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Default Re: TWG 191: Don't Trust Your Mentor - Game Thread

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
ok, so, looking at that post there are 2 ways to try and take it. 1: charu is a wolf and is trying to get a free vigi claim 2: charu has found some mechanical reason claiming works, and he thinks it might be a good idea.

if we go with option 1 we ignore the post and woo the vigi killed the wolf mentor. If we go with option 2 however we have the rabbit hole of what charu was actually going on about.

so charu thinks there is a way that we have the vigi claim after only 1 shot, and they can get off another shot afterwards despite the wolf roleblocker being in game. this is something he only hinted at but never actually explained. did he never explain it because nobody wanted to talk about it, or did he have other ideas? you see, by public explanation of the plan, i believe it is something that becomes less effective as the wolves can then learn our plan and try and out smart it. so instantly by me talking about it this plan already mostly goes out the window. The main point charu was hinting at was that the roleblocker cant target the same person 2 nights in a row. therefore by having the vigi claim, we play mind games with the roleblocker, i think the idea is that the night after the vigi claims he doesn't shoot, gets roleblocked, and the night after he still gets his shot off. But now by explaining the plan, we effectively get a 50% chance for the shot to be blocked since either the roleblocker will have his block on the vigi or wont and it all becomes mind games. only problem is how does the vigi not get NKed. well luckily we have 2 protection roles, and even though they cant target the same person every night, they can alternate who can protect him. great but they both macho and how do we make sure they can protect him without choosing the same night. well luckily both roles have different names so we can instruct when which night they should protect the vigi. and that means as long as we have both of them alive the vigi is safe. great! so if the vigi claims we have a confirmed towny with only a 50% chance to get roleblocked great! nope actually we have a confirmed town with a 100% chance to get roleblocked. because one of our protection roles is a jailer, and that means that the vigi gets roleblocked when the jailer protects him, but that just means we have 2 50% chances so a 75% chance he is roleblocked, except town has to announce who guards the vigi each night do the wolves already know if the vigi is already roleblocked and will just roleblock him when its the doctors turn to protect. so the plan doesn't ever work.

what does this mean?!?! well, it just means that it only makes sense for the vigi to ever claim if he knows he was roleblocked, or is out of bullets. and that i spent way to long wrapping my brain around that.

and because of how convoluted that line of thinking has to be and why charu wasn't actually sure if it was a good idea, means there is a good chance that comes from a town aligned charu. the vigi still could've shot him though (not that it matters if he's town)
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Can you like not use those stupid names right now? Took me long enough to get these screen names straight in my head
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(eaman is her name irl, friend)

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