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Default FFR Charity Stream on April 10th

Hey everyone! <3 I hope all of you are safe and feeling well, especially if you find yourself still needing to be in public.

A team of rhythm gamers down in Atlanta has teamed up with PM Studios and Direct Relief to present Link Up! This will be showcasing several rhythm game streams across this weekend and next weekend, not only bringing the community together but raising money for COVID-19 relief in this difficult time. I've been selected to showcase FFR on Friday April 10, from 2-4PM eastern time~

It'll be a fun time discussing a bit of history with the game, showing some of the modern options the game has to offer, and playing around with the mods, silly charts, nostalgic blue note syndrome charts, and just having a good time. Your support would mean the world to not only me but to the whole rhythm game community, and if you are able to lend a bit of support through a donation, we would greatly appreciate it but you're more than welcome to come and just chat.

PM Studios will also be offering some giveaways for their rhythm games through our streams, and all information on that can be found at bit.ly/LUGiveawayRules

-The schedule can be found at bit.ly/LinkUp_Schedule.

-All of the Link Up streams and chats will be hosted on https://twitch.tv/musicgamesatl

-Information on donations to Direct Relief can be found here: bit.ly/LU_Donate

Hope to see you all there!
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