the same percussion, but you have all those three-note 16th jump-jacks to sounds that aren't even all the same. The sound that does the jack for the 8th and 16th is not emphasized on the 4th. So do an ABA or AAB pattern with these. Avoiding 16th jacks completely would be nice, but if you think those first two notes need to be on a jack (even though you don't step the minijack at 24.66s), at least don't have the 4th be a part of it.
54.06・6.06s: This is stepped fine.
66.86・2.47s: Same stuff about all the wubs.
98.08s: Stepped the percussion instead of the two-beat wubs here, so maybe do that for the whole thing?
105.25・10.46s: There's nothing special about every other wub here. I'd say any bursts here wouldn't feel right.
Last wub is too soft to roll.

[+.] Eight / MrPopadopalis25
// If you cut the song at 92.16s, it'd be a nice slow easy file. And with all the eighth stuff gone, you wouldn't have to worry about how awkward it feels when the 16ths come in.
// Probably could use a PR tune-up even in places I didn't mention, like fixing repeated arrows that don't go to the same sound .. but it's not bad.
20.96・4.19s: The pitches here go BCDBABCA. So 23421231 would fit perfectly. 24.66s is the lowest note, though, so if you want to have that be on 1, the patterns before can fit to that, as long as there's a ABCA instead of BABC pattern as you have here.
24.66・6.53s: Highest pitched note of these is the second one, lowest is the fourth. BEDAC.
48.09s: Jump here for the layering you've been doing.
92.16s: Would be nice if the track just ended before this note, before it gets to the 8th stuff, because just the first part would make a good easier file.
109.50s, 124.50s: There aren't melody notes on these jumps and the eighth after, and you don't really start jumping the percussion until later, so remove these.
In the last section when you jump the percussion, there are some 8ths between 4ths that you can unlayer, because the percussion isn't as dominant. Ex. 147.23s.

[+.] Elektrik shiivers / noise-or-e
// The stream is mostly good, but look over minijack usage again. Unlayer that sped-up section and fix the sync.
22.62s: These four 16ths should be two separate minijacks.
The notes get off by about a 96th of a beat (about 25 ms) by 28.33s. If at 7.31s, you make the BPM 100, it works until the last 16th before the speed up. The BPM will need to be 85.631 at the 16th.
28.93s: The speed up is totally over-layered. Also, this section is a little off-beat and has some grace notes. You could sync it if you like, but I guess it's fine averaged, because 31.31s is on-beat.
31.31s: The BPM should probably be just 100 here too.
Also in this section, you're inconsistently putting minijacks to the percussion. Compare 32.50s, 34.90s, 37.30s.
43.30s: Jump on the fourth here?
I don't get the jump usage in the final off-beat section. Compare 52.01s and 58.03s.

[+?] Epicity / ScarletSky
//There are some spots where the notes offset and you need either BPM changes or stops to fix. This happens when a static-BPM track is unevenly cut.
// It just generally may be better to change the patterns around at times so one hand isn't always doing more work.
// The file plays pretty fine, but there is a lot of stuff that can be tuned up.
9.52s: This is at 240 BPM, so you should be more careful of unnecessary minijacks like the one here.
46.90s: missed a note.
52.15s: Can put jumps on the three notes like you did in the first part of the section.
63.02s: Another jack pattern that should be avoided.
65.40s: No reason not to step the 12ths here.
65.56s: After this note, the next note isn't on beat. Two options, 1. make a stop of -0.170 between the 8th and the 4th, 2. make the BPM 282.632 at the 8th and 240 again on the next 4th. The later beats become offset only in insignificant amounts, so this is the only fix necessary.
65.64s: Keep the first 16th, remove the next two.
66.14s, 68.14s, &c.: Instead of mini-jumpjacks, you should do an AB ABA AB or AB BAB BA-ish pattern. (Also, you missed the note at 66.64s, &c.)
70.15s: Somewhere in this section you should start layering in the gaps more.
83.26s, 90.26s, 90.76s, etc.: Add these 8ths to the kick sound thing.
83.44s, 91.44s, 93.82s: Remove these 16ths. Also, avoid the minijacks in this area except for the one at 97.00s which actually goes to something.
96.44s: Missed a 16th.
97.63s: Go ahead and put a jump here to the guitar; it won't disturb the 16th stream. You might find other instances like this.
103.76s: Either remove these two eighths (even though they go to the guitar) or change their arrow, because the percussion the first two eighths also go to isn't here.
111.51s: Same in this section, except only this 8th goes to the percussion, so have this note be a 3.
134.13s: Don't really like these jack things like this, but I can't really argue with them.
149.19s: These 16ths are not audible as separate notes and can be removed.
152.63s: These patterns should be 12ths and 24ths instead of 32nds. (Note: even with the sync fixes I mentioned explicitly, the beat is 3 ms late here, and the difference between a 32nd and 24th here is 10 ms. One frame on FFR is 33 ms.)
Remove the 16ths at 154.32s and 154.57s, change the patterns, add the 4th at the end of the stream.
156.63s: Got some more unnecessary minijacks here.
160.13s: Should be a minijack with the eighth before it to be PR with the guitar.
164.30s: Move this 12th to 2 to avoid an unnecessary one-handed minitrill.
166.88s, 167.88s: I don't hear any steppable sounds on these fourths, if you're just going to the guitar and the kick.
170.38s: If you're going to step jumps to the kick in the previous section even when there's no guitar layered (see 159.63s), then I don't know why you need to ignore the kick when it picks up here. If you don't want to step jumps in the stream, just put single notes to fill in the areas between the guitar solo.
172.42s: Move this 24th to the fourth above it, where the sound is.
175.88s: Fill in the sounds in this beat.
177.38・78.13s has more variation than is apparent in the steps.
180.63s: Double-check these 24th rhythm things.
186.13s: Consider changing the minijack jump patterns like at 66.14s; also, you can step the kicks here.
194.13s: In this whole section, it's confusing that you step the 16ths to the guitar which aren't as rhythmically obvious as the percussion which you start jumping at 210.88s.
210.88s, 213.88s, &c.: The percussion starts on the 4th, not the 24th.
214.21s: There no fifth note of percussion on this one, so remove the jump.
217.63s: Has percussion that you jump.
224.13s: These should also be 12ths. I imagine the confusion occurred because off the offset issues.
The final note doesn't need to be that late.

[+?] Failure / NetJet!
#BPMS:0.000=280.000; (or 140 or 70)
// I don't think this piece was written at 280 BPM. Having it all red is kinda silly.
// Except for some missing notes, the structure is fine, but the PR needs an overhaul.
// There's fair amount of repetition, so I'd suggestion doing a little cutting if it wasn't already only 80 seconds long...
2.60s: The first and fourth arrows are the same pitch, but this third arrow is not and should be on a different arrow.
7.75s: The first three arrows go to the same pitches as the next three, so this arrow should be the same as the third one.
10.11s: Of these four notes, two and four are the same pitch, with the first being higher and the third being lower, so something like 32...12 would be more PR.
15.47s: These next three pitches are like the last three of the four mentioned above, with the following two notes being higher this time.
17.83s: Therefore, these two notes should be on different arrows than the ones at 12.68s.
22.12s: When there are three (or more) of the same arrow in a row like this, even with that jump there, the PR gets killed, because you expect to hear the same pitches on those arrows. It's okay when there are a lot of jumps, but not like this. Look out for all the other instances of this.
26.62s: Missed the jump here. At 21.48s, you stepped this jump and ignored the two 4ths after it, though they're the same chords.
28.34s: Chords one and two are the same, but not two and four. And one and three are higher than two but lower than four.
29.41s: These last two chords should be different from the rest of the chords before it, because of the quality of the chords being different.
32.63s and 33.49s are on the same arrows and that's good, but then 34.34s and 34.77s should be on the same arrows, just different from the previous ones.
33.49s: The notes around here create another one of those jacks. Don't be afraid to ignore the "lower pitches on the left" rule at times like this. The two fourths around this jump would work well on 4, if you don't move these jumps. May have to change the patterns to keep it separate from the next jumps, as I mentioned above.
45.49s: Need to change the pattern of this repeat, because the pitches are not near the same as the first two and the two after it. Also of these five, the third arrow has a pitch the same as the one in the jump.
49.35s: These next two patterns need to be changed, too. And these two aren't the same pitches of each other.
54.50s, 59.65s, etc.: You don't need to leave out the single notes here.
59.00s: Shouldn't have a jack like that. Also the note with the 48th, you might could remove the 4th because though it's a chord, it doesn't have a bass note layered on it.
With everything I've said, you should be able to look over all the repeats of this melody and all the sections with the jump and figure how to improve the patterns.
Don't think you should have all the last measures be jumps like that.


{Evolution} Out Stage (rushyrulz) [?]

- 48th roll before measure 4 starts on the 4th note instead of 16th note and ends on the 8th note
- missing another 24th mini jack on the right arrow at the start of measure 4 and measure 28
- starting at measure 6, the layering becomes questionable
- measure 16, that whole breakdown section needs to be layered better
- mueasure 36, really overlayered
- synopsis: file needs a big fix, inconsistent layering, though at least most rhythms are correct

0 (piano version) (jimerax) [+]

- at first, it felt like a few rhythms were off (like measure 19) but I see you were just layering the melody
- nice flow of patterns, nice song choice as well
- synopsis: piano stepfiles like these are needed in FFR, I really liked it, as well as your notorious OMW v2 file hehe

A Correspondances Illumitees (nois-or-e) [+.]

- first thing I noticed, that jump is on the 0.101 second.
- the second note is on second 1.815 so I'm guessing it will come up at the same time that the READY text does
- don't know why you went from a 32nd note to a 12th in measure 6
- measure 29, intense jumptrill! it's accurate (checked it on a lower rate) though it might be deemed too intense for FFR
- synopsis: despite those minor issues, I actually enjoyed the file, patterns were simplistic. I'll lightly accept it.

Abyssal (DossarLX ODI & icontrolyourworld) [+?]

- why include hands all of a sudden in the section starting at measure 18?
- those notes at the end of measure 34 almost sound like ghost notes
- measure 81-112 holy crap lol
- I'm sure this will be rejected LOL could have been avoided if you layered the guitar and snare instead of the 16th kicks
- sypnopsis: not that I didn't like it, but I'd say at least fix it up a bit and save it for the hard songs batch

Alpha Device (leonid) [+]

- haha, I see what you're doing here, nice layering
- those 16ths in the blank spaces were a bit questionable at first but I can see what you're trying to layer
- in that case (stated above) you could have stepped them in the blank space in measure 82, imo
- synopsis: nice song choice, nice layering in the beginning.

Back to The Kitchen (TheEvilHobo) [+?]

- I kind of do AND don't like the layering at the same time
- imo those jumpstreams seem a bit much, although I see what you're trying to do
- for example, measure 8, those 16ths came out of nowhere.
- if you were trying to layer the hi hats, then they should have been layered everywhere else
- synopsis: I like the patterns, I'll give you that, and you have potential, but this needs a bit of fixing.

Beware the Purple Water (TC_Halogen) [++]

- synopsis: this file has flow written all over it, 'nuff said.

Black Apple (megamon88) [+?]

- misrhythm at measure 48
- measures 48 and 50, I hate that roll-to-jump pattern, but whatever
- synopsis: it was an okay file, nothing too great, really. minor fixes needed.

CastleCrashers - Creature at the Mill (hi19hi19) [+]

- haha good old hi19, while you're here why don't you submit Destiny for the hard songs batch?
- I like the song choice, and I guess copy-pasta is a part of your stepping style? hehe
- synopsis: cool orchestra song, like a movie soundtrack or something. layering was cool.

CHOCOBREAKS (I like it) [?]

- wtf those 32nd patterns are AIDS
- measure 36, I'm not sure about that 16th trill
- synopsis: even for a short song, the difficulty/layering is inconsistent imo and the patterns need work

Chopsticks! (YOSHI) [+?]

- I'm not 100% sure about the sync, but I know for sure it's not straight 24ths at measure 22
- synopsis: very nice file, patterns are fine, but check the rhythms and sync.

Clash on the Bridge (hi19hi19) [+]

- not much to say, but the melody made me feel nostalgic
- synopsis: nice slow and easy file, and an awesome song choice. length is a *bt* long though

Clematis (00Razor00) [?]

- rhythm/layering issues
- measure 64, no.
- section starting at measure 73, now it feels underlayered
- synopsis: I would suggest you make an easier chart out of this song

CmR (hi19hi19) [+]

- nice easy file, really liked the layering/PR in this
- synopsis: not much to say. I like the mellow piano song.

Colorful Course (kjwkjw) [+.]

- interesting song choice, first of all
- I feel like it's underlayered at the section starting at measure 10
- I like the jumpstream patterns hehe
- synopsis: I think it's alright, overall, though the song is just a bit long imo

Crash Up Against The Inevitable (Xayphon) [+]

- wow, I really like the flow in the slow 16th notes part
- bursts are simplistic
- synopsis: you surprised me with this file hehe. I really liked it, nice job.

Creative Happy (MrPopadopalis25) [+?]

- I feel as though there's a HUGE difficulty jump from the beginning to the start of measure 31 and from there on.
- synopsis: that beginning is overlayered imo. I'd suggest changing that to jumps at least, or maybe consider making a *slightly* easier chart

Cutthroat (TC_Halogen) [+.]

- eeeeeeeeeeeh that pattern at measure 62
- white notes galore
- intense 4th note ending bro
- synopsis: honestly, I like the challenge and the song itself, this would make a nice new FGO imo

Dark Random 1 (conduct) [-]

- even for a short song, there's a lot of errors on this
- what are those 16ths at measure 9 layered to?
- measure 11 makes more sense, but then it drifts off to a break for no reason with 32nd gallops
- measure 19, idk what you're doing with those 16ths as well
- synopsis: it really shouldn't be too hard to figure out the rhythm for this. almost all notes makes no sense except for the beginning

Das Ist Muzik (_.Spitfire._) [?]

- honestly, I didn't like most of those 32nd patterns in the beginning
- song choice is LOL but the file itself wasn't too great imo
- wtf random 192nds at measure 97?
- I feel like some of those 32nd "roll patterns" are incomplete. You can clearly hear an 8th after it, such as measure 123
- synopsis: I just didn't really like the layering scheme in this, sorry. Good song but the file can be improved a bit.

Deranged (justin_ator) [-]

- at first I was like okay, and then WHAT, and then ?_?
- as "correct" and "accurate" as those 32nds may be, it's just not a good move to layer it
- synopsis: layering was decent at the most. stepping to buzzing noises isn't always a good thing, keep that in mind.

Dove (leonid) [+?]

- sync might be a bit off on those colored notes, I'm not sure.
- measure 33 ?_?
- synopsis: awesome song choice, though the notes feel kinda weird. I didn't like the file, and it feels underlayered imo

Dr. Mario Pt. 1 (woker-X) [+]

- haha I love the song choice
- not exactly diggin' the layering/colored notes in the beginning but whatever
- synopsis: I liked this, and for a short song, the file had no real errors imo

Drops of Water (Cut) (00Razor00) [?]

- 32nds in the very beginning were unnecessary, as well as measure 46 and 50, and so on.
- the rest of the file seems fine
- synopsis: this is an easy fix, just remove the 32nds and you got yourself a decent file.

Eight (MrPopadopalis25) [+.]

- nice easy file, cute song lol
- synopsis: no errors imo, I'm still getting used to seeing hands in easy files but whatever.

Elektrik shiivers (nois-r-e) [+.]

- I LOL'd hard when it came to that unexpected "piano break". that was awesome
- sync may or may not be perfect, might have some other judge in my group check that out.
- synopsis: really unique and interesting song choice, I liked it, and an appropriate song length too hehe

Epicity - Cut (ScarletSky) [+?]

- nice layering overall, though I didn't like the long 8th jacks at all
- this has potential though, but imo it can be improved if you check the layering up a bit
- measure 71, I'd suggest layering the drums instead
- measure 181-182, also layer in the drums instead, I feel as though those "guitar sounds" shouldn't be stepped like that
- idk what you were doing adding BNS 24ths at the end
- synopsis: not bad, but it can be improved. Layering needs a lot of work.

Failure (NetJet!) [+]

- nice easy chart, orchestra music.
- synopsis: not much to say, but I don't like how the song just suddently cuts off like that.


Full notes and grading system:

Fun Factor/5
Objective Errors/10
Subjective Errors/5



{EVOLUTION} OUT STAGE - (rushyrulz) [+?]


-intro two measures after the roll could do with some better layering, for instance jumps on the cymbal crashes and singles elsewhere.
-that 24th bloop is 4 notes long, the 4th note in the sequence is that high blip about an octave higher than the third. Slow down to 0.5x if you can't hear it, it's very clear there, and it rounds the pattern into the 16ths a lot better.
-missed a jump on the cymbal crash at beat 25.
-that sort of offset 12th jack at beat ~44.500 is kinda neat, but the third arrow (i.e.the 16th) you might not want to make a jack. It's not part of the synth jack, it's the cymbal crash that comes in a 16th early. The extra jack is confusing because the sound for the jack is only two arrows long. Maybe try making it a jump so that it's clearly not part of the jack.
-the area right after that jack has some messy messy layering to it. Listen carefully to the sounds there and try to layer both synths in appropriately, lots of missed jumps and a couple of added ones. Goes right up until that 24th piano riff (which is solid btw) (and also note at the end of the piano just to add that last 24th note in)
-I don't mind the 16th jumpglut, but the PR is a little weird because there's little variation to the pattern, try to incorporate the three other jumps into it so that it doesn't seem like one set of notes the entire time.
-Also, that area right after that jumpglut is a huge climax for the song, try to keep the intensity up in your steps if possible. Hands would be a good chioce to keep it flowing.
-not a huge fan of the fadeout just because it's reaaaaally quiet, but if you do choose to keep it, they're technically gallops, not single arrows, and they're also 16ths not 12ths.

All in all the file is a good idea just needs to be executed a bit better.

0 (piano version) - (jimerax) [+.]


-First things first, this was pretty uninteresting and not very fun to play.
-There were a lot of patterns in this song that were really difficult to execute (for instance the section around 59.960s+), which is actually an okay representation of how harsh some of the chords are, but at the same time it didn't make me want to play it again.
-The song also felt a lot longer than it was beacuse of how similar it was the whole way through.
-I find one of the issues with the file is that you jump in and out of stepping the bass melody a lot and it makes it inconsistent and annoying to play.
-With that being said, you stay true to your steps which is good, and there's a good amount of good technical value to the steps.
-Couple little errors (for instance 31.170s no real note there) but nothing terribly notable.
-At the second half of measure 23 (31.349s) (same thing at measure 67) I'd like to see you throw in that lefthanded rise.
-While this chart is has good technical value, I don't find it very fun to play and has a bit of an inconsistency error, and I hesistate to accept this because of that.

Note that I'm SUPER on the fence about this file. It's very flat but well done nonetheless, so it's very difficult to make a good decision about it.



-Technical error is that those 16th jacks throughout the song are actually swing, although I'm fine with your way, just should get pointed out.
-First few measures I think you could stick to just the bloop noises, i.e. rid of the quarter notes at beats: 15, 17, 23, 24, and 25.
-Between beat 86 and 88 I think you could have stepped the 8ths there simply to keep moving.
-the hands at beat 97-98 are a bit much maybe just try jumps and a hand at beat 99.
-beat 104 those hands are actually more like 16ths, instead of what you have just add in the 16ths and reduce the hands to jumps.
-beat 112 is the only real "I don't get it" of the file. While it has some nice aestethic appeal 'cause whee colourful it just doesn't make much sense. Reduce them to single arrows and it should be fine.
-Beat 132-134 you could have done those uprises just to fill it in a bit better but not necessary.
-That arrow way after the end isn't needed the song ends pretty definitively.

nice file I liked it a lot, couple pointers to make it a bit stronger is all it really needed.

ABYSSAL - (Dossar + icyworld) [-]
your names are so long !_!


-Between the fact that this file is only going to actually be playable for 5 members of the community, and how relentless it is, it just doesn't stand for a good FFR file.
-If you want to fix some of the patterns, i.e. take out some of the less audible jumps in the 12th streams and make the patterns more comfortable for less good players, go for it, but it won't effect much.
-This is the kind of file that if you want to play on your own engine feel free, but don't subject everybody to it, because nobody will enjoy it.

ALPHA DEVICE - (leonid) [+.]


-Neat file overall, the only issue I have with it is that the main theme is so quiet. It's hard to tell what you're playing.
-I like the idea of building it to a full pattern, smart idea for a simfile.
-The one thing I'd like to see added is at beat 227, I feel as though (even though it's not in your layering scheme) you should add in that quarter note, it fills in the section better, and actually gives it a better relevance to the previous section.
-Last jump a single just for me. <3

BACK TO THE KITCHEN - (TheEvilHobo) [?]


-Your biggest flaw on this file is that there's absolutely no variation to it. Even the patterns for all the JS are very straightforward, nothing super interesting about it.
-A couple of errors, I think in that blank space at measure 13-15 you could have just done a couple of arrows to represent the main melody for a second.
-the trill from beat 58-60.5 is weird, change it up right at 60, better representation of the chord switching and works better mentally.
-Also, beat 61-62 is an awful transition, switching dominant hands like that is really awkward coming out of what is essentially a trill.
-measure 24 I'd prefer if you hadn't stopped the stream just for those drums, do both at the same time
-I also feel you could have represented the JS better. The notes change up a lot, try switching directions whenever it does or something so that it doesn't seem so unorganized.
-Overall, I think the worst thing is that the song doesn't offer a whole lot for a file. You need to find a way to switch it up, not make it all the same. Try changing your layering as it goes, it'll help you vary the patterns a lot better.



