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Default Formula for extra tier points from AAAs

I've been looking at a lot of FFR stats lately, and I started wondering about how the extra tier points (ETPs) you earn for AAAs are calculated. I looked for threads on this but I couldn't find anything exact, so I decided to do some analysis myself to figure it out.

Since you currently can't go to the tier points page for another user, I wrote a script that calculates your tier points from your public/token levelranks. I then ran the script against a bunch of profiles on the top 100 AAAs list to get the following data:

I noticed the slope was around 21.6, which seems like it must correspond to the 2160 total songs. I know you only start getting ETPs when you have around 50% total AAAs, and since the apparent max ETPs you can get is 50 (1450 is the max number of tier points possible without any ETPs), we can assume the formula looks something like this:

Simplifying and generalizing this gives:

One key piece of data I found is that 1296 AAAs gives you 11 ETPs (plugging 1296 into the previous formula would give 10 ETPs instead of 11), so from this we can infer that you get your first tier point once achieving at least 50% AAAs. This led me to the following formulas (note that the first formula does not work for lower AAA counts):

TL;DR: Extra tier points can just be thought of as a percentage of total AAAs. You earn your first extra tier point after passing 50% total AAAs, and you gain another tier point for each percentage after that all the way up to 99% total AAAs.

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Default Re: Formula for extra tier points from AAAs

I know I have the formula written on the forums somewhere but can't be assed to look too hard for it. Also it might be in the staff forum which I no longer have access to.

The formula I gave Velo (or maybe it was Prawn idr) years back was something along the lines of:

AAA(n) = (total # of files / 2) + (total # of files / 100)*(n-1)

where n caps at 50. Was meant to be a dynamic formula that automatically shifts the bonus requirements as more songs were added. Essentially 50% of total songs AAA'd gets you your first bonus point with each increasing percentage point rewarding an additional bonus to your tier, up to a max of 50 points at 99%.

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Default Re: Formula for extra tier points from AAAs

Yup your formula matches what I came up with. I went through to clean up the original post and realized you can just think of extra tier points as a percentage (there are a max of 50 extra tier points, and you start gaining the extra tier points at 50% AAAs... the correlation seems obvious now).

Hoping people can use this thread as a reference if they ever want to figure out how many AAAs they need for the next extra tier point.
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