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Default Re: TWG 188: MAD17, Who's Role Is It Anyway? [GAME THREAD]

Originally Posted by Antori View Post
so far most gut feelings i got are that i wanna lynch xelicopter
-my reads on xelnya are 99% of the time wrong but it's something to go off, but i get the feeling that he's more active than usual and that's to hide something, could also be that they're just enjoying the roleplay but it's also the first time i see him roleplay like this, there's just something weird in it
-i'm getting hints of town MML play with his posts and his decision to vote inactives even though i disagree with it it's still something a town mml would do in my head
-the sun fan is doing usual the sun fan stuff by being good player that points out important stuff and votes people i dont suspect at all and somehow turns out to be correct always
-i didn't get much from the other players, psychoangel's wolfin post seemed fine to me i didn't i didn't think much of the jessie and sunfan interaction and i'm down to vote jessie or not doesn't change much in my book
-i dont know how to read shadowgod i admit that much so i'll not think of it until he becomes a main wagon cause otherwise i would just probably be flipping a coin behind the scenes lol
-zenith is a pink lion um yeah next person
-cloud wine is doing stuff, it's good i guess i can't tell it's my first game with him so i'm not happy with lynching him since i'm still trying to solve him
-funny is acting abit proactive and it's nice to see wouldn't lynch but it's someone i'll keep an eye out for, maby im just thinking too much into it
-i dont know how to read roundbox i'm sorry dont hate me most stuff they do just goes past me as normal except for his votes and we haven't had any votes on his side yet
-i like how relaxed dabackpack was for d0 it makes me wanna relax aswell so when i was going through thread i didn't read into him alot i'm just happy he's not reading into me instead
-i hope other players dont get nuked

wolf read(i'm not taking these simple reads seriously(but maby i am(but maby not(nobody knows))))

Originally Posted by Xelicopter View Post
if you have any questions about any of my opinions, please fuck off because I don't care about you

if you have any questions about any of my reads, please fuck off because I won't have any, and I encourage you to refer to sunfan's reads instead

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