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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 2

Aleph-0 (Skullbac) [8*/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

(**)-[00:02.025] First note in the song starts on the 4th here, instead of the 12th. Same situation with the following 24th on the right, supposed to be a 4th.
(**)-[00:03.825] 24th here should also be a 4th.
-[00:07.021] bit of an awkward breakdown since just about everything was stepped here, except for a few notes between the hand and here. To properly capture these missing notes, 32nds from 00:06.926 to 00:06.986 should work. Happens again later in the song during first verse, to which the timestamps for that one are 00:18.445 to 00:18.506.
(**)-[00:10.166 & 00:10.286] Missing 16ths.
(**)-[00:20.546] Something else other than [13]. Doesn’t match pitch relevant-wise to the previous [13] at 00:20.186.
(**)-[00:21.625 -> 00:21.866] Ehh, unsure if the [23] 8th jump stuck inside the 32nds here is all that warranted. I would rather see a 32nd roll with a splitter at the end. (ending on a [23])
(**)-[00:30.334] roll here is a little over the top for the audio happening here. Either a minijack, or a single note would suffice, considering the t.v. static sound effect is commonplace elsewhere in this section.
(**)-[01:03.804] A different hand other than [123] should go here. Pitch relevance does not match for the section.
(**)-[01:22.049] At this location, there is a speedup to 2121.121 bpm to put the song back on-sync, but it’s ever so slightly off-sync. Changing this BPM to 1825.00 should fix it to the correct sync.

Very interesting color-theory usage throughout this file. Few errors here and there that could use some cleaning up, but very solid. If I recall this is your first submission right? So very nice indeed. Up to you on whether or not you want to add 32nds to your breakdown sections in the beginning of the file, I personally think they would benefit from capturing those notes instead of leaving them silent.

Alive (Poison-) [7*/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>’(Poison-) [Fixed]’ listed as subtitle within simfile properties. Suggest removing. .DS, .DSX, .DWI, and two different .OLD files found within the simfile submission folder. Suggest removing.

(**)-[00:12.841] Don’t see reason for this specific 4th to be a jump.
(**)-[00:15.481 & 00:16.681] Comparative to the previous section, both of these singles should be jumps.
(**)-[00:33.481] Probably should be a [34] jump.
(**)-[00:48.235] Either single for this specific recurring 16th, or this specific 16th should always be a jump. (Examples where this is a single are 00:50.155, 00:53.995 and 00:57.835.)
(**)-[01:07.795, 01:08.515, 01:09.715, 01:10.195] Should all be jumps.
(**)-[01:10.915] Should be a jump here. I get that the majority of jumps here are going based on the dynamics of the piano, but there’s plenty of patterns showing up that are single in some places, and jumps in others. Same sound shows up at 01:18.595 as a jump, at the same loudness.
(**)-[01:11.635 & 01:12.595] Both should be jumps. Same notes show up as jumps at 01:19.795 & 01:20.755.
(**)-[01:30.121] Should be a jump, major intro to a new measure. 01:32.521 may also be a jump retrospectively.
-[01:49.321] Would have liked to see some different hands from here onwards instead of utilizing [124] for the whole 14 seconds. Gets boring quite quickly when it transfers into the second half.
(**)-[02:24.121] [13] jump here should be a single. Keep the flow from the section moving.

Few consistency issues regarding competition of piano dynamics vs pattern consistency. Been a bit since I’ve seen a full-fledged piano submission to a batch, and I like it. Very nice spin to a very mainstream song. The switch-up from 4th jumps to spaced 16th jumps half-way through the 16th stream near the end was a smart decision, and warranted.

Berry Go!! (AutotelicBrown) [8.5*/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

(**)-[00:02.795 -> 00:12.395] For the layering here, you’re following the background synthesizer, but both vocals OR the drum track are providing juicier stuff to follow, and the layering feels quite shallow compared to the rest of the file.
-[00:23.366 -> 00:24.395] You see what you did at 01:29.195? I want that, here, a lot.
-[00:32.538] 16th jump here feels somewhat out of place. Suggest changing.
(**)-[00:38.366] Ghost 16th. Shouldn’t be there. Otherwise, it would probably also be there at 00:43.852. Happens at 00:49.338 as well, and 00:52.081. If you want to keep these types of 16ths, then 00:43.852 should be filled in, as well as subsequently similar positions.
-[00:41.109] I’ll let this specific 16th slide, because of SFX sparkle. Happens again at 01:35.966, and 01:46.938.
-[00:46.509 & 00:46.595] My 2 cents, transition would probably stick out a lot nicer with these two 16ths being absent. Not much for them to go to anyways.
(**)-[00:55.252] Missing 4th.
-[01:15.052 & 01:16.423] Same situation as 00:32.538.
(**)-[01:30.395] Please, please, please put an 8th here.
-[01:33.223] Same ghost 16th as earlier.
-[01:41.281 & 01:41.452] 16ths probably shouldn’t be here. 8th can stay because of vocal layering.
-[01:44.195] Same ghost 16th.
(**)-[01:50.109] Missing 4th.

