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Default Re: you know you suck at ffr if you... IF YOU FINISH READING THIS YOU SEE THAT I SUCK

Originally Posted by -KIDTHONG- View Post

Im good at this game...i think im good and when i look at you i go HOLY CRAP! and i see im not lol but then again im not going to stop trying to improve since im not even close to rank 1 spot or battling with you >.< i may never get there but im going to try for it..if it takes me 3 years im on year one still :]]]

Then you have to push yourself. That's what I did...started back in the Shashakiro era as I'm sure you can remember. I saw Shash's skill and was amazed by it, and as I got better and better, I started to nip at his heels scorewise, and when I actually realized can actually beat him...I forced myself to surpass him, I don't settle for number two. Which is exactly what I'm doing now in the Rubix era, even though I think he's a cheating bastard, I still won't settle for number two, and I'm starting to nip at his heels scorewise

All I'm saying is that if you want something bad enough, take it, push yourself further than you think you can go.
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