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Default Re: you know you suck at ffr if you... IF YOU FINISH READING THIS YOU SEE THAT I SUCK

When I first started I saw my friend full combo Spontaneous Hydroxide. I spent the next month trying to pass it. I couldn't pass Spontaneous Hydroxide for an entire month! So if you're frustrated after two weeks, you really need to play any more. Let's face it, none of us are actually going to get good compared to the FFR gods, so why are we even playing if we're playing to get good?

This may sound harsh, but it's the truth. Instead of complaining about how much you suck, you need to instead just suck it up and spend your time getting better. Nobody has ever played a game like this and not sucked.

Don't worry, you'll get better. Play spread.

(waits for index and one-handers to attack)
*attacks* (one-handed for the win!)

Oh, man. I just typed that out: for the win. I fail.
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