-This chart is just genuinely fun. I really encourage this kind of simfiling, that old style of an FGO must remain an FGO for 2.5 minutes is really frustrating, this is where it should be headed.
-I'd also like to note the intricate layering is really amazing.
-Beat 174-175 it'd be nice to include the main synth again there.
-Beat 216-228 is a bit ridiculous, I have a bad feeling about that section ending up mindblock central.
-beat 263.5 sounds like a 24th gallop or something similar.
-That little trill noise in the synth sounds like it happens again at beat 282.
-Beat 284-286 ruins the flow IMO, try to find a better way to represent that.

BLACK APPLE - (megamon88) [+?]


-iironiically, I think basically the single funny "lmao oops" error you made in this file is the thing that would have made it that much better. Beat 165, instead of the 32nd roll you had a 12th run. If you had done that with the entire file, I think it would have just glued the layering together so much nicer, and gotten rid of all those silly polyrhythms.
-Other than that, you clearly omitted some of the 12ths that are obviously there. To me, that just indicates that you layered so heavily that you couldn't fit in everything that you wanted, which could easily be solved by just toning down the file a bit.
-Also some of those 32nd rolls are completely obnoxious, (see beat 244.5, 270.5, and 318.5)
-I really think what ruins this file is the attempt to include everything in such a way that they're all so prevalent. It's such a cool song, and the polyrhythms could have made for a seriously interesting simfile. Just needs to be taken down a notch.



-I'm not 100% sure about the 48ths always being there, but because they're consistent it's not a big deal.
-The hands seem a tad much, there's generally little representation for them, and the spots where I feel they'd be more suited have them missing. Try looking at the dynamics of the song for hands instead of instruments/layering.
-You omiited 16th notes at the following beats: 20.75, 23.75, 24.75, and the repeats of those.
-Also nothing for that 16th at beat 65.250.
-beat 80 has a neat little trill, just sayin'.
-beat 28.25 and 120.25's 16ths shouldn't be there.

CHOCOBREAKS - (I like it) [?]


-First of all, there's no PR at all, and I don't see a lick of layering.
-Transition between the first two sections you missed the last two arrows (beat 15 and 15.5)
-What happened to the melody from measure 13-21?
-From here on, some of those bursts and transitions are a bit ridiculous, needs to be playable.
-beat 111.75 is missing a 16th and 112.25 has a 16th that isn't there.
-16th missing at 118.25.
-48th roll is 32nds.
-The rest is pretty inconsistent, some of what you stepped doesn't even exist in the music.
-Also, try to avoid stuff like ending a 32nd burst in a jack, it's just obnoxious to play.
-The ending is actually cool, though.
-Just try to make it playable and stick with the music and you'll probably do better next time.

passed to WC.

CLASH ON THE BIG BRIDGE - (hi19hi19) [+]


-I actually don't have anything to say on this. I could sit here and nitpick all day, but it's nice and simple and works well for beginners, so I don't see the point.
-Bit lengthy, though. But after the easy files batch having at least half the songs 1:30 or less, I'm fine with keeping a longer easy file.

CLEMATIS - (00Razor00) [+?]


-First things first, those difficulty spikes were absolute nonsense in an otherwise mostly good file. You need to take them down a bit before you resubmit.
-The intro I found very confusing to play. You seem to jump in an out of stepping the bass melody a lot, which makes it tough to decipher. To clean it up, just do either the treble melody or both.
-Once the dnb starts the file is fine other than the overzealous spikes and bursts. I'd like to see some of the piano melody incorporated as layering, because there are still uses for it to make a well-rounded chart.
-Starting at measure 53 is where it goes downhill. You miss notes, and some of the bursts are a bit silly in terms of playing them (see measure 61-69 for some good examples.) This is something I harp on in dnb charts, you need to consider the flow from one burst to the next and all the steps in between and make sure they work together instead of having really technical bursts that don't flow well.
-Piano section has a LOT of missing 16ths (for instance beat 291.75, beat 300, added 16th at 305.25, another missed at beat 315.75, two added at beat 327.25/75, missed at 330, 345.75, start of measure 88 I just have no clue what the idea was there)
-That last burst again, just silly. If you REALLY want 32nds or something at least keep the flow and switch the direction to something more comfortable like 4231 or 4312.
-You missed a lot of hi-hats in the end.
-Lastly, personal pet peeve, but I don't care what the end of your song sounds like when I'm playing it so just get rid of that arrow at the end.

CMR - (hi19hi19) [+]


-My only complaint is that main piano melody is actually 2 gallops, but I completely understand the omission of it, even if I don't agree with it.
-Another great easy file, though, back with a vengeance, hi19?

COLOURFUL COURSE - (kjwkjw) [+]


-Fun song, fun file, fun everything, I really liked it.
-I'm nitpicky, so at measure 85 where you omitted the 8th synths really plays like an error more than anything else.
-Also it's a tad long and repetitive, so I'd like to see a cut before it gets put ingame.
-There's nothing outstanding that's wrong however, so gj + file.



-First of all the PR in the intros is wrong and REALLY annoying. Like asldfajfksajfa annoying. Seriously fix it.
-Also if you're going to put an arrow after the song ends like that do it when you stop hearing the note fading out so that it's not like 3 measures later or whatever. That entire idea bugs me anyway.
-Okay, down to business: I think one of the nuisances of this chart is that it doesn't represent the song as a whole. You do a very good job with dynamics during the file, but there are sections with some stuff omitted that I didn't like, namely, the vocals.
-For example, at beat 55-56, a simple run of 16ths would have given the file that edge it needs. Those breaks make sense sometimes, but in other areas they'd be better off represented.
5-Beat 62-64 I feel is a poor representation of the music, it's so chaotic and the steps are quite simple in comparison.
-The vocals at 70.500
-Starting at beat 116, you'll hear a vocalist come in the background and I think it makes a lot of sense to keep the 16ths he raps to in and not just repeat the patterns from beforehand. Not many notes added, all things considered, but I think they'd make the right additions.
-Beat 152-160 again the vocalist would be a good addition just to keep up the intensity.
-Beat 164-176 PR fix needed.
-beat 205.75 is the same sounds as the jumps right before it, make it a [34] as well.
-Those 48ths starting at beat 208 I don't quite understand. I think you'd be better off just using those 12ths for a polyrhythm.
-I respsect your decision to not do vocalists at beat 212 I just don't agree with it. However, I think this is the spot that gets away with it the most just beacuse of how the song changes tones.
-Beat 244 the hands are a bit wacky (same for the repetition) and there's not heavy enough of a sound to warrant that I don't think.
-I think you were going for a climax idea around those hand bursts which I don't find fitting. There are much more intense parts of the song that would have done better with heavier representation than the ending where the music is actually comparatively light.
-beat 306-308 see bullet 5
-missed a 16th note at 308.750
-could do with a 16th at 327.75
-I don't like the omision of the 4th note at beat 370, it throws you off a bit.

-This is a lot of notes, but a good number of them are subjective notes and not actually necessary tweaks. They're changes I feel would give the chart a better representation of the song.

CREATIVE HAPPY - (MrPopadopalis25) [+.]


-Okay, those hands are just silly. I get it, and trust me, I'm the guy to come to if you want to use a lot of hands in a file, but c'mon bro 12th hands like that?
-Also, it's kinda awkward that the first 20 seconds of the file are FGO and then it's like playing an 8 with a couple of not very hard bursts that make it a VC.
-I don't like the minijack usage in this file whatsoever. They're incredibly seldom and would both play better and represent the song better if they were triplets of some sort.
-Other than that, the file is well structured and consistent with itself.
-beat 70.75 there's a 16th drum there.
-same at 86.750
-those jumps at measure 27 sound more like 12ths to me.
-Also, measure 36 where it speeds up, this is just a semantic really but it makes a lot more sense had you done the speed up on the jumps in the latter half of the measure. (also the [13] should be a [23] as well)
-Measure 71, I don't see any reason for those being the same hand. The pitches change drastically for each one.

-Really, my biggest note here is to just try to make the file more in one zone of difficulty while not making the difficulty completely flat. As of now it's a bit too spread out.

CUTTHROAT - (TC_Halogen) [+?]

jk <3
but srsly >_>


-ENDING EW EW EW klasjdflsak what compelled you to do that????
-Beat 32 those don't sound like the 32nds you have, almost like a a 64th earlier, possibly the 12th? Also the "32nd" drum is after the third hand too.
-that 32nd triplet at beat 55.750 is yucky.
-beat 138 I don't like that quarter note there.
-16th at beat 210.75 is a nono.
-Hand at 260.50? ++ idea!
-I'm just being nitpicking, really. The only thing that makes this chart not worth it is that ridiculous ending. Seriously >_>

DARK RANDOM 1 - (condoct) [?]


-Not as bad as the rating makes it look, the problem is the errors are quite consistent.
-Measure 9-11 those 16ths aren't existent yet.
-The stream from measure 11-18 (which btw should end at 19, and continue through 14-15) has silly jump choices. SILLY I SAY. If you made it so jumps landed on the snares it would make more sense. You could even just add that on top of what you have, but I'd prefer to see it just the snares.
-The last measures after 19 aren't done properly, the sounds are misrepresented. If you need help figuring it out, ask somebody who's done a lot of stepping.

DAS IST MUZIK - (_.Spitfire._) [?]


-First of all, Das ist nicht muzik. >(
-Very long and very repetitive. This song really needs a cut before anything else.
-The steps themselves aren't terrible, but the song doesn't lend itself well to anything more than the same repeated pattern over and over again.
-The intro into beat 84 (and any repetitions thereof) is terrible to read, three 32nd notes like that is just confusing. It also transitions poorly into the 32nd rolls starting on 8ths, which are difficult enough to play because the offset of the timing is awkward to hit.
-The measure at beat 140 is just 12ths, I'm not sure if that was a mistake or not?
-Also the ending there just cut the 8ths for no real reason...
-Beat 253-256 accidental copy-paste? (i.e. what 12ths?)
-beat 285.5 no note there.
-Sometimes I just don't get where you're pulling arrows from. For example, the 12th at beat 319 or the 64th at beat 326?
-The slower section is fine just way too long.
-For the ending, you seem to jump in and out of using the snares very randomly which is hard to play because you have no idea what to expect.

On a related note, you did a good job catching a lot of the oddly timed notes, the 64th swing in particular would have been really hard to hear.

DERANGED - (justin_ator) [-]


-First of all, the concept for this file is absolutely terrible. Those rolls and trills are ridiculous, and some of your hand placements and overzealous climaxes don't make any sense.
-There are even quite a few errors in execution, stuff like you have minijacks in the stream that make no sense, the stream ends abrupty, poor layering, a 32nd minijack after the first obscene roll, misplaced hands, inconsistencies in your steps (for example, the first two 32nd trills are 6 notes and the rest of 4 notes), etc.
-This is the kind of chart that needs a full rehaul before any specific details are given. Try to fix your inconsistencies with hands and layering, and give the file a nicer and more sensible flow.

DOVE - (leonid) [+.]


-The song and file are both very repetitive, and I find those bursts of difficulty (the 32nds) really weird in an otherwise easy file.
-There's also a bit of a problem with a sort of consistency. For example, when it returns to that main theme for 1 measure at beat 64, it just seems out of place..
-I find a lot of the steps in the song are really irrelevant just beacuse the song has nothing relevant to step half the time. It's just confusing and I don't quite understand it.
-I don't think there's a good way to describe how I feel about this file... I just don't quite understand what you were trying to portray, I guess.
-Also, my objective note, the fade out: at beat 164 you start quieting the file down which is good, but then it gets MORE dense during the actual fade out portion of the song. It should be the other way around, instead.
-Lastly, the very last note should get removed, there's no need for it, and it offers better closure to the file without it.

DR MARIO PT. 1 - (woker-x) [+]


-File is genuinely fine. A couple of those early grace notes are a tad early but like that'll matter on FFR lol.
-I also feel like you shouldn't have omitted some of the notes in the early part that you did. Particularly, that first 4 note jack. It's really confusing during a sightread because the 16th jack is already there for the other synth, and it feels like it just stopped abruptly halfway through the jack.
-Other than that, I have no complaints, nice file.

DROPS OF WATER - (00Razor00) [+.] <exception


-I'm going to be honest, I hate those rolls.
-With a passion.
-Like, seriously, almost rejected this chart specifically because those rolls are absolutely obscene and unecessary.
-Aside from that, I didn't mind it much, a couple spots where you made some booboos but generally fine.
-beat 60.750 and 61.250 there's 16ths there that should have been stepped.
-beat 78, that triplet jack is wrong. The first two arrows should be a jack, the third shouldn't be a jack, but can be a single or a jump depending on how you want to do it.
-missed a 16th at beat 124.250
-at beat 139.500 and repetitions you missed that little hi-hat that's there. That's the issue with stepping stuff that's hard to hear, you can miss something really easily.
-starting at beat 167 I don't like your PR choice there. The 4ths should go 4131 to represent the music better, IMO.
-beat 174 is that same thing you used for the 4 note 32nd roll later, just a beat earlier in the measure. For consistency I'd step it in there too.
-Missed notes at 244.50, 244.75, 245.25, and 252.75
-Why 1 hand in the entire file? (beat 311) that just doesn't make sense to me, particularly in such a meaningless spot.

-Yeah I really hated those rolls.

EIGHT - (MrPopadopalis25) [+.]


-There isn't a whole lot to say about this, really. It's a fun easy file and it's quite well done.
-The only thing I really want to harp on is that the PR, particularly in the beginning, is pretty bad. The first couple of measures are fine, and then it looks like you almost did it backwards for a bit, which I don't quite understand.
-A *tiny* bit repetitive once you reach the end. You might also be able to make a cool [heavy] chart for it, since there's a pretty natural build for one.

ELEKTRIK SHIIVERS - (nois-or-e) [+.]


-That ending was quite abrupt, really really short.
-For starters, I think you cut into that speedup just a bit too quick, if you had left it until the measure after it did start (aka bring it up to tempo at measure 3) it would have been a nicer and more accurate effect.
-For the 16ths I think it makes a lot more sense to layer the snares and the kind vocal weird thingy as jumps than the drum kicks. They're both more prominent and bring more attention to them in the music.

EPICITY (cut) - (ScarletSky) [+?]


-askldlsj this is a cut?!?!
-But seriously, on we go.
-Before we move on to the more standard part of the review, I just want to point out one thing: You have a tendency to stick to your instruments, which is good for consistency, but on the negative side, things like transitions between different sections of music go un-noticed in your steps, so you need to watch out for that.
-If you want an example, look at beat 132. Notice how the drums actually stop and change to a drum>cymbal crash with spaces in between and how your steps still represent the more basic guitar and avoid the transitionary material. It's that material that gives rock songs like this more of an edge in their files and in their music.
-beat 37.5 you can ignore PR to make patterns less silly, no need for that jack.
-beat 83 sounds to me like the left-arrow jack you had been doing there.
-And right after beat 85 is NOT the left-arrow jack you had been doing.
-missed an arrow at beat 187
-missed a jump at beat 198
-extra arrow at 208.5 (let's assume from now on, unless stated otherwise, I mean beat)
-beat 216-260 has quite a few ghost notes in there. It's easy to make mistakes when there's a lot going on, so when you get stuff like that, stick to stepping really clear sounds and usually you'll get great results.
-beat 261-264 is stepped wrong, the 16ths are just a triplet on the arrow at beat 262.25, and there's a 12th starting at 261.
-In the next section, I don't like the omission of the snares at beats like 266, and then using them for jumps at beats like 270, it should be used for both.
-missed a jump at 287.5
-starting at beat 328, you start a pretty neat section, but I think stuff like beat 332.5 is weird, there's no reason to decide to omit an 8th in there because there's constantly something going on, and it throws you off really bad.
-booboo at beat 374, you'll probably laugh when you see that and say "oops"
-missed jumpat beat 455.5
-could have added a jump at beat 503 (again, this is the transitionary material)
-8th jacks are fun
-596 16ths don't make sense to me.
-beat 656 those first three 12ths are too vague I think to be stepped, just something on the 4th is fine.
-beat 703-712 is kinda rough, could do with a bit of a fix.
-last burst starts at 740 and builds speed.
-the snare hits at 748 in that section would, I think, give that section a fuller feel, just to make it less like a single instrument.
-This next section is a very interesting drum section, and I think adding the 12ths and 16ths that the drums instead the guitar would be a better idea, just because it's easier to understand while playing.
-Those 24ths are wrong, move everything down a 24th and they'd be right. Also no need for them to all be jumps, just the one that falls on the start of a measure.
-Same thing with the very end, 12ths not 24ths. If you want 24ths, sync them so that it'll play correctly on FFR.

FAILURE - (NetJet!) [?]


-First thing I want to mention is don't include your name in the file so it can be seen in the editor. I, among other judges, don't like knowing who made the file before I judge it as to avoid any bias.
-On to the file: as you can see through the ratings, you have a good concept and it plays okay, there are just enough errors to not pass it.
-Notable things to switch up for the entire file: You could do with a bit better PR throughout, as well the bpm should be made either half or a third of what it is, because a giant cluster of red arrows is awkward to play on FFR, and it works better for the song.
-beat 110, 111, 133 are missing jumps.
-Your layering in the next section is a bit off, too: beat 262 is a single, beat 264 and 265 are missing arrows, beat 310 is a single, beat 334 is a single, missing arrows at beat 336 and 337.
-The ending when you take the same music and switch to jumps is unecessary. Just keep consistent with your choices, it'll make for a better file.
-Really, you just need to watch your layering, particularly in something like this where it's very easy to see where you've gone wrong.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Group 2


Finale for the Fallen (pmonibuv1)
- M9+, though you could've kept layering the piano chords for a better, smoother transition.
- M13+, funky choice to layer the hihat when it comes in but eh to each their own, lol. Figured that it's not really a prominent sound you'd want to emphasize with jumps.
- M29+, not really feeling the density of the jumps. Not much of a prominent change in the song to call for density like this.
- Everything after M41+ is really awkward to hit at this speed especially with all the hidden 8th jacks and runningman patterns. Vary up the patterns more?
- Layering's passable. Patterns could use reworking with all honesty.

Haruka Kanata (kjwkjw)
- A little bit more bass jumps wouldn't hurt during the streams but I can see why you'd leave them out.
- Very last note doesn't seem needed. End file on the [14] jump above.
- Good layerering. Enjoyable to play through.

I breathe the cosmos (bmah)
- No complaints. I really dig the file overall.
- Colour note vocals were a nice touch. Reminds me of the similar technique I do in my IOSYS files.

Immigraniada (Bassnectar Mix) (Rog vs Detrimentalist)
- Some colour notes felt a little off or wonky. But given FFR's timing windows, they won't be a problem.
- No real commentary. Solid layering and enjoyable file.

Infanticide (CBR)
- Global offset issue. It was early by 0.04.
- File ends off weird for me. IMO should've stopped stepped up until the cymbal crash after the [23][4] pattern.
- Solid layering. No real commentary.

Jumper (Niala)
- Thought some jump placements for prominent synths would've added good variation rather tham strictly following percussion only.
- No real commentary. Good layering and enjoyable.

Keep It Short (bmah)
- Polyrhythms later on in the file might be tough to follow for people.
- No real commentary. Good layering and enjoyable.

Kono spoon, suteki desu ne (0)
- Colour gimmicks were really cool and well executed.
- No real commentary. Really like this file. Downside is that these gimmicks will probably be tough to read on FFR.

Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta (Silvuh)
- No real commentary. Solid layering and enjoyable as an easier file.

Lavendar Town [Fairytale Remix] (Xx{Midnight}xX)
- M51 is funky as this is the only spot with a grace note in the entire file which could throw people off easily.
- Not really digging the whole colour gimmick for this file in particular. It's eerie I suppose, lol.
- A bit lacking in pitch relevancy but then again I can see why you'd vary up patterns since the song repeats countless times.
- Layering is passable. It's not all that interesting or notable of a file though.
- I'd say, get rid of the colour gimmick all together. A file and song as easy to follow as this doesn't really have the impact for the colour gimmick in general.

Lives Without Meaning (MarioNintendo)
- BPM gimmicks were nice.
- No real commentary. Solid layering and enjoyable file.

Lost Forever (T-Force)
- Global offset issue. It was late by 0.04.
- Repetitive but passable as an easy chart.

Luna Ascension (Reshiram)
- 192nds are slightly going overboard. Try to limit the 192nd usage to essential sounds. Too much 192nds in a file can ruin it (I learned it the hard way oops).
- No real commentary. Solid layering and enjoyable.

Mark's Revenge (Rog)
- 32nds will probably give people trouble.
- No real commentary. Awesome layering and enjoyable overall.

Mortal Kombat Metal Menu (MarioNintendo)
- The [12][1][12] jack patterns are begging for boo rushing, despite how slow the song is. I would personally try to avoid that pattern in general.
- M27+ same deal with the left hand oriented patterns. I realize it's pitch relevant and all but you should take into consideration how it affects file flow and awkwardness.
- Great layering overall and enjoyable file. I haven't seen many trilly files in the FFR batches so this was refreshing to see.

Mourning the Lost (Dossar)
- Rainbow/coloured jump-trills might be a bit much but at this speed and with FFR's timing windows, they shouldn't be much of a problem I guess.
- Technically correct for the most part. No real commentary. Layering is solid and this is good for scoring I suppose.

mutant corecore (Dossar & Rog)
- Layering is passable.
- Pattern usage was alright though I'm not keen on the one handed oriented 8th minijacks.
- For a short file I feel that pattern usage plays a bigger role. Perhaps shifting some of the one handed oriented patterns around?

