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Post FFR Application?

Hello there! I'm Rebooting, a FFR player who also does 4K on Osu!Mania. One cool thing I was wondering as I was playing this game is if there could be an applications? Many flash sites like SSF2 and Pokemon Showdown (though im not sure its flash) already have application versions and a web version of their product, so why not FFR? Another convenience is for those who want to stream the game. Since the game can be only played on websites, it offers a more unpolished look to those who have streams, since they cant show the gameplay without the website interfering. Thats what I really propose. If you have anything else to share or support this post it below! It's a forum Post afterall!
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Default Re: FFR Application?

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Default Re: FFR Application?

Originally Posted by IwasAsquidOnce
Note the left hand pinky. It stretches out into attack mode to make etienne's hand appear larger, an intimidation technique for the arrows.
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Hi I see rapta come play TWG next game
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Rapta thinks alot about memes and fonts. I'd be inclined to think he's town because wolves wouldn't have time to meme would they ?
Originally Posted by Prawnskunk
if we keep releasing engines that work on 1/4 of people's computers, we'll get there
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Default Re: FFR Application?

sometimes stepmania
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Default Re: FFR Application?

I find FFR unplayable in the browser, using the R^3 engine in Adobe Flashplayer 9 was the best fit for me.

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Default Re: FFR Application?

Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
this was my thought too
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