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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 1

Originally Posted by gold stinger View Post
-[01:00.045 -> 01:03.795] I think something really neat can be done here by incorporating earlier stated patterns from the intro. In regards to the piano kicks, like a 16th at 01:00.162, and omitting the 16th at 01:00.396. Same thing at 01:01.920.
100% agree. This was something that was bothering as I played it again a bunch while it was being judged and I was probably gonna change on my own even if it wasn't mentioned, haha.

I also decided to change some patterns around the 19-30 second range to make it more pitch relevant. The repeating triplets worked for half the patterns but not really the other half, so I switched those up a bit.

Fixed everything else you mentioned and reuploaded the file.
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