Neopandemic (PrawnSkunk)
- Thought you could've thoroughly layered the percussive hits with jumps. Your jump placements are a bit hard to follow as you place them sparsely to the prominent synths which change up every few measures.
- Layering is passable. There's an opportunity to place rainbow grace notes to accentuate the main melody to make it more interesting.

No Purpose Flour (iironiic)
- The rainbow trill and 48th burst are going to give people a hell of a time, rofl. Consider simplifying them? Rainbow trill into something snapped and easier to read and 48th burst possibly simplified to a 32nd burst instead.
- Layering is solid and file's enjoyable and tough to play.

Organ Concerto No 1 Revered Mortality in Dm (GG_Guru & samurai7694)
- Beat 162+ Not quite feeling the impact of the hand placements. It's also a bit awkward when there aren't any jump placements to counterbalance the usage until Beat 189+.
- A lot of the hidden one handed minijack patterns in the ending section of file can get tough to hit.
- Layering is passable.

pain night grand tin (Silvuh)
- M5-8 piano chord jumps would've been nice. I'm not feeling the piano with single notes.
- Beat 178, rainbow trill might be going overboard, even with FFR's lenient timing windows.
- Layering is great and file's enjoyable and fun to play.

Papyrus's Adventure (Niala & bmah)
- No real commentary. Layering is great and file's enjoyable and fun. Patterns flowed well.

Phoenix Rising (OneHandNow)
- The entire beginning measure is unnecessary. What you're layering isn't even prominent and you can't even tell what it goes to when you're tapping away. Remove it all together.
- Beat 53+ I'm not feeling the impact of the hand placements. Especially when there aren't any jumps to counterbalance to usage.
- M18+ when you start layering all the percussion as jumpjacks although technically wouldn't be an issue, it's hard to distinguish what they go to as you're playing and it adds an unnecessary amount of difficulty to the file.
- M33+ the handjacks are way too much and going overboard.
- Although the layering is passable for the most part, you're overdoing the hands and jacks. Tone down the layering and density and I think this'll be good.

PLANETCORE (I like it)
- M23, missing a 4th note to start off the 16th stream
- M23+ percussive jumps would've been a good addition rather than straight up stream.
- Beat 188 is REALLY hard to hit and it feels overlayered. Simplify.
- M39+ bass and/or percussive jumps would've been good additions
- Beat 191 same deal as Beat 188.
- M56+ bass and/or percussive jumps would've been good additions
- Beat 279 a definite no. 32nd trill at this speed is a huge difficulty spike and way too hard to hit.
- Layering is decent but there's a lot of inconsistencies and some minor errors. File as a whole is pretty uninteresting and lackluster.
- Thoroughly layer the file, remove/simplify difficulty spikes, and perhaps cut the file.

Press Start (YOSHl)
- A lot of the minijack patterns that are focused or oriented around one hand are difficult and awkward to hit (e.g. [1][12][2]). Go over and try and change up some of them to be two handed for better flow.
- Layering is solid. Patterns are iffy in a few sections of the file where there's a lot of one handed focus.

Prism (Xayphon)
- Rainbow build up sections are tough to read but shouldn't be too difficult I think.
- No real commentary. Layering is great and file's enjoyable.

Progressive Theatrical (bmah)
- No real commentary. Layering is solid although file's a bit lackluster for being so straightforward and long.


1Finale for the Fallen (pmonibuv1) completely repetitive. change up patterns so it doesnt feel like it drags on forever [-]

2Haruka Kanata (kjwkjw) you use the 1423 pattern a lot try changing up a bit more but other than that the file is alright. the beginning section where you have 16th js with 24ths thrown in there is a bit much compared to the rest of the file and it isnt even the hight of the song. [+?]

3I breathe the cosmos (bmah) really fun. some awkward patterns but they seem intentional [+]

4Immigraniada (Bassnectar Mix) (t-rogdor vs Detrimentalist) the js sectioni near the beginningish is a bit much but awesome file [+]

5Infanticide (Coolboyrulez0) no 2 seconds of silence in the beginning, song isnt cut, the difficulty spikes are way too big and layering is all over the place [-]

6Jumper (Niala) fun the 12th jumps though dont seem to go to anything when playing [+.]

7Keep It Short (bmah) fun good file [+]

8Kono spoon, suteki desu ne (0) bahahaha that was much more fun than it probably shouldve been. the last 64th jack could be left out though [+]

9Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta (Silvuh) really fun file no complaints [+]

10Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] (Xx{Midnight}xX) PR would be great if implemented on a song like this. nice effect you're going for though i wouldve personally gone with 12 notes and 192nds. also the song needs to be cut in a little more than half maybe at 80 seconds ish [?]

11Lives Without Meaning (MarioNintendo)files fine just feels bland [+.]

12Lost Forever (FFR Cut) (T-Force) notes are late double check that. you forgot to add the silence in the beginning and the file either needs that jumpstream burst to be removed or you need to layer the rest of the file. the song also needs a cut [-]

13Luna Ascension (Reshiram) fun im not sure how well the file will convert though. needs silence in the beginning [+.]

14Mark's Revenge (t-rogdor) file was fun until the 32nd spam then it made no sense because i couldnt hear the 32nds. might want to remove them [+?]

15Mortal Kombat Metal Menu (MarioNintendo) nice file i didnt like the c1 bass though it got annoying [+.]

16Mourning the Lost (DossarLX ODI)fun file though the colour notes couldve been snapped to something thats a bit easier to read at some parts. [+]

17mutant corecore (DossarLX ODI & t-rogdor) i guess [+.]

18Neopandemic (PrawnSkunk) nice file but the notes are late and the 32nds at 29.7 should be 16ths[+.]

19No Purpose Flour (iironiic) looks like you improved on it from before [+]

20Organ Concerto No 1 Revered Mortality in Dm (GG_Guru & samurai7694) couldve been less repetitive with the running men and you could cut a bit of the intro off but other than that and the fact that the notes are early its an ok file [+.]

21pain night grand tin (Silvuh)really fun file no complaints[+]

22Papyrus's Adventure (Niala + bmah) file is fine no mistakes worth changing just personal differences [+]

23Phoenix Rising (OneHandNow) JACKS(way overstepped file) [-]

24PLANETCORE (I like it) misrhythms in a lot of places especially in the beginning. considering how energetic and up beat the song is i feel like this file could used a lot more layering and just been fuller over all. good note is the rolls are nicely synced [?]

25Press Start (YOSHl)i feel like this file couldve played a lot smoother with the removal of some jacks. especially in the sections where all the sounds are layered in together [+.]

26Prism (Xayphon) fun file though the sync could be improved upon especially in the 48th jump section and the bits before that. that section is just a pain to read but everything else is good i liked the file just not the sync [+?]

27Progressive Theatrical (bmah) nice file though the last 1-3 seconds didnt have to be stepped because the music is barely audible [+.]


Kono spoon, suteki desu ne (0)[++]

Awesome job on this file, seriously. The buzzes seem intimidating at first but I was able to hit
them fine. I love the color tricks in this file. really fun to play.

Haruka Kanata (kjwkjw) [+]

Another fun file from you. I really enjoyed playing this. No complaints here.

Keep it Short (bmah)[+]

I actually really enjoyed this file. It has a few little difficulty blips in it but not too bad. I think the trickiest blips are the little 32nd spots.

Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta (Silvuh) [+]

Another lovely file from you. When the chart picks up for the 1st time it took me a second to realize what you were following but I picked up on it pretty quick.

Jumper (Niala)[+]

Overall a fun easy/mid level file.

Lives Without Meaning (MarioNintendo)[+]

Hearing the preview of this song I was like oh man this is gonna hurt my hands. The chart was not what I was expecting to see but it works. I enjoyed it.

Mutant Corecore (Dossar & t-rogdor)[+]

It's kinda like a slightly longer Lolo.

Immigraniada (t-rogdor vs Detrimentalist)

The 32nd run m35 - m37 the patterns for it get a little on the hard side to hit. Otherwise not bad.

I breathe the Cosmos (bmah)[+.]

I'm a little iffy on the difficulty consistency of this file. I feel it's a bit all over the place when it comes to difficulty. Other than that I think it's a really fun file to play.

Lost Forever (T-Force)[+.]

Pretty nice for an easy file. I think the patterns for the 16ths might be a little tough since most of the song is 8th notes. But it's probably something that can be picked up after a few tries.

Mortal Kombat Metal Menu

Ow my left hand hurts :/ I'm a little iffy on that difficulty blip in there but overall not bad and a pretty fun chart to play aside from that blip.

Mourning the Lost (Dossar) [+.]

Pretty much a typical hard jumpstream file. It starts to drag a bit cause it's kind of repetitive. Other than that no complaints really.

Press Start (YOSHl) [+.]

I think this file is pretty fun. Some of the patterns are a little mean but still a neat file.

Prism (Xayphon) [+.]

yay piano! My only complaint is m30 to the middle of m31. The teal notes kinda all blend together and it feels like a huge difficutly spike. Maybe make it less jump heavy?

Progressive Theatrical (bmah)[+.]

Some of the patterns going into the hands are a little mean. Like at the end of m28 for example. Otherwise this is a pretty interesting file.

Pain Night Grand Tin (Silvuh) [+.]

I felt like the trill was a little mean in comparison to the rest of the file. Otherwise I thought it was a really fun file to play.

Mark's Revenge (t-rogdor) [+.]

m36 to m44 I'm a bit iffy on the 32nds here. It's incredibly difficult to hear what they are going to. Other than that this is a really fun chart to play.

Neopandemic (PrawnSkunk)[+.]

Pretty straight forward easier chart.

Papyrus's Adventure (Niala & bmah) [+.]

I feel like some of the difficutly spikes are a bit mean. Like the hand jacks into the 32nds. Otherwise nice chart from you guys.

No Purpose Flour (iironiic)[+.]

What bugged me the most was that up down trill. Maybe make that into an easier pattern?

Finale for the Fallen (pmonibuv1) [+?]

This is pretty repetitive. Maybe vary up the run patterns a bit to give the chart some variety?
Also, it's really hard to hear what the 32nds in the run that starts a m17 are going to.

Lavender Town (Middie)[+?]

I think this file could use a cut. I hate to do that but it's just the same thing over and over.
Other than that I was slightly iffy about the hands in the file but they aren't too big a deal if you keep them. Aside from that it's a nice easy file.

Organ Concerto No 1 Revered Mortality in Dm (GG_Guru & samurai7694) [+?]

What's really urking me about this file is that some sections seem to have some relevancy and then there are sections that are just screaming for it. I'd brush up on that a little bit. Otherwise it's a pretty solid file.

Infanticide (Coolboyrulez0)[?]

The chart is pretty all over the place in difficulty. There are some sections that are pretty empty and nothing more than 8th notes. Then you have the 16th sections which are oka
y with the overall chart I think. But then you throw in the 32nd bursts at the end of m32, end of m60 and end of m76. A good majority of the file is 8th notes so those 32nd bursts make for a huge difficulty spike in the chart.

Luna Ascension (Reshiram) [?]

I'm not sure what you're following with the green arrows. It seems to switch up in the song.
The green minijacks are pretty hard to hit and break the flow of the chart. The burst at the end of m24 is a pretty decent difficulty spike. Maybe try changing the pattern up a bit for a nicer flow?

PLANETCORE (I like it) [?]

The difficulty is pretty all over the place. The burst at the end of m30, the roll at m34 and m42 are pretty decent difficulty spikes. The rolls are a little easier to hit than the burst. The burst pattern at the end of m48 is pretty tough too. Then there's the 32nd trill at the end of m70. The majority of the file is 16th stream/jumpstream. I'd suggest softening up those bursts a little bit to fit in better with the rest of the difficulty.

Phoenix Rising (OneHandNow) [-]

The super long jack in the beg is a bit unnecessary.
I'm not sure what some of your hands are going to. They make sense with the cymbal crashes but
what are the others going to? They also seem inconsistent.
The hand/quad jacking from m33 to the end is a bit overboard as well.


Finale for the Fallen (pmonibuv1) - [?]
Playtest: The steps are repetitive and feel copy-pasted. The 200bpm runningman section is awkward to hit and boring too - you should really put more interesting and fluent patterns here. You tried way too hard to use PR in this file, and it came out poorly because of it.
Editor: The layering is weird in this file. For instance, you layer in all the 8ths from m29-m32, but then when it gets more energetic at the start of m33 you use a lighter layering pattern. And I understand why you wouldn't want to put much layering in the 200bpm section, but it still felt weird after the heavily layered 100bpm section.

Haruka Kanata (kjwkjw) - [+.]
Playtest: Overall this file was really fun, but some of the patterns with 32nds and grace notes were a little awkward, like the left-handed 32nd bits in m21-25. Nothing terrible, just not as flowy as it could be.
Editor: The 32nd roll usage feels weird. On one hand, you have sections like m26 and m71 which sound like they should be longer rolls, and on the other you have parts in m40, m70, etc. that are stepped with the 32nds made clear. I'd rather either have all the 32nds in the file, or have only a few.

I breathe the cosmos (bmah) - [+]
Playtest: The patterns are fun and interesting, and it plays pretty comfortably despite the weird rhythms. Please try to avoid 32nd minitrills like in m44 and m46, though.
Editor: Looks fine, although I don't really agree with your choice of where to step vocal patterns and where to avoid them.

Immigraniada (Bassnectar Mix) (t-rogdor vs Detrimentalist) - [+]
Playtest: Very fun file. I like the use of 16th jack patterns.
Editor: Seems pretty good. I think some of the color notes are a little off, but it didn't bother me while playing.

Infanticide (Coolboyrulez0) - [+?]
Playtest: You sure did use a lot of 16th trills. There are some really awkward patterns here - the minijack into a trill in m28-29 needs to be changed up, and the 16th jumpstream to 32nd roll section in m32 is just awful. The changing 32nd rolls in m60 and m76 are also unpleasant. That kind of stuff would be fine in a much harder file, but for this difficulty you really need to use the easiest patterns you can.
Editor: From a technical perspective this file is OK.

Jumper (Niala) - [+.]
Playtest: Definitely a fun chart. Interesting patterns, good song, and just enjoyable to play.
Editor: You should be more consistent with the 12ths - there are places (like m58-m65) where it just feels missing, and although I see that you're trying to focus on something else, it would feel better to have it layered in like in the intro. Also, I'm not sure about your layering in certain places, like the last 12th in m38.

Keep It Short (bmah) - [+.]
Playtest: I loved the use of grace notes here. There were some patterns that were more awkward than they needed to be, like m32 (could be two jumps), m56, all the 4-note 32nd rolls (I only hear 3 notes here and I think it would play better that way), m92, and m96, and I think that given the general feel of this file they should be made a bit more comfortable.
Editor: Seems good, except for a few bursts that don't seem quite right, as mentioned.

Kono spoon, suteki desu ne (0) - [+.]
Playtest: The 32nd(?) rolls at m5, m69-71, and m80 were more awkward than they needed to be, and being colored in makes it extra difficult to read, so you really should have stayed with jumptrillable patterns. Otherwise, this was awesome to play through.
Editor: Seemed accurate. So many BPM changes o_0

Kyomu no Kareha no Tsumugiuta (Silvuh) - [+]
Playtest: Fun and interesting, great job.
Editor: I notice you didn't step the melody as much, which is pretty noticeable in m24 among other places, but that's fine - I just would have done this differently.

Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] (Xx{Midnight}xX) - [?]
Playtest: Not gonna lie, this was pretty boring (you could have at least cut it...). A file like this really needs good PR because otherwise it's just a mass of randomly chosen arrows, without enough structure to keep the player's interest. And although there were a few places where you almost had a good match to the melody, it fell apart soon afterwards.
Editor: OK, first off, why did you make everything white? I get the whole ghost thing with this town in the game, but the gimmick felt totally pointless here. It doesn't add anything to the file. There were some couple quirks of layering, like some places (e.g. m41) where you used a jump for no audible reason, as if you started layering in a sound before it was actually noticeable.

Lives Without Meaning (MarioNintendo) - [+]
Playtest: Great use of patterns, but there could have been fewer trills and accents on the buzzier sounds. Nothing brilliant here, but this is a solid, fun file.
Editor: I didn't see anything wrong here.

Lost Forever (FFR Cut) (T-Force) - [+.]
Playtest: I could easily see this song with a more difficult chart, but this works well as an easy chart. There are a few sections (m11, m47, m89) that are noticeably harder than the rest, though, and those should be toned down to make the file more cohesive.
Editor: All good here.

Luna Ascension (Reshiram) - [++]
Playtest: Very fun. I really like the use of white notes for layering in the foreground melody, which lets it be expressed without making the file overstepped.
Editor: Looks good.

Mark's Revenge (t-rogdor) - [+.]
Playtest: Fun chat, with nice use of minijacks. Some of the 32nd sections were pretty tricky, and I think they could have been made to flow a bit more - maybe by removing a few of the minijacks in those sections.
Editor: I think the 32nd sections in m44 and m50 should be 24ths. Also, on a lower rate a lot of your 32nd triplets sound more like one note with a grace note into the second - take a look.

Mortal Kombat Metal Menu (MarioNintendo) - [+.]
Playtest: I found this really fun, and the 32nd patterns were interesting. The double bpm section was weaker than the rest of the file, though; the patterns repeated a lot, with many trills/jumptrills and rolls, and the 8th section was very left-hand biased. That part definitely needs some work.
Editor: The jumptrills sound off to me - maybe they would be better as just 8th jumps, with some shorter 8th jacks in there.

Mourning the Lost (DossarLX ODI) - [+.]
Playtest: This was a fun chart, with generally good patterns that helped work against the high difficulty. I think the 8th-note-jump jumpstream around m72-77 and m126-131 is a bit much, though; replacing this with 8th jumps would be much better. The color note jumptrills into minijacks all over the file are awkward too and should probably be changed (maybe into just straight jumptrills).
Editor: The syncing job on this chart is really good - nice job.

mutant corecore (DossarLX ODI & t-rogdor) - [+.]
Playtest: I like this chart - it's fun and short. The jumpjacks were tough but not too tough to expect people to hit them. I found the white bursts confusing to read, though, so I'm not relaly sure if the patterns in them are good or not.
Editor: In terms of technicality, the white parts are a problem; there are a lot of them, and they don't really feel natural because the song doesn't do anything spceial in those places. I'd say that most of those sections should be replaced with the actual rhythms, with maybe a small amount of white left for emphasis if you feel it's necessary.

Neopandemic (PrawnSkunk) - [+.]
Playtest: This chart plays decently well, but I really don't feel the need for minijacks (especially at this speed), and I was very disappointed that you didn't step any of the grace note/accents. Oh well.
Editor: Technically this song is fine.

No Purpose Flour (iironiic) - [+.]
Playtest: Most of this chart is really fun, and goes to the music without being immensely difficult. I found the speeding-up trill in m37 and the 48th roll in m67 to be a bit too tough for the chart, though, and I think the file would be a lot more fun with them toned down, because then people won't have to worry about the one section that will wreck their score if they aren't careful.
Editor: Basically perfect.

Organ Concerto No 1 Revered Mortality in Dm (GG_Guru & samurai7694) - [+?]
Playtest: The long slow intro was really melodic and desperately needed some PR - the current steps just feel wrong, even though they match the rhythms. I suggest cutting some of it as well (seriously, 1:30 before the hard stuff?). The fast section was okay but really nothing special in terms of patterns, and I'd remove the one-handed trill in m59.
Editor: The rhythms are okay, but this file needs a LOT more PR. The 48th burst in m57 made me cringe because it was in the wrong direction...

pain night grand tin (Silvuh) - [+?]
Playtest: Most of this file was pretty fun and interesting. There were a couple of really awkward bits, though: m16, the 32nds in m49, the burst at the very end, and maybe a few more places. But most of all, the trill in m45 is absolutely unacceptable (FFR is combo scoring, remember?) and needs to go.
Editor: The file seems pretty accurate, but some parts are a bit too technical, and end up with more notes stepped than a player would hear while playing the song. Sometimes the most accurate arrow placement isn't actually the best representation of the music.

Papyrus's Adventure (Niala + bmah) - [+?]
Playtest: Interesting chart, lots of changes in speed and difficulty. Some of the 32nd patterns are really ugly though, and they kind of overshadow the whole rest of the song.
Editor: The rolls were stepped really inconsistently; similar-sounding sections often had a roll in one, but no indication of that sound in the other. There's a roll in m12, nothing in m14-16, then rolls in m21, 23, and 25, then nothing in m29, nothing at the end of m40 or at m46, 47, or 49, but then a roll in m52, m54, and m57. This bothered me because I felt like every time that sound came up the file just briefly stopped making sense. Fix that and this will be a great chart.

Phoenix Rising (OneHandNow) - [?]
Playtest: WTF was that beginning? Seriously. WTF. The seocnd half of the file played okay, but it did feel overstepped, especially the hand gluts at the end.
Editor: The rhythms make sense, except for the beginning where the jack sound is barely hearable at the start.

PLANETCORE (I like it) - [-]
Playtest: I don't really know what you were trying to do here. Some spots (like the beginning) were extremely understepped, as if this was supposed to be an easy chart; then, on the other hand, you have icky 32nd patterns (m30, m48, m70) or weird color rolls (m34, m42) that are awkward and don't seem to fit. You should either try to step an easy chart or a hard one, but not both at once.
Editor: Although some individual sections have proper rhythms, in general the rhythms are all wrong. All I can say is that your chart is vaguely similar to the song, but isn't even close to a match.

