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Default Re: I have gone from stepmaniasamurai to stepartistsamurai

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
if your simfile is offsync, you're gonna have a bad time

get arrow vortex and learn it

first simfile go for something that has a static bpm, monstercat music is a good place to begin

send files to people for review before you release

don't make files for scoring, they're boring as all hell.

ps: song preview is important make sure you set one that shows an interesting part without spoiling the best part
All of this.

Plus take your time. Slow down the music whenever you get stuck (I'd recommend 60-70%) and most of all enjoy what you make so that way you can have fun with it

Also ask someone who's good with GFX to whip up a neato CDtitle, that way we as the community can recognize that it was you who made the file.
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