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Default Re: 2015 September/October Set 2

9-bit expedition

There's potential here, but the charting in general is inconsistent. There are many clear sounds that are not charted and there are moments in which there are distinct changes in pitch, though the note is charted same to the previous. Pitch relevance is rather important, especially in an easy song like this one where you have the freedom to place notes without worrying about them making awkward difficulty spikes. Jumps are used either to accent snares and prominent noises, but are often missed entirely in a spot where they should still be used.

Otherwise, good song length, maybe could be a bit more difficult, and there's nothing wrong with the bpm.

Fifty FPS Forest

M1 - I think the following notes should be charted as 23, 4,23, 1,34, 1,34 for more pitch relevance. I think the jumps at the start should always be charted throughout the entirety of the song, and keeping with the pitch relevance thing, it seems that it repeats the same note twice before switching to another, so I think the chart should represent this accordingly.

M28 - I think the piano should be charted here along with the other notes.

Spear of Justice

If anything, the only thing I could see being much a problem here is the major difficulty spike in an otherwise very simple song with the jumps and hands at m18.

The m12 section feels like it could use some jumps to emphasize the noises in the background, and to balance out the difficulty spike following.

Otherwise I like the chart all around and find it rather fitting of the song.

Spider Dance

I don't think I have anything bad to say about this chart. Really catchy song, and basically a perfect chart to boot, with some fun trills and bursts, and the chart mellows out for the outro as the music fades out. The jumps are also perfect, and the pitch relevance is spot on.

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