Press Start (YOSHl) - [+.]
Playtest: Interesting approach to a file; it feels a bit overstepped, but fortunately it's still slow enough to be playable. I think you should break up the longer jumpjacks in m4 and m49 (they're tricky to combo on FFR), and there are a few awkward patterns (m19 and m76-77) that should be fixed.
Editor: I think the middle burst in m40 is off.

Prism (Xayphon) - [+]
Playtest: I didn't expect the fast section, but it made sense with the song; it could be made much easier to read though. Your choice of note coloring overall could be better, but I won't fault you for that.
Editor: Seems pretty well-synced, and the fast section does make sense on lower speed.

Progressive Theatrical (bmah) - [+.]
Playtest: Pretty fun file, and the patterns are pretty good to hit.
Editor: Why didn't you step the 16ths from m65 on? It seems like you started doing it at m72, but it felt really off to not have the 16ths before that. And why didn't you step the 64th/32nd pattern in m41 as well as 39 and 40?

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Group 3


Pussy Pump (samurai7694)
Rating: [+.]
-> changed offset from -1.160 to -1.145 (lines up a bit better with most waveforms)

Structure is fairly consistent. Few notes:

- contains rare -very- slight and probably irrelevant misrhythms (example: note at 12.738 should be at 12.761 [as a 64th note]).
- 37.871: are these rhythms correct? It's really choppy, so the colors at that speed might be passable.
- 42.561: this section is missing a few snares, and it doesn't come off as stylistic/deliberate (see 42.959/43.225?)
- 57.827: one handed mini-burst that forces a jack?
- 57.163-58.490: it seems like some of these notes are ghosted, when slowed down
- 73.092: if you're following hi-hats, they actually start at 72.827, although this is a great choice to start later, if deliberate
- 77.473/81.322: ooooooof that's nasty

The chart maintains a fairly decent accuracy, but there are a few very slight (and generally unnoticeable at 100% rate) misrhythms and some light ghosting that can be taken care of. Also, a few of the patterns are downright brutal, and can take a slight revising to make a bit more smooth.

Radiant (Gundam-Dude)
Rating: [+]
-> changed offset from -2.266 to -2.258 (lines up with first waveform very nicely)

Very solid and clean chart structure - the grace notes with color accents are a very nice accent as well.

- intro could use slight tweaking to be more representative in pitch, but the current pattern setup is consistent and works well
- opting out of the 32nds at 28.548?
- this file desperately needs a way to give those huge cymbals a punch - the file plays pretty dry in my opinion

A little bland to me as a player, but the chart is nice and flowing, as well as very consistent.

Rast Kissing (Silvuh)
Rating: [+]
-> changed offset from -0.384 to -0.383 (lol)

Structure is consistent, but isn't linear -- gradients upward pretty heavily starting around 37 seconds and holds steady up to around 74 seconds.

- great attention to rhythmic detail at 11.922
- 15.153: maybe add in the snare to your layering (avoiding triples since you have none?) to fill in a bit more?
- patterns flow well

It seems like space can be filled out to add difficulty in spaces where they are needed. The file is good as is, but I think it can be a little bit better with the addition of some extra layering.

Romance in the Club (samurai7694)
Rating: [+]
-> needs a slight offset adjustment that I'm having trouble figuring out because of the song's heavy waveforms, haha

- any reason why there's a stop right at the beginning?
- 10.537: mis-rhythm; should be a 4 note 32nd starting at 10.591
- 13.964: 6-note burst is correct, but it's a 64th burst starting at 13.991 - there should be a 1/32nd gap from the final note of the burst and the jump - I mention this extremely fine timing because the pattern is easily to get around
- 33.455: forced offset 16th mini-jack? not a big issue but worth addressing for flow purposes
- 61.942: see 13.964
- 81.433: see 33.455

All of the notes mentioned here are timing mistakes that are incredibly minor, and surely aren't noticeable at normal song rate. File flows great for a speed chart. Accenting is there, technicality is there - overall, a very strong chart.

Sanaeba (OneHandNow)
Rating: [?]
-> BPM changed to 149.551, with an offset of -2.191

To save myself a lot of the time giving the notes - using 150 BPM 32nd trills in a chart is one thing, but layering them in with other things is a bit ridiculous. This chart could probably be more suitable as a speed chart, using the 32nds as runs; this way, you could add variation to the chart by mixing up pattern choice.

- 2.993: should be 24ths
- 3.796: should also be 24ths
- 22.251: entry is pretty crazy
- 23.856: right-handed trilling at 300 BPM 16ths? consider changing this to something else
- 44.718: see 23.856
- 46.323: pretty much any pattern used that anchors 16th jacks for some reason (i.e. trills/runningmen) will be ridiculous
- 68.790: ^
- 89.653: left-handed trilling at 300 BPM 16ths? consider revising
- 91.258: see 23.856
- 112.120: see 46.323
- 113.725: see 46.323


This song continously repeats the same thing over and over again - it should probably be cut after only two repeats. Layering isn't always consistent, and the file doesn't do enough to vary itself around.

Shinryuu (Silvuh)
Rating: [+]
-> a few notes are slightly off their respective waveforms by a slight amount

- 6.015: only partially following the lead piano? is this intentional?
- 51.155: will layering both pianos cause a huge difficulty spike? lead piano still goes here, so it's an abrupt stop

Although the chart seems to (deliberately) leave out a few notes here or there, it's clear as to why - like the syncopated 12th rhythm to follow only the higher notes at 6.015, etc. Chart looks great for an easy song, though.

spanish (MarioNintendo & bmah)
Rating: [+]

This was almost a [++]. However, the end of the song gets drifty - off enough to be glaring. It starts at 111.098 - this actually seems to alleviate itself but you can't rely on the song to fix sync on its own; apply those BPM changes and make the entire file on sync using subbeats.

Speedcore 300 (Xx{Midnight}xX)
Rating: [?]
-> offset changed from -1.206 to -1.225

- 13.025: you missed a jump to the hi-hat here (this is what you were layering previously).
- 14.625: this set of 16ths could probably be something more clear to show the players that you simply can't accommodate for what that rhythm is - maybe a single white arrow where the 8th note should be?
- 24.425: I do understand the theory of using two 16ths for syncopation, and it's acceptable here, but...
- 30.825: ...it doesn't work so well when that instrument you're following has an 8th note.
- 43.575: you have a forced 16th mini-jack here. Clean that up.
- 46.175: ^
- 52.425: OH GOD -- this isn't to say the 32nds are wrong, they're painful enough as it is, but maybe you should make it clear that the pitch changes without changing the jump-trill? In this case, you could change it to a reverse roll (21432143....) to give a visual change without forcing the player to make that brutal split transition.
- 60.325 [etc.]: any instance of these 32nds are incorrect - it should be five 16th notes starting on the red note.
- 62.025/62.425/62.625/[etc]: rethink these bursts -- you can leave them there if you'd like, but make the pattern clearer (like alternating between 1234123 and 4321432, clear opposites or something of the like)
- 97.325: watch that 8th note burst - flip it to make it a bit less of a ridiculous transition
- 100.825/101.825: see 62.025, etc.
- 119.325: you're correct about it being three notes, but it's 8th notes starting at 119.225
- 122.025: why triple? just curious
- 128.025: three 8th notes, you have the right starting point this time

Considerably better than the original chart, and with some fixes, this actually can pass because it does have some interesting step rhetoric. I don't mind some of the structure here; now it's just a matter of fixing a few of the ridiculous bursts.

Spirit in Waiting (Xenorosth)
Rating: [-]
-> incorrect BPM/offset - try 154.007 BPM with an offset of -0.301 (rough sync check, not really detailed, but should do the job)

I can't get a clear understanding of the file because the first note to a cymbal starts on an 8th note and it just keeps drifting. Correct using offset/BPM listed above.

StartingSong (Coolboyrulez0)
Rating: [?]
-> there's a single note sitting with no beat here on my DDream -- according to me, the correct offset is -0.047.

- PR issues throughout the file; I bring this up because it is very apparent that you are trying to distinguish the patterns of the song based on the pitch of the synth/bass instruments
- the huge 8th run is a bit of a spike in comparison to the rest of the song, which is fairly light
- 105.647: I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of syncopation to the breaks here - it's not impossible to condense these down to 8th notes if you get the accents just right; it is a long section, so deviation is nice to have
- this chart is incredibly repetitive...

The chart needs a little bit of reworking.

Subconsciousness (leonid)
Rating: [+]
- 62.011: there's a nice choppy synth here to step, to add a nice little bridge between sections; obviously not required.
- part of me feels that the bass-drum relevance should be given up to add flow, rather than having 12th note jacks, but again, not a big deal.
- adequate PR, some spots more accurate than others

Easier file, but very well done. Highly enjoyable.

Submission Rules (MarioNintendo)
Rating: [PASS]
-> PLEASE make sure your song is properly named in your .sm file, I had to change it to work.

Song is a joke; I'm not going to be responsible for accepting/rejecting a file like this. I'm leaving this to the head judges to decide whether or not they want something like this as game content for FFR. I'd personally auto-reject it, but obviously that will cause issues.

Tasteless (JSH)
Rating: [+?]
-> offset changed from -0.063 to -0.101

- vocal sync in the introduction could be a bit tighter, although it's close enough as is while playing
- I -do- see a structure in this file; it's not perfectly clear, but it's clear enough to me that I can comprehend parts of the layering scheme - you might be able to make it a bit more clear by making sure that the step containing the vocal isn't immediately before a step where there's percussion (snare or bass - see 34.601 and 34.768, where the former is a vocal step, and the latter is a percussion step; fixing this might make your chart slightly cleaner)
- there are areas where it seems like you're missing steps in accordance to your layering setups, like 91.434 (a missing bass drum)
- 130.101: personal preference, but might be a cool idea - being that there's no attack on the notes and it's a pitch-bend, maybe you could color the notes all white? That way, it'll be very clear that you're following something special, haha.
- 159.434: I really like this; nice job noting the repeating triplets in the melody and still adding some differentiation to the patterns
- I also personally believe that the BPM should be doubled - I know that there is a bass drum once every 4th note, but the song does sound like it should be faster than 90 BPM

Chart isn't horrible, there's a well defined structure in it and it begins to make more sense as you play the song a few times, but it can most certainly be cleaned up. The song is fairly repetitive though, and a song cut could definitely make this more playable.

Rapids (Ziergdsx18)
Rating: [+]
-> offset changed from -0.102 to -0.096

- 9.445: check rhythm here; 16ths aren't quite fast enough
- 10.119 - ...: that sound you're following isn't 16th triplets, but for the sake of your chart structure, it's perfectly alright
- 43.735: missing note? no big deal
- 48.529: not a huge fan of this trill, but it is accurate
- 54.064: this has a slightly finer rhythm, check it again
- 68.238: being that the bass-drum is here with a synth, I feel like you should have [34]2[34]2[34]2[34]2[134], or some sort of jump + trill combination to accent the final note hard
- 119.806: maybe use jumps here to accent the hard sound? using triples seems counter-productive because you're losing representation of other instruments and while you're accenting the white-noise cymbal, you're making the chart emptier

File has a consistent structure - somewhat contestable in areas, but nothing stands out as erroneous during a normal playtest.

The Stupidest Track I've Ever Made (00Razor00)
Rating: [+?]
-> This song samples a lot of different outside sources, which causes the sync to deviate slightly in many sections for what you are stepping. I've uploaded a .sm file that tightens up the sync a little bit more in some sections - there was a LOT of subtle changes and subbeat additions. It's not perfect, though - the waveforms of the bass drum are difficult to work with.

.sm file: http://pastebin.com/VvDHqmHx

- might be a good idea to cut out the ad-lib before 23.007 seconds
- 23.007-38.006: drum breaks aren't fully accounted for? Layering choice seems to go in and out from following bass drum + snare to just following snare
- 53.646-56.199: very nice vocal accenting - perhaps you could use a different note for "ho-ur" since the same note uses "min-ute" (or vice versa) for an even nicer result?
- 68.959-74.709: layering seems incomplete or erroneous here, it's very difficult to tell what's going on
- 81.091: it seems clear that you're following the higher pitched synth in this area, but you're missing some 16ths in the melody here
- 89.389-90.985: small little bridge section seems a bit off to me with rhythm/pattern choice
- 101.677: the buzz starts here, and...
- 101.836: these should be 24ths
- 104.707-114.920: aside from the slightly out of place 16th triplet on the 8th note at 104.867 (which I see going to the subtle percussion insert), this section isn't all that bad, but you can make things look a bit better visually by placing the appropriate 8th note jacks to the voices (you do that for the longer repeated voice sample already, why not do the short one too?)
- 114.920-119.391: this section is nice, repetition where it's due
- 120.023: the second halves of these phrases (see: 120.502, 121.779, 123.055) have many ghosted notes.
- 134.528: this burst is a bit unreasonable; it forces 16th jacks at almost 190 BPM
- 140.213: ^

This file has some interesting quirks, but it's also a bit rough in some spots, and missing steps in others. There are some inconsistencies scattered about as well.

The Whistle Song (Arch0wl)
Rating: [+.]
-> changed offset -0.582 to -0.561

- 12.561: not counting this against you; think about your entire player demographic - it is index friendly, but spread players will not be fond of this out of place one-handed trill
- 14.275: same as above, possibly make this a bit more spread-friendly? on another note - this might be better omitted from your chart to avoid a massive difficulty spike
- 45.025: mini-jack?
- 45.989: huge difficulty spike in comparison to the rest of the chart - nothing wrong with deviating a little but this jack might be a bit too much
- 60.561-72.561: maybe fill in the bass drum here to kill off some of that emptiness?
- 86.275: again, trill might be a bit too much here
- 120.347/etc: mini-jack to hi-hat? maybe remove for flow?
- 130.847: trill issue again

One notable thing about this file is the "vintage" feel of it. It plays like a much older file, using very index friendly patterns and easy-to-understand rhythmic syncopation, and I do appreciate the way this is stepped. I'd definitely like to see the trills/16th mini-jacks removed, though.

Toxic (qqwref & DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.]
-> sync drifts early, hard to see where, but the gap is pretty decent as the song progresses

Chart is well structured, no real errors aside from the sync.

Troll Dance (ScarletSky)
Rating: [+?]
-> offset changed from -0.371 to -0.366
-> after resetting the offset, I placed a subbeat on the 8th note at 29.723, and changed the BPM to make the following 4th note land on 29.932; for some reason, that sample gets rushed forward - no points taken off for this

- a good majority of the 16th notes in this song to the percussion are incorrect; using 37.003 as an example, an acceptable gap would be 5/64ths away from the aforementioned 8th note (or 37.137) - alternatively, you could get even closer than that by being 7/96ths away ((or 14/192nds, if you're not using DDream) at 37.128).
- 2.080-29.080: it seems like you were trying to add some pitch relevance here, and if that's the case, then revise for better relevance
(side note, is it necessary for everything here to be jumps with the harder accents as triples? maybe reduce your layering for everything in this section by one arrow)
- 29.509-56.503: one moment, you're adding jumps for the snares/bass, another moment, you're omitting them, and there doesn't seem to be a pattern of sorts to make the omissions look intentional
- 29.509-56.503: I do see some pitch relevance with the guitar sound, but it's hard to keep up with being intertwined with a confusing layering scheme
- 29.509-56.503: mini-jacks for the percussion? one note is a bass-drum and the other is a snare, so it seems forced
- 56.503-69.789: filling this area with a run seems counter-intuitive, considering the fact that all of the percussion dies out here; using only the guitar and that deep bass/saw sound would also stop that abrupt cutoff at 66.574
- 70.646-132.360: this layering scheme is a bit more clear that the previous one, but the mini-jacks feel incorrectly placed because one note is a bass drum and the other is a snare, etc.
- 132.360-146.074: I understand the layering, but this is another situation where being selective might lead to cleaner layering - maybe use only the rhythmic guitar (straight 16ths) and the heavy bass/saw sound (triples) with a reduced layering
- 146.074-187.214: see 70.646-132.360
- song could definitely use a cut

There are some pretty noticeable structure issues within the chart, but the difference here, is that the structure is actually consistent. With a cut, and a few minor changes sprinkled throughout the song, this could be queue-worthy.

Tutti Frutti Summer Love (bmah)
Rating: [+]
-> offset changed from -1.060 to -1.068

- 18.030/65.914: if you're following that faded guitar, it's 24th notes
- 99.606/105.145/116.222/123.606: these 24ths should be 32nds, that is, if you're not intentionally slowing up the rhythm
- 110.568: this burst is also a bit harsh, as it forces a quick mini-jack -and- has a jump in it

Aside from the really minor rhythmic issues, this file is very clean, and structured very nicely. Accenting is there, and the difficult gradients upward during the stronger, more filled out chorus sections.

UDU Shuffle (DossarLX ODI)
Rating: [+.]
-> offset changed from -4.700 to -4.745

- 4.745-47.207: any reason why you opted out of carrying the swing through the entire time? it actually works out nicely with the intentional omission.
- 63.822: that cymbal way in the background is probably not the best choice for jumps here
- 86.437: why'd you use runningmen here? not counting against you
- this song is cool, but the lack of rhythmic deviation makes it -drag-

This chart is a good example of how to catch a player's attention with interesting pattern choice and structure, rather than really good pitch relevancy/layering. However, this song felt a lot longer than 2:19 - it needs a slight cut near the end somewhere.

Waltz of Spring (Xayphon)
Rating: [+.]
-> offset changed from -0.584 to -0.566

- this waltz sounds like is in 3/4 time, so the most acceptable quantization would be 12th notes, instead of 8th notes here
- layering seems correct throughout the song
- pitch relevancy seems partially correct, but it's mixed in a slightly confusing manner
- interesting song!

Chart is acceptable as is. Sync might need a minor tweaking here or there.

what the **** is this (0)
Rating: [+]
-> offset changed from -0.067 to -0.058

Great step rhetoric. No rhythmic errors, great flowing patterns, and layering is spot on. Only thing stopping this from getting a [++] from me is the very short song length - I personally feel you need a full song, or a more -complete- song to achieve that kind of rating.

Wind Waker Unplugged (who_cares973)
Rating: [+]

This file is great, but I see a lot of people disliking it for the harsh usage of triples. The usage is understandable, and I'm actually a fan of it. Nothing wrong or bad here, although I think some of the 48ths into the triples should be 48ths into doubles (to still give an accent without cluttering the chart too heavily?).

World Revolution (Niala)
Rating: [+]

- 96.714: why are there 8th note jacks here? it seems like the hi-hat is what's being followed, but I'm not so sure.

Very clean file, nothing erroneous...anywhere, really. Flows well, accents well, and has a high level of layering aggression that will challenge most players without adding artifical pattern difficulty.

wow dis shore is a grate song (0)
Rating: [+?]
-> changed offset from -0.020 to -0.029

Song is incredibly short, and doesn't do much in the way of variety. 500 BPM section seems a bit unnecessary; even though the bass-drum speed does clearly increase, it's also increasing the chart's difficulty by adding an artificial density.

Yukitsukiyashou (leonid)
Rating: [+.]

- 6.919: while technically correct, the sudden transition to jumps is definitely a frustrating one to play through; maybe you could shift your chart right one time while accenting the same thing before this massive section of jumps?
- 82.919: seems like an abrupt shift in difficulty, no?
- 144.919: see 6.919

I like this song a lot, and the file isn't too bad. One thing that is distracting about this chart, is the constant changing of difficulty, rather than a somewhat even progression in comparison to the song's intensity.

Abyssal (DossarLX ODI & icontrolyourworld)
Rating: [+?]
-> changed offset from -2.233 to -2.249

- 2.249-14.249: best solution for clarity would be to follow the cymbals, and switch to something else only when it's extremely clear that the percussion has changed (i.e. 8.035), rather than just having a generic two beat separation
- 16.820/18.535/etc.: you didn't have these triples before, and with a song of this speed, it's probably best to leave them out when you have this running pattern going on
- 31.820-37.820/38.678-44.892/etc.: there's really not much to say here, you have a bunch of 16th runs, the patterns are varied up, but no matter which way you look at it, the chart is generic because there's nothing but 16th runs following the same thing over and over again. This might sound nuts to other people, but I think you should try to put a few jumps to some of the prominent cymbals in the run to give at least SOME accenting value to it. Yes, it'll be 280 BPM jumpstream, but I personally feel your chart will be a bit better this way. The cymbals typically happen two beats apart in these sections, anyway.
- 70.820: see 31.820-37.820/etc.
- 119.678-end: remove triples, etc.

Not much to say. It's a really fast song, with extremely fast 16th runs that not too many people will be able to do. Best suited for a skill token, if passed.

Interlude (samurai7694 & qqwref)
Rating: [+.]
-> offset changed from -0.220 to -0.250

- 25.321/32.179/etc.: why not account for the pitch changing in the melody? there'd still be four jumps to accent the snare hard enough while accommodating this
- 84.250: this section could use some tweaking for pitch; it's also lacking in terms of accenting - maybe you could follow the repeating bass-line's pitch?
- 100.750/107.607/etc.: see 25.321/etc.

Not a fan of the chart, but it does have technical accuracy after looking at it a few times.


Interlude [+?]

-totally not the attack attack I was expecting
-m67 you missed a 16th note in your stream
-while there's nothing blatantly wrong with the file, it does feel like a generic jumpstream amateur trance file.

