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Default Re: Recommend me some 2019 albums halp

Day 641: replicr, 2019 by 65daysofstatic

I forget once again if I've reviewed these guys before. Let's assume I did and gave them something between 5.5-7 because that's what I always do because these numbers are completely fucking arbitrary. I'm PRETTY sure I reviewed them before.

Oh yeah I guess I reviewed The Fall Of Math and found it meh. Okay well let's hope this is better!

It's, uh, better I guess? Some of these songs are really quite pretty, but mostly I was just bored. I'll give it the RYM equivalent of half a star higher because it's late and I don't give a fat fuck! And I'll return to this later, unless I don't. I want to but I might forget.

Best Track: Five Waves
Rating: 6/10
The above post has a 50% chance of being useless. Potentially. Maybe.

BEST AAAs: WANDERLUST, Pandora, Necropotence, Mourning The Lost, Eradication, Feldschlacht

Hey, we need some users on this site. Please join.

And if you have not recommended any albums yet, do so. Please. I have a goal to reach. Here.
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