There’s a lot of pattern flow that doesn’t necessarily align with what the music is providing, but it works for the chart that was created, and there are many more music-derived choices worse than the ones that I’ve pointed out that are technically accurate, so they’re going to stay merely as optional choices. There are a couple actual missing notes, and some sections that are lacking layering, which is why it’s getting the fix tag instead of accepting as-is.

Chainsaw Fellatio (ositzxz369) [7*/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

(**)-[00:05.721 -> 00:06.471] A little awkward for pattern sakes, could use some sprucing up by making the 32nd triplets here alternate in a similar fashion. (432, 123, 432, 123 works. 432, 321, 432, 321 could also work.)
-[00:09.940] This specific 16th doesn’t go to much? It’s alright given it’s part of a 16th transition that’s hard to make note of, but noting this for future notes that will seem apparent.
(**)-[00:11.222] The 12th here is layered, but not the previous 12th at 00:08.222? Needs fixing. Same 12th at 00:14.222.
(**)-[00:21.003 & 00:21.284] These 16ths don’t go to much and are probably much better off being removed. Also creates variation in patterning. They aren’t following the background tonal buzz all that well, because the 16th at 00:20.815, for example, would be present. And, much of the other portions of the section reference to laser SFX as the reason for 16th placement, which these 16ths do not have.
(**)-[00:23.440] Same 16th as the note above this one.
-[00:24.003 & 00:24.284] The first 16th note here I could make an exception for since it’s much louder than the other tonal buzz SFX’s in this section, but the 8th falls into the same overlayering situation described above.
(**)-[00:27.003 & 00:27.284] Overlayering laser SFX. Probably remove.
-[00:32.722 -> 00:33.472] MUCH louder than before. Can probably be kept as-is, can also be retouched based on previous notes for consistency. Both work.
(**)-[00:39.003 & 00:39.284] Same 16th notes.
(**)-[00:48.003 & 00:48.284] Same 16th notes.
(**)-[00:51.003 & 00:51.284] Same 16ths.
(**)-[00:52.972 -> 00:54.472] Lots of 16th overstepping happening here. Surprised that 00:54.284 is not stepped, when all previous iterations of the sample are stepped (when notes reflect that it probably shouldn’t be stepped). Yellow notes from 00:53.440 -> 00:54.003 should probably be removed.
- Rest of the song looks fantastic!

Once you get past the initial pattern layering in the first third of the song, it turns out to be quite the spectacle of color-theory, and it’s not just for show! I definitely think the trills in this song will be something that the player base would remember fondly. Some addressing of 16th stream consistency would be appreciated in the first third of the song, as it seems to be holding back a lot of the broken 16th patterns that could come out of it, but fantastic work both in accenting and bursts.

Credits [Standard] (Deamerai) [8.5/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

-[01:16.238] Possibly missing 16th in the transitional pattern here to the 16th stream. Would look quite a bit better here with a right arrow.

Really solid, can’t say I spy anything too over the top here, or missing, other than one 16th, which is entirely up to the stepauthor based on the difficulty. Easy accept. Consider adding 16th.

echoes of wind (suicidaln00b) [9*/10]

>Sync looks good, looks like it’s a tad late, but is so extremely minimal (less than 0.001 of a second) that it’s satisfactory. (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

(**)-[00:59.107] [24] jump here is really nasty, considering it’s anchoring 8ths on the down arrow, and it’s the same sound as the previous [34] 16th jump. Would be a lot better swapping it to a [34] jump to match the previous jump, and to fix the anchoring, and provide a smooth transition into the mini jumptrill.
(**)-[01:12.897] Definitely could do without the 12th here. The 8th here is a much more dominant sound than this one, and it doesn’t really fit the bill for the patterning that is happening in this section.
(**)-[01:28.397] 16th probably shouldn’t go here, unless you want to go ahead with layering all the missing 16ths in this section. 01:27.133, 01:29.976, and 01:32.186 as a few examples. Will give a special pass to 01:30.923, and 01:30.449 though.
(**)-[01:38.660] Definitely a missing 16th here. Quite dominant in the chimes.

