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Default Re: Megaman X7... It broke me

Originally Posted by Blackskull305 View Post
Why y'all playing Megaman X? Megaman Battle Network 2 is where it's at.
6 was the best fight me
Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
im honestly more concerned about the lack of light i get because of all the shade i'm throwing
Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
xel feels so pure right now, definitely town
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Default Re: Megaman X7... It broke me

I will, and have because all of my times were better than your's, scrub.

Also MMBN3 was best.

Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post

Originally Posted by Funnygurl555 View Post
ive spent more time with photos of t-force than im proud of
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Default Re: Megaman X7... It broke me

MegaMan! It's time for viruses busting!

Lan! We have to challenge a Netopian bread!

i liked 5 quite a bit once i could get past the ship password puzzle
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Default Re: Megaman X7... It broke me

Originally Posted by Shadow_God_10 View Post
Share your suffering with the masses my friend. Share with us.
As you wish.

First, off the only reason, I didn't smash the game into two pieces is because it was my friend's game disk. Anyways I asked for this.

I played it on both difficulties on stream which enhanced the suffering.

Zero in x7 is the only character I bother playing is he's at least semi-competent. On my normal mode run, I didn't get any reploids on Stonekong or Hyenards stages. I didn't give enough fucks to get them tbh.

I had several issues with bugs throughout the game that pissed me off I actually broke my controller from throwing it at the wall. (rip controller you were an unneeded casualty in this conflict.) These bugs so happen to include the following.
  1. the last bomb in ride borskis level not spawning but aqlso not being defused
  2. splash warfly having an unkillible enemy right next to his room on hard mode
  3. vanishing gungaroo cutting the game audio entirely (until his stage is beaten)
  4. soldier stonekong outright freezing the entire fucking game anytime he touched a certain pixel in his arena on hard mode
  5. splash warfly dying in two hits in normal without its weakness in a certain spot in the arena (only on normal for some reason)
  6. The stunlock that allows ride borski to be killed in 20 seconds was on my now-defunct youtube channel
  7. The infamous glitch in flame hyenards fight with the audio that gave me a migraine on stream because my headset was up way the fuck too much
  8. reds stage sometimes clipping you through the floor killing you
  9. and many more

We haven't even gotten to the stages or bosses yet oh hell no.

Over half the list of mavericks are so unmemorable that I forgot their names but that's ok because their stages were absolute dogshit.

Vanishing gungaroons stage is tolerable.
Same with splash warfly.
Tornado tunion. As once quoted by one of my favorite YouTubers the quarter guy "He's just an onion he's just an onion he's just an onion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Flame hyenard is easily the worst stage in hard mode because of the enemies added. (more on that later)
Soldier stonekong is unfair and bullshit in hard mode in 3 separate sections.
ride boreski has a tedious stage just as the boss is.
Every other stage before red was mediocre in normal and pretty shit in hard mode.

Reds stage is the part of the game where I needed the most support to keep going on both difficulties because of bad it is.
I won't go into further detail on that because I fall through the floor over 60% of the time (yes I added the statistics up).

The fights to me are as follows.

Vanishing gungaroon is the only fight I died too in the whole game and I did so as a joke for my stream.
Flame hyenard "flamer busfuck" quarter guy reference again
Tornado tunion the second-fastest boss kill I've gotten in a Megaman x game (yeah I'm talking about the hard mode version but the normal mode version is the exact same)
Ride boreski is the fastest kill I've gotten in a Megaman x game
Stonekong should take his ass back to donkey kong country and get the fuck out of my Megaman.
Splash warfly and red are the only 2 bosses I actually found any enjoyment in.

The soundtrack of this game is very mediocre at best I'm gonna leave it at that.

Axl's copy ability is the setup to a glitch that can skip to the end credits if done correctly.

I will say that the hard modes of flame hyenards stage (the 3d bit) has the worst enemy placement in this game.

Also, lock-on in the 2d sections how the fuck did you fuck that up capcom?

The voice acting is getting sued for noise pollution by the quarter guy.

X being a pussy is honestly a good thing so I don't blame him for wanting to avoid this shitty conflict

The only game in the series that comes anything close to this is Megaman and bass (but that game is bad due to shitty enemy placement and just absolute bad game design and insane difficulty, something this game doesn't have)

I feel like Price at the end of modern warfare 3 after playing this game. Except the game is Makarov and the cigarette is replaced with a middle finger raised in the game's direction.

Its thanksgiving in a few days and one thing I sure as hell am thankful for is that I don't have to play this piece of robotic subhuman antimatter radiating shit of a game ever again.

OP you asked for this you got it.

I rest my case

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