Pussy Pump [+]

-I'm not one to argue color sync notes, but at m15 it doesn't seem necessary.
-m33-34 the 32nds here are debatable. It sounds like it's following the vocals, but I don't think the sound is prominent enough to include them since it's pretty hazy.
-m53 same thing with the 32nds, but it's really inaudible hi-hats in the background. It might be best to keep the louder sounds included
-Aside from little nit-picks the file is great as is.

Radiant [+]

-Only complaint is that I don't see much of a need for the ghost notes when the song picks up.
-Fantastic file.

Rast Kissing [+.]

-m9 you use single notes then switch to jump notes for the same tonality of piano. technically should either all be single notes or all jumps. they're accentuated the same
-m18 the flam notes here don't sound necessary. it's either not audible enough or doesn't exist.
-rest is pretty good.

Romance in the Club [+]

-A few burst patterns seem a little awkward to hit, considering the rest of the file isn't as hard.

Sanaeba [-]

-m2 this 32nd roll needs a pattern change.
-m5 dat trill.....
-Just feels like a hard dump with massive difficulty spikes. Sorry mate.
-Doesnt help that it is very repetitive.

Shinryuu [+.]

-I feel like some more jumps could have been added to accentuate other areas since they are pretty conservatively used here. (example m10 the piano hits here could all use jumps, but only 2 notes have them).
-Otherwise short decent file.

Spanish [+]
-very yes. fantastic file.

Speedcore 300 [-]

-m14 if you're following the bass drum you missed an 8th note after the 3rd 4th
-m17 missed another 8th note before the 16ths
-m30 there's no reason to have 16th gallops here
-I think you should look over the rhythms in this file. There are a lot of things to fix. Some of your 32nd patterns could use some work as well.

Spirit in Waiting [-]

-m16 you start layering hands, though I don't think the accentuation of the piano notes changed so they feel overlayered at this point. Also since you're layering the 32nds, you missed some after the 2nd 4th note
-m18 these would work better as single notes, especially when you're using [13][24] 32nd jump trills.
-during this whole sequence you miss quite a few 32nd flams. Look over the beginning again.
-When the song picks up you stop using hands, which is sort of inconsistent.
-File cuts off.

Starting Song [?]

-sync is early
-Feels like you could've done so much more with the beginning given all the sounds that are going on.
-File drifts even more offsync.
-Pitch relevancy could use a little more work, especially given the simplicity of the chart.
-Would be great as an easier chart, but needs some work especially with sync.

Subconsciousness [+?]

-starting at m18, I can hear what you're putting jumps to, but there are much more audible sounds you could've added them to. They sort of seem random right now.
-I also think you could have followed the melody more here.
-end of m35 you start following the 24ths and then stop. There are a few more you missed in this measure.
-ending drags on a little. maybe add a little more so the player doesn't think the song is over?

Submission Rules [++]


Tasteless [+.]

-m6 the first 32nd is a little late color note sync-wise
-m20 there's a 4th note gap where you would usually be stepping the bass drum.
-I'm not quite sure I follow your jump useage.
-The file has a few broken flow issues. Just look into where you're layering some of your jumps and those bass drum notes and you're all set. Cool song and file.

The Rapids [+?]

-nice steps they totally weren't inspired by anything
-m29 32nds shouldn't be here, same with every other instance where you step this sound. It's just a regular bass note with a grungy vibrato.
-m38-39 listen closely here, you missed some 16th syncopations.
-m66 nooo these shouldn't be 32nds...
-Fix all these and it's pretty much perfect.

The Stupidest Track I've Ever Made [?]

-starting at m26 you miss a lot of 16th amen breaks. the song is really hard to listen to given the filtering but they're there.
-I'm also not sure about how you're layering your jumps, sometimes it goes to every 4th bass drum note, sometimes it doesn't.
-m41 you could add 8th bass notes here
-m56 the 16th notes here are pretty questionnable also. Listen closely, there's a bunch missed.
-m80 the 32nds should technically start a 4th note before where you placed them. the rest are fine though
-needs revisions

the Whistle Song [-]

-m9 you cut off the 24ths short
-when the song picks up, the jumps are thrown in completely at random
-sync is a tad late
-m15 invisible 16ths
-m26 this time you didn't add the 24ths?
-m27 the jacks here sort of spike the difficulty randomly
-I'm not quite sure I follow your use of 16th notes.

Toxic [+.]

-right off the bat, the guitar notes have a few rhythms missing. Listen closely
-m23 I would add jumps on the snare hits like you do for the 3rd 4th note.
-Wow this song haha. Not a bad file at all though.
-m77 I forgot to mention this before in the first time it played but you could consider stepping the 16ths in the background for some added intensity. this is of course completely optional and is fine as is.
-Maybe could've used a cut since it repeats the chorus like 4 times

Troll Dance [-]

-Jumps at the start aren't very consistent pitch relevancy wise
-m18 you missed a 4th note on the 3rd beat, same with the following measures
-jumps need a revision. they're inconsistently layered with what you're following.
-m26 there's nothing to warrant a 16th note jack here, especially when you were stepping it completely differently a few measures before
-m42 if you're following the percussion, you should probably be following the 8th notes here as well.
-Not a fan of the 16th jump jacks
-Given the difficulty of the file, I'm not sure hands are necessary
-m67 I'm not sure why you decided to make the 16th jack a jump as well since it doesn't really vary from the rest. It's a more quiet section in fact.
-Needs fixes

Tutti Frutti Summer Love [+]

-Love the groove in this.
-Yeah no real complaints. Super fun.

UDU Shuffle [-]

-sync is early
-the swing notes are really inconsistent. Sometimes you just stop following them when technically they're always present. The song itself doesn't really present an opportunity for variation though.
-Sorry I don't really see much appeal to this.

Waltz of Spring [+.]

-Pitch relevancy should be relatively simple here, yet a few parts irk me
-Just needs a quick revision. Don't see much else wrong with this.

What the **** is this [+]

-Zaghurim is pretty much groove master fjord, and you've got it down pretty well.
-Length is a turn-off though. He hasn't made a longer version of this?

Wind Waker Unplugged [+.]

-sort of disappointed you didn't add all the flute flams at the start, especially since you did for the guitar notes.
-otherwise nostalgia blast

World Revolution [+]

-great file. pretty standard layering.

Wow dis shore is a grate song [-]

-I'm gonna go ahead and say some of the patterns can be re-worked, especially at that speed.
-Also this is way too short.


-One of the few 12th note files that has proper layering. gj

i love you

Interlude (samurai7694 & qqwref) - Wow, this file was just really fun and amazing. I really love how the pattern usage flows right to the song without it making it look repetitive. [+]

Pussy Pump (samurai7694)- This file was pretty challenging but at the same time fun to some extent. The rolls on m53 and m56 are so evil but I am sure that once converted into FFR, it will be double trillable. Overall, just another challenging file with a few aid parts. [+]
Radiant (Gundam-Dude)- This file was amazingly fun and unique. I bet if this file gets into FFR, people will be shocked at your 192nd ~ExPrEsSiVeMaNiAs~. Overall, was not able to spot anything wrong in this file. [+]

Rast Kissing (Silvuh)- Really nice song choice and pattern usage. I definitely can see people enjoying a file so chill and relaxing with a spice of difficulty to top it all off hehe. [+]

Romance in the Club feat. Liquido (samurai7694)- This file was pretty fun and challenging. I like the pattern usage and the layering choices in this file. Song choice is really interesting...lol. Overall, file was fun and challenging. [+]

Sanaeba (OneHandNow)- As much as the this file was stepped correctly, your pattern usage was just really unreasonable. It's never a good idea to put random 32nd runningmens and trills with doubles inside of them going at 149.55 BPM especially one handed ones. Overall, this file was too techincal and unreasonable for people to play. Making a stepped file is one thing but making it without thinking about fun factor or being reasonable to other players is another and that is not acceptable. [-]

Shinryuu (Silvuh)- Wow, really nice color usage in this file. File was really fun and replayable and that is what matters. [+]

spanish (MarioNintendo & bmah)- I was speechless when I saw this file. I consider files like these a masterpiece. A+ [++]

Speedcore 300 (Xx{Midnight}xX)- This file was very challenging and unreasonable most of the time. Those 16th gallops you have going to those synths throughout the file are not correct. They are just 4th notes nothing more. Also, there are times when you overlayer for no reason like on m68-m76 where you have the end of that roll end with a hand. Overall, this file is overlayered, unreasonable and not fun. [-]

Spirit In Waiting (Xenorosth)- Blue note syndrome and the sync was just too off for me to judge. I do not want to affect your score so I will pass this file. [!]

StartingSong (Coolboyrulez0)- Offset is wrong but that will not affect your rating. Overall, this file was pretty chill and had a different approach. Nothing is wrong with that though so good job. One thing I would like to state is that it started to drag on from m69-m100 because you copy/paste the same patterns whenever the same rhythm started again. Just because the rhythm of thesong repeats does not mean that the steps have to do. Overall, file was fun to some extent. [+.]

Subconsciousness (leonid)- This file was pretty chill and had a lot of flow in it. Also, I like the pattern usage in this and the layering decisions were also good too. Overall, fun and chill file. [+]

Submission Rules (MarioNintendo)- I'm dying ROFL. Whoever sang this song, you just got my respect rofl. Anyway, nice PR usage and I'm really glad that you didn't completely sync the vocals to his voice or else the file would look really messy and lame. Overall, just a really funny file. [+]

Tasteless (JSH)- Wow, this file was amazingly fun and replayable. You really did a great job with the layering choices and the file flow. [+]

The Rapids (Ziergdsx18)- This file was pretty challenging and fun to some extent. Only thing i did not like about this was the fact that it had too many hands going with that same sound over and over again. It made the file look a bit more techincal IMO. I believe that this file would have been better if the hands were abused too much at times. [+.]

The Stupidest Track I've Ever Made (00Razor00)- This file was so awesome and well done. Sightly repetitive at times but the flow of the chart makes up for it. Definitely something i would play. [+]

The Whistle Song (Arch0wl)- This file felt like it was made mostly for index players but regardless, it was fun to some extent. Some of the layering choices you made were very unique and felt more old school which is acceptable in my eyes so I definitely want this. [+]

Toxic (DossarLX ODI & qqwref)- File was fun to some extent and was stepped fine but it started to drag on after a while which ruined some of the replay value in this. [+.]

Troll Dance (ScarletSky)- This file felt a bit repetitive because of the song choice but not by much. Your layering choices were very interesting and had some variety in it which is never bad. Also, I am kind that you changed up the patterns throughout the song because if you did not then this file would have been really repetitive. Overall, file was fun but not that replayable due to length. [+.]

Tutti Frutti Summer Love (bmah)- This was a very fun easy file wow. I honestly do not have much to say about this file other than good ****ing job haha. [+]

UDU shuffle (DossarLX ODI)- This file started to drag on rather quickly because the steps never changed, it stood exactly the same without any attempt to change the variety of the patterns. Since the song choice is really repetitive and do not have much going on with it, changing the patterns is something you should do in other for the file to not drag on this much. Overall, file was stepped too techincial, there should of been more variety. [+?]

Waltz of Spring (Xayphon)- Beautiful song choice for an easy file wow. This is something I personially would want to replay over and over again if I were in the mood to play a nice flowing easy chart. [+]

what the **** is this (0)- Despite the name of the song, this file was really well-stepped. This kinda felt like an easier CCCP in a way but not really. Overall, this is something I would replay again. [+]

Wind Waker Unplugged (wc)- This file was just a nice relaxing file. Something I would definitely replay over and over again. [+]

World Revolution (Niala)- I did not really like most of the hand usage in this file. Also, some of the layering choices felt a bit overused because it made the file feel a bit overlayered. Other than that, file was fun to some extent. [+.]

wow dis shore is a grate song (0)- Wow, this chart was so perfect for a short file. This is pretty much another lolo but a lot easier and more fun. [+]

Yukitsukiyashou (leonid)- This file was really straightforward but still fun to some extent. One thing I liked about this one was the way you changed up your layering at times to follow something else which really kept it from being too repetitive. Overall, nicely done. [+]


Interlude (qqwref and samurai7694) [+]
Really nice work you two! All of the sounds corresponding to the jumps are easily distinguishable with the prominent ticking noises and your steps to the tune are pitch relevant. The only part that confused me is the layering on 113.363s.

Pussy Pump (samurai7694) [?]
When I first tried this file, it really surprised me! A few things:
- I didn稚 hear a 16th on 26.580s.
- The patterns on 37.797s ・38.328s are slightly incorrect.
- Similarly, the patterns on 47.355s ・47.886s are slightly incorrect as well.
- I don稚 think the 4th on 51.602s is worthy to be a jump considering the jumps preceding that jump.
- The part between 56.381s ・64.877s has some questionable steps, but more importantly, patterns that won稚 be liked by the community once converted on FFR. Keep in mind that the community would rather have fun files over technical.
- Nice work on 64.877s - 72.841s! That was fun to play!
- Extra 16th on 73.041s but lacking 16th on 73.572s.
- The 32nd wall starting on 77.487s is unnecessary since the 32nd sounds are not so prominent. Likewise on 81.337s and 89.965s.
- Missing 16th on 83.527s and 95.740s
- I noticed that you step gallops to emphasize that 都woosh・noise but I discourage it since it痴 not really apparent. For example, refer to 102.178s.

This has potential to be a good file! You are certainly on the right track! Keep up the good work!

Radiant (Gundam-Dude) [+?]
I like the tune of this file. Relaxing and great to listen to!
- One thing I noticed about your file is that it痴 lacking an 8th note on 7.381s.
- For stylistic purposes, between 26.957s ・27.674s, I don稚 think there is a need to highlight the 8th (27.134s) and the 16th (27.222s) placed immediately after the first burst since you want to still maintain that feel considering that it痴 the beginning of the song. I壇 personally get rid of those two arrows.
- Nice color theory choice at 27.674s ・28.733s. If you are planning on stepping the beats along with the tune, be sure to include the 32nd (28.424s) and the 16th (28.292s).
- The gallops on 29.761s and 34.046s aren稚 necessary to step since I don稚 see where the steps match up in the song. However, I liked how you stepped that 64th on 35.016s.
- Try to keep your jumps consistent. I see you stepping jumps for a specific noise but you missed some. Ex) 30.408s, 34.641s, 37.022s.
- At 46.728s, I think it shouldn稚 be a jump.

I think generally speaking, the jumps generally confused me. I think it was used to highlight multiple aspects of the song but they are all cluttered into a similar fashion, making it difficult to distinguish between them. Nice work though!

Rast Kissing (Silvuh) [+]
Nice tune and very nice file! The steps aren稚 confusing and there is a good variation of layering with some instances of layering multiple sounds in the file. Only thing I would suggest doing is to emphasize 91.769s, 95.467s and 100.538 as jumps since those sounds are very apparent at that portion of the song. The beauty of this is the fact that the (13) and (24) jumps can readily serve a purpose to represent the same sounds as a jump and the tune simultaneously. Nice work!

Romance In The Club feat. Liquido (samurai7694) [+.]
Fun tricky file here. The noises on 13.983s and 14.626s are the same sounds, so be consistent with the rhythms. You missed a 16th on 20.088s and 26.942s. On 32.189s, those should be 48th starting on that 16th. Nice color theory on 37.758s! On 52.537s, I think that should致e been a (13) jump since you are using that to highlight that specific sound. From 57.677s on, I知 assuming that is the mirrored part of the first half of the song, so my previous comments apply on those respective parts as well. Nice job!

Sanaeba (OneHandNow) [-]
Although this file may be technically correct, there is no way I can see this on FFR. The 32nd trills are too aggressive and makes up the entire difficulty of the file. This reminds me of Crowdpleaser and M8BT on FFR, and I知 sure the community doesn稚 want a similar file like that in the future. This would probably make a good SM dump file, but for the sake of FFR, probably not.

Shinryuu (Silvuh) [+.]
Very nice easy file! I really like your pitch relevancy of your steps since that correspond to the file well! There are a bunch of missing arrows and a lack of arrows at some point which is completely understandable since this song has many sounds ongoing at the same time. At 20.308s, I don稚 see the harm in stepping that as a gallop to show more emphasis on the chord. I didn稚 hear a 4th on 53.887s and 55.252s in terms of what you are layering. I also didn稚 hear a 12th on 59.074s. You missed a 4th on 60.653s. I also didn稚 hear the 12th on 65.269s, 66.625s, 71.817s and 72.059s, and the 8th on 69.178s. Very nice job!

Spanish (MarioNintendo and bmah) [+]
This file is simply amazing. This file reminds me of It痴 Only Natural but with a more relaxing trill to hit. Good music, good steps, and great pitch relevancy throughout the song! I didn稚 know it was stepped by you two at the time I was judging. The only part of the file that I don稚 understand is the jumps between 117.620s to 120.415s and 124.141s to 126.005s. They confused me as to what you are layering. Other than that, nice job you two!

Speedcore 300 (xX{Midnight}Xx) [-]
I can稚 honestly see this on FFR. If you put it in perspective, hitting the 8th jumps in this file is like being faced with the beginning 16th jack of Eclipse (Solar) throughout the entire file. 32nds are four times faster than that 16th jack in Eclipse, which will be an entire framermess once converted on FFR. It might be better to highlight the 釘zzts・with a 192nd note. Nice try though!

Spirit in Waiting (Xenorosth) [-]
I知 assuming that this is an incomplete offsync壇 file. Even if not, they steps should be toned down a few notches.

Starting Song (Coolboyrulez0) [?]
Slightly offsynced but repetitive throughout the song. A cut version of this would be nice. Nice job though!

Subconciousness (leonid) [+.]
Nice file and nice song choice! Jumps slightly confused me but it痴 not a major issue. Very nice pitch relevancy.

Submission Rules (MarioNintendo) [+]
This song is hilarious! Nice work on pitch relevancy and nice job with the syncing! I don稚 see anything wrong with the file! Nice job!

Tasteless (JSH) [+?]
The jumps generally confused me and there is an inconsistency in layering throughout the song. The beginning felt a little offsync壇. The steps however are good in terms of pitch relevancy and the song itself is nice to listen to. Nice job!

The Rapids (Ziergdsx18) [+.]
Fun hard file! The beginning is my major concern because it felt off rhythm at times. Are you trying to step the drums at that particular instance? Nice work!

The Stupidest Track I致e Ever Made (00Razor00) [?]
The 32nds around 101.508s are stepped incorrectly. The 64th walls on 134.371s and 140.201s are too aggressive for the overall difficulty of the song. The steps are pretty repetitive as well. Nice work on the syncing!

The Whistle Song (Arch0wl) [?]
All of the 24ths in this file are actually 32nds but I am under the assumption that it was stepped that way to keep the difficulty as leveled as possible. Personally, I don稚 think it痴 completely necessary to step the 32nds (or 24ths). I also think this would be better if the file is made easier (this includes finding an alternative way to step those 16th jacks) since there is not much in the song but 16ths and 32nds throughout at a low bpm. It shouldn稚 be a demanding file since the song portrays ease. I知 also confused with the steps throughout the file besides the jumps at the 展oo Woo・noise. Nice job though!

Toxic (DossarLX ODI and qqwref) [+]
Nice file here! I can稚 find anything wrong about this file!

Troll Dance (ScarletSky) [?]
Steps are for the most part fine. However, the file lacks variety since the steps are generally really similar. Consider cutting a good portion of the song to avoid this. Good job!

Tutti Frutti Summer Love (bmah) [+]
This is a fun file. I really like the music because it痴 really enjoyable and the steps are great! Well done!

UDU Shuffle (DossarLX ODI) [+.]
Very fun file! I like the variety of pattern choices here. The offset is incorrect however. It should be -4.760 seconds.

Waltz of the Spring (Xayphon) [+]
Very short and fun easy file! Nice usage of jumps and very nice PR! Missed a 4th on 6.400s.

What the **** is this? (0) [+]
Short and fun tricky file! PR is great and steps are flawless! Nice job here!

Wind Waker Unplugged (wc) [+]
I don稚 know why I find this file funny hahaha! Perfect job here wc!

World Revolution (Niala) [+]
I honestly like this file a lot! Very fun to play! Those 64ths at the beginning may be a little too tricky but manageable! Nice work!

Wow Dis Shore Is A Grate Song (0) [+]
Definitely seeing this file as the next Lolo in the game. Nice work!

Yukitsukiyashou (leonid) [+]
PR is great! Fun to play and very nice song choice! No complaints here!

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

October 1, 2011

Judge Team 1



-I feel that this song goes on a bit too long. There's a couple of bumps that play really weird, but it's fine mostly, I just think it's way too long, particularly considering most of it is the same quarter note=jumps with 8ths for "flavour" and 16ths at the end of every 4th measure with rolls. It's just a lot of the same thing.
-I think you can get rid of the jumps at beats 99.5 and 119.5 for consistency.
-that 16th note at beat 176.50 is kinda lonely. It's just weird, although right, it's weird...
-At beat 554.5 why would you put a [12] jump going into a 1234 roll like that? It's a pretty terrible pattern flow.
NOTE: Only accepted if cut.

Above Everything

-Disorganized and poor pattern flow are the biggest problems with the chart, although there are some neat ideas, like the 32nd minitrills, the rest doesn't meet par.
-Also, dear lord cut this song please.

Alone Again at 4AM

-Nice, simple, easy, well done.
-Now, that said, the PR needs some work. It's clear that you attempted to use PR, but there's a large portion of it that's incorrect, and even some of the correct parts could be done better.

