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Default Re: Moonlight_X VS SK8R43 - Race to 1500 AAA's Thread

Nice scores! Damn you only have 29 to go - I have 75 left. This head start will kill me! My first one for the day. Edit for more to come:

TODAYS SCORES 27/2/19 (GMT+10 where I am)

Nearly fell asleep playing this boring file

This file has some horrible bits in it haha.

Of course I got a booflag on this, luckily a AAA straight after. Very fun file!

This was a fun and easy one

Another nice easy and fun file!

Yet another one, glad I got this one straight away hate songs over 3 mins thank god.

THANK GOD. Had so much trouble with this file for some reason, my lowest difficulty file to AAA too, now 64 is lowest haha.

Doubles. That is all.

Very nice tune, somehow mirror was on. Might keep it on for a bit.

Fun simple jumpstream with some middle double jacks, cool song. Nice one samurai

Not a bad beat, would have been 200% better without lyrics though yuk.

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