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Talking question about courses

my question is: is it feasible to combine an arbitrarily long list of charts into a single course, and then autoplay that (on a reasonable scroll speed)?

a while ago, i dicked around with it for a little bit in the decade-old build of stepmania i remembered last playing on and gave up. is that something that's easier on modern builds or etterna (or something else)?

the motivation for this is that it would be nice to archive packs or author singles on youtube. if i can do this just by making a big course, local recording stepmania while im afk and the course autoplays, and then trimming the resulting video, then id be willing to do that.

this seems like it would scale a lot better than trying to record and subsequently edit together dozens of individual charts, which in particular is something im not willing to do. also i probably will forget to check on this thread for a year or something .please dont troll me

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Default Re: question about courses

troll him
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Default Re: question about courses

See you, Space Cowboy.
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Default Re: question about courses

all you need to do is upload an autoplay of breakin' it down and wala
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