Ambiant Angels

-I like the approach to this, it's very clear without being altogether conventional.
-Heavy layering aggression at the end, though through applicatin of climax theory, might be a bit too much, although I respect the idea it sets forth.
-Very fun for how simple it is, I particularly like the basic stream, it's very nostalgic.

Amen Iraq

-Overall good play, some of the changes are disrupting, but I'm probably biased because I liked the other version more.

Animus Intorqueo No. 1/2/3

-They all get a [+] from me, they've all improved dramatically since you first submitted them to DF, and I think they've all turned into great charts.

Apentenodytes Disco

-Not bad, not great, but not bad. I really like this chart in theory, it just needs to be improved before being let in. Misrhythms (listen carefully to the hi-hats), as well as inconsistencies in things like the hand placements.

Bogey at your Six

-Kinda long, lots of dead space, but the chrat structure does make sense. Left-handed people will love you.

Canary Part V

-Much as I hate to admit it, this is a good file. Even if it is basically impossible to play. I'd say get rid of the 48th rolls that's way too crazy and that extra note at the end isn't necessary. Also incredibly jump heavy, but I can see why. Hands in the intro are an overuse.

Caprice for Violin in B Minor Theme and Variations

-There's very little pattern variation for long periods of time in this song, it starts doing one thing and keeps doing it for a long time. It's well done, the PR is good, and the layering, although the opportunities for it are seldom, is good. I just don't like how long it is coupled with how little variation there is.
-The trills starting at measure 78 need a bit of work, most particularly the first set. It comes out of nowhere (quite literally) and switches the starting hand with each trill, and that just destroys the flow between them, particularly if you're not expecting it.
-I actually laughed super hard at the hands, but they make so much sense, and it was so fun, I absolutely love it, it just they're so unconventional that I thought it was kinda funny.
-Interesting chart overall, I'm not sure how the community is going to take it.


-Pretty good, PR is weak in areas that could use it (i.e. the slowdown) and some of your pattern choices (i.e. the 16ths around measure 26, the [13][24] into a quad at measure 50?) were poor, also that 23333332 on the 16ths just before measure 46 was faulty, clearly a drum pattern there.

-Fine overall, got way too dense at the end, though, and the very very ending with the building offset roll thing was really hard to play, and is just a poor pattern flow.
-beat 75.5 and 75.75 could do with arrows
-why the 48th gallop at 115.5?

Creative Happy

-I like this a lot better than the previous one. Flows a lot better, and has better structure to the chart. Nice improvements. You overlooked some of the stuff I had mentioned before, but if you don't like it that's your choice. P.s. you missed a 4th at beat 127.


-There are some misrhythms in the early parts of the file, as well as a very odd layering scheme that doesn't leave much playability to the file. I think it could do with some fixes, but it's pretty good for the most part.
-I don't like the 12ths for that rising noise, which I don't need to explain futher as they're the only 12ths in the file. Every time I play it I just wonder what it's there for.


Unfortunately it's swing and not 16ths, but 12ths and 24ths. That alone kills the chart.


-Only thing that I REALLY didn't like were those minijacks going out of measure 38 (~72.7s.) Also you missed a jump at 89.020s (4th note).


-This is great. It's like Dance and Zeal v.awesomely stepped guitar solo in the middle of it.

Duck Hunt

-I think one of the biggest problems with stepping these kind of pseudo-rap songs is when you try to syncopate too many arrows, which hurts the flow of the file. Stuff like the 24th before measure 18 don't really need to be syncopated. If it's not REALLY obvious, it probably shouldn't be done, otherwise it's just confusing.
-And, in fact, that's particularly true for this file, because of how much is going on in the music, and that the drums, synth, AND vocals are all stepped, it's hard to follow the vocals in specific while playing, because your brain is paying attention to three lines of music to attempt to derive where the arrows are coming from.
-Aside from that, I like the file a lot, it's very fun, the syncopation just needs to be more smooth.

Earthquake on the Southern Texas Canyon

-My notes for this are just go over your 16ths and make sure everything is placed right. There are a couple of areas where there aren't 16ths (i.e. beat 55-58), and a couple areas where there are some missed (i.e. beat 59.250)


-No notes, this is perfect the way it is.
-dat ending o-o

Electric Obsession

-Multiple difficulties... You're lucky I'm nice.
-Misrhythm, note at beat 22.250 there's a synth that should be stepped. Repeats the misrhythm, too.
-The 64th things, it sounds to me like the 64ths are actually before the main note, but i'm not 100% sure.
-The PR needs a lot of work, it's very disorganized
-Layering could have been more interesting, the song offers a lot.


-Lovely little file, just be careful with some of your hands they're a bit too abundant, moreso in the early parts of the file than later on.

Etude on a Nimbus

-Solid file, I liked it a lot.
-beat 65.5 and 67.5 shouldn't have jumps. Whereas..
-beat 81.5 and 83.5 should have jumps. Same with repetitions of these.
-try hands at beat 62/63? I think it adds a lot to it. Same near the end, there's some hand-worthy spots that would give a bit more flavour to the file, and more specifically, the ending.
-Btw very nice sync and your js flow is impeccable. Very impressed.

Just Why

-Just why (teehee) would you step the entire song as 24ths? I realize they ARE 24ths, but it makes so many polyrhythms and just ends up playing as a weirdly offsetted 16th at that speed anyway.
-On that note, file is very good, if a bit repetitive.


-g-g-g-g-generic sharpnel JS
-Files fine, though, and really fun.

Revolutionary Etude

-Replace that old piece of crap with this masterpiece please, that's all I really have to say.


-Good file, bad trill. 48ths are a nice touch.


-Favourite song of the batch.
-I think instead of doing a straight layering, because of the amount of free sound in the music, you could use straight jumps for the melody at stuff like measure 16 instead of cutting the jumps. It would flow a lot better I think.
-Aww why'd you cut the trill? It's so nice!
-I think you missed a 12th at beat 207.333
-Overall I think this chart needs to follow the melody better, and try to get the chart to flow together, it's very disjointed at the moment. It's like it's unsure of what needs to be stepped, so it just steps something for the sake of having it there.

Tightrope city

-The very last note isn't really necessary.
-Good file, although it takes a bit too much liberty with how much sound there is which causes the steps to be sometimes too vague for the music.

Transparent White

-I have no idea what's going on for the first 20 measures of this file, there's so much in the music that the arrows seem confused and like they're jumping all over the place.


A.Q.Children (Choofers) - couldve used a cut at 138.443 but other than that file was nice though some tough transitions but considering the difficulty of the file as a whole thats fine [+.]

Above Everything (Teh Avenger) - needs more consistency with the steps and difficulty. you have 180 bpm runningmen for a good number of measures followed but 8th notes with nothing else. this file in general needs a pretty big either beef up or slim down. the song could also use a huge cut in the intro since not much goes on for the first couple seconds.[-]

Alone Again At 4AM (foilman8805) - fun and enjoyable though im not too sure about that long 16th jump trill [+.]

Ambient Angels (_.Spitfire._) - file was really fun no real complaints. anything that i questioned about this file you answered which made the file make more sense [+]

Amen Iraq (iironiic) - file was fine though i didnt agree with those bursts at times or some of those accent notes [+.]

Animus Intorqueo No. 1 (MarioNintendo) - fun file though that ending running man was a bit much and couldve been changed up a bass note came in [+.]

Animus Intorqueo No. 2 (MarioNintendo) - very enjoyable no complaints [+]

Animus Intorqueo No. 3 (MarioNintendo) - could use some more pattern varience in the rolls at the end but also enjoyable [+.]

Apetenodytes Disco (Reshiram) - please turn that hand at 66.43 into a jump. same where ever you have a 32nd roll leading into a hand. it ruins the flow of what you have going on here [+.]

Bogey at your Six (Kommisar) - fun file no complaints [+]

Canary Part V (One Winged Angel) - nothing inherently wrong about this file its just stupid hard [+]

Caprice for Violin in B minor Theme and Variations (hi19hi19) - i would rather see this cut into 2-3 different files than keep it as one because it plays as though its different section of songs glued together [?]

Chipscape (bobbob) - needs more pattern variation because you seem to repeat jump patterns per section. [+?]

Coffin (YOSHl) - whats with the 48th note at 52.75? fun file just questioning that one lone 48th note [+]

Creative Happy (MrPopadopalis25) - fun file [+]

Cynthia (Reshiram) - make sure your hand usage is consistent [+.]

Darling (JSH) - seems like you were all over the place when deciding what difficulty you wanted to step this because the difficulty gap between the easiest sections and the hardest sections are huge. might want to go back and rework this file with a general idea of how hard you want this file and work around that [-]

Defection (Ziergdsx18) - fun file though some of those sections look fairly familiar [+]

Determination (Kommisar) - fun file nice s0l0s [+]

Duck Hunt (Coolboyrulez0) awesome [+]

Earthquake On The Southern Texas Canyon (woker-X) - nice no real complaints [+]

Eclipse (0) - nice and fun [+]

Electric Obsession (Elite Ninja) - oh man this song lmao. only complaint is those 64th accent notes might as well just be jumps [+.]

elegante (bmah) - fun though the intro was a bit lengthy [+.]

Etude On A Nimbus (icontrolyourworld) - icy doing what he does best. pr could be better but thats about it nice js file [+]

Just why (Dossar vs. qqwref) nice swing [+]

Makiba (samurai7694) cute song and nice js file for it nothing wrong [+]

Revolutionary Etude (Silvuh) - very fun and nicely synced file [+]

SAMBISTA (bmah) - 73.765 wow ew [+.]

tete-a-tete (bmah) - might want to beef up those really empty sections a bit more so the difficulty doesnt feel so uneven [+?]

tightrope city (Silvuh) - really enjoyable easy file [+]

Transparent White (Silvuh) - another great easier file [+]

i love you

Note: If you guys want me to get more in detail, Please PM me.

A.Q.Children (Choofers) - Offset is wrong. This file was really repetitive and had little variety in it. Since the song itself is repetitive, you would want to change up the patterns more often and be a bit more creative. Just mirroring/copy and pasting patterns over and over again won't cut it. Overall, file was decent but it needs more variety. [+?]

Above Everything (Teh Avenger) - This file is very inconsistent and have a lot of misrhythms throughout the file. Also, the difficulty gaps in this file were pretty random and the file itself is long and repetitive which makes the file in general boring. I will give you some credit for effort though. [?]

Alone Again At 4AM (foilman8805) - This file was good for the most part however I thought PR and layering could have been approached better because there were times when I thought the doubles you placed were not needed at all and there were times when PR felt a little off. Other then that, cool easy file. [+.]

Ambient Angels (_.Spitfire._) - File was pretty fun. The layering and consistency went well with the file. Some hands IMO were questionable. [+]

Amen Iraq (iironiic) - Wow, this file was pretty clean for a hard file. One thing I noticed was that some of the color notes you placed were slightly out of sync, if not really off sync. If the colors were placed on sync, I would have [++]'d this to be honest. Other than that, pretty fun and challenging file. [+]

Animus Intorqueo No. 1 (MarioNintendo) - IMO, this file was flawless. I have nothing else to say. [++]

Animus Intorqueo No. 2 (MarioNintendo) - Not as flawless as part 1 but still really clean. I thought some things were either a bit watered down or a bit too much. [+]

Animus Intorqueo No. 3 (MarioNintendo) - Really nice finish. I thought this one was better then part 2. Only comment I have for this one is that I thought you could have added hands to some of the stronger sounds in the file. [+]

Apetenodytes Disco (Reshiram)- This file was good to some extent however you abused the hands a lot in this file which makes it look overlayered with the song. Also, the layering was inconsistent at times. Overall, file is decent. It just needs some tweaking. [+?]

Bogey at your Six (Kommisar) - NICE BEDTIME STORY THEORY. It really made this file really sick. [++]

Canary Part V (One Winged Angel) - YOU STEP FILES? Well anyway, this file was just brutal but at the same time reasonable to some extent. I felt that you abused the absolute **** out of those doubles my god. Also, those color rolls are REALLY questionable but at least you made it trillable. Since this is your first file, I'll be lenient with you this time around but next time, I will not be as nice. [+.]

Caprice for Violin in B minor Theme and Variations (hi19hi19) - This file was really amazing done. I do not have any comments on this. [++]

Chipscape (bobbob) - I do not like those 64th rolls you used because I feel that those really should be doubles. Also, I thought that the file should have used more straight forward layering rather than layering certain key sounds when the file got intense. Other than that, file was alright. Just needs some tweaking here and there. [+?]

Coffin (YOSHl) - LOL at the song choice. Well anyway, this file was good to some extent however that 32nd ending killed the file. Layering was good from m27-end but the beginning part was confusing to follow and was inconsistent at times. This file would have got a [+.] but then that ending 32nd part killed it. [+?]

Creative Happy (MrPopadopalis25) - This file was fun to some extent however I thought that your layering choices were poor at times like the beginning part of the file when you totally ignore the heavier sounds and just layered in the piano sounds. Also, there were some parts where you just randomly decide to just have pauses in the file when the song is still going which makes it empty. Overall, I did not like the way you approached the layering at all. At times, layering the piano would be good but then also there were times when layering the heavy beats would have been a better choice. [+?]

Cynthia (Reshiram) - File was fun to some extent however your layering was inconsistent and there were times where you missed some of those piano sounds throughout the file. Overall, i did not like your layering choices and you missed some important sounds but it was somewhat fun. [+?]

Darling (JSH) - Pretty fun easy file. Layering was good, PR was good for the most part and the song choice goes great with the steps. Well done! [+]

Defection (Ziergdsx18) - Wow, this was just amazingly done IMO. Really like the pattern usage in this file and the layering. This honestly looks very similar to my style of stepping hehe. [++]

Determination (Kommisar) - Pretty fun file. I still like the stepmania version of this better however this is still pretty nice. [+]

Duck Hunt (Coolboyrulez0) - LOL this song is amazing. Anyway wow, this file was amazing fun. I have no comments on this. [+]

Earthquake On The Southern Texas Canyon (woker-X) - This file was really fun. The pattern usage was good. The layering and flow was pretty good as well. Good job! [+]

Eclipse (0) - Your typical 0 file. Anyway, pretty nice short jumpstream file. Layering was good and straight forward and the file was fun. I have no comments. [+]

Electric Obsession (Elite Ninja) - This file was a bit on the repetitive side but was still fun most of the time. You changed up your patterns throughout the song so that is good enough. Those grace notes however are questionable. [+.]

elegante (bmah) - Epic song choices as usual. This file was pretty fun and replayable. Layering was pretty good most of the time and PR was great. [+]

Etude On A Nimbus (icontrolyourworld) - Wow, this file was amazing. I really love your jumpstream patterns and the flow. PR wasn't really that great but at least you made it up for the patterns. [+]

Just why (Dossar vs. qqwref) - This file felt like another Counter clockwise Chant Pattern file but much cleaner and easier. This is definitely an improvement since the last time I have judged this. The layering was good and the flow was there. File is still a bit on the repetitive side but it's definitely passable now. [+]

Makiba (samurai7694) - Pretty fun JS file. The pattern usage was great, the flow was there and the layering was on point. No comments. [+]

Revolutionary Etude (Silvuh) - This file was a masterpiece. I honestly think this will get accepted by all judges to be honest. [++]

SAMBISTA (bmah) - I really admire your song choices. Anyway, this file was really fun and replayable. I can definitely see people liking this file. A bit on the challenging side but I can still see people enjoying this. [+]

tete-a-tete (bmah) - Again, nice song choices as usual. This file was a bit more straight forward but everything still flowed right. Good job! [+]

tightrope city (Silvuh) - I really love the way you approached this file. The layering was just right for the difficulty and the PR was really good. I can definitely see people liking this file. [+]

Transparent White (Silvuh) - This file was nice and chill. Everything looks good and the file was fun. [+]

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Team 2


*I apologize for all the quick notes, I got a lot busier than expected. If anyone would like me to go over anything with them just ask, I'd be more than happy to.

A Milli Remix (qqwref)[+.]

Well this certainly is one of the most interesting charts/songs I've seen for FFR lol. Really
fun for the most part I just feel like the emptier sections could be filled in just a little bit
more to match the rest of the chart. Like m46 to m58 just feels so empty after the rest of the
chart. Maybe just add a little layering in there?

Excite~OMG~ Bike (YOSHl)[+?]

I like it, but I don't think it works well as a regular chart because lol difficulty jump at the
end of it. I'd love to see it as a skill token off of the normal excite bike though. I think
that would be cool.

Face of Faith (Ziergdsx18)[+?]

Your layering is really hard to follow in this chart. (I apologize for the quicknote I got a bit behind. I'm sure the others probably gave you good advise and if you want some more info from me just get in touch)

[Fall Silently (DossarLX ODI)[+]

I remember at 1st playthrough listening to the song I was like hmm this seems like it's going to
have that draggy repetitive thing going on but somehow you managed to keep it interesting. Then
when the song switches up is beautifully done. I love this chart and the song. Nice job.

FF7 Battle (megamon88)[+.]

Overall pretty nice chart. The ending feels slightly over done based on the sound of the music
(it's slightly hard to hear what's being followed unless you have good headphones/speakers) and
the music starts to fade out but the chart is still going pretty aggressively.

Finder (MrPopadopalis25)[+]

What I really liked about this chart is it has bursts and rolls but isn't too over difficult.
The bursts felt easy and smooth to hit and it wasn't murder on my hands.

Fish Hell (megamon88)[+.]

Overall a pretty solid chart. Some minor blips here or there. It felt slightly draggy to me and I don't really feel it needs the straight jumps at the end. But still well done.

Fleeting Fantasy (Rebirth)[+.]

I feel the chart could have used some progression. Like in the beg the song builds up until you
hit the run but the chart is the same from the beg up to the run. Then I also feel it could use
a cut because it's just like the same run over and over again. It starts to drag.

For FFR v2 (Reshiram)[+.]

Technically the chart is fine for the most part. On a subjective level though I found a lot of
patterns to be pretty awkward, I also felt like there were parts that were just overdone for the
way the song is. Again that's a purely subjective notation. m26 to 35 I feel like just as a
player playing I can't feel why those jumps belong there.

Futsuu No Uta (Kommisar)[+]

Solid chart nothing really to mention.

Gimme Half (qqwref)[+.]

Didn't notice any major technical errors. It's just another one of those songs that kinda drags
on a bit long. I wish there were like an epic solo or something to break it up a little bit, but
that's just the nature of the song. otherwise it's a solid chart.

-Glorious Morning- (ichliebekase)[+]

It's been a battle trying to get this in but I think you've done it. Didn't notice any major errors to note. Good job.

Identity (DarkZtar)[+?]

I know this is meant to be a marathon song but sections of it drag so much. Like the beg is just
the same stuff over and over and over again. Then you hit the solo section which is awesome and
keeps you occupied. Then it's back to the same thing as the beg. I feel that a marathon song
should offer as much variety as possible to keep the player occupied. Some different layering or
even pattern choices I think would help this chart a lot. Or just cut out some of the beg and or
ending to make it a little less repetitive.

Imaginary Sky (DarkZtar)[+.]

Nice easy file, the only thing to really note on is that the audio quality of the song is pretty

In Aisles (Coolboyrulez0)[+.]

The only really noticeable thing to me is you have a run starting at m62 continuing on till the
end, which if it's following what I think it is, it doesn't stay constant. There would be breaks
in it

Indo No Sobaya (_.Spitfire._)[+]

Overall pretty nice job, few things annoyed me like the constant up arrow for a little bit lol.
I feel the hands at the end of the chart were a little over the top as well. But otherwise
nicely done.

Intensive Care Unit (VisD)[-]

Nice try on the chart but there are some issues. The difficulty is inconsistent, you have a lot
of empty space or just 8th notes then it jumps to jacks and then there's 24ths etc. There are
also some miss-rhythms in the chart as well. Don't give up though, you just need to figure out if you want to go for something easier or harder and adjust from there. I'm doing quick notes
because I got backed up this week but would be more than happy to go over the chart with you in
more detail if you want. Just shoot me a PM or message me on AIM.

Keep ON Driving (DossarLX ODI)[+]

I personally would have liked to see a little more layering in the chart but I'm guessing you
were trying to keep this in a mid/lowish difficulty range. It's so funny seeing almost no jumps

in a chart to me lol.

KOMMICORE (0+AsphyxZero)[+.]

That ending is pretty brutal. The only thing that really bugs me is it's kinda on the short
side. But it's a pretty solid chart.

La Cereza Caliente (Elite Ninja)[+.]

You have a few minijacks here and there that don't belong and a few pr issues, but I don't feel it's enough to have to reject the chart. I actually find it pretty fun.

Lawn Wake II (0)[+]

Solid chart, nice job yet again.

Liberate (Rebirth)[+]

Bout time someone stepped more disturbed. No complaints from me.

Luigi's Mansion (SocoNhydro420)[+?]

The song is really repetitive. The long trills repeat several times and the runs repeat as well.
Even though the song isn't that long I think it could use a cut. It just feels super draggy.
Also, the 32nd blip at the end of m51 and m100 is really hard to hit and breaks the flow of the
file. Maybe try to find a friendlier pattern for those?

Magical Higan Tour 2009 (LJRox)[+.]

Few minor miss-rhythms here and there and you have a 32nd jump in the burst at m55. Otherwise
nice job.

Mahou no Fu (MrPopadopalis25)[+]

Solid file, no complaints here.

Miss Candy on TV (Dossar vs qqwref)[+.]

File is pretty solid, it feels a little empty from m57 to the end in comparison to the rest of the chart. On a subjective level I'm extremely iffy on the "song" it really feels more like noise to me.

