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Default Re: ya guys like anime?

darifura will either be cited as the inspiration to a truly historical work of art and become one itself, or darifura will die in time just as this post will, and thus nobody will remember I was wrong.
Originally Posted by [11:38 PM] Hakulyte
only person who can legit tilt me is like YoshL
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Default Re: ya guys like anime?

Originally Posted by roundbox View Post
What Roundbox said about Season 2 of Psycho Pass

She basically has to go through the same story beats with Sibyl and who actually controls who. Her starting off doing her own thing makes sense enough since IIRC S1 ends with Sibyl basically concluding that she should be watched so long as she doesn't blow the whistle.

But then a lot of bullshit happens that honestly makes that subplot the less offensive thing.

I don't normally recommend Digibro vids because I don't normally agree with him on stuff but I did see him do like an hour+ video comparing both parts and how S2 insults S1 every single step of the way and it's the one video on youtube that I agreed with 10,000,000% --- hell I don't even agree with my videos as much as I agree with that one. If you want a less time intensive way to see just how bad it is that's the way
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