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Default Is this good?

So, I've started playing this game last month. So i'm pretty new tbh. According to my account, I've played this game for 0.07 years, so not that long. Ok so, The difficulty I'm stuck at now is 28 - 30. I just need some feedback to boost my confidence or to tear me down; is that good? It'd be amazing if I could possibly get some help or a few tips to push me to the 30s difficulty, if that makes sense. This is probably a waste of time, sorry lol.
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Default Re: Is this good?

This game isn't a game you can really speedrun, don't think of it in terms of you're good in a shorter amount of time than someone else. Play to have fun, and if you make substantial improvements that you can be proud of personally compared to how you played the day, week, month, or year before, then you are on the right track.
All in all the straight answer to your question, no one can really say what is a good growth rate of skill, everyone improves at different rates. Keep playing, and have fun!
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Default Re: Is this good?

Find a song or a few songs you like around lv 25 and keep playing it until you have no misses boos or averages. Then do that again with another slightly harder song. Before you know it, you'll be tackling lv 40 songs.

You can try messing around with your speed if it seems like arrows are too close together. it might take a little while to get used to though. If you wanna practice a song at a slower speed you can change your "rate" to .5, for example, for half speed. Your score won't save unless your rate's at 1 though.

Edit: this was a great thread recently about improving and what a lot of the options mean. Some of it might be a bit too advanced atm however.

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Default Re: Is this good?

28-30 in about three weeks? i could barely pass raindrops (difficulty 9) for the first three weeks or so

you're doing really well just keep practicing and play the songs you like, you'll most likely get better soon
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Default Re: Is this good?

You seem to be about on par with where you should be. Sorry if this isn't the boost up or tear down you were looking for.

Some tips to improve:
1) Learn more about the game 1|2
2) Be sure to use the "spread" playstyle
3) Focus your eyes not on the receptors, but somewhere in the middle of the play area.
4) Develop muscle memory by playing similar songs (style and difficulty)
5) Be sure to increase your speedmod periodically as it can boost your accuracy and reading ability. There is a certain point where you will no longer feel the need to up your speed mod, and that is unique to you, and that is fine.
6) If you find yourself running out of songs in your comfort zone and slightly above (which is the recommended zone you should play in ), revisit some of your favorite songs with an increased rate mod (speeding up the music and notes to make the song harder).
7) Find someone to compete with, invite a friend.

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Default Re: Is this good?

Thanks rushyrulz, and tysm everyone else who responded! MrPopTart thanks for that, I'm actually going to try that out, seems like a great strategy. Oh btw Ristyy, thanks for youre response but I don'y really think this game much as a speedrun and me trying to come out on top, but I definatly would like to get better at this game haha.
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