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Default Re: Does anyone have any good weight gain plans?

If you don’t care that you’re getting fat, just indulge more junk food more frequently. If you’re trying to maintain some good shape, you can choose healthier alternatives such as these

Whole milk
Ground nuts
Bananas and peanut butter
Yogurt and honey
White rice and beans
Parmesan cheese and white rice
Cliff bars
Uncle bens chicken rice packets
Peanut butter
Coconut oil + anything you cook
Eat the fat off of any meat you choose

There is more but these are pretty good for bulking. Key is to bulk - not get fat. Eating 300 to 500 calories over your maintenance is what you’re shooting for. There are plenty of calculators online that will give you the number.

Goal is to gain no more than 1 to 2 pounds a week. Anything in excess to that, you’re getting fat.
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