Mutan Sixty Four (ninjaKIWI)[+?]

I actually really enjoy this chart for the most part. The biggest problem is the bursts that
start coming in at the end of M37, you're forcing a 32nd minijack here. There are 8 of them in
the chart. IF those were fixed up it would really help the flow of the chart.

Night Walker (hi19hi19)[+.]

My problem with this chart is the 1st half is kinda draggy. It's just the same stuff over and
over for about a minute. (Which is just the way the song is) Then it gets to the epic solo which
is awesome. Really other than the draggy beginning the chart is well done.

Ochitsukeruwakenaiwayo! [Standard](jimerax)[+]

Really fun chart. Loved it.

story of dreamers (Silvuh)[+]

Interesting song choice, don't see too much like this in ffr. My only complaint is I hate having
to wait for a chart to start. It takes about 11 seconds for any steps to come in and while 11
seconds doesn't sound like much, it feels like forever when you want to play. I just feel that
space could have been filled in rather than left blank.

Throwing Fire (who_cares973)[+]

Fun file, good job, etc <3

TWILT (Silvuh) [+]

Nice easy file.

Velocity (who_cares973) [+]

I saw ToneDeff and I was like YAY, then I played the file and was disappointed and you know why
>:l Jokes aside though really well done file.


A Milli Remix (qqwref) [+?]
- No 2 seconds of silence, it just starts at 0.057, and the offset feels way off
- This song choice and file just didn't amuse me that much.
- Layering is alright, at least maybe others might find it hilarious.

Excite ~OMG~ Bike (YOSHl) [+.]
- OMG was my reaction.
- As much as I dislike different versions of one song already in game, this one actually made me chuckle.
- The file is fine, layering is passable, which it should always be considering the song length.

Face of Faith (Ziergdsx18) [+]
- Nice song choice, the flow was nice.
- I just didn't like the very ending with those 14 14 14 16th note gallops.

Fall Silently (DossarLX ODI) [+]
- When the mirror left-right layering technique was present, I was happy.
- Those 32nd jumps threw me off lol
- Not a fan of the polyrhythms though
- The ending was awesome, the flow is just amazing. p.s. more dubstep needed for FFR

FF7 Battle (megamon88) [+]
- The file is really nice, good layering, sync is fine, not much else to say.
- If I had a dollar for every time I heard FF7 battle songs...lol

Finder (MrPopadopalis25) [+]
- I personally didn't like the last 4th arrow being there.
- This is a really good file, not too heavy and not too watered down, perfect blend.
- The usage of gallops were alright.

Fish Hell (megamon88) [+]
- Only thing I was iffy about was the layering in the very beginning.
- Overall though, the file is really fun.

Fleeting Fantasy (Rebirth) [?]
- wrong offset? should be at least around -2.030
- As much as I like stream files, I was iffy about this one.
- It's so old school, the layering and all.

For FFR v2 (Reshiram) [+?]
- For the piano section at around measure 31, you could have layered jumps to the the percussion instead.
- Measures 36-38, those 16ths look like ghost notes to me.
- Measures 55-58, again, those 16ths, are barely audible in the music so I'd suggest to cut them.
- It was at least a nice try, not a bad file, but needs a bit of work.

Futsuu No Uta (Kommisar) [+]
- haha cute song choice
- layering is perfect, the file is not too heavy and not too watered down.
- pattern choices were nice.

Gimme Half (qqwref) [+?]
- missing 16ths/misrhythms from measures 130-136
- measure 137 is unclear as well, those 32nd notes.
- those should be fixed, then I can accept it.

-Glorious Morning- (ichliebekase) [+]
- unique song choice
- rhythm and layering is nice, good easy file.

Identity (DarkZtar) [+?]
- holy shit 7 minute file
- as much as I'd love to say that this has nice flow, layering, and all, it just drags on for a while.
- in other words, it's just straight 8th notes for the majority of the file.

Imaginary SKy (DarkZtar) [+]
- easy file, nice use of PR

In Aisles (Coolboyrulez0) [+.]
- I'm not too fond of the 64th note jumps, you could have used 192nd notes instead
- Everything else seems okay to me.

Indo No Sobaya (t+pazolite Remix)(_.Spitfire._) [++]
- badass song choice
- measure 104-106 gave me goosebumps lol
- that last measure...tough pattern to hit
- really hefty file, layering is good enough, love the pattern usage especially.

Intensive Care Unit (VisD) [?]
- layering is all over the place. those 16th jacks, no.
- pattern usage was decent, I'll give you that.
- some parts felt empty while others feel heavy for no reason.

Keep On Driving (DossarLX ODI) [+]
- haha yes, a hip hop song. love the whistling in the background
- nice easy fun file for the genre, like Famouz but not as heavy.

KOMMICORE (0 + AsphyxZero) [+]
- the song choice made me giggle
- for a hard file, at least the song length is appropriate
- I actually liked it, fast jumpstream files are needed on FFR imo

La Cereza Caliente (Elite Ninja) [+]
- pretty easy file
- layering is decent enough

Lawn Wake II (0) [+]
- the file is just as evil as the song itself
- ooooo the colors and BPM changes
- challenging file, I liked it.

Liberate (Rebirth) [+]
- a song by disturbed, about time.
- pattern choices is a bit repetitive but okay.
- layering is fine. nice easy rock file.

Luigi's Mansion (8bit Showdown Mix) (SocoNhydro420) [+?]
- liked the file up until the 32nd noteson the 3rd beat of measure 51. It should be just one beat, on the 4th beat.
- the file basically repeats from then on. I'd suggest a cut, or at least to add variety to pattern choices.
- again, the 32nds, at the last measure.

Magical Higan Tour 2009 (LJRoX) [+?]
- layering is not consistent
- what's with the 32nd jump at measure 55?
- missing rhythms, such as 16ths at measure 61, and again at 65, etc.
- file has potential, but it needs a major fix, mostly layering issues.

Mahou no Fu (MrPopadopalis25) [+.]
- I'm pretty sure there are tuns of missing 16ths
- Layering is pretty good though
- wtf hefty jumpstream section
- overall it's a pretty fun file

Miss Candy on TV (DossarLX_ODI vs. qqwref) [+]
- this file is really great, nuff said.
- layering is decent enough, fun file.

Mutant Sixty Four (ninjaKIWI) [+?]
- Liked it up until the 64th triplets/32nd mini jacks
- missing 32nds right before measure 51 after the 8th jump
- Fix those minor issues and then I'll accept it.

Night Walker (hi19hi19) [+]
- really nice guitar solo, wow.
- file overall is great

Ochitsukeruwakenaiwayo! [Standard] (jimerax) [+]
- pattern choices are a bit repetitive
- layering is okay for the overall file difficulty
- fun easy file

story of dreamers (Silvuh) [+]
- interesting time signature
- nice color changes
- song is nice too, overall fun file for it's difficulty

Throwing Fire (who_cares973) [+]
- I like the use of 48th note gallops in this
- nice easy file and song choice

TWILT (Silvuh) [+]
- decent easy file, this time with an upbeat song
- honestly thought it was an uber rave remix when the song started lol

Velocity (who_cares973) [+.]
- wtf LOL the return of champion freeverse?
- Though it's the point of the file, I'm kinda iffy about the layering to the vocals since the percussions take over
- I thought the mini jacks killed the flow, imo
- Not a bad file, though.


A Milli Remix / qqwref
rating: [+.] conditional until syncing is fixed
- there appears to be some syncing issues (e.g. m1-5 is early relative to m10 and onwards; same with the rapping in the latter half)
- technical stuff: clap on m8?; missed piano note at beat 50.50, 80.33, 82.83 (misplaced jump?), 92.00, 144.33, 160.33; misplaced and missing note at m58; several missing notes in m59-60; jump on beat 241.50 is actually a gallop
- the latter half of the song is pretty empty, but the music isn't doing all that much either; fix the sync though
- Summary: Not a bad file; the density is certainly highest during the piano section. Although there are some missing notes, the sync is what made playing this song feel awkward.

Excite ~OMG~ Bike / YOSHl
rating: [?]
- well you sure gave me the ~OMG~ factor
- m10: jumps to piano chords
- super fast part: you should've just focused on the main melody instead of making a constant handstream; avoid jacks as well
- song length not an issue
- Summary: The second part ruined it. ;_;

Face of Faith / Ziergdsx18
rating: [+?]
- underlayering can sometimes be a good tactic to emphasize certain parts of a song, but in this case, it causes confusion. "What exactly are you layering" is the question.
- m1-8 is a decent example of how underlayering emphasizes the cymbal crashes. It still feels a bit funny, but it works.
- check the rhythm to the synths; for instance, there isn't a 16th at beat 35.25
- for most of the song (m9 onwards), the underlayering makes for some muddled stepping. For example: m9 is stepped to only synths, but m10-12 is more layered and includes melody, drums, and a few other things I'm not quite sure of. Then it becomes underlayered again on m13 (and density of layering goes back and forth, etc.). Oddly enough, it seems a tad overlayered halfway through the song.
- Summary: Steps need to be a lot fuller, not for difficulty reasons, but because it's hard to understand what you're stepping to. Figure out which sounds are best represented in the song and step to those.

Fall Silently / DossarLX ODI
rating: [+]
- m5-33: you sure exploited the hi-hats. The first half of the song lacks rhythmical variety, so not much could be done. However, you can start out with only jumps, and then introduce the hi-hats later.
- another personal preference, but the jumpjacks at places like m43 would seem more bearable as single jacks
- m71: I still think the song can wind down with a continuous staircase
- Summary: Musically, I didn't think the song had much to offer, but your gimmicks and color theory made a difference.

FF7 Battle / megamon88
rating: [+.]
- technical stuff: m13 has extraneous 8th jumps in 2nd half of measure, according to your layering of the strings; same thing happens at beats 90.00, 98.00. Two extraneous 16ths at around beat 59.00 (I think). What do the 8th jumps at beats 171.50, 179.50, 187.50 go to?
- I think there's an overusage of jumps in areas like m16-18,26-32,34-39. Consider the drums as well instead of only the guitar strums when layering.
- m65-75: stepping to the quiet 16th hi-hats doesn't represent this part of the song well.
- Summary: It'd be good if you fix the overusage of jumps, and avoid stepping to constant hi-hats. They both homogenize the chart and make it appear more bland.

Finder / MrPopadopalis25
rating: [+] conditional until placeholder note is removed
- make sure you avoid jumps where there's only one sound (and is not accented). See beats 4.00, 20.00, 36.00, 52.00, 136.00, 148.00, 152.00, 180.00, 184.00. Conversely, missed a jump at beat 171.50.
- a placeholder arrow is used to draw out the end of the song for the players to listen to, so it doesn't make sense to add it when the song has already ended.
- Summary: Nice, varied file with a calm tone. Fix the jumps that go to one sound and please remove the placeholder note.

Fish Hell / megamon88
rating: [+.]
- m3-10: two issues here. a) extra arrows that again homogenizes the chart. The main melody has regular breaks, so 8th notes such as at beat 8.50 should be removed. Whatever sounds the 8ths go to is irrelevent enough to be confusing if you stepped to them. b) your choice of accenting 16ths with jumps. It feels off with 16ths going to jumps, despite their following to the guitar. It's a lot better if the jumps coincided with guitar+drum combos, like at beats 8.00 or 9.00. Both these two factors made this section confusing to play.
- should probably stick to the guitars and avoid jacks that go to drums at m20,23-24
- 32nds and not 24ths at m21,23,etc. Check throughout the whole song.
- on a similar note, there are 24ths that should be just 12ths at around beat 114.00,276.00
- jumps at cymbal crashes on m63,65 would be nice
- m92-99: I highly recommend putting the jumps to the syncopated drums instead. For instance, the jacky section should have 8th jumps instead of 4th jumps.
- Summary: A lot of small issues here and there, especially the beginning. Fix those up, because this file is Fish Hell-a fun. It doesn't even feel like a long song.

Fleeting Fantasy / Rebirth0
rating: [?]
- first of all, offset/gap is wildly off; should be about -2.120s or so
- oldschool chart! Not a bad thing in itself, but there are other issues:
- I encourage better layering to the music. When there's less going on, step less. If there's more, add more. For example, m1-8 and m9-21 are nearly the same, both with 8th jumpstreams, but clearly m1-8 doesn't have a lot of music going on. Differentiate between the two by stepping less.
- the 16th index streams are fun, but don't overdo them. They're fine until around m57-72, where there doesn't appear to be any obvious 16th sounds.
- m73-87: if you followed the above advice, you'd probably end up with a very long section of 8th jumpstreams. But this particular area also has some 16th piano rhythms in which you can step. Try that.
- the latter end of the song with 16th streams become monotonous. You can either layer some jumps in them, or just leave them as is. The former choice would destroy the index-friendliness of the file however.
- Summary: a) change offset b) better layering c) increase variety. There are some players who really like index files, so it'd be great if you fixed this.

For FFR v2 / Reshiram
rating: [+.]
- technical stuff: jump on beat 65.00; missed an obvious 16th at beat 134.25;
- m36-38: What are those trills going to? I'd probably remove those.
- m39-42: underlayered in the way that I cannot tell whether you're stepping to 8th hi-hats or the actual melody. Step more fully.
- m55-62: missing every other 4th jumps for some reason. If you're stepping to another sound however, I can't seem to hear it.
- Summary: There are minor things you should fix, but overall, this is a pretty good reinterpretation.

Futsuu No Uta / Kommisar
rating: [+]
- suggestion: maybe step to those 16th synths on m32-33 instead of the usual 8th jumpstream? Or the 16th strings around m36?
- I felt some areas had too many hands that weren't really on emphasized sounds. Check m43,71 as examples.
- a few 16ths can be added to bass synths on m52-57,80-85
- Summary: File reminds me of Setsujou! Hyakka Ryouran! A lot of jumps making for some strange jump patterns. Just reconsider some really dense areas with hands and jumps.

Gimme Half / qqrwef
rating: [+.]
- many repeating 8ths you have aren't entirely 8th jacks, due to the changing tonality of either guitar strums (e.g. m10) or drums (e.g. m10,20-34).
- some ghost 16ths from m52-57. The 16th drums aren't continuous.
- missed 16ths going to drums at m130,132,134. Your 16th patterns get muddled up at m135 and 137. Check this more closely.
- technical stuff: 16th, not 8th at beat 54.50; missed an 8th at beat 446.50; check the PR of the drums at m119-120l jump at beat 557.00 could probably be a quick gallop
- My ears bleed from listening to this song, but the chart itself plays pretty well. Just fix missing/unecessary 16ths, and watch the PR on drums and guitar strums.

-Glorious Morning- / ichliebekase
rating: [+]
- I remember playing your older version of this song. Nice revision. The strings are stepped fairly well to the PR and the drums play nicely too.
- Summary: You fixed it well. Good job!

Identity / DarkZtar
rating: [+?]
- when stepping a song that's over 7 minutes long, make sure the song and steps are interesting enough to last. This song is 80% 8th jumpstreams with scattered 16ths, and unfortunately this gets boring fast. I suggest you trim the song down A LOT.
- technical stuff: accented drums alongside with less-accented drums don't necessarily deserve to be jumps such as in m47-48 transition; missed jump at beat 267.00; be careful not to step unecessary jumps in your layering scheme - for instance, the synth melody + guitars around m83 usually results in some jumps, but not in places like beat 333.50, 349.50, etc.; similarly, accented guitar doesn't need to have jumps, such as beat 381.50,386.50, etc.; m123 missed some 16ths on drums; missed 8th on beat 497.50
- Summary: The technical stuff is quite minor. The steps are made very cleanly overall. The problem is that the song doesn't have enough variety to last for 7 minutes without falling asleep.

Imaginary Sky / DarkZtar
rating: [+]
- IMO, you synced the song a bit too early, but that can be fixed with a gap change
- m44,47: can add a few quick gallops to the piano
- Summary: Nice and easy. If you could find a better version of the mp3, that'd be nice too, because the song cuts abruptly. If you can, fade out the song.

In Aisles / Coolboyrulez0
rating: [+]
- 48ths right before m2 and m3
- m5: instead of repeating the left arrow, try to find a pattern that maintains a back-and-forth motion
- m17,19,21,23: aren't there obvious 16ths missing? Unless I'm not understanding your layering scheme.
- m39-42: PR could be better here
- no 16th at beat 173.25; no 8th at beat 174.50
- Summary: Pretty good easier file from a song artist usually targeted for harder charts.

Indo No Sobaya (t+pazolite Remix) / _.Spitfire._
rating: [+?] (for the most part it was [+.] however)
- IMO, there are too many hands in areas that just do not sound well-accented. Tone down hands in areas like m13,16,24-25,32,48-49,55,104-105,etc. Hands are good in places that are clearly defined, either by layering or accenting (e.g. m37-41)
- awkward jumpjack group at m28,32
- might want to water down 48ths on m111,119
- technical stuff: missed a 16th in m17
- m120-121: this is what gave the file a [+?]. Definitely going to have to tone down 12th handjacks at 220bpm.
- Summary: Reduce the hands in the file, and especially the ending. A few other small awkward places as well. You should be good to go after that.

Intensive Care Unit / VisD
rating: [-]
- the steps are really inaccurate the whole way through, but I understand what you're trying to achieve (you've got the syncing right though)
- Summary: Please send me a message if you want to know the specific details on how to improve your simfile. It was a good try.

Keep On Driving / DossarLX ODI
rating: [+]
- m1-12, 44-53: the intro and ending seems to show little effort, as it's nothing but 8ths, whereas you can step something far more interesting such as the drums; you clearly show the effort in the meat of the song however
- Summary: Simple but good steps following hip hop lyrics. Show some effort in the beginning and ending please.

KOMMICORE / 0 + AsphyxZero
rating: [?]
- m9-20: 8th jumpstream pretty much ignoring what's going on in the song
- m16: there should be some 16ths here
- the 16th jumpstream going to breakcore patterns are very awkward to pull off at this speed; I'm more or less referring to m56-62 (which doesn't even follow the breakcore all that well)
- Summary: The 8ths as well as the breakcore section should be more relevant to the song. Right now, it's difficult AND bland.

La Cereza Caliente / Elite Ninja
rating: [+.]
- note at beat 63.00 is sort of faded and comes late; I'd ignore it
- I'd like to see better PR in m17,19,21 (namely, there shouldn't be jacks)
- m34-41: combine the melody with drums instead of partially stepping to the hi-hats.
- Summary: Nicely done easy song. See the suggestions above.

Lawn Wake II / 0
rating: [+]
- the [14] jump introducing 32nd rolls at m98 (beat 386.00) should be just a single arrow; it'll throw a lot of people off
- Summary: Great FGO-tier file without any outrageously difficult parts (except that jump as mentioned above). The color theory is a nice addition.

Liberate / Rebirth0
rating: [+]
- m16,46: drum/lyrics confusion? Check the arrows here.
- m87-98: I don't quite see the need for the triple jumps here.
- technical stuff: drum on beat 69.00, 169.00, 189.00; no 16th at beat 327.75
- Summary: Repetitive, but fun chart. If there's one thing you should fix, please look at m16 and 46.

Luigi's Mansion (8bit Showdown Mix) / SocoNhydro420
rating: [+.] conditional until m51/100 is fixed
- IMO, the song didn't need to repeat. The repeat especially lacks merit if most of the chart's second half is a mirror of the first half.
- jumps at beat 29.50, 31.00?
- the 16th streams were sort of pseudo-PR, but for the most part, it's fine. The lack of PR does stand out more in runningmen patterns, such as m30,34 so have a look there.
- m51,100: those 32nd patterns are really bad.
- Summary: A really fun file. However, you should consider chopping the song in half and stop at m52. And please fix the two measures filled with 32nds.

Magical Higan Tour 2009 / LJRoX
rating: [+?]
- m14: 16th instead of 24th at around beat 53.75
- m29-34: the bass synth should definitely be single arrows; otherwise, the layering results in hands that feel out of place; I also suggest single arrows instead of 8th jumps at m37-45
- m36: check PR
- m57,61-62,65,69-70,108,etc.: missing some pretty obvious notes
- m67,83,155: shift that roll a 32nd down!
- m109-117: should tone down according to the music and step the breakbeats; also, the hands around m116-117 are pretty uncreative
- m117-122: at this point, this pattern is just copy-paste fodder. Vary things up.
- m123,125: weird 8th note syncopation...
- m141-163: more variation instead of copy-paste please
- Summary: A ton of missing notes, offbeat 32nd rolls, and copy-paste patterns. The chart layout itself is fun; the file just needs to be refined a bit more.

Mahou no Fu / MrPopadopalis25
rating: [+.]
- the triples going to hi-hats should be used in moderation, but it's alright
- m40: ghost 16ths?
- m46-61: the big 16th jumpstream is a little too dense in certain areas, such as m61, but it's doable. However, you should be more consistent in what you layer to the jumps: you sporadically layer to the bass drum (e.g. m50-51) and on occasion leave it blank (e.g. m52-53). My personal opinion is to not step the bass drums. Just leave the jumps to the lyrics and claps.
- m62-63: the patterns seem rather homogeneous. Tone done the jumps.
- m64: the two sets of triple jacks will surprise most players. It's doable though, but you might want to consider changing that.
- Summary: Fun song and chart (a wannabe Aim Burst). However, it's a bit jump-happy at times, and that one measure with jacks will probably be negatively targeted.

