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View Poll Results: did you ghost me on discord?
yes, i absolutely despise you and your the bane of my existence 5 26.32%
yes, wdym? 6 31.58%
no, i still dont like you though 3 15.79%
no, your fine 5 26.32%
Voters: 19. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-16-2020, 04:34 AM   #1
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Default did you ghost me on discord

did you?

the prophecy
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

Why are you so insecure? I really wanna know. I think you're a person but just have a lot of pent up frustration towards certain things man.

Just let it go
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TWG Jade Harley
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

yes i did >=D
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

Why are you vagueposting on the forums-? I don't know who you could be talking about but like... if y'all are having problems you can talk to us about it if you'd like.
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oooohhhh YEEESSSS~
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damnit subaru
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if cocoa flips town, n2 vig should shoot zenith obv
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Okay, I'm 7 pages deep and this is a shitfest.
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wolf gurls exist awooo owo ¿furries? owo awoo

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My beak is bigger than yours
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

you ghosted me on discord by not messaging me on there in the first place wtf
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people like you are how trump gets elected
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

*raise hand like I'm at school for asking a question*

Where is this thread supposed to go ?
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

Yeah, I did.

~Working on a pack~
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Happy choking!
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

Should have included a "who are you" poll option.
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

I'm just gonna be flat out with this, yes I pretty much have. I wouldn't have if you had decided to move on from your whole EtternaOnline situation. I did feel bad at first, but wanted to stay neutral, but it's been at least a month now and I can't go like 2-3 days without seeing you bring up another thing with the Etterna situation and quite honestly it's very annoying now. I probably would stop ghosting you if you just learned how to move on from the situation but until then, my stance is going to stay the same as it has been.
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Ok congrats you actually read this have a good day
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

I actually have no idea what to vote here because people are kinda separated into 3 categories on the discord for me

people whom I regularly interact with

people that I don't regularly interact with but frequently post

people that I don't regularly interact with, don't frequently post, and don't pay much attention to.

Unsure why 3 of 4 answers on poll lead to maybe something is wrong/I don't like you, and the 4th option is just neutral 'ok'. It doesn't have to be negative. In the context of this thread off what's given, I ghost over half of the people in the official discord. Not because I don't like them, but because there's a lot of chat content and usually the discussion is irrelevant to me.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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She/Her pronouns, please.
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

you couls just...idk, focus on making better memories with what you have now. If you need to talk about it, there are surely people that will listen to you and give you some good things to (hopefully) take to heart. But at this point, it's sounding like a search for a pity party and that's Pretty Uncool™.
: )
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

well i hadn't yet but thanks for reminding me

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Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
you know what they say

under all the rust is really shiny...……… metal
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord


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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

yeah only cause you did it to me first...
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

Should I say it
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

i voted no you're fine, but we've never talked so there's that too
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Default Re: did you ghost me on discord

just noticed this thread and it gave me the big confusion
abort mission, they have spotted us!
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finland doesnt exist
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I take your Dance Praise and raise it a Guitar Praise
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