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Default Tier 5 Pog

in 1 session, I have managed to hit 71 billion grand total score, grabbed a AAA that has eluded me for years, and reached Tier 5 by getting 1250 total tier points.

1247 Tier points
Thanks TCG for making me play this. Random improvements are awesome.

1248 Tier points

71 billion

1249 Tier points
Finally killed this 5/6, and this AAA is 10 years in the making. 300 was on my list of prospective songs to unlock Otaku Speedvibe [Oni] way back in the day. I blackflagged it back then and I have not been able to AAA it until today.

1250 Tier points and Tier 5
Finally gathered the patience to tackle this behemoth of a file and snag the AAA, giving me the last tier point I needed for T5 as well as knocking out the last of my 5/6 TP scores.

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