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Default Kirlian Shores 1.1

just wanna preface this by saying

this is NOT my score, but it's a score definitely worth posting imo;

holy fucking shit

KrystalSM/ryan is a fucking beast and has big dick energy

8:30 AM] ryan: GET FUCKED
[8:30 AM] ryan: https://i.imgur.com/lQ2x3r1.png
[8:30 AM] Ashley: hidgsohibdfojidojidfojiojidhsojiojidhfesojid
[8:30 AM] Ashley: HOLY SHIT
[8:31 AM] Ashley: LMAo
[8:31 AM] ryan: im shakign
[8:31 AM] Ashley: WHAT
Certainly, they existed.
Those blinded by ambition.
Those consumed by vengeance.
But here they do not exist.
Only winners and losers here.
For here, the mighty rule.

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