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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 1

Originally Posted by Pizza69 View Post
For Son of Robot, I can't say I particularly agree with your note at 54.821 regarding the colouring, but everything else has been fixed. I also caught a couple other minor errors (a missing note, two missing grace notes, and a few small patterning changes) which have now been amended.
Not a super make-or-break note for the chart, so we are gucci.

Originally Posted by M0nkeyz View Post
Fixed everything, except:

[02:42.191] Not much complaint in the breakcore sections, besides this [23] jump here being particularly quiet and may be worth downgrading to a single.

-[03:08.858] Same situation as the previous jump that may warrant downgrading to single based on relation to other jumps in its jumptrill, like at 02:42.191.

I hear a very pronounced dull sound here that I feel needs a jump.. I'd like to keep it a jump if that's okay with you. If you think it should really be a single we can discuss it.

As for the 10 second silence, I fixed it nicely I think. But you should take a second look and see if you agree.

I also deleted the parts where I follow the vocal/ambient sounds and turned them into drum sections. I think it plays better.
Was only concerned about the 10s of silence because you had an already pretty lenient vocal section leading up into it. If the replacements are anything similar to the intro in terms of density, then everything should be fine.
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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