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Default Xitsune's Challenge Minipack++ [RELEASED]

Finally, after 2 years of my hard drive being wiped due to a dying computer and remaking these simfiles back from scratch... I present to you my first ever major pack release from me! It includes 40 songs with heavily revised steps so that nothing is stupidly hard and is (hopefully) enjoyable to play over and over again. The pack consists of JS, HS, Chordjacks, and technical charts

I know I have released some files before... but those were just sh*tty charts passed off as dump files as an excuse.

HUGE THANKS TO THESE PEOPLE FOR MAKING THIS PACK POSSIBLE: Providence, Zibang, Skwid, Comrade Bambi, and Noire (Sidek). Thanks for taking the time to look into my pack and playtest them when no one else did!

Download by clicking the banner below:


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Default Re: Xitsune's Challenge Minipack++ [RELEASED]

List of packs with my files (Pad) :

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