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I can't post in it myself...

So, here. Paste this in.

Afrobean (Kali) - Human (Won the game).
Alainbryden (Niobe) - Human (Killed on Night 4).
blahblah18 (Seraph) - Guardian (Won the game).
chardish (Kid) - Mason (Lynched on Day 1).
CypherToorima (Ajax) - Human (Won the game).
evilbutterfly (Ghost) - Human (Won the game).
flypie743 (Trinity) - Mason (Killed on Night 3).
Kefit (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 3).
Kilgamayan (Morpheus) - Mason (Won the game).
lightdarkness (Smith Clone) - Agent (Removed from game).
JurseyRider734 (Neo) - Mason (Won the game).
Lupin_the_3rd (Ballard) - Human (Won the game).
M-A-C (Oracle) - Psychic (Won the game).
nforcer06164 (Vector) - Human (Won the game).
roopert (Tirant) - Human (Killed on Night 1).
Tps222 (Soren) - Human (Won the game).
Tsuteto (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 2).
whorlichan (Smith Clone) - Agent (Lynched on Day 4).

Day 2 lost the game for the wolves this time. A human is saved the night before, starts an alliance, and causes two wolves to be under the chopping block. One is lynched, the other is removed from the game under the accusation of cheating. The next two days are wolf lynchings and FFR sees its fastest TWG with the most ratio of living humans ever.


PS - confirm that last line, if you will.
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