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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 1

Feels good to get my first chart accepted into FFR. It felt weird how fast i finished the file i kept second guessing myself. Anyways, heres my response to your comments:

- 4.83s,etc.: throughout the song, there are areas that you resync to have the steps adjust to the song's time signature. However, I'd recommend changing these 8th note areas to 12ths. It feels particularly weird in some cases such as 139.42s.
I'm assuming you mean i should recolor the notes to be 12ths rather than make the entire make a constant bpm. i was thinking about doing that but thought it would be too weird. but not its weird that its not weird while playing. though i feel i've committed some sort of crime here

- a few notable drums missing in areas like 21.07s,62.72s
I'm not sure how "notable" those notes are. its a relatively quite sound, and it happens almost every single measure. Looking at the waveform you can barely notice it and sometimes you can barely hear it (0:32.584) Every obvious note on the waveform is a sound i'm mapping. the times when you see that sound mapped are because i'm mapping the vocals (where you also generally see repeated 3 note patterns) or in sections like the beginning where i'm mapping the guitar melody. If were to map the sound, it would create a long jumpstream. while not hard compared to the rest of the song, it is a lot less interesting, and would ruin the vibe the current section has. There is a note that breaks everything i just said about not mapping it at 0:23.144, so i removed it to be more consistent.

- I feel there are some areas that would really benefit from a jump/hand, especially at cymbal crashes such as 46.48s,48.36s,100.83s,etc. In some ways, the cymbals are audibly more significant than the jumps that are placed on the usual drum kicks. On the rare occasion, there are a few hands you have that actually don't feel justified, such as at 155.89s
i agree with you on sounds like 0:46.481 being hands. i've also made notes like 0:25.423 into hands. I dont think sounds like 0:48.364 being jumps. they are less powerul cymbals and i feel that mapping them as jumps would clutter the section fast. 0:49.070 would make more sense, but still i feel its better left as a single note.

I can see how some hands like at 2:35.893 can be too powerful. i've nerfed some of them to jumps, but some of the more powerful hits like at 1:40.129 have been left as hands.

- 88.48s,144.25s: 24ths being jumps feel rather arbitrary
the idea was that there was 2 snare hits to start the stream. its alot more obvious at 2:24.129 where there are actually 3 hits. Though i'm not sure the first stream actually has 2 hits anymore and i dont think only having the first note be a jump negatively impacts the file, so i've removed the extra jumps.

I've listed a more detailed list of changes on the submission page, with exactly what was changed.

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