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I woke up. Thanks.
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Default Re: Mental illness thread

Originally Posted by Spenner View Post
When you constantly feel like you're carrying the entire weight of your issues, it's going to feel like you're not doing anything for yourself significantly.

You just have to do little things and to acknowledge that you did something good for yourself rather than nothing.
Man, you said nothing new, and I needed to hear it anyways.
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Originally Posted by スンファンさん
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Default Re: Mental illness thread

i just bottle it up until i have some sort of break down that results in me going to the ER

but idc really, its just me being edgy. Edgy is bad lol
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Default Re: Mental illness thread

I was diagnosed with PTSD recently because on 24rd December 2016 my house was burning when i was in it. I get random illusions and false senses of smoke. It is so scary and i just wanted to post it here to get it off my chest.
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Default Re: Mental illness thread

Deleted all my social media and going through crazy medical issues! Depression has snuck up on me and punched me in the face. I haven't been on FFR in probably a year but I am able to shitpost and get stuff off of my chest.

Depression, Moodswings, horrible feelings, emptiness, loneliness, has all been plaguing me for 3 weeks, doctors won't give me the tests I need to get rid of my sickness and I will be stuck waiting for 6-12 more months and its so disheartening.


Needed to get that off my chest.
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Default Re: Mental illness thread

to anyone struggling do your best to give yourself some compassion. mental illnesses are real and they aren't your fault.

as i stated earlier i recovered from terrible debilitating anxiety and mild clinical depression. i spent years isolated. i am doing so much better now. i serve as an example for people that these things can be fought and overcome. it's not easy and it's a process no matter what it is. seek support wherever possible
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Default Re: Mental illness thread

Originally Posted by awein999 View Post
mental illnesses are real and they aren't your fault.
I've been reflecting on this for a moment. And my mind teeters a bit. It feels easier when I can take the pressure off myself, and think that genetics and experiences have just shaped me as this way-- I have to work on accepting things as they are.

But lately I've been real tired of just letting myself make excuses for it being okay to feel bad, or to become overwhelmed. It's okay to crumble sometimes when you've done all you can. These things distract me, they tell me to take my eyes off the road. I stop focusing on swimming through the emergent experience, and i get caught up in swirls.

Time and time again I find myself in those swirls, and i realize it is something i have to get better at predicting and avoiding. I try very hard to analyze my experiences so i can see how to improve myself or avoid pain and suffering.

It sucks to be in pain all the time. To not feel any of the real experiences of life, because of distractions from our pure experiences. I don't want to live like that anymore.

My introversion, my emotions-- these are powerful tools that can easily be used to induce damaging experiences onto myself if i'm not careful.

I need to moderate, i need to be disciplined, and i need this to become muscle memory over time.

I will change.

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