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Default Re: Post your recent doodles/photos/artwork!

i colored this

Division 5 2nd place

Originally Posted by hosua View Post
Oh, I thought it was just my internet this whole time.
Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
Also that triple post is almost as delicious as a hot, fresh, Domino's pizza.

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Default Re: Post your recent doodles/photos/artwork!

I like to make weird symmetric stuff in windows paint

edit: idk

made a new logo for my sound cloud (it's suppose to spell initgen)

Here's my previous FFR avi I traced in flash rip (cool vector)

once every blue moon (no pun intend.) I like to trace "anime" in flash so as to get a clean vector that I can scale for graphical applications i.e. my profile banner/bg rip

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Default Re: Post your recent doodles/photos/artwork!

I really like your stuff Blue. Feels algorithmic and fractally.

Drawing I started at work, wip. Not sure what will happen with it next.


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Default Re: Post your recent doodles/photos/artwork!

Did another cartoon thing for my game after like a year hiatus or so. Took only like 10-15 hours.

The theme is: "Buyer's remorse"

Full version because it's too big:


[Cringe alert]

At the bottom of this site you can find more Final Fantasy-related drawings, spanning over 9 years:


Originally Posted by TWG Dan Hedgehog View Post
there are 743 matches for hedgehog suicide on deviantart
that's kind of a sad statistic

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