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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Notes for pending fixes,
Alone {Marshmello} (VisD)
Credits {Frums} (VisD)
Light of the Seven (Ghost in the Machine Cover) {Ramin Djawadi} (VisD)

For all 3 files, pretty much everything I asked to be fixed was fixed, there are just 1 or 2 minor things in each file that should be cleaned up before they are ready for acceptance.

[7*/10] Alone {Marshmello} (VisD)
-25.302 there should be an 8th jack here for pr and consistency (you did it earlier to match the synth)
-**37.769 File was great, and then this happened. Pls fix the vocal syncing.
Ehhh, the last 3 notes that you have sound accurate,
but the 16th really sounds like it should be on the 32nd note before it (a 32nd earlier)

-52.771 just condense this into an 8th jump, the 48th grace just feels out of place in this section.
-70.300 4th should be a jump
-71.568 not sure why you swapped to putting jump to the synths when you could have stuck with putting jumps to the vocals. This transition would have been much cleaner, and you would have more to work with in this drumroll buildup.
-**74.946 alright the whole “I’ll use three 32nds to acknowledge the cymbal burst that actually persists through the majority of the beat” does not work at all. Just make the jumps white or something (and consider removing the rest of the white notes since they’re just to abnormally high or low pitches)
-**101.992 last note is a ghost note
-File’s honestly pretty good aside from that odd 32nd section.
** = stuff that must be fixed
Rest of the stuff I wanted fixed is all good now, I hate to hold a file from acceptance because of 1 note but that vocal rhythm still sounds a bit off.

[7*/10] Credits {Frums} (VisD)
-**18.110 polyrhythms suddenly start here when you didn’t have them in the two instances prior? (probably easier to just fill in the polys for the 2 prior instances)
-28.669 keep the consistent 8ths going, it matches the kind of droning on and on that the background synth provides (fill in this 4th)
-31.183 ^ same comment, but fill in the 8th
-39.395 same thing as 28.669
-40.903 missing a jump here to the kick
-41.909 like I mentioned in the earlier review, should fill in the 8th here to kind of keep the droning of the background synth going.
-42.076 this should be a single note, while the white note at 42.412 should be a jump
-42.998 missing 16th in here that you should fill in

-**55.799 check the jumps around this measure, either the sync drifts or you have the 16ths misaligned.
-**63.760 also this 16th jump seems inconsistent with each repetition, double check the section for this.
Other than the things mentioned file seems fine.
Rest of the file looks great now, fix that one section in the middle of the song around 40s in and this is good to go.

[8*/10] Light of the Seven (Ghost in the Machine Cover) {Ramin Djawadi} (VisD)
I can't believe I didn't catch this in the original review,
but there are 8th piano notes running from 35.578 to 37.578 that you should fill in (making 36.578 and 37.078 jumps.)

-**46.580 there’s a faint higher note here which I’m assuming follows what you put a jump to in the earlier instance of this pattern. Make it consistent, either add the 4th here, or remove the 4th earlier. I’d recommend adding the jump here.
-**55.580 should be a single note
-**66.581 add a jump here to follow the descending high pitch melody.
-74.081 remove placeholder
Short and simple, well done overall. Song’s pretty too. Fix the couple things noted.
Fill in the 8ths mentioned (I'm sorry for not catching them earlier) and this is good to go, rest of the stuff was fixed as asked.
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