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Default Sklitter's Renaissance Pack Release!!!

Hey guys, this is my first pack I want to release onto a bigger platform.
I am releasing this pack now because I got a submission approved in another pack (not telling ) so I wanted to get a pack out there so people know who I am n everything. The pack is called renaissance because of the great difference in file quality between my first (vintage pack) and my next in-progress pack, portraying a "renaissance" in my stepping style because I can chart a file now that gets accepted in a pack. For reference, I've been stepping for many years now, but I think now since november my file quality has reached the point of "yeah, I could play this and not want to quit". Quality may vary; you have been warned.

Anyway, PSA over. Here's my pack.!1qRm2YKR!2ZYrctpyV...GdRRvttmOHOleQ

My first pack (Vintage Pack, but like only download this if you are a collector/want to know how my first few files turned out. They're very bad.)!pmhgQKpA!JQHaDzASx...A9q1JXoJYz3qok
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