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Default Best Warmup Patterns

So I find when I start or when I take a short break and return, my hands are always frozen stiff.
I was wondering what kind of files or patterns do people like to focus on to help regain comfort while playing?

If you're not sure on the terminology you can refer to The Official FFR Picture Dictionary (big thank you to rushyrulz)

I look forward to hearing what gets people moving.

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Default Re: Best Warmup Patterns

I usually warm up based on my goals for the day. If I want to AAA songs in my range, I'll just hop right into the 50s-60s range, no particular warm up. If I want to improve my ranks on charts I have no chance of AAAing (70+), I will work up to it and play some stream or jump stream charts to loosen up, focusing on reducing extra motion in my fingers.

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Default Re: Best Warmup Patterns


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Default Re: Best Warmup Patterns

I like doing some of my fav songs in the 40s-50s range on rates maybe 1.3-.5 it usually lets me jump right into progression.

Originally Posted by Staiain View Post
I'm sorry but... *flicks hair* I don't DO 0.x rates 8)
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Default Re: Best Warmup Patterns

A couple of stretches before you start playing helps me a lot. I usually do a couple of these exercises
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Default Re: Best Warmup Patterns

lmfao nerds
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Default Re: Best Warmup Patterns

Originally Posted by leonid View Post
This is actually what I do. I play hard jack files to get the blood going
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Default Re: Best Warmup Patterns

I cant play rhythm games til i buy a new computer (should be soon)

However, ive been practicing playing polyrhythms and ive actually gotten pretty good at wrapping my head around them. Only took over 10 years for me.
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