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Default MetalPack (submissions open)

Hello, I am Zibang and I'm creating a 4k spread pack about all things metal.

I'm looking for charts to put in the pack. The criteria is rather loose. Anything that can be considered metal music is allowed, the charts can be whatever style you wish them to be, as long as they can be considered suitable for spread play.

Send me charts in Discord to Zibang#9299 and I'll give them a go. I'm very likely not going to nitpick about the technicalities of the chart, as long as the song fits the theme. No meme charts/songs though, thank you.

I've been creating files with some other people for the pack for some time now, here is the spreadsheet where you can see the songs that have been charted: Google Sheets

I'm looking for at least 25-30 complete files before release.
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Default Re: MetalPack (submissions open)

very poggers!
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Default Re: MetalPack (submissions open)

we just need a mass supergroup with like glove, baq12, fission, wc, trogdor, icy, hi19 and some other names i cant think would be best together with the listed. theyve all stepped good ass metal/metal-esque songs and made dank charts for them.

a man can dream~
See you, Space Cowboy.
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Default Re: MetalPack (submissions open)

Where's Metzger when u need him
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Default Re: MetalPack (submissions open)

bump because i'm submitting files soon
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Default Re: MetalPack (submissions open)

Might chart Champagne to submit to this pack, hope you like sick guitar melodies.
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