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Default Re: TWG 191: Don't Trust Your Mentor - Game Thread

since I don't expect much more from my mentor (how am I supposed to learn how to play mafia smh my head) I'll go ahead and explain what the initial list was based on

The Mentor said something (for the first time, before that, I figured I was just recruited by Charu since that seems like the kind of thing he'd do) at 6:35 PM EST yesterday, and I looked at all the people (other than me ofc) who had posted within the range of one hour before that time, or one hour after that time.

I took Lar off for being just barely within that range, and when the Mentor spoke later, Force was the only player that didn't overlap within the two ranges. The Mentor has only said three short things, and they called me "Greggles" which means that the team cannot ever be something like subaru/duskfall/ffa because that's a really old nickname of mine and I don't think any of them know me by that name.

That's about all I've gotten from there. I highly, highly doubt that the mentor was trying to avoid the timestamp thing. I should also say that Xel is the only person who really still occasionally calls me by that nickname, and he would 100% be the person who might use it even though he recruited me, just because that's the kind of person he is (this won't make sense to Duskfall if Duskfall is town)

That's about all I have from this thus far. I'm not expecting to get much more.
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