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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 2

Hey Goldstinger, i'm gonna be trying yo do fixes for hero today or tomorrow but want to get this out of the way before i did: the issue with adjusting the file to readd the color back in is that it requires me to have an inaccurate measure bpm to swap ot back, but then to keep the gimmick as suggested falsely suggests to the player what frame the 192nd falls on which can in some sceanarios cause mistakes due to it.

In short I don't hate the purposed compromise but those two reasons kinda lean me to not wanting to do it.

Is there a way around those I'm not personally aware of before i jump into it? If there isn't I'm likely gonna leave the colors as is i think.

Edit: i guess like would subbeats in ddream fix this?
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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 2

The file already has an inaccurate measure bpm, fluctuating between 155.996bpm, and 156.005bpm. Because DDream is magical, and loves bpm changes.

Copy-pasting all notes from [01:36.852] Onwards, cutting them, and then pasting them starting at the 8th there should make all the notes colored.

Setting the BPM at [01:36.660] (Beat 251) to 152.500bpm, moving the yellow 16th note to 01:37.004 (32nd proceeding it, can use 32nd, or subbeat to keep it yellow), and then setting the following BPM at [01:37.053] (Beat 252) to 156.000bpm is one option of fixing it.

Another option, is to take down the time of the white note before this section (located at 01:36.283) and use subbeats to make that note stay at 01:36.283, and then change Beat 250 [01:36.275] to 152.500bpm, and the following Beat 251 [01:36.669] back to 156.000bpm.
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