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Default Re: Team K120

Originally Posted by SethColeman View Post
Cedolad: Fucking Golden
SK8R43: You're looking strong mate, get to top 8
Jonlovesddr: I believe in you, there's more important things in life, I know, but if you did this I'd be so happy
Me: i seriously need to get it together with 17g but yeah not improving unless I hit cutoff
Tim Allen: k ure good
CarrotCake94: Beautiful AAA mate gj, gj indeed
RNGRX: Solid AAA win D2 for us mate

That's it for announcements..

Wow, I guess you guys were doing good. My bad for not paying attention. Take over this tournament for us. Let K120 be known
:') I just want to make you guys proud!
Good job everyone, good luck to those that are still in the tournament.

BTW, k120's are on rollback! I'm tempted to stock up and send them out as Christmas gifts...I must convert more players!!! ^w^

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