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Default Re: Daily Music Reviews (Summer Challenge)

Day 6: A Different Arrangment by Black Marble (Album Choice: David H.)

This album was described to me as "chill" and was obscure enough to the point that the only MP3 download I could find (not screwing around with FLACs) was on What.CD. David this better be worth my ratio. This album was described on there as Synthpop, darkwave, minimalist and indie. David describes it as chill, I said that before. Also of note is that these guys have less then a full hour of recorded content publicly available. If I like it, that's a shame.

This guys voice reminds me of Stephen Merritt of The Magnetic Fields, if Stephen Merritt mumbled more. The vocals are set low in the mix, allowing us to focus on the instruments. Minimally used guitar and bass compliments the synths well. Unfortunately, not all the synths stay interesting. At times the album as a whole feels a bit on the repetitive side, however the artists were smart enough the keep the album short (at 36:55) and not outwear their welcome.

Being a short, linear album, I can summarize this pretty quickly. There's a heavy 80s vibe to this album, but everybody considers the music of the 80s to suck balls. So imagine a softer Kraftwerk (70s) with The Magnetic Fields (90s) and you have a decent idea of what this album is like. It's good chillout music but could use a little variety.

And holy crap this is a short review. Ah well, I'm writing a load tomorrow to make up for that.
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