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Default Re: actually controversial opinions


Originally Posted by Travis_Flesher View Post
The fact that you can eat, for instance, 30 pieces of supreme pizza and excrete a small, brown stool the next day. And that is digestion.

Originally Posted by Travis_Flesher View Post
Commercial jets literally do not produce enough horsepower to lift their own weight, whatsoever, let alone fly. The amount of fuel and horsepower required to lift a jet off the ground for a second is astronomical. Yet out of a million flights there's one crash. Despite all of the laws of motion, math, etc. clearly stating that one gust of wind would send them careening offcourse and ultimately failing. But there they are, lying and laughing in your face.
<insert bee movie script here>

Originally Posted by Travis_Flesher View Post
me, a man that has eaten three trashbags of lawn clippings washed down with spring water over the past two years for sustenance.
Can you please livestream a dinner session thanks
Originally Posted by YoshL View Post

- Tosh 2014

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