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Originally Posted by mellon_collie View Post
The reality of the matter is, killing the embryo/fetus is not just the safest and easiest method, it's also the only practical thing to do. even if there were a way to use artificial incubation, who does the baby end up with at the end of the incubation period? How many women would be able to do this before the system becomes overwhelmed with the amount of children the state now has to take care of?

There are already enough kids in foster care. Having a huge influx of fresh babies would put such a huge strain on the system, and probably make adopting older kids out even more difficult than it already is.

Not to mention a lot of women would probably struggle with this decision even more than an abortion. It would feel like abandoning your child, knowing that you left your child to grow up in an artificial incubator and then taken care of by the state. I see it causing a massive amount of guilt. and it would feel very unnerving to know that your child could be out there, grown up without you and you simply have no idea about them. It would cause a lot of guilt that is not there when an abortion takes care of it.
It's something that would probably be considered with the legal crap out of the way.

Like stated earlier it would be an added option and the woman could give it up for adoption (and like I stated earlier, it would be good to also discuss a plan about improving foster care and encouraging adoption to help kids not stay in it). I can still see the benefit:
- Does not replace medical or surgical abortions. It is another type of abortion that can still salvage the fetus. If a woman doesn't want to do that, that's her choice.
- It can give a better idea of what a fetus actually needs to develop. Whatever knowledge is obtained could help reduce fetal abnormalities. (Of course there are genetics and other factors involved)

The last paragraph sounds very similar to adoption, although it does hammer home the point that the people we are talking about are women with real emotions and feelings, and going through a pregnancy can be physically and mentally traumatic. Any person who treats pregnancy like an insignificant theoretical topic is degrading the woman, to say the least.
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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