Absolutely love the swapping between 16ths and 12ths prevalent throughout this entire song. Definitely varies the skillset, and makes for an interesting play that doesn’t dull with time. Few things that I would change here and there, but nothing major. Couple of ghost notes, and a weird jump that initiates an anchor when the song doesn’t really show for it. Fix these up, and it’s sure to be a good show. Great song choice.

Fastest Pointer-Finger in the West (Devonin) [6.5*/10]

>Sync looks good, although 100% of this chart is unsync’d color-notes.
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

-Bet you didn’t expect a conditional queue for a meme
(**)- If you can color-theory the whole chart to provide emphasis & atmosphere for this ‘song’ then I’ll allow it. It’s a bit ugly with the inconsistency in color as it is right now.

Fighting of the Spirit (Reshiram) [8.5*/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. .DWI, .SM.OLD, and .SSC files found within simfile submission folder. Suggest removing.

-[00:20.631] Doesn’t fit well as a [24] jump. Feels like a single at most, not enough emphasis via drums to merit a jump.
-[00:21.725] Missing 4th. Would look good as a [34] jump.
-[01:09.881] Argument could be made for putting a jump here due to drum introduction.
-[01:47.091] Missing 4th.
-[03:06.203] Should be a jump to reflect a correlating pattern similar to one previously charted at 01:46.153.
-[03:07.141] Missing 4th. Same as 01:47.091.

Quite a long guitar song, but definitely has its clicks as a traditional S.S.H. song that’s seen on FFR today. Guitar solos were a head-turner, with the inclusion of jumps. A few missing notes here and there that could use a quick touch-up, but I think a lot of people will be looking forward to another guitar-feature-length-epic.

Headless Beast (Pizza69) [7*/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>Missing ‘artist’ property in simfile properties. Should be labeled as ‘Bill Kiley’. Suggest fixing. ‘Pizza69-cdtitle.png’ found within simfile submission folder. Suggest removing. No other issues found in simfile properties / submission folder.

-[00:21.360] Unsure if the [24] is the best option here for this transition, when a similar transition like 00:26.693 does much better. If you want the emphasis into the transition via minijack, then sure. This is fine.
(**)-[00:45.360 -> 00:46.026] the 2nd 1414 trill here should probably start on the 4th to reflect the rest of the section. Because of this, the 2323 trill will need to be moved up a 16th position to work, so that specific 2323 trill could probably be mirrored as well for playability. (would probably look like [14]2324141[34]). If not, then there should definitely be a 16th at 00:45.443.
(**)-[00:53.360 -> 00:54.026] The established trills for this section were working so well for layering. Suggest sticking to the trills.
(**)-[01:28.026] Misplaced [34]. Should be [23].
-[01:46.193 -> 01:47.360] Correct example of trill transition that wasn’t done at 00:45.360 -> 00:46.026.
(**)-[01:49.360 -> 01:50.026, 01:52.026 -> 01:52.693, 01:54.693 -> 01:55.360] The 16th burst sections in this verse really break the trending trill patterns that made this file special from the previous verse. Also, some of the patterns here are somewhat unwarranted in comparison to others. These will need to be changed, preferably to trills, or have trill patterns changed to something that more unilaterally represents other similar bursts.
(**)-[02:05.526] Funky jack. Change so it isn’t a jack.

Makes for a lovely easy-end song that introduces bursts. Consistency situation here and there on some parts, but specifically the 16th bursts that make this file need a bit of reworking, as there isn’t an established pattern or agreement on how any one 16th burst should provide. Some are rolls, some are trills, and some are 3-note staircases. Over all of the 16th bursts, the most prevalent pattern is the 1-2 trill, so that should probably be the pattern to go with for all of them. It’s pretty simple too for this song as well, because it also tackles 8th jacks, and the speed for the trills matches that of the 8th jacks. Conditioning for consistency errors & work needed to be done on bursts, really hope this is able to get in. Covers a lot of skill sets on a lower level.

Hero Of The Grey Area [Cut] (XelNya) [8.5*/10]

>Sync is… off by 192nd intentionally, so all the arrows are white… intentionally… (No changes necessary)
>’(XelNya)’ listed as subtitle in simfile properties. Suggest removing. ‘CD.png’ found within simfile submission folder contents. Suggest removing.

