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Default Songs of the Week (Oct. 14, 2017)

Along with this song release, there has been an important update with the following songs: DISCHARGE RUSH (9/30/16) through Spear of Justice (9/30/17) have been shifted to be 2 frames earlier, which should resolve the -2 offset problem that players may have been experiencing. If not, please mention it in this thread.

Miss Jackson
Musician: Panic! At The Disco
Step Artist: Xiz
Song Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative
Difficulty: 34
Song Length: 2:15

Your Lies
Musician: Lone Ghost
Step Artist: Kraezymann
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Breakbeat
Difficulty: 48
Song Length: 3:47
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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