Miss Candy on TV / Dossar vs. qqwref
rating: [+]
- for aesthetic reasons, it would be really nice if you shifted 3/4 of the chart an 8th so it can be synced on the 4th beat.
- m35: the trill pattern may throw some players off, but it's doable
- Summary: Nice! Glad it's not the same chart as on Dossar's tournament haha. My only complaint is that there's nothing strange about the rhythms of this song, yet you managed to make 75% of the chart an 8th note off.

Mutant Sixty Four / ninjaKIWI
rating: [+?]
- during the fast sections of the song (where most of the 32nds are), the BPM should be doubled (e.g. starting at m21). It's simply for aesthetic purposes, but it feels a little strange when a fast song plays at half the speed.
- m21,23-27,33-35: the jacks going to drums are technically correct, but that sort of pattern leaves little variety. Try to mix the patterns up.
- the quick trills at m37,41,45,49 are doable, but doesn't match the difficulty of the song well. I suggest changing the patterns to quick rolls instead.
- Summary: The biggest thing you should focus on is pattern variety, and change up those quick trills. Everything else is nice.

Night Walker / hi19hi19
rating: [+]
- technical stuff: 12th jump at beat 26.67?; no jump at beat 34.00; missed a 12th note at beat 135.67,151.00; 24th solo ends two notes earlier at m52
- the quick left-hand trill before m16,24,32,40 feels better as a roll
- Summary: smooth chart, great solo sections.

Ochitsukeruwakenaiwayo! [Standard] / jimerax
rating: [+]
- although the song sort of repeats twice, the patterns are varied enough
- Summary: perfect difficulty for the standard chart. Fun and easy to follow.

story of dreamers / Silvuh
rating: [+]
- The song ends pretty swiftly, so a placeholder note isn't needed
- Summary: Good choice for an easy song, and is stepped very gently. Nice color theory too in certain sections.

Throwing Fire / who_cares973
rating: [+]
- a few colored notes can be added here and there to spice up the guitar solo a bit more (e.g. beat 39.63,47.92,etc.) scattered throughout the song
- Summary: Such a funky song, and an equally funky and fun file to play through. See if you can touch up the guitar solo in a couple of sections.

TWILT / Silvuh
rating: [+.]
- Sort of lackluster even for a really easy song, but definitely a difficulty 1 contender. There are places in which I thought you should still loosely follow the melody instead of placing very sporadic 4ths (e.g. beats 184.00-192.00).
- Summary: Not much to say, other than the melody should be followed a bit more, despite being quite loose.

Velocity / who_cares973
rating: [+]
- beats 68.00-69.00: lyrics are 12ths as opposed to 16ths
- beat 323.83: probably should be a 16th note instead of a 24th if you're stepping to the violin
- Summary: Fast rapping @_@. Lots of pattern variety here. The switches between hi-hats/some other instrument to the lyrics might be slightly confusing, but it's overall very easy to follow. Nice work!

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0


Judge Team 3


asterisk (bmah) - [+]
Playtest: Solid, fun, and relaxing; great use of hands and 8th jacks. The only thing I'd change is the one 16th jack in m36 (for the sake of consistency).
Editor: Technically, layering and rhythms are mostly fine. The 12th rhythms at the end seem wrong (on low rate I hear 132.4.) but this isn't really a big problem.

Captain Murasa's Ass Anchor (Gundam-Dude) - [+?]
Playtest: There were some parts where it seemed like you ignored the foreground/obvious vocals/rhythms, which is okay but made the chart feel unsatisfying. The color association parts with the 4th/8ths were a really neat effect, though.
Editor: In some parts I really have no clue what you're doing with those 16ths (or lack thereof), like in m31. Some of the color parts, like the burst in m41, are okay to hit but don't fit what's going on in the music. There's stuff like this throughout the file, and overall it really needs a lot more attention as to what the song is doing.

Disco Balls (bmah) - [+]
Playtest: Fun chart, with cool jack usage. You didn't need to bother with the xmod tricks though
Editor: The swing thing in m31-32 makes absolutely no sense when playing the file at normal rate. There are also some layering issues such as the jump at the very start of m43, which is clearly emphasized less than the surrounding jumps and should have fewer arrows to reflect this. Although a few spots feel iffy, overall, the layering is fine.

FAREST HARDSTYLERZ (samurai7694) - [?]
Playtest: To be honest I found this file really boring. The first 85ish seconds is extremely repetitive, and I know you varied up the patterns, but I really wish a lot of that had been cut out. This just isn't a good song to step.
Editor: I don't get why you didn't layer the 4th note jumps from m64 on. It created a huge contrast to the heavily stepped intro, and not in a good way.

Obscene Amount of Steam (iironiic) - [+.]
Playtest: This file played pretty comfortably, but I have to say it felt empty and subdued compared to some of your other burst charts. It's good, but not as enjoyable as it could be.
Editor: There were a lot of little parts where a burst or grace note is conspicuously absent. A few are at 31.71s, 33.38s, 36.04s, 38.38s, 42.38s, 43.04s, 43.71s, 75.04s, 83.38s, 117.38s, 117.71s, 118.04s, and I'm sure there are a lot more. Basically there are a ton of missed opportunities to do interesting things that match the sound of the song, and I know you can do better than this. Oh, and there was also a weird minijack at the end of m85 that you should fix.

Ochitsukeruwakenaiwayo! [Heavy] (jimerax) - [+]
Playtest: Neat chart. Fun and tricky, with some nice variation which all made sense in the context of the song.
Editor: The 32nds in m3, m7, m37, m42, m46, and m72 don't fit - for all of them I'd say to either remove the roll or tone it down to a slower pattern that matches the music better. Rolls in general are familiar enough that it's not a big deal, but it hurts the feel of the file.

Piano x Forte x Scandal (dag12) - [+.]
Playtest: This is a fun and technical chart, with some interesting patterns. It seemed really biased towards the right hand (often the right arrow specifically) which led to some jacks and trills (m8, m19, m64, m87, m90, m96) that were harder to hit than they should be. Difficulty spikes are fine but they should be from the song (such as those neat colored trills throughout the file) and not from the stepartist.
Editor: Technically this file seems fine, but I'd prefer it if you followed the vocals a little more (or more obviously, if you're already layering them in). While playing it felt like only the background mattered.

Power Rocket (justin_ator) - [+.]
Playtest: Interesting chart that does a good job of matching the feel of the song. You should try for more intuitive PR in the slower sections, though; matching the pitch changes in the song can really add a lot to the immersive feel of the chart. For instance the 8th jack in m5 would feel better if it was "higher" (more right) than the 8th jack in m4.
Editor: I don't understand the 12ths in m49 and m53 - I just don't hear anything in the song that matches them. The 16th jack on the final note is also out of place.

Powerpuff Gabberz (HammyMcSquirrel) - [++]
Playtest: I found this really fun, great file. The patterns were varied but still had a good connection to the song, and the patterns were friendly to hit.
Editor: I'm thinking the 16th trill in m79 should be a roll. Also the first (and maybe second) 16th in m116 should be removed.

Press Start (YOSHl) - [+.]
Playtest: This was pretty fun, and quite different from what I normally see. Some of these patterns are a lot more awkward than they need to be, though, and I can anticipate a lot of annoyance from them. Specifically I'm talking about the jumpjacks in m3-4 and m48-49, the reversing roll in m19-m20 (make it jumptrillable), and the weird right-handed pattern at the start of m77.
Editor: The color bursts in m40 are wrong (listen on assist tick at a low rate).

R!OT (Raskanally) - [+?]
Playtest: The biggest thing I noticed was that the patterns and rhythms were really inconsistent. In some places you'd have a really difficult jack or jumpjack, and then in another place you'd hear almost the same thing from the music but have no jacks in the pattern at all. The 32nd patterns in m11 don't seem to show up again, which was a pity because there were lots of similar sounds in the song that could be made interesting. In general the chart felt pretty random. In addition, the use of longer jacks in m33, 35, 37, 43, etc. (and especially 65) should really be avoided because of FFR's combo scoring nature. Jacks of more than 2-3 notes at that speed should be avoided unless the entire chart has a similar difficulty.
Editor: There are some weird missing 16th patterns like at the end of m83, and the jacks at the end (m97 on) are one note too long. You should also aim for better PR in the faster sections - that is, try to match the pitch patterns in the music as much as possible without making the chart too hard to hit - and go for a more consistent use of jumps and hands.

Rainbow Road (hi19hi19) - [++]
Playtest: The emphasis, PR, and rhythms all made sense, and this was a really pleasant and relaxing chart to play, just like the song deserved. Great job.
Editor: I would have liked to see the green jump at the very start placed differently, but I do see what you were trying to do there. Sweet rainbow effect at the end; I'd like to point out that pink notes are pretty bright on the FFR engine and you might be better off with red-orange-yellow-green-teal-blue-purple.

Reality Hits You Hard Bro (DossarLX ODI) - [+]
Playtest: lol songify. This is a good fun chart that follows the vocals well (and it's cool that you managed to use 16th rhythms even though there were tons of bpm changes). The only complaint I really have is that the PR could match the song a lot better, but it's alright as is.
Editor: Layering and sync are fine, PR as I've said could be improved but is good enough.

Rocket Flight (ninjaKIWI) - [+]
Playtest: Fun little chart. The js patterns were different than I usually see and the broken stream patterns near the end were interesting to hit. I'd get rid of that minijack in m16 though.
Editor: Looks good from here; I wasn't sure of some of the broken rhythms on normal speed but they make sense when slowed down.

Sora ha Yoku Aru Kyoshoku no Genshou (Condoct) - [+?]
Playtest: I liked the sections with shorter trills and straight jumpstream, but some other parts were a lot less fun to hit. There are a lot of 3-note jacks in the middle of jumpstream, and I see that you were trying to use them for emphasis, but there are other ways that are far less awkward to hit and combo, such as a 3-note jumptrill. The 24th trills from m111 to m115 are pretty fast and should be broken up a bit for the sake of variety and playability.
Editor: The layering in certain places really needs to be stepped up. For instance, the 8th stream in m14-20 feels really bland right after the jumpstream and bursts. Try to make the overall difficulty more constant so that the slow sections aren't boring - it shouldn't feel like the slower sections were layered less than they could be, if the fast sections are so difficult. The 24th-to-32nd bursts you use throughout the file feel overdone because of the low energy of the whooshing noise, and I think they'd be a lot better as just 24ths. Also, the 16th jack at the very end of the file makes no sense, you missed a 24th section in m112, and the trills in m122-m124 would make a lot more sense as runningmen.

Starry Sky (TANUKI BOOTLEG) (_.Spitfire._) - [+]
Playtest: Fun chart - the js patterns felt pretty good to play although they were dense, and the jacks were appropriate. You might want to fix the yellow-note syndrome in the beginning, unless you did it for effect (I can't really tell).
Editor: Looks good.

Stately, Wrong (who_cares973) - [+]
Playtest: This is a really neat chart with very interesting use of BPM changes. I think you should change the long jacks in the 32nds section to trills, though, because you use jacks at the exact same speed in other places for ephasis, and so in that section the dynamics of the song and the chart are really at odds with each other. In the end I decided not to take a point off for this because the chart is so cool otherwise, but I do think it should be changed.
Editor: Mostly looks pretty solid. There are some parts in the 230bpm section where I'd add a 4th or 8th note from the vocals, but it works like this too. Oh yeah, and I'd get rid of the last 3 notes (it'd feel better to end with the 12th roll).

Stay Crunchy (who_cares973) - [+]
Playtest: Solid chart; nothing really amazing or groundbreaking about it, but it does a good job of conveying the music and there isn't really anything wrong with it.
Editor: Seems to be technically fine.

Sunless Daybreak (psychoangel691) - [+]
Playtest: Fun upbeat chart, good music. The use of halved/quartered BPM was good, with the intensity changes in the song being obvious in the file.
Editor: I'd add more layering in certain parts, but it's really up to opinion; just be consistent with whatever you end up choosing. For instance, I'd put a jump to the claps on alternating 4ths in the intro, and to the higher-pitched foreground melody notes in m41-52.

Tasteless (JSH) - [+.]
Playtest: Is this song supposed to be really noisy or is it just a low quality mp3? Anyway this song plays alright, but it's a little long and it wouldn't really hurt to cut it a bit. (3)
Editor: The sync at the beginning (and any other vocals) needs some serious work, because it just doesn't fit into a flat 16th rhythm. There is this one pattern of four claps in a row that you often stepped as a right-handed trill (like in m20), but it would fit much better as a jack or possibly a jumptrill, and at this speed you really shouldn't worry about 16th jacks being too difficult to hit. Finally the rising pattern in m49-m50 should be faster than 16ths to provide some contrast with the rest of the file - I suggest either a 24th stream or a standard 32nd roll.

The earth blew up (bob bob) - [++]
Playtest: I didn't expect it from hearing the song, but this was actually a really good, fun chart, with interesting patterns that matched it really well. Cool stuff, just please change up the longer one-handed trills in m72-74.
Editor: Seems technically fine.

THE LITTLE MERMAID (hi19hi19) - [-]
Playtest: The chart felt like a dump to me; the use of hands and quads was a bit much, and the bursts were pretty awkward to hit (not quite jumptrillable) and didn't go to any discernible rhythm. I don't know if this is a serious file or not but either way it's not at all what I'm looking for for FFR charts.
Editor: So yeah, on closer inspection those 48th bursts just go to a scream, which is not really acceptable by FFR standards. In addition, listening to this chart on assist tick, it is drastically offsync in many places, sometimes by so much that I feel like I'm hitting the 16ths between the actual hits in the song. I appreciate that you tried to use ddream but it really didn't work out here.

The Others (Darkbreezee) - [?]
Playtest: There are some really awkward parts in this file - many of the 32nd bursts (in m4, m8, m20, m24, m92-95, m101-102, and some other places), and the jumpjacks in m101, didn't flow at all. The jumpstream parts are okay but they often feel too heavy, as if you stepped for difficulty rather than trying to go to the song. (2)
Editor: There are also big problems with rhythms. For instance, in the section that roughly goes from m33 to m64, the 16th rhythm is x.xx.xxx, but you have treated it like x.xxxxxx the whole way through. I don't know if you were just trying to layer 8ths onto it or what, but not trying to emphasize this pattern was a big mistake because that section ends up feeling like random jumpstream instead of an accurate stepfile. (Other jumpstreamy parts of the file had similar issues where you seemed to ignore the rhythms in the song, or at least layer right over them.) There's also some serious inconsistency with bursts and 16ths; in places like m76 and m80, and the section starting at m98, you didn't step a buzz or a background 16th rhythm that otherwise would have made sense. If you were trying to match the feel of the song, the solution there is not to ignore the pattern and leave the player confused, but to use patterns that are less dense and easier to hit so that that section of the chart doesn't feel as intense as the others.

Treasure Planet (megamon88) - [+]
Playtest: Solid and interesting file. The layering was done well, the 8th jacks during the slow section in m59-m74 felt good, and the bursts were unusual but not *too* awkward. Wouldn't hurt to get rid of some of the one-handed minitrills in the 24ths though.
Editor: Looks good; the bursts make more sense on low rate than on normal, but that's fine.

Try To Star (Rebirth) - [+]
Playtest: Something must've gone seriously wrong here, because there is a HUGE offset issue. I changed it to -2.327. Anyway, fun file. I think you should break up the long trill in m58-59 and do some more work on the slow section in m74-m91 (specifically I'm thinking more PR, and I'd like to see jumps on the 4ths in m74), but overall it's quite well done.
Editor: Technically it looks pretty good, nothing really objectively wrong.

VS PSYCHOSHY (megamon88) - [++]
Playtest: Awesome chart, with great use of PR on the 4th/8th jumps throughout. The song really came through and it was fun to play too.
Editor: I hear a 16th in m60 and m64 that you missed. Otherwise it's quite solid.

Warren (who_cares973) - [+]
Playtest: A nice, relaxing, comfortable easy file; well done.
Editor: No complaints.

We Will Fly (ichliebekase) - [+]
Playtest: Solid chart, and pretty interesting too. I would have liked to see some more jumps in the minijack sections, but it's fine like this.
Editor: The jacks in the end (m65 on) don't feel quite as appropriate as the ones in the middle of the song did, but it's really a subjective thing.

Wolf by Night, Human in Dreams (woker-X) - [+]
Playtest: Good fun chart with some cool 12th patterns. I'd remove all of the 16th minitrills at the very end though (they are too quiet in the song).
Editor: In m57-62 some of the 4ths should be jumps.

wow dis shore is a grate song (0) - [+?]
Playtest: This was really awkward to hit. There were a lot of long 8th/4th jacks pretty much everywhere, including anchoring jacks, and the heavy jumpstream bursts were pretty tough too (although I guess they were as easy to hit as they could be given the density of the patterns you chose). I'm just not seeing this as a good fit for FFR at all.
Editor: Seems accurate...

Xanthystrauma (MarioNintendo) - [?]
Playtest: This one gets a "too hard" from me. One- and two-handed 12th jumpjacks, long 32nd and 24th rolls, long 8th jumpjacks with awkward Scythe of 13 type patterns... (and what the hell was that 32nd burst in m148?) Plus, in many places, you didn't add some much-needed variety to the patterns, so there were a ton of long jumpjacks that could have been cool patterns. A much more reasonable chart of this file is definitely possible, and this feels extremely unfinished. (1-2)
Editor: The 16th 1234321 patterns at the start are not good; when you have legit 16th stream/patterns later in the file it feels really wrong to have straight 16ths be used for a burst. The slow section needs something other than the spread-apart 64th things to show the pitch changes, e.g. put something before the second 4th in m43. At least the bursts in the faster section seem accurate.

You Got Served (00Razor00) - [+.]
Playtest: I'm not generally a big fan of this genre, but this was overall a pretty solid file. The 48th roll is a problem, though; while the rest of the file is generally pretty comfortable to hit, that's by far the hardest thing in the chart. I appreciate your efforts to try to PR a 315bpm stream but it needs to be either dumbed down or made much simpler (something like a straight roll).
Editor: It looks accurate enough, and the layering makes sense.


Asterisk (bmah) [+]

A clean, well wrapped up file. there's nothing much I can say. Your ability to use hands is simply dazzling.


78.52s: The jump you included here seems misplaced compared to all of the other jumps representing the same sound throughout the song (refer to 75.57s and 82.33s for example). I simply suggest you iron it all up

Captain Murasa's Ass Anchor (Gundam-Dude) [+]

I can barely play this file, but that's only because I'm not good at the game. xP The file is throughly entertaining. My only gripe is that when you step speech, it goes so fast that it gets even a bit too fast at times. (see 48.19s or 53.09s, those are the parts I'm talking about) That's entirely subjective, though. The rest of the file is gold!

Disco Balls (bmah) [++]

Pure beatmania 5th style style, this song rushes in my stepmania folder to deliver its brilliance.

46.01s: What!? Stops?
48.48s: Slowdowns mixed with stops!?

Overall, you took a perfect song, captured all of its themes in mere arrows and even rolled it up in some unnecessary x-mods which we'll never be able to see in game to make it even more ridiculously great. I salute you.

FAREAST HARSTYLERS (samurai 7694) [+.]

While there are no real technical errors in this file, it gets very, very repetitive. Think about this, from 12.12s to 86.21s , which is 74.09s long, we're playing the same exact patterns with only slight variations. It does get boring after a while. It is indeed the song which suggests this, but I guess a more appropriate song choice would've helped.

Obscene Amount Of Steam (iironiic) [+]

So damn accurate. I didn't enjoy the song itself since it never seemed to take off, but I can't help but notice how precise those steps were. I can't give anything less than a (+). That progress you made is impressive, Wilson. Remove the placeholder note at the end, though. xD

Ochitsukeruwakenaiwayo! (Jimerax) [+]

O-chi-tsu-ke-ru-wa-ke-nai-wa-yo... What the f... Pretty solid file, I must say!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go play this song again. It's everything FFR, I love it.

Piano x Forte x Scandal (dag12) [+]

When I first played this file, I thought it was going to be a disaster. Who could take on the greatness of the almighty Piano x Forte x Scandal? Well, even though it is hard to admit that it took me many times playing the song at 0.70x to realize it, that song is gorgeous, dag. You should be proud of yourself. 5/5

Power Rocket (justin_ator) [+.]

Good song, I had a lot of fun playing it! There were still a couple mistakes I had to point out:

  • - 5.90s: The PR is wrong, it should go 33333312 instead it 33333321. It's a small mistake, but it's pretty obvious. idem for 7.77s.
    - 9.41s: Same idea, change this arrow to a -> and the next one to a ^. This will make the song go 2222243444442222.
    - 11.99s: Those 32nds were indeed tempting to step, but it's such a blatant difficulty spike that it does stand out in a bad way. I know what sound they were trying to put some emphasis on, but you should definitely replace that part with 16ths for the sake of climax theory. At least replace them with a roll instead of a weird stream! ;-P Those 32nds at 24.71s though are ok though and can stay there without a problem. The feeling of the song is different in that part, since it's pumping of for the jumpstream part.
    - 13.75s: What does that jump go to? It's unnecessary.
    - You have a couple missing notes in the dubstep-ish part which loses part of its groove. I'll point out some to help you get a picture and you'll figure out the rest of them, since I believe there are a couple: 57.34s, 58.28s, 60.15s, 64.84s, 65.78s, etc. Note: they're all 16ths!

Overall, I believe you made a song with tons of potential. After my first sightread, I thought I was going to give a +! It's the simple mistakes that made the grade go down a bit, but I'm sure you'll be able to iron them out and make this a perfectly enjoyable file. Good job Justin.

(Note: The song's volume seems below average. Is there a way you modify this into Audacity? The bass could be much more effective. I know this isn't yo