(**)-[00:00.123 -> 01:36.860] Alright. So, compromise time. This song isn’t going to get in being 100% white arrows. HOWEVER, I respectfully agree with the color gimmick that is happening here, and want to support it. So. For the timestamp in this note, I am ok with it being 100% white notes. I am ok with the two notes after the quad at the end staying white. I am also ok with any similar-sounding samples that were used in any stretch of white notes, to also be white notes in between 01:36.852 -> 02:37.429 (a.k.a, the rest of the song). For example, 01:57.045 is a piano chord that happens earlier in the song, it works as a white note. 02:00.266 is a Piano grace roll that happens earlier in the song, also good as white notes. Same with 02:15.506, and 02:18.775. 02:21.660 & 02:21.852 are both piano chords, acceptable. The point here is that Dubstep mix with Industrial is leaps and bounds different from the first half of the song, and should be accented as such with proper colored notes. Alright, back to actual notes rather than the color gimmick.
(**)-[01:39.160] Should be a jump here. Maybe a [12]? Same pattern shows up a little bit later at 01:42.237.
(**)-[01:47.045] Introduction of hands intro regular patterning. A little bit awkward considering previous sounds are not hands. Based on the fact that hands become the predominant pattern for that sound from here on out, suggesting to change 01:39.352, 01:40.891, 01:42.429, 01:43.968 and 01:45.506 all to hands.
-[01:55.891] Last time this specific sound happened (but quieter), there was a hand here (01:49.737). Not sure what you want to do with this. Ok, I guess.
(**)-[02:00.506 -> 02:00.891] single, followed by jump, followed by hand.
(**)-[02:02.429] hand.
(**)-[02:07.045] hand.
(**)-[02:09.737 -> 02:10.121] Same as 02:00.506. Single, followed by jump, followed by hand. Happens again at 02:11.275 (**).
(**)-[02:16.083] Missing jump.
(**)-[02:26.852] Missing jump.

I had a short talk with you in a twitch stream briefly about this file, and when I had that conversation, I was worried that it was going to be a lot worse than it actually was. The constant hands and jumps accent the industrial twang of this song very well. The most out of place for this file is consistency errors when the song picks up, rather than the color gimmick. Get a handle on the missing stuff, and it should be good to go.

POPSTARS (Psychotik) [8*/10]

>Sync is off by -0.006. Suggest changing to -0.103 for Music offset (currently at -0.097). Notes and timestamps for this review will be based on this sync.
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

(**)-[00:12.103] Missing a really thick jump here. Could be a hand if you wanna hear me like that.
(**)-[00:17.573 & 00:17.750] Missing jump, Missing jump/hand.
(**)-[00:28.514] Missing jump.
(**)-[00:33.455] Missing single.
-[00:55.514 -> 00:56.573] Ehh, could be done a bit better by sorting jump minijacks from jump-split trills. Personally, I feel like a jump anchor could be a pattern chased after in this section.
-[01:06.455] Preferably move this 4th to the right arrow, to prep for the anchor. It also doesn’t match the previous down 8th too well as it contains a vocal slide.
(**)-[01:07.867 -> 01:19.161] Suggestion for this section would be to follow the vocals to jumps here. There’s some juicy mixing in vocals here that would generate some lovely patterns, yet feels somewhat awkward to not play the vocals here. For example, I’m seeing Jump on 01:09.279, single on the following [12] 4th, jumps on the two singles (thick jump on the single 4th), and jump on the following 4th that’s a single.
-[01:34.250] Maybe a 32nd here?
(**)-[02:05.750] Same single as 01:06.455.
(**)-[02:08.220 Onwards] This is a repeat of the suggestion to follow vocals.
(**)-[02:50.220 Onwards] There seems to have been some adjustments from the original section at 01:02.926, so this is going to address those.
02:52.514 doesn’t really feel like a jump here, but the following 8th single does.
Jumps at 02:53.573 & 02:53.750 now, when they have been more or less the same throughout the song. Don’t really feel the necessity of the jumps here.
02:56.220 Same suggestion for following vocals applies here.

Very catchy song, wish there was some more focus on vocals within the chorus than the focus on instruments. The power from this song stems a lot on 4th hits, and vocals. So it should be relatively abused whenever possible. Consistency here isn’t too much of an issue since this song makes you WANT to hit jacks & anchors. Vocal solo is beautiful, just needs some relatively minor cleanup outside of it.

