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Default ytpoop paq

This was a pack that was made & assembled in a week for Foxfire's Stream because he wanted more 'youtube poop quality songs'.

Reposting here for public release, existence, and idk that's about it. Most have avi's that go with them.

8th pack later rather than sooner. Click banner to download.

Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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Default Re: ytpoop paq

finally some good joke pack
List of packs with my files (Pad) :
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Default Re: ytpoop paq

Played all of it, would recommend! Actual YTPs apparently can make pretty good tech files, I would love to see more stuff like this!
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Default Re: ytpoop paq

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Default Re: ytpoop paq

im just here to type paq
Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
Guys, I worked really hard on that meme and it didn't get any attention. Please accept me into your social group.
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Originally Posted by SKG_Scintill View Post
what if you woke up and a random stranger stood beside your bed just to say good morning
Originally Posted by SKG_Scintill View Post
you'd tell them to fuck off
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Default Re: ytpoop paq

Originally Posted by V-Ormix View Post
im just here to type paq
idk if ur tryna shit talk dour typing paq but hes pretty active in the etterna community and is basically partially why this paq even started lol so idk
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