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Default It's been a while - help with finding old songs?

Hey all, and sorry in advance if this is posted in the wrong forum category or if it has already been addressed, but a few questions:

1) How can I get my hands on music from The Fats Sabobah, SGX, sleeplessdragn, etc? I can no longer find them online and have no idea where I should be looking for songs to download to stepmania to grab the mp3, which ties into my next question...

2) Can someone help me with finding good stepmania packs? I have been gone from the scene for a long time and I no longer have any old songs or packs that I once had. I am going to download stepmania again but it would be nice to hear some suggestions as far as great stepfiles/packs.

Thanks in advance. I have been part of the community for a long time, but after a long hiatus, I'm finding it hard to navigate the forums and find what I'm looking for.
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Default Re: It's been a while - help with finding old songs?

You can find music from The Fats Sabobah at https://thefatssabobah.bandcamp.com/ and sleeplessdragn is on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/sleeplessdragn

I already knew about these but I think googling the artist name + bandcamp, soundcloud, or twitter is the best way to find people. Random old packs will have these files too but those are harder to find, and will just require some digging unfortunately
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Default Re: It's been a while - help with finding old songs?

Holy crap it's Dorby

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Default Re: It's been a while - help with finding old songs?

If you want to find them through SM packs, go here: https://etternaonline.com/

then at the top search, either type the artist or the name of the song, and then download the packs that they have songs in

Most notable recent packs (in terms of playing the files) get released here https://forums.etternaonline.com/c/p...ng-to-charting
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Default Re: It's been a while - help with finding old songs?

You can also check out this thread I made where I uploaded some packs I had that I couldn't find mirrors to if you're looking for simfiles specifically

May not have what you want, but thought I'll toss the link your way

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