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Default Re: What book are you currently reading?

Good timing with this thread. I am not much of a book reader until now. I am going to tell a story.

Just earlier, my family and I went to a book store because my sister's such a book lover, she always buys and reads books. So after my sister bought her book, my parents just added in and said to me to try to read books like her. So they let me pick out any book. Yeah, so why not read books for a change, I thought to myself.

I saw this book called "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami. It really caught my eye because it's somehow Japanese-y. You know, because I like anime, Japan and such. Also the cover, I liked it. I then, looked at the back of the book and read the stuff written there and then yeah, I liked it. It had this anime kind of feel.

I am about to read this book and embark on an adventure. I am hyped for this change. I am actually going to read a book. This is my first "book". This is my first time I am going to fully read a book and enjoy it.

I wrote this on my phone, at a coffee shop.

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