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Default Junior Werewolf Game History

This Is the history of the jTWG's so far. I will add awards if someone wants to make banners.

Complete History of FFR jTWG

GAME I: Spirits Abound
Hosted by: psychic25

Snapps (killed on Night 1)
Wayfaerer (SEER,lynched on Night 1)
Tsuteto (PSYCHIC,killed on Night 2)
kibbel (lynched on Night 2)
deltro300111( killed on Night 3)
ddrruler (lynched on Night 3)
JurseyRider734 (GUARDIAN,killed on Night 4)
Chromer (WOLF,lynched on Night 4)
Gamepro17616 (killed on Night 5)
Lupin_the_3rd (WOLF,lynched on Night 5)
M-A-C (won the game)
DDRadicated (won the game)
Afrobean (won the game)

Comments:Seeing that this was the first jTWG many did not know what they were doing. There was mostly bandwagoning and random voting for this one. Psychic did a very good job with story.

Game II:Pokemon A GO-GO
Hosted by: Snapps

Freak83 (killed on Night 1)
Vashthegunman7 (GUARDIAN,lynched on Day 1)
Omeganitros (killed on Night 2)
Catalyst248 (WOLF,lynched on Day 2)
deltro300111 (PSYCHIC,killed on Night 3)
DDRadicated (lynched on Day 3)
Lupin_the_3rd (killed on Night 4)
Chromer (lynched on Day 4)
JurseyRider734 (SEER,Killed on Night 5)
Wayfaerer (lynched on Day 5)
ddrruler (killed on Night 6)
patron_viridantis (WOLF,lynched on Day 6)
Tasuke (WOLF,dropped out)
kickassbuddy (SEER,dropped out)
Gamepro17616 (won the game)
slackygorgeking (won the game)

Comments: Gotta Catchem All (that was geh to say). This jTWG was based on the once famous game Pokemon. Lupin_the_3rd seemed to be the backbone for the humans making all the right moves until his demise. Except for a few bandwagoners(myself to) this game went with great success. All together humans did a good job in finding the wolves, except for the people that quit and left there friends for dead. Snapps was very creative with the storyline for this classic 1996 hit game.

Game III: Stuck in Hells House
Hosted by: Gamepro17616

blademonkey626 (killed on Night 1)
Rye_Bread (lynched on Day 1)
Freak83 (GUARDIAN,killed on Night 2)
Spheroid (SEER,lynched on Day 2)
ddrruler (WOLF,killed on Night 3)
Tsuteto (WOLF,lynched on Day 3)
dAnceguy117 (killed on Night 4
BeefStu (lynched on Day 4)
Qualy (killed on Night 5)
Demon_of_the_Comet (lynched on Day 5)
patron_viridantis (killed on Night 6)
deltro300111 (PSYCHIC,lynched on Day 6)
babybenji2004 (dropped out)
Vashthegunman7 (killed on Night 7)
daniel_lewis20 (killed on Night 7)
slackygorgeking (WOLF, won the game)

Comments: This was one of the better games for the wolves. The wolves were the victors for this game. Slacky made sure that the humans belived he was one of them. Also some insane deaths were put in this storyline like Tsuteto death by watermelons. Freak83 also told the humans that slacky is a wolf but many of us went ahead and killed there own Seer. In this game slacky was the better of everyone by being the last wolf and living all the way to the end. Humans 2 Wolves 1

Game IV: Death to Spheroid
Hosted by: Spheroid

eVILPeeR (GUARDIAN,won the game)
Gamepro17616 (won the game)
VashtheGunman7 (WOLF,lynched on Day 3)
Rye_Bread (won the game)
Freak83 (lynched on Day 1)
ddrruler (won the game)
Lupin_the_3rd (SEER,won the game)
slackygorgeking (WOLF, killed on Night 4)
psychic25 (killed on Night 2)
daniel_lewis20 (WOLF, lynched on Day 2)
Snapps/Tps222 (won the game)
akorn (won the game)
bullettime90 (won the game)
rsr2/bluemonkey09 (PSYCHIC, won the game)
dAnceguy117 (won the game)
AasumDude ( won the game)

Comments: All you can say is wow on this game. This was one of the greatest games for the humans. The seer seered all the wolves which means wolves go BOOOOOOM. Also the guardian of the year eVILPeeR, was able to guard 2 humans to make the wolves pissed. He also made a lucky guess when to guard Tps. All I can say is that if you were a human good jorb. But if you were a wolf like myself in this game you should have ran with your tail under your legs. Also the story was very saucesome it seemed like we were in like a videogame but nice job Mr. Sphere. Humans:3 Wolves:1

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