Shanghai Teahouse (FFR Pro 21 & Silvuh) [8.5*/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

(**)-[00:34.289] Ghost 16th. Consider removing.
(**)-[00:35.267 -> 00:35.702] Should be the same as 00:31.354 -> 00:32.006 for consistency sakes. A better transition for this specific timestamp (since most of the jumps on 16ths are following guitar chords,) would be to make the 16th at 00:35.376 a jump, make the following 4th a single, and cut the 16th at 00:35.593, since the 16th at 00:35.593 doesn’t really go to much, and it retains the same pattern flow demonstrated earlier. Either change is valid.
(**)-[00:35.702 & 00:35.810] Should be jumps? They’re jumps at 00:32.223. Suggest changing for consistency.
(**)-[00:37.115] Missing jump.
(**)-[00:49.832] Missing jump.
-[00:53.745] Could use a jump.
(**)-[00:54.832] Missing jump.
-[00:56.136 -> 00:56.571] Interesting situation here. Would argue 00:56.571 is a jump, but is kind of icky to have the [13] 4th jump there as well, so I would suggest making the 4th jump into a single, since the jump is accented on the 16th.
(**)-[00:58.310, 00:58.745, 00:59.180] All missing 8ths. The 24th roll into the hand starts on the 8th.
(**)-[01:11.462] Missing 16th. There’s another missing 16th a little bit later at 01:12.332, but it’s up to you.
(**)-[01:47.223 -> 01:47.332] 4th needs a jump, followed by a missing 16th.
(**)-[02:03.202, 02:03.528, 02:04.506, 02:04.723, 02:05.593, 02:06.897, 02:07.441] All of the missing 16ths that could really use a single within the solo. The ones left out are pretty justified (Like a guitar break). The layering gets heavy in the second half of the solo, so don’t be afraid to go ham in minijacks like you have to get them in.
-[02:31.789 -> 02:32.876] Needs a fair bit more layering. Vocal layering would be absolutely sick for coming out of the solo.
(**)-[02:33.093] Missing 8th (same 24th minitrill as earlier)

God damn, this song is fun to play. Sounded like the cutoff had more to offer in terms of solos, and I wish it went there. The solo is juicy. Few consistency errors here & there, and some missing notes from what feels like pattern flavoring that should really just be there. Really hoping this one gets in.

Tiger Rag (MarioNintendo) [10/10]

>Sync is weird, but good (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

-[01:04.864 & 01:04.946] Missing 16ths. Fix pls.


Title Theme (Bean Dreams) (Ghost_Medley) [9/10]

>Sync is good (No changes necessary)
>No issues found within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

Don’t really see any glaring issues with this one. Some patterns that I’m not the biggest fan of, but none that I can really complain about.

Woah Look At This Line To Get In (Intro) (ShurykaN) [5/10]

>Sync is off by -0.002. Suggest changing to -2.082 for Music offset (currently at -2.080). Notes and timestamps for this review will NOT be based on this sync, but rather the original sync.
>No issues within simfile properties. No issues found within simfile submission folder contents.

-[00:25.280] Jump here should be different than its surrounding counterparts, for pitch relevancy.
-[00:28.479] Missing jump?
-[00:30.080, 00:31.680] Missing jumps?
-[00:32.479] This quad feels really unjustified. Maybe tone it down to a hand? Make the following hand a jump?
-[00:33.180] No real need to make this a jump, when all similar-sounding noises are singles. Feels like most of the notes in this area are done for emphasis.
-[00:36.080 -> 00:36.879] Similar emphasis problem as described earlier. The 4th jump change to [34] is alright considering the attempt to vary the patterns away from [14], but the 16th at 00:36.379 and the 8th at 00:36.680 shouldn’t be jumps.
-[00:38.080 -> 00:48.480] Basically everything in this timestamp needs consistency fixes. There was an established pattern that was trying to be conveyed, but then got disorganized on whether to make an arrow a single, a jump, and in three cases, a hand (in the incorrect spots mind you, there are some places I would accept hands, but not in the places they are at). And the hand happened in a part that was quieter in comparison to others, so can’t really blame it on emphasis.
-[00:51.580] Missing jump.
-[01:30.080] If hands are the name of the game, then there should be a hand right here.
-[01:32.480] This should also probably be a hand.
-[01:33.080] Probably should be a jump.
-[01:33.480, 01:35.080] Probably shouldn’t be jumps.
-[01:35.080 -> 01:36.480] Starting the right arrow anchor for 8ths a bit late here given the patterning already put out for this section prior to the transition. I would suggest making note of where you placed jumps here, and use those positions as your jumps, and then mix up the single 8ths in between.

This song is a real gimmick trap with the 32nds. They’re accurate, and I’ve seen worse, so I’ll let it slide. However, there’s some pretty egregious consistency problems within the first half of the chart before the first 32nd rolls. 00:58.080 -> 01:30.080 has some pitch relevance problems as well, but it gets a pass in comparison to consistency. It’s going to need a lot of fixing within that sector, so it’s an unfortunate reject from me. Hands don’t match to drum crashes, jumps are following emphasis rather than a dominating instrument, and singles are placed where the other two should go.
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