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rain of memories...
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Default Re: ADDENDUM: seeing as TGB will never be public

Originally Posted by dAnceguy117 View Post
tgb used to stand for The Garbage Bin but has since adapted to become The Based God, but with the letters mixed up
that's a lie; i've never heard anyone call it that lol

but yeah TGB stands for The Garbage Bin, and it isn't as strict; for the most part the only rules you have to follow are the internet rules that everyone has to follow when they're anywhere on the internet

the only FFR rules that are still in effect are the more serious ones like no posting sexually explicit images and no threatening people

you have to request to be able to go to TGB; it's a subforum (like chit chat and FFR general talk) that only shows up as a subforum for you once you are accepted and get a keycard

to request access to TGB, you can either PM a moderator or administrator and ask them to join The Garbage Bin OR click on the Community button on the top of FFR (right below the FFR banner on the front page) and then clicking on the User CP button which is also near the top but it's below the row of buttons with the Community button you clicked on; finally you click on the Group Memberships button on the left side of the page (under Networking) and click on the bubble on the right of The Garbage Bin and then click the Join Group button under the forums you can join

if you are accepted, you can go to both TGB and look at the legendary threads subforum that saves certain threads on FFR because they're really funny or because they're seen as legendary
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Originally Posted by hosua View Post
Oh, I thought it was just my internet this whole time.
Originally Posted by rushyrulz View Post
Also that triple post is almost as delicious as a hot, fresh, Domino's pizza.

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Default Re: ADDENDUM: seeing as TGB will never be public

Legendary threads might be worth applying for just in itself, you've been around the block, it might bring back some delicious memories of past forum drama.

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Default Re: ADDENDUM: seeing as TGB will never be public

But join for the am scores thread because you'd fit right in especially with your MA scores
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Default Re: ADDENDUM: seeing as TGB will never be public

Originally Posted by andy-o24 View Post
aight, yo. check it. dis wut ya gotta dew

hit up dat user cp at the top of the forums under dat play ffr nonsense.

find yo group memberships under networking, fam

hit up dat tgb keycard.

approval in like....i dunno maybe a business day

stepmania rivalry bred, yo. dats yo bred


LMAO this is the greatest response for help I've ever read oh god my lungs

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