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Default Step community

Is this the hub for step activity? Who can I convince to get in on some multiplayer action with me?
I don't fully understand how multiplayer step is coordinated but I prefer definitely prefer SM5 for sure.
I'm competitive so the rank system will only distract me for so long and the dinky flash is an eyesore.
I gripped the wheel. I sweated against the leather.

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Default Re: Step community

Heh sure thing, sleeping wasnt happening anytime soon tbh

connect to stepmaniaonline.net through the network options and hmu once you're in : ^)
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Default Re: Step community

This thread wasn't what I thought it was about and I'm sad
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Default Re: Step community

You can step some shit for me if u want WV :3

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Default Re: Step community

Oh look, another alt account.
Thee Burstinator
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