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Default Re: TWG 193: Animal Crossing [Game Thread]

Alrighty this is gonna be briefer than it was originally because Iím doing half of this again for the second time.

Basically, as I mentioned earlier, I believe our three wolves are in the following six people: Agent S, Apollo, Cole, Punchy, Rolf, Tank


Cole had a strong entrance but straight off the bat he essentially cleared the people on Zucker's wagon. Not just the initial 4, but the whole lot. I think if Cole was scum, thereís a good chance he has 1 or 2 partners in this pool. For reference, this is Rolf and Tank.

(on a separate note, this is me tinfoiling, but this post below from Cole looks a lot like he made it with the knowledge that Phil is town. Otherwise why would he care if someone thinks he is scumreading them?)

Originally Posted by TWG Cole View Post
i do not see myself pushing phil here

i do not see the bus as likely

i figured i should make that clear now since i am only dropping in and do not want phil to think i am scum-reading him
Anyway, Cole defends Rolf quite frequently throughout his time here, stating he does not understand where peoples scum reads come from.

Thinks some of Tankís posts are fluff, and doesnít like tanks opinion that the fakeclaim thing Phil was trying to pull off was risky.

Originally Posted by TWG Cole View Post
Rolf and Tank never w/w i feel based on the tone of their bacn-and-forths
Mentions Punchyís posts a few times in a favourable way but hates their d0 vote.

Chrissy time, has this weird post out of nowhere about Rolf

Originally Posted by TWG Chrissy View Post
Oh also hi Rolf, how ya been?
Everything else was fluff

Overall, there is no one in my list that Cole COULDNĒT be partners with.

My spicy take is Cole/Rolf/Tank


Tank has a huge back and forth with Rolf on D0, however, no one else was really paying any attention to it. After d0, Tank more or less dropped it, mentioning it every now and then but not pushing hard at all. I donít think thereís any reason this canít be W/W

Originally Posted by TWG Tank View Post
agent s feels like someone who could be leading thats choosing not to
Not really sure what to make of this, feels more commentary than an opinion

Calls Apollo and Agent S towny

Not much to go on but my spicy take is Rolf/Tank together, Iíd probably lean Agent S to be with them based on Tankís ISO


Was pretty against Apollo from the start, not liking the quote train he did of himself. Votes Apollo pretty early.

Throws Chrissy(Cole) Into his 3 picks for Vigi. Seems reckless for a wolf to do to a partner. Further scumreads after this instance. I donít think Cole/Punchy are W/W

First reads list puts Rolf and Agent S as town, Apollo as scum (Chrissy/cole and Tank at null)

Tags onto an interaction between Rolf and Apollo and sides with Rolf saying Apollo should play more seriously if he wants to be taken seriously.

Later states Apollo is trending up.

I think the only person Punchy canít be partners with is Chrissy/Cole

My guess would be Punchy/Rolf/Agent S


Iíve already gone over Rolf and Tanks interactions

Rolf seems genuinely frustrated at Apollo for all the jokes he was making, making it impossible for Rolf to do a genuine read on him. Later says itís completely fair that Apollo votes for Rolf for an information lynch?

Also puts Chrissy (Cole) in his 3 picks for vigi. Again, reckless for a wolf at this stage of the game.

Scum reads Agent S for his posting style being similar to Plop as a wolf last game

Donít think Rolf can be partners with Cole or Agent S

Doing this ISO on Rolf makes me want to townread him



Does a really dodgy early reads list, townleans essentially everyone, except for Tank and Punchy who are nulls. Also probably the first person to townread Chrissy

Mindmelds with Agent S over his read of Flurry. Copies Agent Sí reads on Molly as well much later in the thread

Seems to ask other people a lot what he should be thinking of tank

Originally Posted by TWG Apollo View Post
Hot take: the wolf team is Eugene, flurry, and rolf
Besides listing him in his early reads list, Iím pretty sure this is the first time Apollo mentions Rolf at all.

He later states Rolf is one of his preferred lynches. Still no reasoning, until he says its to help him solve other people. Seems like a pretty wishy washy excuse to push someone towards a lynch.

More in depth reads list says he townreads Agent S, Scumreads Chrissy(Cole) because he thinks sheís faking being a new player???? , Chucks Tank in top 3 town, punchy and rolf null,

The play has been all over the place enough that nobody COULDNT be Apolloís partner.

Apollo/Agent S/Tank

Agent S

First reads list puts Punchy as town, Chrissy(Cole) as null, scumleaning Rolf

Second reads list puts Apollo as a null for not contributing much, Chrissy(Cole) still at null, Punchy and Tank as town, Rolf as scum

Leans Apollo and Punchy more town than before, stating theyíre contributing a lot. This is in contrast to Apollo not contributing at all earlier. Also still has Apollo in top 3 wolves.

Loves Punchy after doing an ISO

Originally Posted by TWG Agent S View Post
I'm thinking Julian/Mathilda/Apollo. Swap Rolf in whether Julian flips red or not.
Originally Posted by TWG Agent S View Post
I'd be ok for either a Molly or Mathilda lynch. I'm alright with benching my shit with Julian for now.
Swaps Apollo out of his top 3 with no reasoning

Final reads list puts Punchy as town, Apollo, Tank and Cole at Null and Rolf at Scum.

Has Rolf in scumleans whole game. Does ISO on Rolf in most recent phase and decides he should not be a target of lynching.

Agent S/Apollo/Punchy


Always do your ISOs in Google Docs so you donít lose all your progress.

My feelings after doing all these is that the one that is most correct is the Apollo/Agent S/Tank world

I currently want to vote between these three. Leaning towards Tank because it would tell me if Iím on the right track or not with a lot of these reads Iíve just made.
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