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Default Re: James May's Wheel of Arrowsmashing II

Just a thought here; teams who have a dropout early in the game have a distinct advantage over other teams (such as mine) with a late dropout as they will be reaping in higher scores for the majority of the game.

It seems like it would be really fair to instead of doubling the highest score two rounds after dropout to just replace the dropout scores with the average of their divisions' scores. So in our instance, since Micah_ dropped out his scores would be replaced with the average D1 player's scores (ryuyasha+Valrog+Cyr+Ksl33zy24+SapphireYoshi)/5 and so forth for everyone else who left.

I can't tell you how to run your tournament, but this is just a suggestion to potentially make it more fair for everyone.

With this being said, no matter how the scores are calculated I am still having a ton of fun playing in your tournament win or lose.
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