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Default Re: which direction rolls are you good at?

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
[2][1] and [3][4] are the hardest patterns for me because my indexes are shorter than my middle finger by a fair bit. I'm right handed so, [3][4] is slightly easier. If I start a pattern, im more likely to hit it right than if I continue it so; [4][3][2][1] are a big no for me and [1][2][3][4] flows decently in general if I'm forced to roll.
This is pretty accurate for my skillset as well. The "in-out" gallops or 21 and 34 are more difficult for me in general but because my right hand is much stronger I can do 1234 with relative ease at most any speeds. Now take 4321 where the left hand is doing the "harder work" and it becomes a shit-show.
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