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Default Re: James May's Wheel of Arrowsmashing II

updated spreadsheet, will post Round 7's songs soon

Round 7!
Division 1
- Szamar Madar (58, Misc.)
- None Would Escape (63, Dance 2)
- Variations 2 (68, Arcade)

Division 2
- Saddest RMX (83, Rock)
- grind2 (87, Misc.)
- Rave7 (92, Misc.)

Congrats to those who have submitted their scores so far. Final Round will be a big Difficulty boost for those in D1 and D2 will have probably reached the end of the difficulty scale already (but son't worry, I'm not much of a dick to make you guys play RATO or DP hehe) so good luck in this and the final round you guys~

NOTE: IN ORDER TO RECIEVE YOUR PRIZE IN THE TEAM, YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL OF YOUR SCORES. So if you haven't submitted a score from the past round, please submit those scores as soon as possible :3
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