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Cool Re: Moonlight_X VS SK8R43 - Race to 1500 AAA's Thread

Damn dude, nice job with those! Sucks that the Polka one is a token file that's why I havn't bothered with it haha the standard one was horrible enough to play. Think I AAA'd on mute.

Anyway new day new scores!


Kept seeing everyone post AAA's of this and thought I'd better pull my finger out, quite tricky

Shoutout to _Fluttershy_ for this one, saw their post in the rivalry one and pushed me to do it. Very nerve racking these long bois

I don't know what was going on with this file but the timing kept going in and out over and over even on this AAA it did, as you can see by the stats. Took a few tries! Shoutout again to Fluttershy for motivation on this one too. You can see I leave all the long ones till last haha

Pretty easy one, timing was out but still managed AAA

haha that was sick, very fun file. I live for jump-stream

HAHA that ending though. Timing was out on this one when I played I was scared the whole time lol

This was very cool and fun, think I got lucky with this one. Got the heart rate going with those 32nd notes

I love Sonic. This was cool.

Fun and easy one

Damn this is a good tune + stepfile. I love Terminal 11 a lot though, one of the best files on the site for sure.Easy 5/5 Fixed my blackflag

That was hectic. I like it.

Another awesome stepfile + tune. That was great.

Thank god that's over. That's enough long bois for today

This was hard.

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